Saturday, May 25, 2019

Bloodshot Bill Come Get Your Love Right Now & Shows # 774, 775, 776

Released in February 2019, Come Get Your Love Right Now is the latest album by Montreal musician Bloodshot Bill. Although he has had over 35 releases on a variety of labels such as Norton Records, this album marks the first from Bloodshot Bill to be released via Goner Records. Last year saw the release of This Is It! an album featuring Bloodshot Bill and The Hick-Ups. Also in 2019, Bloodshot Bill put out a seven inch entitled My Little Muck Muck with legendary Japanese trio The’s, a new single Temple of Boom by The Tandoori Knights (with King Khan), and a surf EP called Hang Ten with Bloodshot Bill. Come Get Your Love Right Now follows the 2017 release Guitar Boy.

The album’s opening and title track, “Come Get Your Love Right Now” channels an early Sun Records aesthetic. With its acoustic guitar, reverb filled vocals, guitar slides this song sets the mood for the rest of the songs to come. “Take Me For A Ride” is a song that is part Trashmen vocals and propelling rockabilly rhythms. “Stumble” is an instrumental with a tense, brooding rhythm section as it builds and drives forth in a Link Wray styled fashion. This track is one of several other instrumental based tracks found between the other songs on Come Get Your Love Right Now. “Driftin” a blues-based instrumental, while “Drowning” is a high energy instrumental loaded with electric guitar and tremolo.

“Don’t Say Goodbye” is more of a ballad, while it still keeps Bloodshot Bill’s love of 50’s rock and roll’s past, it also drifts into a new territory with heartfelt emotion. “Only Girl” is a more upbeat song with its acoustic guitar, stand up bass fills and cymbal crashes, the catchy rockabilly riff of “Know Myself” hits the listener on another level. While not all of Bloodshot Bill’s vocals are clearly heard due to his use of reverb, this song, like many of Bloodshot Bill’s songs puts the listener into a certain state to feel the music rather than overthink it. “Hook Me’ shuffles with an old fashioned R&B groove, while “Do What You Do” jumps and moves with an unmistakable early rock n’ roll feeling. “Just Because” slows the pace down a bit as it blends early blues, country and rockabilly.

Come Get Your Love Right Now ends with three songs. “I Don’t Mind At All” is a song that showcases 50’s rock and roll with its staccato guitar stabs, and more guitar riffs inspired by a rebellious rock n roll spirit, “One At A Time”, a mid-tempo is a track that floats with surf inspired guitar riffs while “Honey Dolling” ends the album. With its early R&B rhythms and trademark Bloodshot Bill vocals, it ends the album after 35 minutes with sixteen songs, leaving the listener with a desire for more. With a multitude of releases under his belt, this album may be one of the strongest collections of material released by Bloodshot Bill. With Come Get Your Love Right Now, Bloodshot Bill strikes a chord with a certain immediacy as it mixes a selection of ballads and up-tempo rockabilly inspired tracks. Bloodshot Bill evokes a renegade spirit with a side of sophistication as he once again taps into a primitive rock and roll feeling.

Show 776 (Originally Aired On May 25th, 2019)(3ft, Rowland S. Howard, Neu!):

1. The Damned - Neat Neat Neat
2. 3ft - Your Death
3. 3ft - Evening Song
4. Shoobies - All My Profs are on Strike (I'm So Board)
5. Shoobies - Monkey Eat Sandwich
6. Skye Wallace - Coal in your Window
7. Laps - Interlude T
8. Old Time Relijun - Crows in a Row
9. Beat Happening - Knick Knack
10. Greys - Arc Light
11. Protomartyr - Feral Cats
12. Pup - Sibling Rivalry
13. Dumb - Club Nites
14. B.A. Johnston - Your Car is a Bin
15. Rowland S. Howard - (I Know) A Girl Called Jonny
16. Julia Jacklin - Turn me Down
17. Reigning Sound - Shaw
18. The Electric Cows - Missing Flies
19. Bloodshot Bill - Don't Ever Go Away
20. The King Khan Experience - Hey Rudi
21. Rocket from the Tombs - Read It & Weep
22. Snakies - Place We Go
23. Novel - Natural
24. Neu! - Hallogallo Pt. 1
25. Neu! - Hallogallo Pt. 2
26. Pottery - The Craft
27. The Mountain Goats - Cadaver Sniffing Song
28. Ex Hex - Cosmic Cave=
29. The Posies - Fall Apart with Me
30. Sky Wallace - Body Lights the Way

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Show 775 (Originally Aired On May 18th, 2019)(Takeshi Terauchi, The's, Brave New Waves Sessions):

