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Revolution Surf 2022 & Show # 923

On this year's Revolution Surf we featured some sets of music in tribute to two musicans that passed in 2022. Don Wilson guitarist of The Ventures passed in January at the age of 88 and Toronto musician Dallas Good of The Sadies passed unexpectedly in February at the age of 48. On the show, which features 40 surf and instrumental tracks, we had a set of Ventures tracks in tribute to Don Wilson and The Ventures adventurous style to tackle different genres of music and some music in tribute to the surf side of Dallas Good and The Sadies music.

Don Wilson (1933-2022)

Don Wilson co-founded The Ventures with Bob Bogle in Tacoma, Washington in 1958. His guitar style combined with the music that The Ventures created would be instrumental and highly influential on the future of rock music. Before the first full lineup of the band formed, an early version of The Ventures existed with just Don Wilson on rhythm guitar and Bob Bogle on lead guitar. They played clubs and bars and it has been said that Wilson’s very distinctive rhythmic playing style originated due to the fact that they had no drummer when they started out. Regardless when The Ventures found Nokie Edwards (bass) and Skip Moore the first incarnation of The Ventures was in place. Wilson continued his driving rhythmic guitar style. The band were on their own label initially before being signed to Dolton Records. Their first hit was “Walk Don’t Run” in 1960. It would climb to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts changing their status as a band forever. The song itself was a cover of a cover done by Chet Atkins. Originally a jazz song by Johnny Smith, the way that The Ventures played it was different than both the original and Atkins version. When the band recorded this track in 1960, the drummer Skip Moore wasn’t interested in touring with the band and was not a full-time member of the band, but is featured on the recording. They would re-record a different version of this song called “Walk Don’t Run ‘64” which would also re-chart at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The classic lineup of The Ventures featured Don Wilson on guitar, Bob Bogle on bass (he and Edwards would switch instruments shortly after the recording of "Walk Don't Run"), Nokie Edwards on lead guitar and Mel Taylor on drums.

The Ventures tackled multiple styles throughout their career recording country, 50s rock, 60s pop and psychedelic albums. They would also drift into some disco music in addition to experimenting with recording on albums such as The Ventures In Space. The Ventures also released records at a fast pace, sometimes having as many as four records released in a year. They even released a series of albums for people interested in learning guitar called Play Guitar with The Ventures. The Ventures also recorded songs for TV shows and soundtracks for films. One of the most notable is their recording of the "Hawaii Five-O" theme song. In addition to their US success, they would have a greater success in Japan where they still have devout followings. Their instrumental and surf sounds went on to influence many. They were called “The most influential, best-selling instrumental band in rock and roll history” by the Grammy Museum in 2019. While a new version of the band plays today, Wilson played with The Ventures throughout many lineup changes until 2015. His rhythmic guitar style helped drive the music of The Ventures.

Dallas Good (1973-2022)

Dallas Good’s mark on music is deeply embedded in a lot of Canadian and non-Canadian independent music over the last several decades. Whether with The Sadies or in some other capacity he had an influence and impact on music that wasn’t always directly in the mainstream spotlight. Dallas and Travis Good are the sons of Bruce Good, who played in the Juno award winning bluegrass group The Good Brothers alongside his siblings and Margret Good, their mother was also a singer/musician. Introduced to punk by his brother Travis, Dallas initially played in a series of punk bands, but it wasn’t until Sadies bassist Sean Dean got an upright bass that he switched his musical interests to country music. The Sadies first formed in Toronto in 1994. The band consisted of Dallas Good (on vocals/guitar), Travis Good (vocals/guitar), Sean Dean (bass) and Mike Belitsky (drums). Their first album was 1998’s Precious Moments produced by Steve Albini. The Sadies developed their own take on country and western music, incorporating elements of surf and garage rock with a punk infused energy. The band operated as a collective unit with their shows having been described as transcendent. Forging their own path, The Sadies built a following for approximately the last two decades by collaborating and backing up several other artists in addition to releasing their own material. The Sadies have also collaborated, performed and recorded with other musicians such as Andre Williams, Neko Case, Blue Rodeo, Garth Hudson, John Doe, Neil Young, Buffy Saint-Marie, Mary Margret O’Hara, Gary Louris, Kurt Vile, Justin Townes Earle, Jon Langford and Gord Downie. They have also toured and recorded with Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray’s Heavy Trash. 

