Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Highlights & Show # 384

The following is a collection of reviews of eleven of my favourite albums of 2011, a top 11 of 2011 if you will. I’d like to note that while these releases are technically my top 11 albums, all of the songs featuring on today’s program I enjoyed and encourage you to check them out (info can be found in the play list below).

1. The Black Lips – Arabia Mountain

Arabia Mountain features sixteen tracks, all of which sound fresh and exciting while at the same time staying true to the bands ethics. Working with producer Mark Ronson has helped Black Lips and their songs to reach their maximum potential. Lyrically the album features many songs that reflect a narrative based nature, sounding mature while at the same time keeping true to the unique tenacious style. Amongst the sixteen tracks found here you will find elements of Surf, 60s Garage, 70s Punk, and Psychedelic music. After six albums this album serves as a new starting point for the group, while fans often choose 2005’s Let It Bloom and 2007’s Good Bad Not Evil as the bands best work, Arabia Mountain serves as a new contender. The band has never sounded better on record and as a result, this may be not only one of the bands strongest produced efforts, but also one of their best albums so far.

To read more of my thoughts on this album visit http://revrock.blogspot.com/2011/06/new-direction-black-lips-arabia.html

2. Indian Wars – Walk Around The Park

Indian Wars are a band that comes from Vancouver, BC. Walk Around The Park was released in April 2011 and has an interesting array of influences. While the band is often labelled as a Garage Rock band, drawing comparisons from bands such as The Black Lips and King Khan & BBQ Show, they also have underlying Country Rock influences. They have been said to also be influenced by The Band, George Jones and Dead Ghosts (another Vancouver Garage Punk band). The combination proves for a an interesting blend of Garage Rock and Country with tracks such as “Old Hotel”, “20,000 Cans”, “Bullfrog”, “Won’t Do A Thing”, their influences are diverse and at times hybridic. Lyrically and musically the album conjures up images that are reminiscent of songs once heard by artists such as Johnny Cash, Neil Young, and Crosby, Stills and Nash with a dash of Garage Rock and Punk mentality for good measure, this certainly is one interesting walk around the park.

3. The Mark Inside – Nothing To Admit

In 2010, Toronto's Mark Inside released their False Flag EP, and in November of this year they released Nothing To Admit, their second full length album. In 2008, the band went to the UK and began work on Nothing To Admit, over the course of six weeks. The album was produced by Jim Abbiss, an acclaimed UK producer who has worked with artists such as Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian. Signing to Jim Abbiss' own Metalbox Recordings label (and Sony Music Canada in Canada), the False Flag EP followed in October of 2010. Nothing To Admit came out on November 1st, 2011 and adds to the EP expanding it adding more depth than on False Flag.

The album features great Post-Punk themed tracks “There Is Nothing To Admit”, “Lime Green Monkeys” and “Questions”, while at the same time dipping into Garage Rock on tracks such as “House of Cards”. “The Bottom Line” is a track that is worth the price of admission of the album alone, the song which has charted on the Canadian Alternative Rock charts at # 31, is a slower soulful track that is lyrically a different kind of working mans anthem one that addresses issues surrounding big corporations. “Shots From A Broken Bottle” a single released from the album is another track that makes this album not only unique, but great. It is a song that simmers with elements of Blues and builds to a soulful roar. The album ends with the bands usual live set closer “The Sky Is Falling Down”, the song captures the bands live energy, which is never short of explosive and it clocks in at over seven minutes. Nothing To Admit features a variety of influences from Garage Rock, Post-Punk, Blues and Alternative, it is the sound of a great Canadian live band coming into their own.

4. Papermaps – Papermaps

In April 2011, Papermaps released their first full length album, simply titled Papermaps. Like a paper map, the Papermaps album charts into new musical territory using Central Meaner Street as a starting point, the band has currently ventured into Power Pop influenced territory. Papermaps features ten well crafted Pop songs mixed in with other elements that gives you something that keeps you on your toes.

