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Revolution Rock: The 2022 Interviews & Show # 969

In 2022 on Revolution Rock, we did not feature as many interviews either on this site or on the actual show as we have in the last couple of years. However, we did have four really interesting interviews. As we have done in recent years, we did an episode that containing highlights (or clips) from each of the audio interviews that we did and played some music/music relating to each of those artists. Below you will find some info about these interviews in addition to the playlist and download/streaming links to the episode.

An Interview with Steven Lambke (February 2022):

In February 2022, as part of Revolution Rock’s Theme Month based programming, we did a program focusing on the music of the You’ve Changed Records label. We had a chance to speak with Steven Lambke, who along with Daniel Romano is one of the co-founders of the label. Steven Lambke is known as being a member of the band Constantines. He has also been the creative director of Sappyfest and has released music as Baby Eagle and as a solo artist. Since its beginnings, You’ve Changed Records has been a label devoted to quality, not quantity. The first release on YCR was Still Jimmie by Shotgun Jimmie in 2009. Also around this time Baby Eagle and Attack In Black released a split album, which was the second official You've Changed Records release. The label has released music by Shotgun Jimmie, The Weather Station, Marine Dreams, Partner, Nap Eyes, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Fiver, Jon McKiel, Status/Non-Status, Julie Doiron, music from Steven Lambke and Daniel Romano and other bands that he has been a part of or collaborated with such as Daniel Romano’s Outfit, Ancient Shapes, Baby Eagle, Julie Doiron. In the interview, Steven talks about the labels formation, meeting Shotgun Jimmie, recording albums Dark Blue and his 2022 release Volcano Volcano, in addition to working with Daniel Romano on various recordings and projects. In 2020, as part of a series of albums that Daniel Romano released (about 10 in total), Steven contributed vocals to a punk album that is a tribute to 70s punk/hardcore music called Spider Bite. He also discusses recording vocals for that album remotely and more.

Listen to the full interview here:

An Interview with Dion Lunadon (June 2022):

Beyond Everything is the second full-length album by Dion Lunadon. Previously of The D4 and A Place To Bury Strangers, the album was released via In The Red Records in June 2022 (and was available physically on vinyl later in 2022). Pulled from a large collection of songs written between 2017 and 2019, Beyond Everything adds more of a dynamic element to Dion’s sound building on components of his 2017 album, while not forgetting them completely. The press release for Beyond Everything reads: “Beyond your skin, beyond your screen, beyond what you think you know. What lies in this area? An area with no opinions, motives, sides or divisions. An area where governments and capitalists have no currency and the absolute truth reigns supreme.” The songs that make up this album illustrate a use of space that only adds to their intensity, melody, noise and overall impact. Dion toured throughout the US, UK and Europe in support of this album and is heading back to Europe in 2023 with his live band. In addition to his second album being released in 2022, his first, long out of print 2017 self-titled album was also reissued with a reversed track listing as a limited edition release. It has now sold out. In this interview with Revolution Rock, Dion discusses making the record and coming up with songs for Beyond Everything, in addition to the guitar and bass sounds found on the record, touring with The Black Angels, putting together his live band and more.

Listen to the full interview here:

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An Interview with Nick Trampolino (of Podium) (July 2022):

Podium is a punk band from Valencia, Spain. Conceived by guitarist Nick Trampolino, the band started out as personal project with a drum machine and guitar, which can still be heard on their Bandcamp page. The project quickly evolved into a full-fledged band featuring Salva Frasquet (guitar), Ximo Barcelo (bass), Miguel J. Carmona (drums) and Africa Mansaray on vocals. Podium’s sound became what has been described as “Pulsating with the epic aggression of hardcore, the impersonal and perverse tone of industrial metal, and full balanced with the liveliness of the authentic surf scene.” Their debut album, titled Podium, was released on Slovenly Recordings in late November 2020. Initially pressed in a limited quantity, it sold out quickly warranting a repress. The band went on their first North American tour playing in parts of the US and Canada in the summer of 2022. Podium also released a digital single Una Coraza during their summer tour in 2022. On their Bandcamp page it states that an even harsher mix of this song will be found on an upcoming EP from the band. In this interview, we talk with founder/guitarist of Podium Nick Trampolino. We talk about the recording of this album, releasing the album on Slovenly Recordings, the music scene in Valencia, Spain, Nick’s guitar, playing live shows, having their first US tour in summer 2022 and more.

