Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Highlights...Show # 229

This week my show was comprised of releases from 2008. While I did play some music that technically isn't a new release (Buzzcocks - A Different Kind of Tension Special Edition, Undertones Anthology, and The Kinks Picture Book Box Set), they were released in 2008, but did not qualify for my top eight of 2008 list. The Following are my favourite releases from 2008:

1. Sloan - Parallel Play

This was Sloan's ninth album. Despite having so many releases, every new Sloan album never seems to disappoint. After last years 30 song Never Hear the End of it, Parallel Play cuts down the track list to just 13 songs. As usual each band member contributes their own material. Each band member (Patrick Pentland, Chris Murphy, Jay Ferguson, and Andrew Scott) have three songs on the album, with the exception of drummer Andrew Scott who has four songs to contribute. The album is strong and shows off Sloan's different style of pop. It is an excellent release from one Canada's finest exports, Sloan.

Favourite Tracks:

Down in the Basement
Believe in Me
Witches Wand
I'm Not A Kid Anymore

2. The Clash - Live At Shea Stadium

Live At Shea Stadium was actually recorded in 1982, but not released in full until 2008. These live recordings were originally discovered towards the end of the year 2000 by Joe Strummer, but instead of releasing the full concert at that time the band released a live compilation album titled From Here to Eternity. This show would also feature original Clash drummer Terry Chimes on drums. The album shows The Clash playing an interesting mix of material.

Favourite Tracks:

Police On My Back
Tommy Gun
I Fought the Law
London Calling

3. Luger Boa - Mutate or Die!

Released in November of 2008, Luger Boa was formed by Jimmy Christmas previously of the New Zealand garage rock band, The D4. This album contains great rock songs, and was heavily influenced by T-Rex and David Bowie. Mutate or Die! has songs such as "1000 Hooks", "Only A Moment Away", and "What is Real?" brings energy and excitement back to the world of rock music. Expect to hear more from them not only on upcoming radio shows, but also on this blog.

Favourite Tracks:

1000 Hooks
Only A Moment Away
What is Real?
Humans Rule
Mutate or Die!

4. Young Rival EP

Formerly known as Ride Theory, Young Rival released their first EP containing music under their new band name. The Hamilton Ontario based band, shows off their influenced of 60s rock and hooks you with their catchy basslines and lyrics. While the EP only contains six songs, it leaves you wanting to hear more. An excellent release by and excellent Canadian band.

Favourite Tracks:

Another Nobody
Too Hip
The Haunt
Your Island

5. Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Momofuku

Originally released only on vinyl and for digital download, Momofuku was so in demand it had to be released on CD format. The album shows Elvis Costello & The Imposters rocking out and in different styles. The album, which was recorded in eight days sounds like an album from the days of Elvis Costello & The Attractions. After so many releases by Costello with other artists/collaborators, Momofuku is back to basics, simple, and enjoyable to listen to.

Favourite Tracks:

Go Away
American Gangster Time
Stella Hurt
No Hiding Place

6. Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely

Consolers of The Lonely was the follow up to Raconteurs first album Broken Boy Soldiers. This album takes the band in a different direction, having more of a hard rock influence and less of a 60s pop influence. Consolers of the Lonely shows Brandon Benson stepping up as a song writer within the group and Jack White stepping into Bob Dylan territory on the song "Carolina Drama". On this album The Raconteurs move forward as a more cohesive unit.

Favourite Tracks:

Consoler of the Lonely
Carolina Dram
Many Shades of Black

7. Dirty Pretty Things - Romance At Short Notice

The second and unfortunately final album by The Dirty Pretty Things was titled Romance At Short Notice. while Waterloo To Anywhere, the bands first album was a punk fuelled album, Romance At Short Notice adds more depth to the bands sound. Carl Barat and crew bring in influences of pop, expanding the bands sound and capacity as a unique British group.

Favourite Tracks:

Plastic Hearts
Hippy's Son
Tired of England
Best Face

8. Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha

Recorded in Berlin, where David Bowie recorded some of his work, Diamond Hoo Ha is the sixth album by British rock group Supergrass. The album was also produced by Nick Launay, who has previously worked with groups such as Public Image Limited, Gang of Four, and Nick Cave. The album is seen as a return to a more traditional Supergrass style. The bands previous album Road To Rouen, was more experimental. The band has also finished their contract with EMI records and plan to record and release music independently.

Favourite Tracks:

Bad Blood
Diamond Hoo Ha Man
Rebel in You

Other good releases from 2008 included David Bowie - Live in Santa Monica '72. This live album which features The Spiders From Mars as Bowie's backing band, existed as a bootleg for years, finally it got a proper release in 2008. Mudhoney released The Lucky Ones, which was a return to the old fashioned dirty Mudhoney style, The Subways also released their second album All or Nothing. Last and not least, The Kinks released the Picture Book box set. This set is a six disc set compiling well known Kinks songs, with outtakes, demos, and previously out of print hard to find material.