In 2004, The Sadies along with Rick White (of Eric’s Trip) and Greg Keelor (of Blue Rodeo) formed The Unintended, releasing a self-titled album the same year. One more release followed in 2006, featuring Gordon Lightfoot covers that was split EP with the band Constantines called Constantines Play Young/The Unintended Play Lightfoot. Dallas also produced and played with other groups in addition to The Sadies. He played with Phono-Comb, an instrumental surf band featuring Don Pyle and Reid Diamond of Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, played with Toronto hardcore band Career Suicide, Half Japanese and played live shows on bass with Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet starting in 2012 when they reformed. He also performed in several punk bands prior to being in The Sadies such as The Satanatras, Guilt Parade and The Rat Crushers. The Sadies also provided the surf inspired soundtrack to 2006’s Tales of the Rat Fink and appear in the Carmine Street Guitars documentary. 2007’s New Seasons and 2010’s Darker Circles were both nominated for the Polaris Music Prize. A forthcoming full-length album is set to be released in 2022. It was produced by Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry. 

 Revolution Surf 2022 Playlist (Originally Aired On February 26th, 2022):

1.  The Surfrajettes - Couch Surfing (Roller Fink - Hi-Tide Recordings - 2022)
2.  The Surf Hermits - Out Beyond the Dune Sea (Hang Zen - Sharawaji Records - 2022)
3.  The Green Reflectors - Rip Rap (Tune Up - 2018)
4.  Teke::Teke - Ai No Kizuna (Jikaku - Ray-On - 2018)
5.  The Ventures - Fuzzy and Wild (Wild Things! - Dolton Records - 1966)
6.  The Ventures - San Antonio Rose (Play The Country Classics - Dolton Records - 1963)
7.  The Ventures - Psyched-Out (Super Psychedelics - Dolton Records - 1967)
8.  The Ventures - Sealed With A Kiss ($1,000,000.00 Weekend - Dolton Records - 1967)
9.  The Ventures - Ten Over (Surfing - Dolton Records - 1963)
10. The Ventures - Walk Don't Run '64 (Walk Don't Run Vol. 2 - Dolton Records - 1964)
11. The Sadies - Rat Creek (Live) (In Concert Vol. 1 - Yep Roc Records/Outside Music - 2006)
12. The Sadies - Snow Squad (Live) (In Concert Vol. 1 - Yep Roc Records/Outside Music - 2006)
13. The Sadies - Same Song (Precious Moments - Bloodshot Records - 1998)
14. Phono-Comb - Enchanted (Fresh Gasoline - Quarterstick Records - 1996)
15. Jad Fair & Phono-Comb - TV Guide (Monsters, Lullabies… And The Occasional Flying Saucer - Shake The Record Label - 1996)
16. Phono-Comb - Phonebone (Fresh Gasoline - Quarterstick Records - 1996)
17. Phono-Comb - Cliffhanger (Fresh Gasoline - Quarterstick Records - 1996)
18. The Sadies - Rubber Bat (Precious Moments - Bloodshot Records - 1998)
19. The Sadies - Venison Creek (Pure Diamond Gold -
20. The Sadies - The Pyramid (Tales Of The Rat Fink - Original Soundtrack - Yep Roc Records/Outside Music - 2006)
21. The Sadies - Wolf Tones (New Seasons - Yep Roc Records/Outside Music - 2007)
22. The Sadies - The Very Ending (Internal Sounds - Yep Roc Records/Outside Music - 2013)
23. Les Krakmen - Krakmen Twist (Pebbles Vol 4 - BFD Records - 1979)
24. Os Kriptons - Manga Mandura (Paula EP - Lello & C - 1965)
25. Os Kriptons - Billy Boom (Paula EP - Lello & C - 1965)
26. Os Rebeldes - Murder By Contact (Tiro Liro - Orfeu - 1966)
27. The Pyramids - Pyramid Stomp (Play The Original Penetration - Best Records - 1964)
28. The Pyramids - Sticks and Skins (Play The Original Penetration - Best Records - 1964)
29. Bo Diddley - Surf, Sink or Swim (Surfin' With Bo Diddley - Checker - 1963)
30. La Luz - Yuba Rot  (La Luz - Hardly Art - 2021)
31. Blue Stingrays - Zuma Sunset (Surf-N-Burn - Epitone Records - 1997)
32. Blue Stingrays - Echo Park (Surf-N-Burn - Epitone Records - 1997)
33. Stereo Donkey - Shuvit (Shuvit Single - 2022)
34. The Cosmic Sand Dollars - Dunked (Let's Go Insertion! - Old Comet - 2022)
35. The Garrys - Heavy Flow (Get Thee To A Nunnery - Grey Records - 2021)
36. The Treblemakers - The Grudge (Time Machine: The History of Canadian 60's Garage Punk and Surf (1985-95) - Stomp Records - 1996)
37. HJ & The Constellations - Dawn of a New Day (Tubular Spectacular - 2021)
38. Atomic 7 - Your Ironic T-Shirt (Gowns By Edith Head - Mint Records - 2002)
39. Los Astros - Atomica (Latin American Surf Sampler Pt.2 - North Sea Surf Radio - 2015)
40. The Chewbacca's -  Echo Lake (The Return From Echo Lake - Sharawaji Records - 2019)

