Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Well Respected Man...Show # 306

On June 23rd 2010, Peter Quaife original bassist and co-founder of the UK band The Kinks passed away at 66 years old. He was with the band from their original formation in 1961 until 1969. Although the band became known as The Kinks in 1964, they recorded a single under the band name The Ravens in 1963. Peter has played on some of the bands most renowned recordings such as "You Really Got Me", "Waterloo Sunset", "Sunny Afternoon", "Dedicated Follower of Fashion", and "All Day and All of the Night". Quaife has been quoted saying that The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society is his favourite album by The Kinks, stating that it was one of the only Kinks albums with the most contributions musically from all band members

Following his time with The Kinks, Peter joined another band called Maple Oak who recorded a single titled "Son of a Gun" in April of 1970. Quaife left the band and the music business in 1970, he moved to Denmark and pursued other artistic interests. In 1981, he relocated to Belleville, Ontario where he worked as a graphic artist. He reunited with his fellow Kinks band members two times following his leave from the group, once for an encore at a show in Toronto in 1981 and in 1990 when The Kinks were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 1998, he was diagnosed with Renal Failure. He would publish a book of cartoons called The Lighter Side of Dialysis in 2004 and a book about a fictional 1960s Rock group titled Veritas. In 2005, Peter Quaife moved back to Denmark. He was married twice and has one daughter.

The Play List:

1. The Black Lips - Before You Judge Me
2. The Phantom - Love Me
3. Little Joy - The Next Time Around
4. Creepies Invade - Nightmare (of Love)
5. Young Veins - Change
6. Gramercy Riffs - The Freezedown
7. Collapsing Opposites - You Can't Escape From Time
8. A Million Years - Holy Ghost Town
9. Wavves - Post-Acid
10. Public Image Limited - Chant (Peel Session)
11. Boxer The Horse - Sketch Me A Glove
12. Elbow Beach Surf Club - Surf Theme
13. The Treblemakers - Exploding Bikers From Hochelaga
14. Man Your Horse - Aptitude Sickness
15. Bored Games - Joe 90
16. The Alternators - The Kid Don't Know
17. Deadboys - Sonic Reducer
18. Generation X - No No No (Alternate Version)
19. X - Painting the Town Blue
20. Joe Strummer - Dum Dum Club
21. The Locusts Have No King - Nightmare Away
21. The Kinks - Days
22. The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset (BBC Session)
23. The Kinks - Everybody's Gonna Be Happy

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Planet of Sound...Show # 305

The Pixies album Trompe Le Monde was originally released in 1991. The albums title translates into "Fool The World" in English, this would also be the last full length album before the bands split. The album was well received on UK and US charts. Trompe Le Monde featured many notable tracks, drawing on science fiction based themes involving aliens ("Planet of Sound", "Motorway To Roswell"), and other songs such as "Alec Eiffel", "U-Mass", and "Trompe Le Mode". The songs contained elements of the bands past influences and a new direction involving Pop elements. Many people feel that the album is essentially the first Black Francis solo album, due to the fact that he wrote all of the songs except for one. "Head On" which is also featured on the album is a cover of a song originally done by Jesus & The Mary Chain. The Pixies reunited in 2004.  

The Play List:

1. The Wipers - Up Front
2. Mudhoney - The Straight Life
3. THe Pixies - Head On
4. Hysteric Narcotics - Anna
5. Nightstalkers - Too Many Images
6. Hellbound Hepcats - Only Man
7. Christian D & the Hangovers - Hillbilly Heroin
8. Bloodshot Bill - Leave Me Alone
9. Ron Leary - Miles
10. Harlem - Witchgreens
11. The Express - Wastin' My Time
12. The Iguanas - Again & Again
13. Expelaires - To See You
14. The Skids - Masquerade
15. 20-20s - Heart On A string
16. The Drums - Skippin' Town
17. Devo - Fresh
18. Tokyo Police Club - Not Sick
19. The Stranglers - Outside Tokyo
20. Television - Venus
21. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Crack of Dawn
22. The Libertines - Up the Bracket
23. Thee Manipulators - Paper In My Pocket
24. Young Rival - Workin'
25. The Gaslight Anthem - Stay Lucky
26. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Do You Love Me?

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Million Miles Away...The Story of The Plimsouls...Show # 304

Peter Case began playing with a three piece that would be known as The Plimsouls in 1978. The band consisted of Case on guitar/vocals, David Pahoa on bass and Lou Ramirez on drums. The band began recording an EP that would be titled Zero Hour, it was released in 1980. During the recording of this EP another guitarist joined the group, Eddie Munoz. The EP was produced by Danny Holloway, who was also the group’s manager. The EP contained five songs all of which reflected a Power Pop based music ethic. The title track "Zero Hour" received heavy rotation on the LA radio station KROQ, along with their live shows this helped The Plimsouls to become a band to see in the LA club scene. The bands sound was a mix of Power Pop, New Wave, 60's Soul, Garage Rock and more. They are sometimes referred to as a Soul Punk band.

In 1981 The Plimsouls released their first album, which was simply titled The Plimsouls. The album featured the songs that were on the Zero Hour EP along with others which reflected elements of Power Pop, New Wave, Punk, and Roots Rock and Roll. Several critics agree that The Plimsouls has many classic Power Pop anthems and is one of their best releases. The band got more notoriety in 1983 when a self-financed single of theirs was put in a movie called Valley Girl. The song was known as "A Million Miles Away" and is seen as a great document of the bands Power Pop abilities, it became a minor hit for them. The band also appeared in the movie as themselves, performing "A Million Miles Away" along with two other songs. The bands second album, Everywhere At Once was released in 1983 on Geffen. The album featured a re-recorded version "A Million Miles Away", but the band would not last long, they split up following the release of this album. The band has been referred to as one of the greatest live bands in LA during this time period.  Their second album was more of a production based album, it was produced by Jeffery Rich. While the band did split up after Everywhere At Once, a live album was released in 1988 titled One Night in America. The band has reformed several times and in 1998 recorded another album titled Kool Trash that featured an appearance by Blondie drummer Clem Burke. Recently a live album was released titled Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal.