Play List:

1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Today's Lesson
2. David Bowie - Queen Bitch (Live at Santa Monica 72)
3. The Pack AD - Build
4. Stolen Minks - Peppy Twist
5. Mudhoney - New Meaning
6. The Subways - Obsession
7. The Bicycles - Oh no, it's love
8. Caesars - In My Mind
9. Bloc Party - Halo
10. XX Teens - B-54
11. Wire - Are You Ready?
12. Albert Hammond Jr. - G Up
13. Golden Hands Before God - The Ladder
14. Teenage Head with Marky Ramone - You're the One I'm Crazy For
15. The Kinks - Don't Ever Change
16. Buzzcocks - Everybody's Happy Nowadays
17. Undertones - Nine Times Out of Ten (Demo)
18. Supergrass - Bad Blood
19. Dirty Pretty Things - Kicks or Consumption
20. Raconteurs - Five On the Five
21. Elvis Costello & The Imposters - American Gangster Time
22. Young Rival - Your Island
23. Luger Boa - 1000 Hooks
24. The Clash - Career Opportunities (Live at Shea Stadium)
25. Sloan - Too Many

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Revolution Rock Christmas Special Show # 228

Since my show was so close to Christmas, I did a show comprised entirely of Christmas themed songs. Some information about these songs can be found below:

The Mysteriods - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (1982)

In 1982 The Revillos (who formed after the band The Rezillos broke up), went into the studio and recorded two Christmas songs for a 7 inch single. When the band were recording these tracks, they used the name The Mysteriods. The reason for this is because they thought some people might think that they were uncool for doing these songs. Both the songs are great and can be found on the compilations Attack of the Giant Revillos and From The Freezer.

The Yobs - Silver Bells (1980)

The Yobs, were actually a British punk band known as The Boys. They recorded and released several Christmas songs as The Yobs (Boys backwards), The cover of the Christmas classic "Silver Bells" can be found on their 1980 album The Yobs Christmas Album. What's interesting is that this album was written and recorded in a total of two days at a studio of Pete Townshend's (The Who), Eel Pie Studios.

Keith Richards - Run Rudolph Run (1978)

In 1978 Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards released his first single as a solo Artist. Both songs that would be featured on the single were cover songs. The A-Side was a cover of a Chuck Berry song titled "Run Rudolph Run", the B-Side was a cover of Jimmy Cliff song "They Harder They Come". Keith redoes Chuck Berry's song with greasy rock n' roll style. "Run Rudolph Run" has been reissued on itunes, with a cover of a Toots and Maytals song "Pressure Drop" from 2003. While Keith's first single may have been covers they are both excellent and well worth hearing.

The Kinks - Father Christmas (1977)

In 1977, The Kinks released the single "Father Christmas". The song, which is not like your average Christmas song, is about a gang of poor kids who beat up a department store Santa Claus, asking him for money instead of toys. The song was originally released prior to their 1978 album Misfits, and after their 1977 release Sleepwalker. The song can be found on the remastered edition of The Kinks album Misfits.

Several of the other songs played on my show come from Christmas compilation albums. Songs by the bands Atomic 7, Ramblin' Assassins, The Smugglers, and The Evaporators can all be found on It's A Team Mint X-mas Volume 2, which was released through the Canadian based label Mint Records. The punk songs played by The Damned, The Ravers, and Stiff Little Fingers can be found on the compilation Punk Rock X-mas, which was released in 1995. Next week I will have a show consisting of releases from 2008.

Information about my 2009 Christmas special can be found here.

Christmas Song Play List:

1. The Ravers - (It's Gonna Be A) Punk Rock Christmas
2. The Mysteriods - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
3. The Yobs - Silver Bells
4. Hot Hot Heat - Christmas Day in the Sun
5. Pointed Sticks - Powerpop Santa
6. Pointed Sticks - Xmas Time Again
7. Atomic 7 - Senor Santa El Es El Monstruo
8. Ramblin' Assassins - Don't Fear The Reindeer
9. Beach Boys - Christmas Day
10. Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas
11. Leadbelly - Christmas is-a Coming
12. Johnny Cash - I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day
13. The Smugglers - Lonely Christmas
14. The Evaporators - Who Are You
15. The Gruesomes - Santa Claus
16. The Sonics - Santa Claus
17. The D4 - Don't Believe in Christmas
18. Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)
19. The Damned - There Ain't No Sanity Claus
20. The Kinks - Father Christmas
21. Keith Richards - Run Rudolph Run
22. The Hives & Cyndi Lauper - A Christmas Duel
23. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - All I Want For Christmas
24. White Stripes - Candy Cane Children
25. Stiff Little Fingers - White Christmas
26. Pearl Jam - Someday At Christmas

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nothing From Today...The Vipers Story and Show # 227

Drawing on influences from the 60's such as The Lyrics, and Chesterfield Kings, The Vipers formed a garage rock based group in 1984. Based out of New York the group consisted of Jon Wiess (Saxophonist from The Fleshtones), guitarist David Mann, second guitarist Paul Martin, bassist Graham May, and drummer Patrick Brown. The bands first album was released in 1984 and was titled Outta The Nest. The albums songs were influenced by the likes of The Standells, and The Electrics Prunes, to name a few. The song "Nothing From Today" was a fuzzy guitar track sounding influenced by the 50's era Byrds, "Telling Those Lies" contained aggressive vocals and surf rock style organ. The album aslo contained songs such as "Borrowed Time", "Cheated and Lied", and "Ain't Nothing Like Her". There was also two cover songs by 60s garage groups, one of them being The Standells ("Medication"). The album, which is viewed as their best, never really gained any popularity at the time of its release. That did not stop the group, the continued until 1993 releasing four more albums of garage rock influenced albums. The albums were How About Somemore? (1988), Not So Pretty...Not So New (1988), Nest in Peace (1989) and Venom in 1993. While they did not gain mainstream popularity, they are still known as a great garage rock group from the 80s.