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Still YC: An Interview with Steven Lambke Show # 922

In February 2022, Steven Lambke released a new two-track single in advance of his upcoming full-length, Volcano Volcano. “Every Lover Knows” has been described in a press release as “a song of celebration. The most profound moments in a life are often experiences of love, of connection, to another, to the world, to a shared moment. It is love that teaches the full scale of what can be experienced and of what can be lost.” The song balances elements of 2019’s Dark Blue with a forward momentum. This track has folkier elements mixed with jangly indie rock vibes. The B-Side to this track is a song called “Deep Water.” This non-album track is a louder track with squealing feedback in between Lambke’s catchy raspy vocals that state “There’s something inside that’s only grown colder/And bold as spider trapped under glass/A left-handed rhythm like a street corner drummer/One arm swinging wild, one lost at the shoulder.” The song has also been said to have been influenced by the lyrics and message of Johnny Cash’s “The Streets of Laredo.” These two tracks (along with the songs from the upcoming album) were recorded at Camera Varda in Toronto shortly after Cobra Poems by Daniel Romano’s Outfit. These two tracks serve as a preview for Lambke’s anticipated follow up to Dark Blue

This episode of Revolution Rock focused on the music that has been released from the You’ve Changed Records label. Formed in 2009, it was co-founded by Steven Lambke (also of Constantines/Baby Eagle) and Daniel Romano (previously of Attack In Black). Since its beginnings, You’ve Changed Records has been a label devoted to quality, not quantity. The first release on YCR was Still Jimmie by Shotgun Jimmie in 2009. Also around this time Baby Eagle and Attack In Black released a split album, which was the second official You've Changed Records release. The label has released music by Shotgun Jimmie, The Weather Station, Marine Dreams, Partner, Nap Eyes, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Fiver, Jon McKiel, Status/Non-Status, Julie Doiron, music from Steven Lambke and Daniel Romano and other bands that he has been a part of or collaborated with such as Daniel Romano’s Outfit, Ancient Shapes, Baby Eagle, Julie Doiron. In 2020, Daniel Romano released numerous albums at an amazing rate. Nine albums, an EP and a 22-minute track with Tool’s Danny Carey were released by Romano in 2020. A major feat for any artist and all of them are great.

We had a chance to speak with Steven Lambke (co-founder of You’ve Changed Records) for this episode. He talks about the labels formation, meeting Shotgun Jimmie, recording albums Dark Blue and his upcoming release Volcano Volcano, in addition to working with Daniel Romano on the Spider Bite album and more.

Listen to the interview that Revolution Rock did with Steven Lambke here:

 You've Changed Records Playlist (Originally Aired On February 19th, 2022):

1.  Shotgun Jimmie - Mind Crumbs (Still Jimmie - 2009)
2.  Shotgun Jimmie - Late Last Year (Transistor Sister - 2011)
3.  Shotgun Jimmie - Cool All The Time (Transistor Sister 2 - 2019)
4.  Daniel, Fred & Julie - No One Knew My Name (Daniel, Fred & Julie - 2009)
5.  Steven Lambke - Moonshine Brother (Days of Heaven - 2015)
6.  Fiver w/The Atlantic School of Spontaneous Composition - Leaning Hard (On My Peripheral Vision)
(Fiver w/The Atlantic School of Spontaneous Composition - 2021)
7. Nap Eyes - Dull Me Line (I'm Bad Now - 2018)
8. Leanne Betasamosake Simpson - Failure of Melting (Theory of Ice - 2021)
9. Marine Dreams - Blank Moods (Lemon Tree - 2014)
10. The Weather Station - Time (What Am I Got To Do With Everything I Know - 2014)


11. Steven Lambke - Every Lover Knows (Every Lover Knows Single - 2022)
12. Steven Lambke - All Days Are Light and Gold Dark Blue (Dark Blue - 2019)


13. Adrian Teacher and The Subs - Terminal City (Terminal City - 2016)
14. Ancient Shapes - I Wanna Put My Tears Back In (Ancient Shapes - 2016)
15. Ancient Shapes - Political Rain (Silent Rave - 2018)
16. Ian Daniel Kehoe - What's A Liar Know Anyway (Secret Republic - 2019)
17. Jon McKiel - Management (Bobby Joe Hope - 2020)
18. Julie Doiron - You Gave Me The Key (I Thought of You - 2021)
19. Baby Eagle - Crooked Coin (Dog Weather - 2010)
20. Apollo Ghosts - Spilling Yr Guts (Pink Tiger - 2022)
21. Partner - Hot Knives (Healthy Release - 2016)
22. Daniel Romano - Helen's Restaurant (Sleep Beneath The Willow - 2011)
23. Daniel Romano's Outfit - Green Eye-Shade (How Ill Thy World Is Ordered - 2020)
24. Daniel Romano's Outfit - Even In The Loom of A Caress (Cobra Poems - 2021)
25. Daniel Romano - Half Moon (White Flag - 2020)
26. Spider Bite - Spider Bite (Spider Bite - 2020)
27. Spider Bite - Blood and Suffering (Spider Bite - 2020)
28. Daniel Romano's Outfit - Sucking The Old World Dry (Okay, Wow - 2020)