Peter Case continued on with a solo career and is an acclaimed song writer by many. He has released several solo albums expanding his song writing abilities into other genres such as Folk, Blues, Psychedelic and other Rock subgenres. Recently he released an album that was recorded using all analog equipment titled Wig! on Yep Rock records.

The Play List:

1. The Checks - Bagheera
2. Greenhornes - Pattern Skies 
3. Surf City - See How The Sun
4. Grand Prix - Always Beginning
5. The Bats - Steppin' Out
6. Mystery Jets - Dreaming of Another World
7. Young Veins - Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't
8. The Beat - Rankin' Full Stop
9. The Beatdown - Hooligans
10. Leisure Units - Champagne and Money To Burn
11. The Disappeared - Welcome Back
12. The Diodes - Weekend 
13. Pointed Sticks -What Do You Want Me To Do?
14. The Sinners - No Brains Required 
15. 222s - Hold Up
16. The Rage - I've Got Your Number
17. The Nerves - When You Find Out
18. The Breakaways - Walking Out On Love
19. Plimsouls - Zero Hour
20. Peter Case -Ain't Got No Dough
21. Jack Lee & Band - It's Hot Outside
22. Marble Index - Anytime 
23. Modernettes - Static 
24. Black Keys - Tighten Up
25. Dead Weather - The Difference Between Us

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Thunder Express...Show # 303

In March 1972, The MC5 recorded a live in studio session, it was also broadcast on TV. They recorded six songs at Herouville Castle in France, one of them being a new song and another being a cover of a Rolling Stones song ("Empty Heart"). The songs are available on a bootleg titled Thunder Express, but a remastered version of the song "Thunder Express" can be found on a greatest hits CD released by Rhino Records in 2000 titled Big Bang: The Best of The MC5. The song "Thunder Express" is itself one of the last original MC5 songs before their split. The song uses a standard blues pattern, but comes off with an original Rock and Roll intensity that matches songs such as "Sister Anne". The sessions feature English bassist Steve Moorhouse and was one of the last recording sessions the band did. This song along with three more songs that were recorded for the Gold soundtrack serve as the last original compositions by the band. The MC5 split in 1972/1973 following a live New Year's Eve show at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit.

More information about MC5 can be found in the following posts:

A True Testimonial: The Story of The MC5
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This Week's Play List:

1. 101ers - Surf City
2. 4/4 - Systematic
3. The Blitzz - So Free
4. The Fans - You Don't Live Here Anymore
5. The Victims - I Understand
6. The Perks - McPig
7. Silent Mercenaries - I Wanna Be An Accountant
8. Venus Envy - Hole in My Heart
9. Spiral Scratch - Nightcrawler
10. Dream Dates - Mess You're In
11. Regulators - What's in the City
12. Hot Hot Heat - Zero Results
13. Gemma Ray - Looking the World Over
14. Teenage Fanclub - The Fall
15. Dr.Dog - The Unicorn
16. The Saints - A Minor Aversion
17. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - At The Border, Guy
18. Albert Hammond Jr. - In Transit
19. Burnt Ones - Alright (Sha-La-La)
20. Simply Saucer - Dance the Mutation
21. Buzzcocks - I've Had Enough
22. MC5 - Thunder Express

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Message in a Bottle Single 1979....Show # 302

In September of 1979, The Police released their second single from their second album Regetta De Blanc. The single was "Message in a Bottle", a song that would be the bands first number one single in the UK. While the song itself is a great example of song writing within the Rock music genre (containing elements of Reggae, Punk/New Wave, and Pop), the B-side to the single was much different. "Landlord" was a fast Punk paced song which reflects a sound of The Police's early days as a band. This Punk song is a song simply about a Landlord in Sting's life at the time. The single as a whole can be seen as an example of the bands past and future on one 7". While "Landlord" catered to the bands beginnings with a Punk influence, "Message in a Bottle" exemplified where the band would go in the coming years, to the top of the charts. They would become a huge success up until their split following three concerts for Amnesty International in 1986. It should also be noted that The Police reunited for two world reunion tours in 2007/2008. The cover created for this single features a green bottle that is shattered over a picture of the band. "Landlord" can be found on the Message in a Box Set that was released in 1993.

Play List:

1. The Police - Landlord
2. The Boys - Living in the City (Live at The Roxy)
3. UK Subs - CID (Live at the Roxy)
4. Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Sweet Gene Vincent
5. The Shakers - In Time
6. Teenage Head - Top Down
7. The Organ - Oh What A Feeling
8. Thee Headcoats - You Got Your Head On Backwards
9. Young Fresh Fellows - High Time
10. The Caesars - It's Not the Fall That Hurts
11. Fjord Rowboat - We Are On Time
12. Mode Moderne - Les Neuf Soeurs
13. Link Wray - The Sweeper
14. The New Waves - Nocturnal
15. Panasonics - Pancake
16. The Surf Trio - Down 1-5
17. Hot Nasties - This is Unlove
18. John Lennon - Crippled Inside
19. Cheap Trick - Big Eyes
20. Fire Engines - New Things in Cartons
21. Talking Heads - Pulled Up
22. Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Moods For Moderns
23. Outrageous Cherry - Self-Made Monster
24. Medications - We Could Be Others
25. The Hives - A Thousand Answers (Live)
26. Rich Kids - Empty Words

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