This Weeks Play List:

1. MC5 - Ramblin' Rose (Live)
2. Compulsive Gamblers - Way I Feel About You
3. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Don't Die
4. 101ers - 5 Star Rock N' Roll Petrol
5. The Small Faces - Patterns
6. The Faces - Poor Hall Richard
7. Ride Theory - Can't Get it Right
8. The Worst - I Don't Want You
9. The Vindicators - Thinking of Birds
10. 14th Wray - Your Face in My Mind
11. The Upper Crust - (We're The) Upper Crust
12. The Stooges - 1969 (Alternate Vocal Take)
13. Awesome Color - Already Down
14. John Lennon - Well Well Well
15. Them - I'm Gonna Dress in Black (Version 2)
16. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Long Shadow
17. Great Scots - Lost in Conversation
18. Big Town Boys - August 32nd
19. 409 - They Say
20. The Vipers - Ain't Nothing Like Her
21. The Early Birds - Why Oh Why
22. The Strokes - Take It or Leave
23. The Checks - Take Me There
24. Supergrass - Diamond Ho Ha Man

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

You Know You Can't Help It...A Different Kind of Tension Special Edition and Show # 226

In October of 2008, Buzzcocks re-issued their first three albums (Another Music in A Different Kitchen, Love Bites, and A Different Kind of Tension) in special edition format. All of the Special Editions feature two discs containing the original album. non album singles/B-sides, demos, live recordings and outtakes. In celebration of these releases Buzzcocks will play Another Music and Love Bites back to back on a small UK tour. This week on my show I played a block of songs featured on the A Different Kind of Tension Special Edition.

Released in 1979, A Different Kind of Tension was different than Buzzcocks previous two albums. It was recorded at a time when the band were battling a vicious cocktail of difficulties with record companies, drugs, and financial issues. The cover of the album features different shapes and the colour scheme of orange yellow and purple. Inside the centre triangle is a silhouetted picture of the band, surrounded by a purplish light, they look like they are from a different planet. This album was once again produced by Martin Rushent, and musically it sounds both spacious and cramped, staying true to the title. The band are sharp and precise which was most likely due to the tour that they had just come off of. Lyrically Shelley questions just about everything, the lyrics are also darker in nature. Guitarist Steve Diggle also supplies the album with high quality songs to help make this album great. The first single in 1979 for the band was "Everybody's Happy Nowadays", the song went to # 29 on the UK singles charts. "Harmony in My Head" was another non album single released by the band, it reached # 32 in the UK. The song was sung and written by Steve Diggle, apparently prior to recording the vocals to this track Diggle smoked 20 cigarettes to get a harsh sound from his voice. The other singles released for this album were the songs "You Say You Don't Love Me", and "I Believe", they were also featured on the album A Different Kind of Tension. On the album charts A Different Kind of Tension went to # 26 in the UK and # 163 in the US.

The Special Edition contains a plethora of bonus tracks. Not only does it contain the bands Parts 1,2,3 EP, but it also contains the bands last track with their classic line up, "I Look alone". If that isn't enough you also get all the associated singles ("Everybody's Happy Nowadays", "Why Can't I Touch It", and "Harmony in My Head"), Peel Sessions, and demos. What's interesting about the demos is that there are versions of songs such as "I Don't Know what To Do With My Life" with an extra verse, and slower early versions of "Mad Mad Judy", and "Harmony in My Head". You also get four unused songs that were made for A Different Kind of Tension. "I Don't Know" (an instrumental), and "Run Away From Home" both written by bassist Steve Garvey, and "Jesus Made Me Feel Guilty", and "The Drive System" (written by guitaris Steve Diggle). This special edition perfectly collects songs from the last moments of the this period of Buzzcocks (from 1977-1981). After this album they would split in 1981, but reform in 1989.

A full band history of the band can be found here. The A Different Kind of Tension Special Edition can be purchased on the Amazon UK website or the Amazon.com website.

In other news, this week I played a song by a new upcoming band known as The Stanley Blacks. Coming from Guildford in London, England the band is currently working on an EP and Gary of Always Searching For Music was kind enough to notify me of this, and supplied me with a track to play on my show. The band has made this track available for download as well, so you can download it here. They are also looking for feedback so if you'd like to comment on the song, you can head over to ASFM and leave a comment.

Stanley Blacks - In Sight
Stanley Blacks Myspace

Play List:

1. Buzzcocks - Paradise
2. Buzzcocks - Run Away From Home
3. Buzzcocks - Mad Mad Judy (Demo)
4. Buzzcocks - I Don't Know What to Do With My Life (Peel Session)
5. Sturgeons - Punk Rock Virgins
6. The Jury - Who Dat?
7. Don Norman & The Other 4 - Low Man
8. Young Rival - Your Island
9. The Magic - The Harder Way
10. The Stanley Blacks - In Sight
11. Gang of Four - Glass
12. Public Image Limited - FFF
13. Big Audio Dynamite - London Bridge
14. Wire - Sand in My Joints
15. Luger Boa - What is Real?
16. Clap Clap Riot - Don't Want Your Baby
17. The Jam - A Bomb in Wardour Street
18. Golden Hands Before God- Communist Party
19. Locust Have No King - Trench Song
20. The Kinks - Picture Book
21. Jakob Dylan - Evil is Alive and Well
22. Neil Young - Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
23. Lou Reed - Crazy Feeling
24. Dirty Pretty Things - Come Closer
25. Dirty Pretty Things - Faultlines

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on December 9th, 2008. (Note: My show starts thirty minutes into the first download)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nostalgia...Love Bites Special Edition...Show # 225

In October of 2008, Buzzcocks re-issued their first three albums (Another Music in A Different Kitchen, Love Bites, and A Different Kind of Tension) in special edition format. All of the Special Editions feature two discs containing the original album. non album singles/B-sides, demos, live recordings and outtakes. In celebration of these releases Buzzcocks will play Another Music and Love Bites back to back on a small UK tour. This week on my show I played a block of songs featured on the Love Bites Special Edition. Next week I will feature a block from the A Different Kind of Tension Special Edition.