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Saturday, February 12, 2022

The Dirtbombs Ultraglide In Black & Show # 921

The second full-length album by The Dirtbombs is Ultraglide In Black. Released in 2001 on In The Red Records, this album followed 1998’s Horndog Fest and a series of singles. Fronted by Detroit musician Mick Collins, this album and the band (made up of two bassists, two drummers and Collins on vocals/guitars) play a series of 60s and 70s soul and funk covers in tribute to the black music that Collins grew up with. These songs are reimagined brilliantly in a garage, gritty and fuzzy Dirtbombs style. The album’s cover pays homage to a 1967 album by Stevie Wonder called I Was Made To Love Her. Having also been in The Gories, Blacktop, The Screws and others, The Dirtbombs were a band that started as a side project in 1992. In 1995 they began recording and in 1996 started releasing singles. The first Dirtbombs single was the incendiary High Octane Salvation. The Dirtbombs lineup has altered during the years, but on this recording The Dirtbombs featured Mick Collins on vocals/guitar, Jim Diamond (bass), Tom Potter (fuzz bass), Patrick Pantano (drums) and Ben Blackwell on drums.

During this early 2000’s period, there was a burgeoning garage rock scene in Detroit. In 2000, The Dirtbombs released two singles (Brucia I Cavi & Headlights On) in addition to a split single with The White Stripes (Cedar Point ‘78/Hand Springs). They also toured extensively in the US, Europe and parts of Canada around this time. The Dirtbombs released Party Store in 2011. Seen as a sequel of sorts to Ultraglide In Black, this album is made up of covers of early Detroit techno songs. In 2013, they released a bubblegum pop record featuring all originals in this style called Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey! The Dirtbombs have released seven full-length albums, not counting singles, EPs and compilations. Collins has also recorded and released music with King Sound Quartet, The Voltaire Brothers, Danny Kroha, Wolfmanhattan Project and others (in addition to doing production work for other groups and his own).

“Chains of Love” starts off Ultraglide in Black with an undeniable fuzzy, yet soulful groove. A cover of a song by J.J. Barnes from 1967, The Dirtbombs begin this album with a song tackling themes of love and love lost. “If You Can Want” originally by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles comes next comes next in all its soulful, fuzzed out glory. “Underdog” is a song originally by Sly & The Family Stone, executed here with raved up garage, funk fashion. With lyrics such as “I know how it feels when you know you're real/But every other time/You get up and get a raw deal” and “I don't mind/I'm the underdog/No I can handle it/I'm the underdog,” this song brings forth a social commentary message of underdogs that have to prove themselves to be “twice as good.” “Your Love Belongs Under A Rock” is a short soulful track with ? and The Mysterians styled-organ sounds. Filled with enthusiasm and uninhibited Detroit rock and rock sounds, this track is the only original song found on Ultraglide In Black.

Other highlights include their take on Parliments “I’ll Wait,” Curtis Mayfield’s “Kung Fu,” Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up,” and “Living For The City.” Originally by Stevie Wonder and released in 1973, this song features some altered lyrics further emphasizing the urban struggle message and social commentary in the song with a fourth verse sung in Spanish. “Ode To A Black Man” is a song originally by Phil Lynott (of Thin Lizzy). This song is another strong moment with a bass heavy, moving rendition performed by The Dirtbombs that celebrates black leaders and cultural icons. “Living For The Weekend” is a raved up garage punk rendition of The O’Jays 1976 hit single that features a blues breakdown towards the ending moments. “I’m Qualified To Satisfy You” originally by Barry White features bouncing soulful bass with an unmistakable groove, while “Do You See My Love (For You Growing)” ends Ultraglide In Black. Originally by Jr. Walker & His All-Stars, it is found here by The Dirtbombs in a loose, yet spontaneous feel. Infusing garage with soul and a funk style, lyrics such as “Look into my heart baby/Look back at the memories/Tell me what do you see/Do you see my love for your growing” end Ultraglide In Black with a message that revels with possibility. 