1. The Vondells - Go Go Gone
2. Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys - Ganroku Hanama Odori
3. Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys - Let's Go Boogaloo
4.'s & Bloodshot Bill - My Little Muck Muck
5.'s - Mothra
6.'s - One Potato
7. The Tiki Tones - Man or Mancini?
8. The Ventures - Blue Moon
9. The Hives - I'm Alive
10. Kiwi Jr. - Nothing Changes
11. Royal Trux - Whopper Dave
12. Pere Ubu - Untitled
13. Pavement - Sensitive Euro Man
14. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - Bennett Cerf (Live: The CBC Tapes)
15. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - Hot Box Car (Live: The CBC Tapes)
16. Cub - Pretty Pictures (Brave New Wave Sessions)
17. Deep Six - I Protect Myself (Brave New Wave Sessions)
18. Jale - Emma (Brave New Wave Sessions)
19. The Nils - Bandito Calling (Brave New Wave Sessions)
20. Pursuit of Happiness - My Neighbourhood (Brave New Wave Sessions)
21. The Grapes of Wrath - See Emily Play (Brave New Wave Sessions)
22. Jr. Gone Wild - Why I Hate the Sixties (Brave New Wave Sessions)
23. Neil Young - Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
24. Jeff Tweedy - Ten Sentences
25. Mac Demarco - Hey Cowgirl
26. John Doe - Far Away (From the North Country)
27. Johnny Cash - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
28. Johnny Cash - You Wild Colorado
29. Deer Tick - Strange, Awful Feeling
30. Lo Siento - Vestida de Rojo

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Show 774 (Originally Aired On May 11th, 2019)(Ty Segall Band, Pottery, Guided By Voices):

1. Ty Segall Band - I Bought My Eyes
2. Ty Segall Band - Slaughterhouse
3. Nobody's Children - Good Times
4. Paul Butterfield Blues Band - I Got My Mojo Working
5. Muddy Waters - Crawling King Snake
6. Howlin' Wolf - Do The Do
7. Albert King - Watermelon Man (Live)
8. Pottery - Spell
9. Pottery - Hank Williams
10. Chad Van Gaalen - It Must Be Alright
11. Vivienne Wilder & the Vice Presidents - Hey, Hey (Twin Peaks)
12. Tacocat - Little Friend
13. Kim Gray - Handful of Problems
14. Shana Cleveland - Castle Milk
15. Shana Cleveland - Night of the Worm Moon
16. Love - Alone Again Or
17. Rebel Set - All Over the World
18. The Sadies - Rat Creek
19. The Robots - Stinky Juliens
20. Snake River - 54 Candles
21. Mekons - Harar
22. Cosmonaughts - Molly on Glass
23. Diodes - Time of Your Life (1978 Demo)
24. The Demics - The Least You Can Do
25. The Kids - We Are The Prisoners
26. The Kids - The City Is Dead
27. Novel - Sign on the Line
28. Ritual Howls - Love Cuts
29. Magazine - Shot by Both Sides
30. Guided by Voices - Your Lights Out
31. Guides by Voices - Tiny Apes
32. Mike Krol - What's the Rhythm

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Saturday, May 04, 2019

King Khan's LTD - Stop Und Fick Dich! & Interview & Show # 771, 773

Stop Und Fick Dich! is the new album by the band Louder Than Death. LTD is fronted by King Khan. Known for his work in the garage rock duo The King Khan & BBQ Show and the soul oriented King Khan & The Shrines, King Khan orchestrates his vocals as a barrage of noise rises behind him in the form of early punk rock. The album attacks with a fuzzy primal instinct referencing bands such as Iggy & The Stooges, The Electric Eels, Destroy All Monsters, Suicide and many others. The band providing this aural landscape is made up of Looch Vibrato (guitar) and Aggy Sonora (drums) of the wild two-piece garage punk band Magnetix from Bordeaux, France and Fredovich who joins the band on bass from King Khan & The Shrines. Sean Spits is also featured as a second guitarist on several tracks.

“Chief Sleeps In The Park” unravels itself as the album’s first track with raw, unhinged fashion as the music takes hold of the listener with primitive guitar and bass in an Iggy & The Stooges style. Lyrically King Khan sings amongst the chaos with a chorus of “Holding our heads up so high/Watching the miserables pass me by” that provides an observational viewpoint on the state of the world. The title track, features a fuzzy garage journey into sexual politics, as “Erased World” switches course with a post punk edge. With lyrics such as “Tell me something stupid for a change,” “Civilizations out of style and only dust remains” and a chorus that states “Will I surrender to reanimate my soul,” King Khan sings with a dystopian slant that addresses modern times and a lack of meaning in the world that is both tongue-in-cheek and alarming.