Released in September of 1978, Love Bites was a transition album for the band. It was an album where the Shelley fronted Buzzcocks began to evolve into a new sound of their own. While musically the album sounds very punk influenced, it also had more of a pop and power pop production style. Around the time of this release, the world in which was known as punk was changing. Lyrically Shelley addresses topics that can be seen as directly relating to that period of time. With song titles like "Real World", "Nostalgia", "Sixteen Again", and "Nothing Left", this theory is evident. The lyrics can also be identified as relating to other subjects such as love, and real life in general, but the lines are blurred. The album was produced by Martin Rushent, and was the bands second full length album. Not only was it their second album, but it was also released in the same year as the bands first album Another Music in A Different Kitchen. The album would feature the song "Love is Lies", which is the first song to feature lead vocals by guitarist Steve Diggle. Bassist Steve Garvey is credited for the instrumental track "Walking Distance", and the whole band gets credit for the song "Late For the Train". Pete Shelley is credited for the rest of the songs on the album as the bands main composer, with the exception of the song "Just Lust". The albums first single was the non album track "Love You More". The song went to #34 on the UK singles charts. It was followed by the song "Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't Have), which went to #12 on the UK singles charts and was also featured on Love Bites. The third single was another non album track, "Promises" (#20 in the UK). The album itself went to #13 on the UK album charts.

The special edition of this album features the original eleven track album, with non album tracks and B-sides ("Love You More", "Noise Annoys", "Promises", and "Lipstick"), Peel Session tracks, demos and a live concert from July, 21st 1978. The Peel Sessions feature the first performance of the instrumental song "Late For the Train", which was apparently written for the show, but re-recorded for Love Bites. It also features a different arrangement of the song "ESP". The demos feature the song "Raison D'etre" which would be a song on the bands third album A Different Kind of Tension. There is also an early version of the song "Promises", it is called "Children". Finally the demos include the joke song "Mother of Turds", which is a fun song that is not only humorous to the listener, but to the band as well because they cannot stop laughing through out the recording. What's interesting about the live concert is that it really shows off the band in their prime. Steve Garvey plays the bassline to the song "Breakdown" different, and better than the original in my opinion, giving it melody and depth. He also helps sing on the song "Autonomy".

A full band history of the band can be found here. The Love Bites Special Edition can be purchased on the Amazon UK website or the Amazon.com website. Next week my show will have a feature on the third Buzzcocks Special Edition release A Different Kind of Tension.

Play List:

1. The Nerves - Hanging on the Telephone
2. Gruesomes - Cave In
3. Stolen Minks - Black Widow
4. Sacred Sailors - I Can't Stand It
5. (International) Noise Conspiracy - Washington Bullets
6. Waking Eyes - Wolves At the Door
7. Marble Index - We Can Make It
8. Ugly Ducklings - Do What You Want
9. The Clues - Footsteps
10. Velvet Underground - I Can't Stand It
11. RTT - Frustration
12. Ian Hunter - Lisa Likes Rock N Roll
13. Cut Copy - Unforgettable Season
14. Bloc Party - Waiting For the 7:18
15. Kaiser Chiefs - Can't Say What I Mean
16. The Clash - Revolution Rock
17. Neil Young - Stupid Girl
18. Will Curie and The County French & Sloan - Push Pins
19. Buzzcocks - ESP (Peel Session Version)
20. Buzzcocks - Nostalgia
21. Buzzcocks - Raison D'etre (Demo)
22. Buzzcocks - Breakdown (Live July 79)
23. Radio Birdman - Murder City Nights
24. Guided By Voices - Shocker in Gloomtown
25. Standells - Rari
26. Young Rival - Too Hip

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Interview + What Do I Get (Live in Toronto 1979)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Music From A Different Kitchen...Show # 224

In October of 2008, Buzzcocks re-issued their first three albums (Another Music in A Different Kitchen, Love Bites, and A Different Kind of Tension) in special edition format. All of the Special Editions feature two discs containing the original album. non album singles/B-sides, demos, live recordings and outtakes. In celebration of these releases Buzzcocks will play Another Music and Love Bites back to back on a small UK tour. This week on my show I played a block of songs featured on the Another Music in A Different Kitchen Special Edition. Next week I will feature a block from the Love Bites Special Edition and the following week a block from A Different Kind of Tension.

Another Music in A Different Kitchen was first released in 1978. The album featured the first recordings of Buzzcocks second line up (their original line up featured Howard Devoto on vocals). The result was an album that featured a catchy punk/pop style unlike any other. The albums title was inspired by the title of artwork done by Linder Sterling called Housewives Choosing Their Own Juices in A Different Kitchen. Apparently the band was going to also use artwork by Sterling for the cover which was of a salad bowl with eyes inside, but decided against this. Prior to the albums release the band released two singles "Orgasm Addict" (which failed to chart due to its subject matter) and "What Do I Get?" (which went to # 37 on the UK singles charts). The only single released from the album was "I Don't Mind", which went to # 55 on the UK singles charts.