House Rockin' Playlist (Originally Aired On February 12th, 2022):

1.  The Gories - Baby Say Unh! (Baby Say Unh! - Estrus Records - 1992)
2.  The Couvairs - Shake Baby (Shine On Sweet Starlet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Sympathy For The Record Industry - 1998)
3.  The Voltair Brothers - The Mother Ones (I Sing The Booty Electric - Fall Of Rome - 2003)
4.  Mick Collins & Danny Kroha - Welcome To The Cemetery Club (Winter Blues and Greens - Epitaphs and Elegies by Vincent Kim Fowley - Norton Records - 2013)
5.  Wolfmanhattan Project - Sticky (Blue Gene Stew - In The Red Recordings - 2019)
6.  The Dirtbombs - Jump and Shout (Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey! - In The Red Recordings - 2013)
7.  The Dirtbombs - Alleys of Your Mind (Party Store - In The Red Recordings - 2011)
8.  George "Wild Child" Butler - Gravy Child (Keep On Doing What You're Doing - Mercury Records - 1969(
9.  Mel Brown - Chicken Fat (Chicken Fat - Impulse! - 1967)
10. Howlin' Wolf - How Many More Years (Moanin' In The Moonlight - Chess Records - 1959)
11. Lonnie Johnson - There's No Love (Blues  - Bluesville - 1960)
12. The Meters - Funky Miracle (Look-Ka Py Py - Josie - 1969)
13. The Meters - Ease Back (The Meters - Josie - 1969)
14. Eddie Bo - Every Dog Gets Its Day (Tell It Like It Is/Every Dog Gets Its Day  - Ric Records/Quality - 1960)
15. Jackie Shane - Comin' Down (Any Other Way - Numero Group - 2017)
16. Jackie Shane - In My Tenement (Any Other Way - Numero Group - 2017)
17. Nina Simone - Mississippi Goddam Nina Simone (In Concert  - Phillips - 1964)
18. Salome Bey - Song From Blue S.A. (Salome Bey - CBC Radio Canada - 1970)
19. Andy And The Bey Sisters - Revenge (Andy And The Bey Sisters - RCA/Victor - 1961)
20. Yves Jarvis - Body of Work (Body of Work  - 2021)
21. Un Blonde - Understanding (Tenet - Bruised Tongue - 2015)
22. Faux Fur - Laundromat (Faux Fur - 2013)
23. Souvenir - Ransom (Collapse - 2021)
24. The Gories - Charm Bag (House Rockin' - Wanghead Records - 1989)
25. The Gories - Sister Ann (House Rockin' - Wanghead Records - 1989)
26. The King Sound Quartet - I Wouldn't Put It Past You (The Getdown Imperative - In The Red Recordings - 1997)
27. The Screws - Jesse Lee (Hate Filled Classics - In The Red Recordings - 1998)
28. Blacktop - Blazing Streets (I've Got A Baaad Feelin' About This: The Complete Recordings - In The Red Recordings - 2003)
29. The Dirtbombs - Burnt To Cinders (Horndog Fest - In The Red Recordings - 1998)
30. The Dirtbombs - I'll Wait (Ultraglide In Black - In The Red Recordings - 2001)

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Rolling Stones Exile On Main St. & Show # 920

Released in May of 1972, The Rolling Stones album Exile On Main St. was recorded at a time when there was a lot of tension and change going on in the world of The Rolling Stones. Having moved to France due to a new tax on high earners in England, they became literal exiles in France. They also left their record label being entangled with publishing rights issues and in general thee was a constant influx of hangers on at the villa (where they would record Exile), there was also a growing disparity within the band member’s personal lives. Musically there are elements of blues, soul, gospel, country and rock music. The recording of the album began in 1969, but when the band relocated to France in 1971 they began the search for a studio to record in. Having trouble finding something that was suitable for them, it was decided that they would set up their mobile recording truck outside of Keith Richards villa named Nellcote and record in the basement rooms there. The sessions were described as loose, disorganized and as stated by bassist Bill Wyman, not that glamorous. Recording stretched out into irregular hours in the days and nights that followed commencing with some overdubs that were done at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles. A lot of the time not all of the band were present on the recordings, since the sessions were so loose, sometimes certain people wouldn’t be there when they were recording. All this adds to the albums mystique and overall aesthetic.