The albums opener “Angela” sets a tone for the overall album building as it progresses, it features predominately guitar/bass and drums. Near the end there is a splash of synthesizer which gives the listener a tasty bite of what’s to come. The second song featured on the album is the piano driven sing-a-long “Reunion”, which has done very well on Independent campus radio based charts, the third song on the album is the guitar driven and energetic “Can’t Make A Living” which moves the listener along the albums ten track course. “Complicate Things” is a moody yet synthesized anthemic Dance Rock track, while “Exit” is one the heaviest tracks on the album. “Coddled” is a song that starts off like a solo John Lennon outtake, reminiscent of a lullaby before it picks up in to all its loud glory, “You Are My Gallows” ends the album with a call and response dynamacism. Papermaps blurs the lines of their musical territories for a sound that is all their own. A second full length album is due to be released in the fall of 2012.

I did an interview with Dean of Papermaps in November just before a show they played in Windsor, it can be heard here:

5. Sloan – The Double Cross

This May Sloan released their 10th full length album The Double Cross, which also marked their 20th anniversary as a band. The album features twelve new tracks building on their addictive Pop Power formula. The Double Cross starts off with "Follow The Leader" a song penned by bassist Chris Murphy, the drum and tambourine heavy Rock song has a seventies flavour. The song segue ways into "The Answer Was You" which is a Pop song written by Jay Fergusson, it sounds as if it would have fit perfectly on their 1996 release One Chord To Another. The album also features "She's Slowing Down Again" a song by drummer Andrew Scott, which sounds like it could have been from the 1998 album Navy Blues. According to Scott, the song has been around for a while. Other interesting tracks include "Unkind", a Patrick Pentland number, which is the first single for the album and "It's Plain To See", which is yet another high energy Pentalnd song. In addition to these, other tracks of note include "Shadow of Love" a song in a similar vein as “G Turns to D”, the acoustic Pop of "Green Gardens, Cold Montreal", "Beverly Terrace", and "I've Gotta Know". There is also the song "Traces", a song written by Andrew Scott that features bassist Chris Murphy on drums. The Double Cross which in Roman numerals is XX means twenty, has many songs that fans can identify with and love, but at the same time it also has a fresh sound and feel to it. Sloan has now been around for twenty years and with yet another album and tour underway, they show no sign of stopping anytime soon.

In May I Interviewed Sloan's Chris Murphy live on my program, it can be heard here:

6. Brazilian Money – This Is Not A Dream

This album kind of came out of nowhere this year. Brazilian Money are based out of Edmonton, Alberta and are essentially just one person Garrett Johnson. This Is Not A Dream is filled with catchy sometimes weird junkyard gems, displaying elements of Garage Rock and Lo-Fi music such as Pavement at times. Brazilian Money has garnered other comparisons to bands such as Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols and are labelled as experimental when loading their music in itunes, but they are difficult to pin down. This album has great tracks such as "Give Up That Dog", "Then You'll Know", "Party Till I'm Dead", and the gritty "Nobody's Coming". An EP also followed this year titled Jive With The Killer Instinct that is six tracks long, it is essential if you liked This Is Not A Dream. Check them out for yourselves at http://brazilianmoney.bandcamp.com

7. The Strokes – Angles

Is This It? with songs from their second album Room On Fire. The song could be described as “Last Nite” meets “Reptilia”. It is a strong song found on the album, which shows off many different colours, sometimes leaning in the experimental electronic sounding direction. As a whole, Angles is heavily rooted in the 80s, the first track “Machu Picchu” is a song that was originally conceived by guitarist Nick Valensi and has a Reggae flavour in the verses with Rock sounding choruses, sounding fresh and retro at the same time. The first line “I’m putting your patience to the test” is a declaration of what is to come musically, the songs are at times familiar sounding, at other times different leaning either in an 80s influenced or electronic influenced direction.