The Special Edition features demos of almost every song on the album, some BBC Sessions and a never before released live concert. There are 14 demos in total, they are a mix of songs that would appear on the Another Music album, non album tracks and one song not used at all, "Boredom" with Pete Shelley on vocals; Previously the song "Boredom" was recorded for the bands Spiral Scratch EP with Howard Devoto on vocals. Some of the demos are quite different from the finished versions. The BBC Session tracks are "Fast Cars", "(Moving Away From) The Pulsebeat", and "What Do I Get?". The tracks were originally recorded for a John Peel Session in 1977. Finally the live concert featured on the album is one from 1977. A full band history of the band can be found here. The Another Music in A Different Kitchen can be purchased on the Amazon UK website or the Amazon.com website. Next week my show will have a feature on the second Buzzcocks Special Edition release Love Bites.

Play List:

1. Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Stella Hurt
2. Cause Co-Motion! - Baby Don't Do It
3. Ex-Po - Tasty Bites
4. Young Knives - Stand and Deliver (XFM Session)
5. Pigeon Detectives - Take Her Back
6. The Craft Economy - Menergy
7. Relief Maps - Hair Play
8. XX Teens - My Favourite Hat
9. David Byrne & Brian Eno - Strange Overtones
10. Talking Heads - Pull Up the Roots
11. David Bowie - D.J.
12. Roxy Music - Serenede
13. Luger Boa - Mutate or Die!
14. The Visitors - Sad TV
15. The Government - Acute Angle
16. XTC - Respectable Street
17. Modelos - Tidal Wave
18. Subhumans - Pissed Off For A Good Reason
19. Pointed Sticks - The Real Thing (Demo)
20. The Cure - Freakshow
21. Buzzcocks - I Don't Mind (Demo)
22. Buzzcocks - Whatever Happened To? (Demo)
23. Buzzcocks - Sixteen
24. Buzzcocks - Fast Cars (BBC Session Version)

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on November 25th, 2008.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Three Minute Heroes...The Selecter Story and Show # 223

The Selector's first single was an instrumental B-Side released with a song from the 2 Tone Ska revival band, The Specials. The song "Selecter" was featured on Gangsters Vs. The Selector single in 1979. It was also the first 2 Tone records single to be released. Coming from Coventry, England The Selector formed originally with Neol Davies (guitar) and John Bradbury (drums); Bradbury would leave and become the drummer for The Specials. The band stood out from the rest of the Ska revival bands due to their female lead singer Pauline Black, the band also had numerous other members. Compton Amanor would provide additional guitar, Arthur Hendrickson (additional vocals), Charley Anderson (bass),Charley Bembridge (drums), and Desmond Brown on keyboards.

Too Much Pressure, the bands first album was released in 1980 on 2 Tone and Chrysalis Records. The bands next four singles were the songs "Three Minute Hero", "The Whisper", "Missing Words", and "On My Radio". Some of these songs were featured on Too Much Pressure. The album also featured several cover songs "Everyday" (Buddy Holly), Owan Gray, Justin Hinds, and a cover of the James Bond theme song. It went to #4 on the UK album charts when it was originally released in February of 1980. Celebrate The Bullet was The Selecter's second full length album. The band would not be on the 2 Tone label, they left releasing it only on Chrysalis Records. "The Whisper" was the last single to feature drummer Charley Anderson and Desmond Brown, they would leave after this single and were replaced by Adam Williams (bass), and James Mackie (keyboards). The album went to # 41 on the UK album charts. The band would break up in 1982.

Although The Selector did not chart in the US, they were an interesting Ska revival band. Pauline Black went on to pursue a career in acting. They would reform in 1991 and record several more albums with a slightly different line up. The Selecter toured and recorded up to 2006. Neol Davies also recorded two solo albums Box of Blues (1998) and Future Swamp in 2003.

Play List:

1. Brian Wilson - Heroes and Villains
2. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Shadowy Countdown
3. Models - Freeze
4. The Damned - Neat, Neat, Neat
5. Brian James - Why Why Why
6. Captain Sensible - (What'd Ya Give) The Man Whos Gotten Everything?
7. The Crabs - Lullabies Lie (Live At The Roxy)
8. The Flesh Columns - Time's Up
9. The Spys - Underground
10. The Red Squares - Ottawa Today
11. New York Dolls - Pills
12. The Lurkers - Ain't Got A Clue
13. The Adverts - Gary Gilmore's Eyes
14. The Specials - Too Much Too Young
15. The Selecter - James Bond
16. Madness - One Step Beyond
17. A Block of Yellow - Are You Sure?
18. Hot Nasties - I Am A Confused Teenager
19. Rock and Roll Bitches - Broad Daylight
20. Bureaucrats - The Game
21. The Scabs - Amory Building
22. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Down At The Rock and Roll Club
23. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Get Off The Phone
24. The Saints - Champagne Misery

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on November 18th, 2008.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere...The Story of The Who and Show # 222

In the early 1960s, a traditional Jazz band was formed. They were known as The Confederates and featured Pete Townshend on banjo and John Entwistle on the French horn. After meeting Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle agreed to join his band The Detours, he brought along Pete Townshend as an additional guitar player. The Detours were an American influenced R&B group, they also played a bit of country. Roger Daltrey was on lead guitar, Pete on rhythm, John on bass, Colin Dawson on vocals, and Doug Sandom on drums. Dawson would leave the group resulting in Daltrey taking over the vocal duties, Pete moved to lead guitar. For a short period of time the band went by the name, The High Numbers and even recorded a single titled "Zoot Suit/I'm the Face", it did not chart. The music reflected the ongoing mod scene in Britain.