“Rocks Off” starts off with a Keith Richards guitar riff and a snare hit by drummer Charlie Watts before a tambourine leads us into the beginning moments of this album before the song kicks in. As great as an opener as there could be for an album, “Rocks Off” is sleazy, greasy and captures the undeniable essence of the band. In between horn stabs from the horn section featuring Bobby Keys and Jim Price, Jagger sings with tension, chaos and of the rock and roll lifestyle. There is even a psychedelic breakdown around the 2-minute mark. “Rip This Joint” ups the tempo with rave up rockabilly sounds featuring a slightly altered Stones lineup. Bill Plummer plays an upright bass along with the rest of the Stones including pianist Nicky Hopkins who plays a Johnnie Johnson styled piano part. As Jagger sings the story that takes place across America from an outsiders perspective, this song is also said to be the blue print for future proto punk and punk bands with its breakneck speeds. The Rolling Stones version of Slim Harpo’s “Shake Your Hips” comes next with a 50s rock influence, blues and undeniable swagger. “Casino Boogie” rolls with a blues and boogie rhythm feel while the abstract lyrics that pull in different meanings such as “Million dollar sad” were done using William Burroughs cut up technique. Random words were written on torn up pieces of paper, mixed up and then picked out one by one by the band members. The order that is present on the song is the same order that was picked during this process. “Tumbling Dice” is another standout track on this album. With its unusual blues rhythms and lyrics such as “Baby, I can't stay/You got to roll me/And call me the tumblin' dice/Always in a hurry/I never stop to worry/Don't you see the time flashin' by,” Jagger crafts a story of an unfaithful gambler. This track also features Charlie Watts overdubbing drums over his existing drums giving them a bigger sound.

Side two starts off with “Sweet Virginia.” A hazy country track, carried by Charlie Watts cardboard sounding shuffle rhythm, the lyrics are ripe with vivid imagery that have been said to be influenced by Gram Parsons, drug use and the debaucherous atmosphere that surrounded the sessions. With words such as “Trying to stop the waves behind your eyeballs,” “Yes I’ve got the desert in my toenail,” and “Thank you for your wine, California/Thank you for your sweet and bitter fruits,” the song isn’t so literal as some might think. The song seems to present an over arching theme of getting through hard times when you’re down and out. “Torn and Frayed” sounds exactly as the title suggests. Mixing elements of soul, gospel and country the song follows the thread of the frayed coat of a musician that lives life on the road and is a look into the less glamorous moments of being a rock star. “Sweet Black Angel” features country, blues and world music rhythms while the lyrics are of a political nature and about civil rights activist Angela Davis. The piano driven rough, yet tender love ballad “Loving Cup” arrives next. Another highlight on this album, the song had its beginnings during the 1969 recording sessions for Let It Bleed. The song “Happy” is sung by guitarist Keith Richards. The song was written pretty much on the spot in a few hours. Since not all of the band members were around a the time, the song was recorded with producer Jimmy Miller on drums and Richards on vocals, guitar and bass. Guitar overdubs were later added by second guitarist Mick Taylor along with backing vocals by Jagger (in addition to some horn section overdubs from Bobby Keys and Jim Price). This song went on to be a top 40 single on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1972. “Turd On The Run” is not always liked by some Stones for some reason. Perhaps it is the title, but this is another great gem found among the gritty 18 songs that make up Exile On Main St. With its swampy blues rhythm, murky sounding at times humorous lyrics, this track was apparently sped up from the original recording to give it an unusual hectic sound.

“Ventilator Blues” features one of the few songwriting credits by guitarist Mick Taylor. This swampy blues number is indebted to Chess Records blues artists, soul music and has a title that was influenced by the lack of ventilation in the basement where they were recording. Since they were using a mobile recording unit outside and the weather in France at the time was quite warm, instruments were often going out of tune due to the heat and malfunctioning equipment. In the case of this song, they got some strange noises according to Richards and decided to leave it in. Lyrically dealing with the frustrations of life the song shows someone feeling the pressures of life closing in and evaporating around them. It provides no clear answers, but asks questions as it seeks some kind of ventilation or release from these frustrations. “Let It Loose” is a gospel inspired soul ballad. This emotionally charged song contains blues influences along with lyrics such as “Bit off more than I can chew/And I knew/Yeah I know what it was leading to,” and "In the bar you're getting drunk/whoa yeah yeah/Ain't in love, ain't in lust/whoa no no no” about a relationship that the character knows won’t last and can’t be maintained. “All Down The Line” starts of the fourth side of Exile On Main St. A more straight forward rock song with greasy blues spots throughout, lyrics such as “Well you can't say yes and you can't say no/Just be right there when the whistle blows/I need a sanctified mind to help me out right now,” seem to be looking forward while still being in the moment of chaos that surrounded them at the time. “All Down The Line” drives the Stones and Exile On Main St. into existential territory.

“Stop Breaking Down” comes next. A cover a song originally by Delta bluesman Robert Johnson, this song is reinterpreted with slide guitar from Mick Taylor, choppy blues guitar from Mick Jagger, harmonica, piano and an all around greasy groove from The Rolling Stones. Lyrically, this song even being a cover by Robert Johnson, takes on a new meaning here when redone by The Rolling Stones. “Shine A Light” is a soulful gospel influenced ballad that had its beginnings in 1969 when members of the band were working with Leon Russell. The song was originally about Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones, but the lyrics were changed following his death. Featuring piano and organ by Billy Preston, drums by producer Jimmy Miller, bass and lead guitar from Mick Taylor, guitar from Richards and vocals from Jagger, this powerful song has words dealing with hope and despair. “Soul Survivor” ends Exile On Main St. This mid-tempo deep cut, displays The Stones in their element. Featuring lyrics such as “I'll stowaway at sea, yeah/Ya make me mutiny/Where you are I won't be/You're gonna be the death of me” and “I’m a soul survivor,” this song encapsulates a strength and spirit to rise above adversity. 