Listen to the full interview here:

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Shawn McDonald (of Baby Giant) Interview (August 2022):

All Day Dreaming is the third full-length album by London, Ontario’s Baby Giant. Comprised of brothers Shawn McDonald (vocals/bass/guitar) and Tim McDonald (King Woobs) (drums/backing vocals), this new album also features contributions on some tracks from Andy Paquette (Gypsy Ghosts) on vocals/guitar and Ryan O’Driscoll (SpaceSlave) on vocals/backing vocals. All Day Dreaming was recorded in Shawn’s living room with drums recorded in the basement. The guitar on this album is more prominent as opposed to 2018’s 2 album, giving it more of a live and spontaneous feel. Throughout All Day Dreaming, there are a number of musical influences that could be named such as Guided By Voices, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Fall, T.Rex, The Byrds, The Rolling Stones, The Vaselines, but the influence of these bands combine into something else. In 2021, Revolution Rock did a Q&A for this website with McDonald covering his musical history due to the fact that several of the albums that were not available digitally online from the numerous bands he has played in over the years became available this way for the first time. With a new album out from Baby Giant in March of 2022, we got a chance to speak with McDonald about the making of All Day Dreaming, some of the songs that were written for the album, the band’s history, the music scene in London, Ontario and more.

Listen to the full interview here:

Show 969 (Originally Aired January 7th, 2023)(The 2022 Interviews Playlist):

1.  Steven Lambke - The World Filled to the Brim (Volcano, Volcano - You've Changed Records - 2022)
2.  Steven Lambke - Bats in Blue Twilight (Volcano, Volcano - You've Changed Records - 2022)
3.  Steven Lambke - White Horses (Dark Blue - You've Changed Records - 2019)


4.  Spider Bite - Blood and Suffering (Spider Bite - You've Changed Records - 2020)
5.  Spider Bite - Escape Velocity (Spider Bite - You've Changed Records - 2020)
6.  Baby Eagle - Leather Jacket (Attack In Black Baby Eagle - Split - You've Changed Records - 2009)
7.  Dion Lunadon - Speed (Schreien EP - Discofridge - 2020)
8.  Dion Lunadon - Howl (Dion Lunadon - Agitated Records - 2017)


9.  Dion Lunadon - Pink X (Beyond Everything - In The Red Recordings - 2022)
10. Dion Lunadon - Living and Dying With You (Beyond Everything - In The Red Recordings - 2022)
11. Podium - Una Coraza (Una Coraza Single - 2022)
12. Podium - Skating (Podium - Slovenly Recordings - 2020)

13. Podium - A (Segment) (Demo - 2018)
14. Podium - Mas Fuertes (Podium - Slovenly Recordings - 2020)
15. Baby Giant - All Daydreaming (All Day Dreaming - 2022)
16. Baby Giant - High Tide (2 - 2018)
17. Baby Giant - Bloody Hands (Grassy Magic - 2017)

18. Dragsville - Crocodile (Welcome To Dragsville - 2014)
19. Baby Giant - Admired  (All Day Dreaming - 2022)
20. King Woobs - Something Lovely (Music to Watch the World Burn: A Soundtrack For Dystopian Landscapes - 2022)
21. Dion Lunadon - The City Is Ours (Talk - Action = Zero Vol.2: A Compilation Benefitting Spread the Vote - Rough Trade/Bank Robber Music - 2020) 

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