The band changed their name to The Who in 1964, after getting a new drummer. Keith Moon was an energetic, chaotic drummer. He had a unique style, as did other members of The Who. On stage Pete Townshend would jump around, often smashing his guitars, doing windmills on his guitar (an idea he got from Keith Richards), as Keith Moon would explode on the drums behind the band, Roger Daltrey would twirl around his microphone, and John Entwistle would stand still barely moving at all, holding down the foundation of the band. The Who's style would combine elements of R&B, Soul music, Jazz, and would also combine elements of Pop Art. The bands first single was "I Can't Explain". It was released in 1965 and produced by American producer Shel Talmy, known for his work with The Kinks. Being a big fan of The Kinks himself, Townshend has said that "I Can't Explain" was influenced largely by the early Kinks sound. The song went to number ten on the UK singles chart, and got its first play on a US radio station in Flint, Michigan on WTAC AM 600. The song has since then been a staple of the bands live set, usually being the opener to their set. The bands next single was "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" a song that features guitar distortion and is the only song written by both Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. In 1965 The Who also released their first album titled My Generation; it was called The Who Sings My Generation in the US.

The Who's first album featured a lot of cover songs, but it also featured some original compositions such as "My Generation" which was a song that is said to have many different origins such as being written on a train after an encounter with the Queen Mother in England. She was apparently offended by Townshend’s Packard Hearse which was parked on the street (used to transport equipment) and had it towed. It is also said to have been inspired by the Mose Allison song "Young Man Blues". The best description of the song can be best described by a quote from Townshend in Rolling Stone magazine which stated that, "'My Generation' was very much about trying to find a place in society." "Out in the Street", "The Good's Gone", "The Kid's Are Alright" and "Legal Matter" are other good tracks on the album. The US version of the album had a different track listing, it included the song "Circles". The first album went to number five on the UK album charts. The song "Substitute" was released as a single in March of 1966, it was a song about being labelled a fraud. "I'm A Boy" came next, the song can be seen as one of the first conceptual songs that Townshend wrote. Lyrically the song was about a boy born in the distant future that was supposed to be a girl, so he is dressed as a girl because that is what the mother wants. "Happy Jack" was next, it was a different style compared to early Who songs, it was more campy and lyrically was about a mentally confused young man.

The album A Quick One was released in 1966. The album was a departure from The Who's early Mod/R&B sound. It featured songs written by each band member. Daltrey wrote the song "See My Way", Keith Moon composed "I Need You" and the instrumental fireball track titled "Cobwebs and Strange", John Entwistle wrote "Whiskey Man" and "Boris the Spider", the rest of the albums tracks were written by Townshend. His songs included "Run, Run, Run", "Don't Look Away", "So Sad About Us", and "A Quick One While He's Away". This track was a mini-rock opera song. It was nine minutes long and was basically four or five short songs weaved into one, telling a story of infidelity. In the USA the album was named Happy Jack and featured the song as well, because it was a top forty hit; In the UK the song was a single only. Like the bands previous album, A Quick One charted in the UK (#4) and not in the US. The album was produced by Kit Lambert. He would encourage Pete Townshend to write more mature songs, he also had a background in classical music. Lambert would be the bands manager and producer until 1971. Chris Stamp was also a co-manager and producer for the group.

In 1967, The Who Sell Out was released. This album had a concept, all of the songs were interspliced with fake old fashioned radio jingles, also some of the songs were about products that you buy such as deodorant, or baked beans. The albums cover featured Pete Townshend with an over sized deodorant bottle and Roger Datlrey in a tub with an over sized can of Heinz baked beans. The back cover featured Keith Moon with an over sized zit and ointment cream, and John Entwistle in a Tarzan outfit. The album contained songs such as "Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand", "Odorono" (a song about deodorant), and "I Can See For Miles". "I Can See For Miles" was a song that Townshend was saving and when the band recorded it, he hoped it would go to number one everywhere. It went to #10 in the UK, and #9 in the US. The song itself was a unique composition. It featured the energetic drumming of Keith Moon, twisty guitar lines played by Townshend, and layered vocal melodies. When the single failed to reach number one, Townshend was disappointed about the record buying public and focused on writing a different type of album. The result would be Tommy.

In 1969, Tommy was released. It would be known as a rock opera. The album told the story of a deaf, dumb, and blind boy. The album was unlike any other upon its initial release. It also featured some of the best songs The Who has ever recorded. "Pinball Wizard" was the first single from the album. The song featured flamenco style guitar techniques and a bassline that sounds like a pinball machine. Other interesting tracks from Tommy include, "Sparks", "Go To the Mirror!", "Tommy Can You Hear Me?", "The Acid Queen", "I'm Free", and "See Me Feel Me". When performing live the who played the album almost in its entirety, omitting a few tracks. The story of Tommy was inspired and written by Townshend after the teachings of Meher Baba. The album would go on to be a giant commercial success for the band going to number four on the US Billboard album charts and number two in the UK. In the same year as Tommy's release, The Who also played at Woodstock. In 1970, The Who released the live album, Live at Leeds. The album has been named by many as one of the best live rock albums of all time. It is a loud energetic and frantically paced album capturing not only the true spirit of rock and roll music, but of The Who as well. Initially the album featured only seven songs, but since then has been re-issued with several bonus tracks.