While there was a lot of recording done during this time, Exile On Main St. was put together in a way that many feel captures the essence of rock and roll music and is The Rolling Stones at their best and most creative. When describing the album art that makes up Exile On Main St.’s cover, frontman Mick Jagger stated that it shows a “feeling of joyful isolation, grinning in the face of a scary and unknown future.” And while those themes do present themselves on this album, along with outlaw blues related themes, Exile On Main St. also features more universal themes. Musically the album seamlessly blends all the elements of rock and roll music up to that point in 1971 and beyond. With Exile On Main St, The Rolling Stones proved that sometimes even when exiled from everything you know you can find yourself.  

Rolling Stones Exile On Main St. Playlist:

1. The Rolling Stones - Title 5 (Exile On Main St: Deluxe Edition - Rolling Stones Records/Universal Music - 2010)
2. The Rolling Stones - I'm Going Down (Outtake) Exile On Main St: The Real Alternate Album
3. The Rolling Stones - Rocks Off (Exile On Main St. - Rolling Stones Records - 1972)
4. The Rolling Stones - Rip This Joint (Live) (Ladies & Gentleman: The Rolling Stones (Live 1972) - Rolling Stones Records/Eagle Vision - 2010)
5. The Rolling Stones - Shake Your Hips (Live) (The Montreux Rehearsals)
6. The Rolling Stones - Casino Boogie (Exile On Main St. - Rolling Stones Records - 1972)
7. The Rolling Stones - Tumblin' Dice (Live) (Ladies & Gentleman: The Rolling Stones (Live 1972) - Rolling Stones Records/Eagle Vision - 2010)
8. The Rolling Stones - Sweet Virginia (Exile On Main St. - Rolling Stones Records - 1972)
9. The Rolling Stones - Torn and Frayed (Exile On Main St. - Rolling Stones Records - 1972)
10. The Rolling Stones - Sweet Black Angel (Instrumental Version) (Exile On Main St: The Real Alternate Album - Red Tongue Records - 2012)
11. The Rolling Stones - Loving Cup (Alternate Take) (Exile On Main St: Deluxe Edition - Rolling Stones Records/Universal Music - 1972/2010)
12. The Rolling Stones - Happy (Live) (Ladies & Gentleman: The Rolling Stones (Live 1972) - Rolling Stones Records/Eagle Vision - 2010)
13. The Rolling Stones - Turd On The Run (Exile On Main St. - Rolling Stones Records - 1972)
14. The Rolling Stones - Ventilator Blues (Exile On Main St. - Rolling Stones Records - 1972)
15. The Rolling Stones - I Just Want To See His Face (Exile On Main St. - Rolling Stones Records - 1972)
16. The Rolling Stones - Let It Loose (Instrumental Version) (Exile On Main St: The Real Alternate Album - Red Tongue Records - 2012) 
17. The Rolling Stones - All Down The Line (Alternate Version) (Exile On Main St: Deluxe Edition - Rolling Stones Records/Universal Music - 1972/2010)
18. The Rolling Stones - Stop Breaking Down (Exile On Main St: Deluxe Edition - Rolling Stones Records/Universal Music - 1972/2010)
19. The Rolling Stones - Shine A Light (Alternate Version) Exile On Main St: The Real Alternate Album
20. The Rolling Stones - Soul Survivor (Alternate Version) (Exile On Main St: Deluxe Edition - Rolling Stones Records/Universal Music - 2010)
21. The Rolling Stones - Good Time Women (Exile On Main St: Deluxe Edition - Rolling Stones Records/Universal Music - 2010)
22. The Rolling Stones - I'm Not Signifying (Exile On Main St: Deluxe Edition - Rolling Stones Records/Universal Music - 2010)
23. The Rolling Stones - So Divine (Aladdin Story) (Exile On Main St: Deluxe Edition - Rolling Stones Records/Universal Music - 2010)

To hear this program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and click the February 5 file to download/stream the episode.

Thursday, February 03, 2022

Coming Up On Revolution Rock in February 2022!

As February arrives, Revolution Rock is prepping for its annual theme month programming. Every episode that airs in February will be devoted to a specific theme. Dave and Adam have some cool programming lined up ranging from our annual Black History Month program to our Revolution Surf episode. Revolution Rock can be streamed and downloaded from (and also after it airs on this website). Last year Revolution Rock became a syndicated program and can now be heard on twelve other campus/community radio stations across Canada in addition to CJAM FM.