Many critics hailed this album as a return to form when The Strokes released their first single from the album “Undercover of Darkness”. While the song is a return to form of sorts, it sounds as if it combines elements from the bands first album Critics have also been fast to attack the album, but it has many strong moments. “Two Kinds of Happiness”, another Valensi original sounds like an 80s song from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, exemplifying The Strokes slower, but catchy groove, while “Taken For A Fool” sounds like an outtake from The Strokes Room On Fire album, “Gratisfaction” is a guitar heavy track, sounding like classic Strokes, but at the same time sounding like a song that could have been on their last studio effort First Impressions of Earth, “Life Is Simple In The Moonlight” ends the album and ties up all the loose ends. It is an encompassing, catchy track with lingering synthesizers, dual guitar lines, and lyrics from Casablancas stating “Don’t try to stop us, get out of the way” that brings the album musically and lyrically full circle. The Strokes have returned with Angles an album of many eclectic shades and colours, but also one with elements that fans have come to identify and love. To read more of my thoughts on Angles visit http://revrock.blogspot.com/2011/03/strokes-angled-show-345.html

8. The Pack AD – Upersons

In September 2011, The Pack A.D released Unpersons. This album further displays the bands evolving sound and adds different elements into the mix. Unpersons elevates the Pack A.D’s sound making them sound bigger most likely due to Detroit producer Jim Diamond, who adds edge to the bands sound. On this album the band truly have evolved at a sound that is both different and as fascinating as their past. The albums title originates from the novel 1984, which is a form of “newspeak” meaning someone who has been stripped of rights, identity or humanity. While The Pack A.D have not been stripped of their musical identity, they do venture into new and different music territory and lyrically the songs reflect a dystopian view and plays into the titles meaning. Unpersons finds the band exploring the very elements of their sound, reconstructing themselves with their brand of raw Blues, Garage and Punk which has made them a Mint Records artist to watch.

9. The Horrors – Skying

On The Horrors 2009 full length released Primary Colours they took their Garage/Punk influenced sound into a Post Punk direction and on Skying they advance their sound into yet another direction. Combining elements of Post Punk stylings with elements of Shoe Gaze, this album shows the band coming into their own. Recorded at their own studio in the UK, songs such as “Still Life” which has drawn comparisons to Simple Minds, “I Can See Through You” features over driven guitars, and “Monica Gems” to name a few that add to this albums aura. Skying shows The Horrors building on the atmospheric and Jesus and The Mary Chain influenced sounds that first appeared on 2009’s Primary Colours while at the same time re-focusing themselves musically into a clearer stronger image.

10. Deer Tick – Divine Providence

The fourth full length release from Rhode Islands Deer Tick bites down hard and adheres to their rowdy, beer drinking image. This album shows a band embracing their roots and having a good time doing it. While there are still elements of Country and Folk which the band are known for having, the band is also much heavier, in a good way. The albums feel and themes are set forth by the lyrics to the first track on Divine Providence “The Bump”, in which singer John McCauley says “we’re full grown men, but we act like kids”. The strongest track on Divine Providence has to be the song “Main Street” in which the band flexes their Rolling Stones influences musically and lyrically.

11. Thee Oh Sees – Carrion Crawler/The Dream EP

This album snuck in just before the end of the year. Thee Oh Sees already released an album in 2011 titled Castlemania, which was also great, but Carrion Crawler/The Dream is a tighter more cohesive sounding release. Thee Oh Sees have been releasing music for years and are known for being quite prolific, two albums in one year even without prior knowledge of the band hints at that. The band started as a vehicle for John Dwyer, who is the driving force behind this band, they were started by Dwyer in order to release instrumental and experimental home based recordings, but it evolved into something else in the process. Dwyer himself has been part of numerous bands (Coachwhips, Pink and Brown, Burmese, The Hospitals to name a few), and this version of Thee Oh Sees on Carrion Crawler/The Dream is perhaps Thee Oh Sees at their best.