For the bands next album, Pete Townshend intended to record another rock opera, a science fiction story known as The Lifehouse Project. The Who began working on material for a new album based on this concept, but stopped before completing it in favour of a more traditional rock album. The result was Who's Next in 1971. While the album had numerous elements based on The Lifehouse Project, the ideas were worked on further and used on other Who albums/songs, (Odds & Sods, Who Are You, Who By Numbers, and solo Townshend material) it wasn't released in any complete form until Townshend adapted it for BBC radio in 2000. Who's Next was produced by Glyn Johns was an even bigger success for the band. It went to number four in the US and number one in the UK. The album would feature songs that the band is consistently known for such as "Baba O'Riley", "Bargain", "Behind Blue Eyes" and "Won't Get Fooled Again". The album expanded the bands sound utilizing synthesizers (on "Baba" and "Won't Get Fooled"), it also featured more unique song writing. "Behind Blue Eyes" was a song that builds staring off with an acoustic intro, before becoming a full out rock song; a brilliant ballad. The album also featured interesting songs such as "My Wife" written and sung by bassist John Entwistle, "Going Mobile", and "Love Ain't For Keeping".

Tommy (1969) & Quadrophenia (1973)

In 1973, The Who released another rock opera titled Quadrophenia. This time the albums story focused on the Mod movement in the sixties in England. It was a semi-autobiographical story that revealed the battle between two group’s rockers and mods. The album would feature what some call The Who at their best. The album featured some of the best bass playing by Entwistle, drumming by Moon, guitar and song structures by Townshend, and we can't forget the singing of Roger Daltrey. The album features songs such as "The Real Me", "The Punk and The Godfather", "5:15", and "Love Reign O'er Me". The album went to number two in the US and in the UK. If you liked Tommy, you will love Quadrophenia.

1975 saw the release of Who By Numbers. This album was different than other Who albums. Lyrically it was darker in subject matter and musically it was a back to rock basics type album. There are exceptions to the dark subject matter in songs such as the acoustic-pop "Squeeze Box". Other interesting tracks include "Slip Kids", "However Much I Booze", "Success Story"(written by Entwistle), and "Blue, Red and Grey". Another interesting fact about the album is that its cover, which features a cartoon version of The Who was drawn by John Entwistle.

In 1978, Who Are You was released. The album showed the band going back to a more conventional sound. It did very well in the album charts and featured songs such as "Who Are You" and "Sister Disco". The musical style of the album was written in an attempt to bring together Progressive Rock and Punk Rock fans. The album was the last to feature drummer Keith Moon. He would pass away in his sleep due to an overdose of Heminevrin on September 7, 1978. Kenny Jones of The Faces would step in to fill Moon's shoes. In 1979, the Who documentary The Kids Are Alright was released along with the movie version of Quadtrophenia (Tommy was made into a movie starring Roger Daltrey in 1975). The Who continued on touring and recorded two albums with Kenny Jones on drums, Face Dances in 1981 and It's Hard in 1982. The albums produced the hit songs "You Better You Bet", and "Eminence Front". In 1982, the band did a farewell tour.

The Who reformed for several occasions, but in 1999 and early 2000's they began touring more regularly. They were well received and they discussed recording a new album (they would get drummer and Ringo Starr's son Zach Starky to play drums). On June 27th, 2002 John Entwistle died in his Las Vegas hotel room of heart failure. The band was in the middle of a tour, but continued on in tribute having bassist Pino Palladino fill in as replacement. In 2004, Endless Wire was released, The Who's first album since 1982's It's Hard. Townshend once again tackled the rock opera successfully. In 2007, Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who got released. The DVD was an extensive documentary on the band. Numerous Live Who DVDs have since been released. The band continues to tour intermittently.

The Who were a band that came out at the time of the British Invasion in the mid sixties. They stood out from all the rest, due to a number of factors. The song writing of Pete Townshend and the chemistry of each member in the band created a unique and vicious combination. They had the power to put all the frustrations and anger of youth into the form of song. There is just something about The Who when you see them or hear them, it makes you want to jump around and play guitar. They truly are one of the loudest and most energetic bands ever.

The Play List:

1. Generation X - Your Generation
2. Sex Pistols - Substitue
3. John Entwisle - Cinnamon Girl
4. The Cryptics - You're Evil
5. Teenage Head - Little Boxes
6. Modernettes - Won't Have to Worry
7. Ride Theory - On Fire
8. (International) Noise Conspiracy - Arm Yourself
9. Greenhornes - Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand
10. The Jam - So Sad About Us
11. The Waking Eyes - Get Me To The Doctor
12. Gruesomes - You Gotta Believe Me
13. The Surfdusters - The Reef
14. The Who - Barbara Ann
15. The Who - Doctor, Doctor
16. The Who - The Punk and The Godfather (Live Maryland 1973)
17. The Clash - I'm So Bored With USA (Live in New York 1979)
18. Flaming Lips - Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
19. Ramones - Substitute
20. Pearl Jam - The Real Me (Live VH1 Rock Honors)
21. The Hives - Outsmarted
22. The Kinks - Rats
23. The Kingsmen - Mashed Potatoes
24. The D4 - Mysterex

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on November 11th, 2008.

Who Videos:

My Generation (Intro to The Kids Are Alright Documentary)
Daddy Rolling Stone (Shindig! 1965)
I Can't Explain (Promo Video)
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (Live 1965)
Happy Jack (Promo Video)
Pictures of Lilly
A Quick One While He's Away (Live Rock n' Roll Circus)
So Sad About Us (Live 1967)
Heat Wave (1967)
The Seeker
Pinball Wizard (Live Isle of Wight 1970)
Tommy Can You Hear Me?/Smash The Mirror (Promo)
Baba O'Riley (Live 1977)
Won't Get Fooled Again (TOTP 1971)
Call Me Lightning (Promo)
Join Together (Live OGWT)

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Family Entertainment...Undertones An Anthology and Show # 221

In September of 2008, The Undertones released an anthology. Titled Undertones: An Anthology, the set stands out from all other Undertones "best of" compilations for one reason, the second CD that is included in this set. It compiles 27 previously unreleased demos, rare unheard recordings, and live tracks. Disc one compiles a 29 song set of songs from the bands career. This includes a large majority of songs from the bands first two albums (Undertones (1979), and Hypnotized (1980)). It also includes a few selections from the bands later albums, which veered from their original sound. While people can make complaints about some songs missing from the first disc (there aren't any I can complain about), really is there any point you are getting 29 songs? If there are some songs missing that you enjoy, go out and purchase the original albums; You won't be disappointed.