Stop and Fick Dich! features new recordings of songs from King Khan’s back catalog. “Snot Queen”, “Scum of the Moon,” “Strange Way,” “Born In 77” and several others that were originally recorded by The Black Jaspers make up the majority of this album and are reborn here with LTD. “ABC’s In Old Berlin” also appears here with the new LTD backing section. This track first appeared on 2018’s self-titled Louder Than Death album that featured Sean & Erin of The Spits. “Long N Wavy” is sure to offend with provocative lyrics and music that borders between Keith Morris-era Black Flag and Motorhead. “No Brain No Pain” is a raunchy garage punk song that hits the listener in the gut as King Khan shouts “You still ain’t got no brain.” With a catchy chorus of “Ain’t no city gonna take away my brain/Ain’t no city gonna take away my pain” the character in the song refuses accept the trappings of normal city working life, loneliness and calls out for independence. “Spicy Chicken” features dual vocals featuring King Khan and Toni Lou that venture into the abstract. In between crunchy guitars the lyrics “Spicy chicken LSD/Spicy chicken baby you and me/Spicy chicken PCP/Let’s start a happy family” soar with a Ramones spirit.

“Baby Huey” ends Stop Und Fick Dich! With its post punk sounding bass and drums and intense, cutting guitar lines, King Khan delivers sermon-like lyrics overtop the music that drives the song for over five minutes, making it the longest LTD track. Ian Svenonius (The Make-Up/Chain and The Gang) joins King Khan on vocals adding more atmosphere to this track. Lyrically the song parallels themes of destruction, vengeance, revolution and ignorance. As the song moves forward it calls for change to rise during the troubled times being described. This ends the album on a visual, yet dystopian message that descends into chaos with a raw realism that casts itself on to the modern and past world. Stop Und Fick Dich! resurrects itself with music and messages that provide no clear answers, but at the same time drapes itself in a cloak of disguised social commentary that is likely to offend and delight in every way.

Stop Und Fick Dich! is available through In The Red Records.

Check out an extended and uncensored version of my interview with King khan here:

Show 773 (Originally Aired On May 4th, 2019)(King Khan's LTD & Interview):

1. Fruit Tones - I Know Where Love Comes From
2. The Bell Peppers - Drapes N' Squares
3. Electric Cows - Trick or Treating Cycle Mama
4. Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends - Wailing Sounds
5. Guided by Voices - Dead Liquor Store
6. The Gories - Hate (Live The Shaw Tapes 1988)
7. James Brown - There Was a Time (Live)
8. Louder Than Death - Erased World
9. Louder Than Death - Spicy Chicken


10. Louder Than Death - Play it Safe
11. The Spits - Eyesore City
12. The King Khan Experience - Hammer Ich Vermisse Dich
13. The King Khan Experience - Knock Me Off My Feet


14. King Khan - Never Hold On
15. Fried Egg - Why Bother
16. Bad Hoo - Skim Milk Twist
17. Los Straightjackets - Ashokan Farewell
18. Rock Lake - No Idea
19. Wilco - Burned
20. Old Time Relijun - Dragon Juice
21. Protomartyr - In My Sphere
22. Bob Dylan - Obviously Five Believers

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Show 771 (Originally Aired April 20th, 2019)(Pixies, Ramones, CBC Radio 3 Sessions):

1. Pere Ubu - Life Stinks
2. Fire Engines - Big Gold Dream
3. Ariel Pink - Goth Bomb
4. Ty Segall & Freedom Band - They Told Me Too (Live)
5. Pixies - Debaser
6. Pixies - Gouge Away
7. The Jackets - Queen of the Pill
8. Ramones - You Should Never Have Opened That Door (Demo)
9. The Electric Cows - Shattered Glass
10. Parquet Courts - Yr No Stoner
11. A. Savage - Eyeballs
12. Sloan - Losing California (CBC Radio 3 Session)
13. The New Pornographers - The Fake Headlines (CBC Radio 3 Session)
14. The Organ - A Sudden Death (CBC Radio 3 Session)
15. The Sadies - I Tried Not To (CBC Radio 3 Session)
16. Women - Locust Valley (CBC Radio 3 Session)
17. Women - Shaking Hand (CBC Radio 3 Session)
18. Scott Walker - The Old Man's Back Again
19. Snake River - A Clean Stone
20. Neil Young - Devil’s Sidewalk
21. The King Khan Experience - Turkey Ride
22. James Brown - Forever Suffering
23. Deerhunter - Futurism
24. Kiwi Jr. - Gimmie More
25. Julia Jackson - Pressure to Party
26. Lo Siento - Sumergida
27. Crones - Disembodied
28. Television - See No Evil (Alternate Version)

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Show 772 was a repeat of an all horror themed surf episode which originally aired in February 2019. You can download/stream that episode here and view the playlist here.