As for the rest of my picks, check out my play list below it can also be downloaded as it is a radio show. There are a few other albums that deserve a mention and although they didn't make my list they would have if time permitted. The other albums I’d like to mention are John Doe - Keeper and Tom Waits – Bad As Me.

2011 Play List:

1. The Black Keys – Gold On The Ceiling (El Camino, Nonesuch 2011)
2. Beastie Boys - Lee Majors Come Again (Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, Capitol 2011)
3. Johnny West – Purgatory Waltz (Medium-Fi Music For Mentally Unstable Young Lovers, Tosteestostas Music 2011)
4. Ty Segall - Booksmarts (Singles 2007-2010, Goner Records 2011)
5. Chang-A-Lang – Monday Again (No Clean Rock and Roll, Self Released 2011)
6. Wire – Clay (Red Barked Tree, Pink Flag 2011)
7. The Rapture – Miss You (In The Grace Of Your Love, Red General Catalog 2011)
8. Reigning Sound – Lyin’ Girl (Abdication...For Your Love, Scion AV 2011)
9. Ry Cooder – Lord Tell Me Why (Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down, Nonesuch 2011)
10. Dum Dum Girls – Just A Creep (Only In Dreams, Sub Pop 2011)
11. Luger Boa – Lazy (New Hot Nights, Stuka Records 2011)
12. The Polymorphines – Anna Lee (The Slip EP, Self Released 2011)
13. Thee Oh Sees – Chem-Farmer (Carrion Crawler/The Dream, In The Red 2011)
14. Deer Tick – The Bump (Divine Providence, Partisan Records 2011)
15. The Horrors – Wild Eyed (Skying, XL Recordings Ltd. 2011)
16. The Pack A.D. – Sirens (Unpersons, Mint 2011)
17. The Strokes – Gratisfaction (Angles, RCA Records 2011)
18. Brazilian Money – Then You’ll Know (This Is Not A Dream, Self Released 2011)
19. Sloan – Shadow of Love (The Double Cross, Yep Roc Records 2011)
20. Papermaps – Complicate Things (Papermaps, EMI Music Canada 2011)
21. The Mark Inside – House of Cards (Nothing To Admit, Metal Box Recordings/Sony Music Canada 2011)
22. Indian Wars – Bullfrog (Walk Around The Park, Bachelor Records 2011)
23. The Black Lips – Modern Art (Arabia Mountain, Vice Records 2011)
24. The Black Lips - Raw Meat (Arabia Mountain, Vice Records 2011)

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Joe Strummer Day 2011

As part of CJAM FM's second annual Joe Strummer Day marathon, where we confront issues related to poverty in the Windsor/Detroit area and surround it with the music of Joe Strummer as a back drop, I contributed two programs this year. Both of them were very different and both of them were two hours each. 

Joe Strummer Day Part One:  Rarities Show

The first program aired at 1 AM - 3 AM on CJAM following this years Joe Strummer Day kick off program by programmer Vern Smith of CJAM's Jazz Hacienda. This program was two hours of rare and for the most part harder to find material from the music of Joe Strummer, and the related groups he has been associated with. The program featured live recordings, demos, and songs from a variety of soundtracks from The Clash, The Mescaleros, Latino Rockabilly War, The 101ers and Joe Strummer solo.

Rarities Show - Joe Strummer Day Play List One:

