Saturday, March 24, 2007



I just thought I'd make a post since I changed the layout of the website a bit. It's more punchy, I think. Leave a comment let me know what you think. Once again my show will not be on next week, but it will return the week after (April 3rd) at 9PM.

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See you in two weeks.

Here's some cool video's to tide you over in the meantime:

Arctic Monkeys - Brainstorm
The D4 - Party
The Clash - English Civil War (Live)
The Clash - Live in Manchester 1977
Ramones - California Sun (Live)
Dead 60's - Loaded Gun

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fiction Cigarettes ...Show # 138

Here's the play list for show # 138:

1. The Hives – knock knock
2. Arctic Monkeys – brianstorm
3. Fiction Plane – wise
4. Albert Hammond Jr. – in transit
5. The Odds – make you mad
6. Marble Index – I believe
7. The Expos – little red hook
8. Dead 60’s – the last resort
9. Exploding Hearts – not the fall that hurts
10. Love Me Nots – cry
11. Dirty Pretty Things – B.U.R.M.A.
12. Nirvana – serve the servants
13. Franz Ferdinand – fade together
14. The Rapture – pieces of the people that we love
15. Radio 4 – caroline
16. Queens Of The Stone Age – tangled up in plaid
17. The Stooges – the weirdness
18. Rage Against The Machine – new millennium homes
19. Pearl Jam – severed hand
20. Ride Theory – dead radio love
21. Hot, Hot, Heat – this town
22. The D4 – diamond, ruby, stone

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Professional Rich Kids ... Show # 137

This weeks show was a collection of mostly obscure punk and new wave/post punk bands. Two bands in particular that I'm going to talk about this week are The Rich Kids and The Professionals.

Rich Kids was a band formed by Glen Matlock after being kicked out of his previous band, Sex Pistols. The band consisted of Glen Matlock (Bass), Steve New (guitar), Midge Ure (vocals), and drummer Rusty Egan. The band formed in 1977, but would only record one album Ghosts of Princes in Towers which came out in 1978. The group was more of an experimental rock group as opposed to punk, but they did mix punk elements into their music. They would break up after one year due to differences between bassist Glen Matlock and vocalist Midge Ure. Ure would go on to sing in Ultravox and Matlock would reappear in music on Iggy Pop's Soldier album (which he played on and helped write). He would also appear in a variety of other bands but in 1996 he reunited with Sex Pistols for their reunion tour. In 2004 he released On Something. 

The Professionals on the other hand was the band that Steve Jones and Paul Cook of Sex Pistols formed after they split up. The Professionals (as the Rich Kids) did not last long. They were around for about two years and have released some albums Professionals (1980) and I Didn't See It Coming (1981). The albums are virtually the same despite a few track changes. The songs are Sex Pistol-ish, but are missing the power of Johnny Rotten. Steve Jones sings the songs, but there are a few good songs here. "Kick Down the Door" and "Crescendo" are great tracks, in 2006 I Didn't See It Coming was released with bonus tracks, some better than the album songs. Songs such as "1-2-3", and "Mods, Skins, Punks" come to mind. In 2005 a greatest hits compilation was also released. The band is interesting to hear due to the fact that Steve Jones is leading the band; if you're a Sex Pistols fan then they are worth checking out. In 1996, Steve Jones and Paul Cook reunited with Sex Pistols (as well as Glen Matlock and Johnny Rotten). He has done various side projects and even appeared on the Johnny Thunders So Alone album along with Paul Cook. Steve Jones currently does a radio show in LA where he plays some of his favourite bands punk and non-punk. He has also had a variety of musical guests such as Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), Billy Idol, and many others.

Video of The Professionals - 1-2-3
Video of The Professionals - Just Another Dream

For more information on The Professionals and Steve Jones visit:
This site

Here's what was played:

1. Velvet Underground – rock & roll
2. The Bureaucrats – the grown up age
3. Gruesomes – cry in the night
4. Modern Lovers – Pablo Picasso
5. Gang of Four – why theory?
6. Talking Heads – new feeling (alternate version)
7. Rich Kids – ghosts of princes in towers
8. The Professionals – 1-2-3
9. Big Audio Dynamite – harrow road
10. PiL – theme
11. Private School – science friction
12. The Scissors – mystery movie
13. Wire – sand in my joints
14. Devo – love without anger
15. The Dub Rifles – delicate action
16. Fire Engines – hungry beat
17. The Stooges – ATM
18. The Stooges – my idea of fun
19. Chelsea – urban kids
20. Smugglers – the b’n’i
21. The Madness – one step beyond
22. The Specials – you’re wondering now
23. The Victims – television addict
24. Radio Birdman – aloha steve & danno

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tuff scabs & weirdness...Show #136

I'm just going to mention a few thing's this week. First off I played a band called Tuff Darts. They were one of the lesser known bands from the CBGB punk music scene, in the late 70s. The band released their self titled debut in 1978 on Sire records (Ramones and a few other punk bands were also on that label). It was a mix of retro rock and pop. The band would not last long. After getting a new drummer, a new singer was brought in and a new group would be formed Tommy Frenzy. The band was Robert Gordon (vocals), John DeSalvo (Bass), Jeffrey Salen (guitar), Bob Butant (guitar), and James Morrison (Drums). Tuff Darts! was reissued in 2002 in CD form.

The Scabs were Exeter's first punk band to release a record, they formed around 1977. There is not much information on the band because they were short lived. They released a self-titled EP in 1979, which contained four tracks. The band was inspired by the UK punk ethic of do it your self. I played "Armory Building" from their EP.

The Stooges new album came out this week, The Weirdness. It is the first Stooges album since 1973's Raw Power. The album was produced by Steve Albini, and still sounds like The Stooges, and if you're worried about Iggy Pop not sounding good that's not a problem, his voice still sounds great. The album is worth picking up because The Stooges are one of the best bands to come out of the Detroit area. They are also doing a world tour. 

Here's this week's play list:

1. Sex Pistols – holiday in the sun
2. The Chords – breaks my heart
3. The Standells – medication
4. The Damned – fan club
5. Tuff Darts –phone booth man (p.b.m)
6. The Scabs –armory building
7. The Nerves – working too hard
8. Demics – the grey and the black
9. Avengers – we are the one
10. The Dishrags - i don't love you
11. Active Dog – nothing holding you
12. Female Hands – divided by three
13. The Stooges – trollin’
14. The Stooges – you can’t have friends
15. The Only Ones – city of fun
16. Generation X – Kleenex
17. Television – marquee moon
18. Richard Hell & The Voidoids – walking on the water
19. Cheap Trick – hello there
20. The Stray Cats – (she’s) sexy + 17
21. Teenage Head – total love
22. The Diodes – red rubber ball
23. The Visitors – euro girls
24. Suburban Reptiles - megaton
25. Young Canadians - don't tell me
26. 101'ers - letsagetabitarockin'
27. Ultravox! - satday night in the city of the dead