Continue reading to find out about this year’s schedule for Theme Month:

Stones in Exile: The 50th Anniversary of The Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street Album
Saturday February 5th, 2021
7-9 PM EST
CJAM 99.1 FM (

Originally released in May of 1972, Exile On Main Street is a double album released by The Rolling Stones. The recording of the album began in 1969 and continued into 1971 in the South of France in a villa rented by Keith Richard named Nellcote. At the time the band was living abroad as tax exiles, the basement rooms of the villa became the studio where the band would record the album. Recordings stretched across many days and nights as the band worked with a mobile recording unit. The sessions were described as disorganized and loose. At the time there were many other factors at play during the recordings including drug use, the conditions of the studio, growing disparity between the band members and their personal lives, hangers on and people coming by during the sessions. However as a result, Exile On Main Street was pieced together from these sessions in a double that many feel is The Rolling Stones at their best and most creative. Overdubs were done at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles. Musically the album dove into blues, country, gospel and rock and roll music in a variety of styles. Although it was met with some mixed reviews at the time of its release, it is now seen as one of their best. In 2010, a 40th anniversary edition of the album was released which featured a bonus disc made up of outtakes and alternate versions of songs recorded for the album. On this episode we will play the album in its entirety, but with a twist. We will be playing the full album, but made up of different versions of the songs from the sessions and live recordings. The show will also feature a selection of outtakes recorded from the session.

Houserockin’: Revolution Rock Celebrates Black History Month
Saturday February 12th, 2021
7-9 PM EST
CJAM 99.1 FM (

In the mid 1980’s Mick Collins helped form the seminal and now legendary garage punk band The Gories in Detroit, Michigan. The band, who still plays live to this day features Mick Collins on vocals/guitar, Dan Kroha on guitar/vocals and Peg O’Neil on drums. After three albums and a series of singles the band broke up after a European tour in 1992. Collins also formed The Dirtbombs in 1992. The band started as a side project and started recording in 1995. They went on to go much further than that blended diverse influences such as punk, soul also featuring dual bass guitar and a dual drum and guitar lineup. The band has had an ever-changing lineup. Every album the band releases is different, but not in the traditional sense. For example 2011’s Party Store features rock covers of early Detroit techno and house music, 2001’s Ultraglide in Black is a collection of soul, R&B and Motown covers, 2013’s Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey! is a bubble gum record. Mick has also been involved in many other bands such as Blacktop, King Sound Quartet and more recently Wolfmanhattan Project. On this episode of Revolution Rock, we will have sets of music featuring music with Mick Collins, as well as sets of music from other artists and genres such as Nina Simone, Howlin' Wolf and Salome Bey in celebration of Black History Month.

Still YC: A Special On You’ve Change Records
Saturday February 19th, 2021
7-9 PM EST
CJAM 99.1 FM (

 You’ve Changed Records is an independent, artist run record label. Founded in 2009 by Daniel Romano and Steven Lambke, the label celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019. The first official released on You’ve Changed Records was Shotgun Jimmie’s Still Jimmie in 2009. The label has released music by Shotgun Jimmie, The Weather Station, Marine Dreams, Partner, Nap Eyes, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Fiver, Jon McKiel, Status/Non-Status, Julie Doiron, music from Steven Lambke and Daniel Romano and other bands that he has been a part of or collaborated with such as Daniel Romano’s Outfit, Ancient Shapes, Baby Eagle, Julie Doiron. Each release that You’ve Changed releases has its own unique art/album covers and design. Romano started out playing in indie folk acts Attack In Black and Daniel, Fred & Julie. Steven Lambke is known as being a member of the band Constantines. He has also been the creative director of Sappyfest since 2017 and has released music as Baby Eagle and as a solo artist. In 2020, Daniel Romano released numerous albums at an amazing rate. Nine albums, an EP and a 22-minute track with Tool’s Danny Carey were released by Romano in 2020. A major feat for any artist and all of them are great. On this episode we will feature selections from the You’ve Change Records discography.

Revolution Surf 2022
Saturday February 26th, 2021
7-9 PM EST
CJAM 99.1 FM (

Every year theme month ends with our annual surf rock special titled Revolution Surf. Early surf music’s sound was dominated by the use of reverb units that were developed by Fender guitars in 1961. In the future they would be built into the amplifier, but at this point in the early 60s, they were separate units utilizing springs that helped to create that reverby sound that emulates what waves sound like. Now you can just add it as a setting when using a computer or on a guitar pedal or amplifier. For this year’s episode there will be no theme. The episode will be made up of a mixture of new and old surf and instrumental music from the past and present. Whether it was made with an old-fashioned reverb unit or one of the more modern reverb methods, Revolution Surf will end out this year’s theme month once again with a mix of surf sounds.