  1. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Johnny Appleseed (Live Acton Town Hall 2002)
  2. Joe Strummer – Slant Six (Earthquake Weather 1989)
  3. Joe Strummer – King of the Bayou (Earthquake Weather 1989)
  4. Joe Strummer – Punk Rock Blues (Gangsterville EP 1989)
  5. The Clash – You Can’t Judge A Book By Looking at the Cover (London Calling Rehearsal Demo)
  6. The Clash – Louie Louie (Sandinista! Outtake)
  7. The Clash – Jimmy Jazz (From Here To Eternity II)
  8. The Clash – London’s Burning (1976 Mickey Foote Demos)
  9. The Clash – Career Opportunities (1976 Mickey Foote Demos)
  10. The Clash – Janie Jones (1976 Polydor Demo)
  11. The Clash – Deadly Serious (Live 1976)
  12. Latino Rockabilly War - Theme From Permanent Record (Permanent Record Original Soundtrack 1988)
  13. Joe Strummer – Mystery At Ambush Rock (Straight To Hell Original Soundtrack 1987)
  14. Latino Rockabilly War – Trash City (Permanent Record Original Soundtrack 1988)
  15. Joe Strummer & The Pogues – London Calling Live (The Pogues Boxset 2008)
  16. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros– Time and Tide (Yalla Yalla EP 1999)
  17. Joe Strummer – Phantom County Fair (When Pigs Fly Soundtrack 1993)
  18. The Clash – In The Pouring Rain (Live) (The Future Is Unwritten Soundtrack 2007)
  19. The Clash – Know Your Rights (Alt Version) (Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg)
  20. The Clash – Good Times Roll (Rude Boy: The Directors Cut 1980)
  21. The Clash – House of the Ju Ju Queen (Demo)
  22. The Clash – Safe European Home (Give'Em Enough Rope Outtake Version)
  23. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – London Is Burning (Burning Streets) (Alternate Version)
  24. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Blitzkreig Bop (Live) (Coma Girl Single 2003)
  25. Joe Strummer & Long Beach Dub Allstars – The Harder They Come (Free The West Memphis 3 2000)
  26. The Clash – Long Time Jerk (7 Inch Version) (Rock The Casbah Single 1982)
  27. 101ers – Sweety of the St. Moritz (Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited 2005)
  28. The Clash -  Where You Gonna Go (Soweto) (Vanilla Tapes Demo) (London Calling: 25th Anniversary Legacy Edition 2004)
  29. The Clash – The Man In Me (Vanilla Tapes Demo) (London Calling: 25th Anniversary Legacy Edition 2004)
  30. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – (Whiteman) In Hammersmith Palais (Live at The 100 Club – July 2000)

Joe Strummer Day Part Two:  Sandinista Now!

The second program that I did focused on the album Sandinista! Airing from 1 PM – 3 PM, the show featured discussions on the album, its mystery and why some people like it and some people dislike it. Joining me on the program was Vern Smith (of Jazz Hacienda), Martin Deck (Wake The Town), and Mike Konstantino a local musician and Clash fan.  A lot was discussed on air, download the program below to hear it all, but first a quick blurb about Sandinista!

Sandinista! is an often misunderstood piece of music in The Clash catalogue. Originally released as a triple LP in 1980, the album is known for featuring a variety of genres and styles and having a lot of material ranging from Reggae Dub and Rockabilly, to Jazz, Folk and Gospel. Clocking in at about two and a half hours, the album followed the bands third full length LP London Calling, which was a double album. When it was initially released the album was sold for the price of a single LP, despite having six sides of music on it. As part of a deal with CBS, the band forfeited a large number of royalties (rumoured to be the first 200,000 copies) in order to have the album released as a triple.

Many Clash fans argue that if it were a single or double album, it would have been a stronger release, but the way it is now is seen by some as a flawed masterpiece. When Sandinista! was released in 1980, it should also be noted that a more streamlined version of the album was sent out to radio stations and the press for promotional purposes, it was titled Sandinista Now!  The track listing of this release was “Police On My Back”, “Somebody Got Murdered”, “The Call Up”, “Washington Bullets”, “Ivan Meets G.I. Joe” and “Hitsville UK” on one side followed by “Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “The Leader”, “Junco Partner”, “One More Time” and “The Sound of the Sinners” .  This only adds further debate to the single/double album Sandinista! discussion, but listen for yourself to decide, Sandinista! love it or hate it is a musical statement from a band that was referred to as the only band that matters and one that people can still return to and discover something new.

