Saturday, July 10, 2021

Under The Table: Vern Smith Interview & Show # 890

Under The Table
is a novel from Chicago author Vern Smith. Set in the TV production world of Toronto in 1989, Under The Table follows a collection of underdog characters and outcasts that find themselves on the cusp of the 90s as an old world and new world looms in Hollywood North. In Under The Table, Nathan Collins, a former PGA Tour caddy turned parking lot attendant working for a TV production studio that is producing an out of control TV comedy called The Otto Show becomes entangled with an on set cop named Claire Malik and a payroll heist scheme. The story also involves a Billy Idol obsessed set decorator named Cyrus Dagan who spirals out of control as the story progresses, along with Arlene Marion a sketchy producer of the TV show comedy that is being filmed during the story and Veronica Williams, her resentful assistant. Overall, Under The Table transports the reader to a certain time and place that doesn’t exist anymore, but one that feels so real as you read it. Under The Table is a darkly comic character driven tale that is a twist on the traditional heist/crime genre that thrills while it keeps you guessing.  

Grab a copy of the novel through Run Amok Books.

Listen to an interview that Revolution Rock did with Vern Smith:

Show 890 Playlist (Originally Aired On July 10th, 2021)(Vern Smith Interview):

1.  Mission of Burma - This Is Not A Photograph 
2.  Mission of Burma - Outlaw 
3.  Pegboy - That's When I Reach For My Revolver
4.  Graham Coxon - Fame and Fortune 


5.  Rational Youth - Dancing On The Berlin Wall Cold War Night Life
6.  The B-52's - Planet Claire
7.  Nena 99 - Luftbaloons (Live at the Pinkpop Festival 1983)
8.  Generation X - Wild Youth (Live Osaka, Japan 1979) 


9.  Gordon Dick - Siwash Rock 
10. Sugluk - Fall Away 
11. Willie Dunn - Down By The Stream (Starlight Maiden) 
12. Huron Lines - The Company I Keep 
13. T. Hardy Morris - Just Pretend Everything Is Fine 
14. Tuns - Keeping Options Open 
15. Status/Non-Staus - Find a Home 
16. Danny Laj & The Looks - You & Me 
17. Miesha and the Spanks - Mixed Blood Girls 
18. Trophy Knife - America's Favourite Pastime (CJAM: Live Off The Floor)
19. The Garrys - Sintaluta 
20. The Plugz - Reel Ten 
21. The Plugz - El Cavo Y La Cruz 
22. Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog - They Met In The Middle 

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