Saturday, April 01, 2023

CJAM FM 2023 Pledge Drive & Show # 981, 980, 979, 978, 977

This week CJAM FM is holding its annual pledge drive. It is the only time of year CJAM reaches out to the community for financial support to continue daily operations at the station. This year, the station is celebrating 40 years on the FM dial come November as independent non-commercial radio, giving a voice to underrepresented artists, viewpoints, and cultures. We are playing with one of our nicknames, The Jamming One, for creative inspiration in our new exclusive line of t-shirts, tote bags, stickers and flyers. CJAM FM is a non-profit campus community radio station located at the University of Windsor. It has been on the FM dial offering alternative programming to the mainstream since 1983. The station is also available online and has past programs available to listen for 30 days, in addition to live streaming options.

“For 40 years, CJAM has been a leader in alternative spoken word and music programming; carving out a space to provide experiential learning opportunities to students and providing them opportunities to learn how to record audio, edit, and create original radio programs for audiences in Windsor and Detroit,”
says Walter S. Petrichyn, Station Manager at CJAM 99.1 FM.

Program partnerships with student life such as the law department’s Magna Carta Pro-Bono Students, the nursing department’s No Scrubs and St. Clair College’s MediaPlex program are a few examples of shows that highlight the station’s ever-growing program base that has been a launching pad for careers in the music industry, journalism, and sports broadcasting. “We have had Jammers go on to work for AM 800, SOCAN, CBC, Bell Media, The Maple Leafs, and plenty more. It’s incredible to see our volunteers take flight with their professional careers and we want to continue supporting them and providing these rich opportunities,” says Petrichyn.

Last year, the station did not hold a pledge drive. Shows like Revolution Rock would not exist without something like CJAM FM. The program as mentioned before is curated to offer a different side of independent music and it often digs deep. Branching off from 70s punk/new wave, the program also focuses on garage, indie, surf and alternative genres. Featuring new/old music within and beyond those genres, it offers something different. CJAM offers a voice to artists of all genres and to different spoken word and language based programs that would not have a platform otherwise. That alone is a great reason to support CJAM FM during this time.

This year, CJAM is offering the following prizes at different donation levels.

$5 – CJAM 2023 Pledge Drive “The Jamming One” Sticker design by CJAM’s Batool Yahya // on Instagram

$10 to 20 – Music Prize Pack (CDs/vinyl) accessible from the CJAM Prize Room

$20 – Classic Vintage CJAM T-Shirts

$50 – CJAM 2023 Pledge Drive “The Jamming One” t-shirt designed by Windsor artist Kristina Bradt // @krizzlepie on instagram

$100 – CJAM prize pack (including 2023 t-shirt, sticker, music prize pack and vintage t-shirt)

Donation and merch site: or

There are also some events in the Windsor/Detroit area this year. One occurred at Green Bean Café on April 4th, the second will take place on April 8th at Craftheads at 7 PM.

Below you can find some playlists to recent episodes of Revolution Rock and an example of the type of programming that we offer.

Show 981 (Originally Aired On April 1) (2023 Pledge Drive Edition):

1.  Pylon - Crazy
2.  Martha & the Muffins - Walking Into Walls
3.  Terapi - Rock'A'Tchooka
4.  Daniel Johnston - Walking the Cow 
5.  The Cramps - Faster Pussycat
6.  The Hold Steady - Sideways Skull 
7.  New Pornographers - Really Really Light 
8.  PACKS - Brown Eye
9.  Blessed - Felt 
10. The Replacements - Hayday
11. Ramones - Somebody Like Me
12. Butthole Surfers - Hey 
13. Lou Reed - Make Up My Mind 
14. Neil Young -Payola Blues 
15. The White Stripes - Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine
16. The White Stripes - It's True That We Love One Another
17. Al Green - Stand Up 
18. Al Green - Your Love is Like the Morning Sun 
19. Paul Jacobs - With My Friends 
20. The Stools - Eyeball Crush 
21. Trophy Knife - Class Outside 
22. Gloin - Brique Chaude 
23. Noble Rot - Medicine 
24. Johnny West - Funeral Face
25. Magazine - Touch and Go

To hear this program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and click the April 1 file to download/stream the episode. 