Sandinista Now! - Joe Strummer Day Play List Two:

  1. The Clash – The Magnificent Dance (Super Black Market Clash 2000)
  2. The Clash – The Leader (Sandinista! 1980)
  3. The Clash -  Somebody Got Murdered (Sandinista! 1980)
  4. The Clash -  The Sound of the Sinners (Sandinista! 1980)
  5. The Clash -  Police On My Back (Sandinista! 1980)
  6. The Clash -  The Equalizer (Sandinista! 1980)
  7. The Clash -  The Call Up (Sandinista! 1980)
  8. The Clash -  Washington Bullets (Sandinista! 1980)
  9. The Clash -  Broadway (Sandinista! 1980)
  10. The Clash -  Rebel Waltz (Sandinista! 1980)
  11. The Clash -  Lose The Skin (Sandinista! 1980)
  12. The Clash -  Charlie Don’t Surf (Sandinista! 1980)
  13. The Clash -  One More Time (Sandinista! 1980)
  14. The Clash – The Street Parade (Sandinista! 1980)
  15. The Clash -  Silicon On Sapphire (Sandinista! 1980)
  16. The Clash -  Hitsville UK (Sandinista! 1980)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Fairytale of New York ... 2011 Holiday Special & Show # 383

In August of 1987, The Pogues released what is often called one of the best Christmas songs of all time, “Fairytale of New York”. While the band was recording their album If I Should Fall From The Grace of God with producer Steve Lillywhite, he asked his wife Kristy MacColl to sing vocals on a demo version of the song “Fairytale of New York”. The Pogues were so impressed with her contribution to the song that they asked her to sing on what was to become the studio version of “Fairytale of New York”. Initially when writing the song, Pogues singer Shane MacGowan planned it to be a duet between himself and bassist Cait O’Riordan, but she left the group in 1986. The title of the song came after its recording, it was named after the novel A Fairy Tale of New York by J.P. Donleavy.

The songs subject matter is not your usual Christmas story, it tells the tale of a drunken Irish Immigrants past Christmas Eve’s and holidays while being locked up in the drunk tank in New York City on Christmas Eve. The song itself musically takes the form of a folk styled ballad and contrasts the vocals of Shane MacGowan with the melodious style of Kristy MacColl in a bittersweet way. When it was originally released the song became a hit on the Irish charts going to number one and after a performance on the BBC show Top of the Pops, it went to number two on the UK top 75 charts. The song was denied the number one spot in the UK by The Pet Shop Boys in 1987, but was re-released in 1991 where it charted again in the UK and Ireland. In 2005, the song was released again the UK and Ireland reaching number three in the UK and the song has re-entered the top ten in the UK every December since 2005. The song has now gone onto classic Christmas song status being covered numerous times. A music video for the song was also made featuring actor Matt Dillon as a NYPD Police Officer.

This Week's Holiday Play List:

1. REM – Christmas In Tunisia
2. Hooded Fang – Tundura Nights 
3. She & Him – Christmas Wish
4. Johnny West - Merry Christmas, Tinseltown 
5. The Pogues & Kristy MacColl – Fairytale of New York
6. Chris Houston – Baby Jesus Looks Like Elvis
7. Deer Tick – Christmas All Summer Long
8. Belle and Sebastian – Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto
9. The Humpers – Run Run Rudolph
10. The Reind Dears – White Xmas
11. The Dickies – Silent Night
12. Johnny Cash - It's Not Cool To Kill On Christmas
13. Fine Times - Subterranean Christmas Blues
14. The Features – Christmas Wishbook
15. The Pointed Sticks – Power Pop Santa
16. The Nefidovs – Feliz Nefidov
17. Captain Sensible – One Christmas Catalogue
18.  The Wailers – The Christmas Spirit
19. The Sonics – The Village Idiot
20. Jack Scott – There's Trouble Brewin’
21. The Fall – (We Wish You A) Protein Christmas
22. White Stripes - Candy Cane Children
23. The D4 – Don’t Believe In Xmas 
24. Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians of the British Empire – Pete Townshends Christmas 

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rolling Stones...Got LIVE If You Want It! & Show # 382

Released in 1966, Got LIVE If You Want It! is the first full length live album release by The Rolling Stones.  Its title is a play on words, the title originates from the Slim Harpo song "I Got Love If You Want It".  The album has undergone much controversy due to its sound quality and whether or not the album is all live recordings.  It has been released in various editions, some even featuring different mixes which can confuse even the most devout Rolling Stones fan. The album originally was released under the same title as an EP in the UK in 1965, becoming the last official EP from the band and one of the first live recordings of the band to be released, it was also only available in the UK. As part of a contractual obligation Got LIVE If You Want It! was released as an LP in the US for the bands US distributor. The band had already released a full length LP (Aftermath), and a compilation album in the very same year, the US market needed another Stones release to fill in the gaps due to the fact that their next full length album Between The Buttons would not be available in time for the Christmas season of that year. The US market for Rolling Stones products was in very high demand, so Got LIVE If You Want It! was released in December of 1966 on London Records.  With the exception of the song "I'm Alright", the Got LIVE If You Want It! LP featured a different track listing than the EP of the same name. 

The album claimed to have been recorded at Royal Albert Hall in the UK upon the bands return to the English stage on September 23rd, 1966, but it was not. The album was actually primarily recorded between October 1st and 7th of 1966 in New Castle and Bristol. Since most of the concerts in those days lasted sometimes barely thirty minutes and were often riotous, it has been suggested that although the recordings were attempted at Royal Albert Hall, they were unusable due to all of the chaos, and that is something that this album seems to capture very well, the riotous, energetic chaos of Rolling Stones concerts n the 60s. The album was also filled up with overdubs and studio recordings that were made to sound like live recordings. “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” was actually a studio outtake recorded in 1965 and featured overdubs of organ and screaming girls in order to match the rest of the live album sound.  The other studio recording found on this release was the song “Fortune Teller” a song which dates back to a studio recording in 1963 that was never issued, it of course featuring screaming girls and crowd noise overdubs. It should be noted that the original unedited versions of these two tracks can be found on the More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies) compilation album. 

The sound of the original LP has often been scrutinized as being, muddled, off kilter and un-listenable, but despite this the album went to number six on the US Pop album charts in 1967, even going gold. The album was released for import purposes in the UK as Have You Seen Your Mother LIVE! by Decca Records, and as Hits LIVE! in Japan. In the 80s ABKO Records went back to the original tapes and re-edited and mixed Got LIVE for CD in consultation with the producer Andrew Long Oklham. In 2002, the album was re-mixed and re-mastered for CD and SACD, and proves to be one of the best sounding versions of the album. When comparing and contrasting the original Got LIVE If You Want It! LP from 1966 to the 1965 Got LIVE If You Want It! EP, there is a notable difference in sound quality, the EP is often praised for its superior sound.  The original 1965 UK EP of Got LIVE, features a different mix of the song "I'm Alright" the vocals on the EP differ from the LP version of Got LIVE, while the backing track remains the same. The additional tracks found on the 1965 EP were issued on the US albums Out Of Our Heads, and December's Childern (And Everybody's) ("I'm Alright", "Route 66", and "I'm Moving On"). The UK EP remained out of print for a long time until it was released in 2004 as part of the ABKO Singles 1963-1965 Box Set on CD.

The Rolling Stones themselves have been very vocal on the matter of this album, they were not happy with the original release and disowned it, stating that their 1970 live album Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out is the ultimate live Rolling Stones album and their true live debut album. Its hard to disagree with that statement, if you listen to Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out and Got LIVE If You Want It! back to back, but both serve as important historical documents in different eras of the bands history. While Got LIVE If You Want It! was initially labeled as a let down, it has aged well, serving as a historical documentation of Brian Jones era Rolling Stones. From the fast version of "Under My Thumb” to the whirlwind speed of “Satisfaction” Got LIVE If You Want It! displays The Rolling Stones in all their 60s Garage Rock ragged glory.