Show 980 (Originally Aired On March 25th, 2023)(The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Suede, Wire):

1.  Shadow Show - Contessa 
2.  Strobobean - Kitchen 
3.  Leggy - Lipstick on the Mic
4.  Tough Age - Time & Again 
5.  Packs - EC
6.  Ron Leary - Our Dogs
7.  Aleks Stoykoysky - This Year’s Loser 
8.  Tea Leaves - Traveller 
9.  Tommy Stinson’s Cowboys in the Campfire - Dream 
10. Jad Fair and Samuel Locke Ward - Donuts 
11. The Beatles - Misery 
12. The Beatles - There’s A Place
13. Led Zeppelin - The Crunge 
14. Led Zeppelin - Dancing Days (Rough Mix)
15. Suede - Moving 
16. Suede - Metal Mickey (Island Demo)
17. Love Language - New Power 
18. Frankie Flowers - Bad Dream 
19. Pile - Loops 
20. Bonnie Trash - Shades of You 
21. Telegenic Pleasure - Polarized
22. Olinda - The Chalice 
23. Buzzcocks - Hollow Inside
24. The Damned - You Know
25. Wire - It’s the Motive
26. Wire - Ignorance No Plea (I Should Have Known Better) 

To hear this program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and click the March 25 file to download/stream the episode. 

Show 979 (Originally Aired On March 18th, 2023)(Roxy Music, Shadow Show, The Black Angels) :

1.  Shadow Show - Radiant Hue
2.  The Sadies - So Far, So Few
3.  The Facials - Never Learn
4.  The Routes - Attention
5.  Ancient Shapes - Another Century of Ice
6.  Stripmall - Meat (Live at CJSW)
7.  Mononegatives - Cro-Magnon
8.  Roxy Music - Do the Strand
9.  Roxy Music - Editions of You
10. Roxy Music - In Every Dream Home a Heartache
11. Roxy Music - The Bogus Man (live 1974)
12. Galen & Paul - Lonely Town
13. Leonard Cohen - Teachers
14. Norma Tanega - A Street That Rhymes at 6AM
15. Willie Dunn - Bear and Fish
16. Vision Eternel - Sometimes in Absence
17. The Black Angels - El Jardin
18. The Black Angels - Make It Known
19. The Black Angels - 100 Flowers of Paracusia
20. The Black Angels - Icon
21. Dry Cleaning - Swampy
22. Yves Tumor - Echolalia
23. Co-Op - Magic Eraser
24. boyhood - Stranger
25. Cake Function - Interior is Lifestyles
26. Fidlar - Sand on the Beach

To hear this program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and click the March 18 file to download/stream the episode. 

Show 978 (Originally Aired On March 11th, 2023)(Minute Men, Husker Du, Meat Puppets, Uh Huh, Ghost Woman):

1. Sun Room - Outta Their Minds
2. Death Valley Girls - Islands in the Sky
3. Moonwalks - Heavy Tears
4. TEKE::TEKE - Garakuta
5. King Tuff - Tell Me
6. Husker Du - Pink Turns to Blue
7. Meat Puppets - Plateau
8. Minutemen - Games
9. Black Flag - TV Party
10. Tunic - Whispering
11. Shame - Six-Pack
12. Noble Rot - Casting No Light
13. Universal Cleaner - Her Mind Was A Psychic Slaughterhouse
14. Kinetic Ideals - No Exit
15. First Man Over - Somewhere
16. Uh Huh - Babylon
17. The New Pornographers - Angelcover
18. Pony - Tres Jolie
19. Ghost Woman - 3 Weeks Straight
20. Yo La Tengo - Fallout
21. The Men - Eternal Recurrence
22. Blackbelt Eagle Scout - Fancy Dance
23. Shana Cleveland - A Ghost
24. Outtacontroller - Less is More
25. Motorists - Natural Targets (Live CJSW)
26. Protomartyr - Make Way

To hear this program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and click the March 11 file to download/stream the episode. 

Show 977 Playlist (Originally Aired On March 4th, 2023)(Tom Verlaine, Television, The Feelies, U2, John Cale, Tom Waits):

1.  Television - The Blow-Up (Live)
2.  Television - (I Look At You and Get A) Double Exposure 
3.  Television - Friction
4.  Television - Days 
5.  The Feelies - Original Love 
6.  Ducks Ltd. (Featuring Mo Troper & Ratboys) - Invitation (Feelies Cover)
7.  US Girls - Only Daedalus 
8.  Packs - 4th of July 
9.  Knitting - Throwaway Year 
10. U2 - Seconds 
11. John Cale - Graham Greene 
12. Tom Waits - Virginia Avenue
13. Television - Mars 
14. Tom Verlaine - Breakin' My Heart 
15. Tom Verlaine - Fragile
16. Olinda - World Within 
17. Decliner - Dirty Money
18. Mononegatives - North Carolina Atomic Bomb 
19. C.C. Voltage - Bummer Party
20. Andy Shauf - Halloween Store
21. The Burning Hell - All I Need 
22. Cub - Exit
23. Television - Venus

To hear this program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and click the March 4 file to download/stream the episode.