This week's play list:

1. Lost Patrol – Commanche
2. The Treblemakers – The Grudge
3. Fuzz Aldrin – Trailer Park Quarintine
4. The Cryptics – You’re Evil
5. Thee Oh Sees – Crushed Grass 
6. Ty Segall – Standing at the Station 
7. The Mekons – Where Were You? 
8. Black Flag – Wasted 
9. The Boomtown Rats – She’s So Modern
10. Indoor Voices – Like Your Own 
12. Wild Domestic – Universally Known/Already Forgotten 
13. Talking Heads – Air
14. Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Ignore That Door (Destiny Street Repaired Version) 
15. The Pogues - Cotton Fields
16. Gone Wrong – Our Last Storm (War of 1812)
17. Johnny West – Revenge Is Sweet
18. The Police – Fallout
19. Supergrass – Sun Hits The Sky
20. Klark Kent – Office Girls
21. Shannon & The Clams – Cult Song
22. The Sphinxs - Bad Head
23. The Standells - Dirty Water
24. The Rolling Stones – The Last Time (Live)
25. The Rolling Stones - 19th Nervous Breakdown (Live)

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Carbon/Silicon The Die-Hard Demos & Show # 381

Recently a pair of demos appeared under the name Carbon/Silicon via their website. For those of you don’t know Carbon/Silicon is the current project between Mick Jones of The Clash and Tony James of Generation X that formed in 2002. The two also have a history playing as far back as 1975 in the now infamous London SS group.  Carbon/Silicon are a prolific group that have released numerous recordings online for free, their two most recent full length releases are The Last Post (2007) and The Carbon Bubble in 2009. Now back to the demos, in 1994 Mick Jones and Tony James worked on some demos recording them in his garage on a mono cassette recorder with a drum machine. Inspired by the movie Die Hard, James imagined a song if Jack Nicholson were to be the lead vocalist, the result is the song “Rock and Roll with Jack”, a song that James says was never completely finalized. The other track made available is the song “Expensive Habits”, a song that lyrically adheres to the DIY Punk ethos of the 70s. Upon discovering some cassette tapes in his garage, James converted these two tracks for us “die-hard” fans and named them after the inspiration he got from the villains who looked like a band in the film Die-Hard.

James goes into more elaborate detail to the events surrounding the creation of these songs, in the article titled The Die-Hard Demos.

The songs can be heard here:

They have also made available eight tracks featuring songs from four of their studio albums A.T.O.M., Western Front, The Crackup Suite and The Carbon Bubble.

All these tracks are free, for more info on Carbon/Silicon visit http://www.carbonsilicon.com./

This week's play list:

1. The Fun Things - (I Ain't Got) Time Enough For Love
2. Dale D'amore - Get Me Home
3. Teenage Head - Disgusteen (Alternate Version)
4. Sonic Youth - I Know There's An Answer
5. Billy Childish & Thee Headcoats - 409
6. Pterodactyl - Searchers
7. Bad Weather California - You're My Friend
8. The Dead Milkmen - Here Comes Mr. X
9. A Place To Bury Strangers - In Your Heart
10. The Who - Whiskey Man
11. Locusts Have No King - Trench Song
12. Field Assembly - Don't Go Running
13. The Sadies - Rat Creek
14. Carbon/Silicon - Rock and Roll with Jack (1994 James/Jones Die Hard Demo)
15. Mystics - Metamorphasis
16. Mystics - Sunburn
17. The Polymorphines - I Gotta Vibration
18. The Mark Inside - The Bottom Line
19. Tandoori Knights - Bucketful
20. The Fleshtones - Cold, Cold Shoes
21. The Waves - Going Down To Liverpool
22. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Get Down Moses
23. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Long Shadow
24. True Lovers - Love and Affection

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