Disc two is for the Undertones fanatics, 27 previously unreleased songs. It really is interesting to hear alternate takes and early demos of your favourite Undertones songs. Some of my favourites demos are "My Perfect Cousin", "I Don't Wanna See You Again", and "Do the Fast"(from their original demo tape), "Teenage Kicks", "Emergency Cases", "The Love Parade". The version of "Love Parade" and a few other demos that were featured on the bands album The Sin of Pride, have the advantage of good production, there are no 80's effects here. Disco two also features live recordings from The Lyceum in 1978, and two live recordings form the bands 1981 tour. If that isn't enough for your there is also the song "Party, Party", which was a song written for a soundtrack, but was not used. In the booklet guitarist Damien O'Neil describes the song as The Undertones trying to do a Motown song.

After you sift through all of the recordings, there is also the linear notes. Written by guitarist Damien O'Neil, he goes into details of the bands career, from signing their recording contract with Sire Records, to their last official gig with singer Feargal Sharkey in 1983. The Undertones: An Anthology, is a very interesting set of songs, you get a collection of greatest hits and a collection of demos, outtakes, and rare recordings. If you do not live anywhere in the UK, the album will most likely have to be ordered on import. It can be found on Amazon.com, and Amazon UK. A complete history of the band that I wrote can be found in my True Confessions post.

Other interesting upcoming releases that will not only be featured on this blog, but also my radio show will be the deluxe editions of the first three Buzzcocks albums; They were released in the UK at the end of October 2008. Check this site for more info on that and you can listen to my show on CJAM 91.5 FM in the Windsor/Detroit area from 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM, or elsewhere online from cjam.ca.

Play List:

1. Dead 60s - A Different Age
2. The Cigarettes - Can't Sleep At Night
3. Rezillos - Glad All Over
4. Lost Patrol - That's Your Style
5. Dry Heaves - Portable
6. The Spys - Welcome To the Crule World
7. Lowlife - Think Naturally
8. Cheetahs - The Only One
9. Stop Starts - Metronome
10. The Talks - Boys Toys
11. Joey Ramone - Don't Worry About Me
12. The Philbys - Freefalling
13. The Government - Sponge (Live)
14. Diodes - Plastic Girls
15. Dylan James - Talking To Yourself
16. X - The New World
17. The Evaporators - Desolation Sound
18. Golden Hands Before God - The Ladder
19. The Clash - Spanish Bombs (Live At Shea Stadium)
20. Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
21. Television - Double Exposure (1974 Demo)
22. Undertones - Tearproof
23. Undertones - My Perfect Cousin (79 Demo)
24. Undertones - Do The Fast (78 Demo)
25. Undertones - Girls Don't Like It (78 Demo)
26. Undertones - The Love Parade (82 Demo)
27. Buzzcocks - Harmony In My Head

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on November 4th, 2008.

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CJAM Pledge Drive, Halloween Theme Show # 220

This week is CJAM's annual pledge drive which runs once a year. This year it runs from October 24th-31st. The station relies on contributions from listeners, and without the support of people like you, we wouldn't be able to bring important news/spoken word/ cultural/ music programming not offered by mainstream radio to the area.

CJAM has an overall goal of raising $25,000 and is well on your way, but we need your support. If you feel compelled you could make a donation. You can pledge online securely using paypal at www.cjam.ca, or by calling 519-971-3630, or 313-963-6112 extension 3630. We've got some really nice incentives this year as well, which you can check out on the website.

Back to the show, as I did last year I gave my show a general theme during pledge drive. The theme was Halloween, so anything that could be seen as scary or relating to Halloween was played. I only played a small amount of songs due to CJAM's pledge drive, but next week I will return to my regular scheduled programming.

This Week's Play List:

1. Ramones - Chainsaw
2. The Damned - I Fall
3. The Horrors - Sheena is a Parasite
4. The Cramps - Zombie Dance
5. Gruesomes - Hip-No-Tyzed
6. Young Rival - The Haunt
7. The Misfits - Halloween
8. Sonic Youth - Death Valley 69
9. Devo - Race of Doom

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on October 28th, 2008.

Some Videos to check out:

The Horrors - Sheena is a Parasite
Queens of the Stone Age - Burn the Witch
The Clash - Charlie Don't Surf (Live Tokyo 1982)
The Clash - Brand New Cadillac (Live Tokyo 1982)

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What Went On...The Velvet Underground Story and Show # 219

The initial beginnings of The Velvet Underground are rooted in the meeting of two people Lou Reed and John Cale. In late 1964, Lour Reed then a song writer for Pickwick records met John Cale. Cale a Welshman who moved to New York to study classical music, developed an interest in rock music via Reed and the two formed a group called The Primitives. Cale and Reed had similar musical connections, both willing to experiment with music. Prior to meeting Reed, Cale worked with composers John Cage and LaMonte Young who were known for their experimental musical compositions. Two Lou Reed compositions were released via Pickwick Records as the band The Primitives. The band contained Lou Reed (guitar/vocals), John Cale (bass/viola/organ/vocals), Sterling Morrison (guitar), and Angus MacLise on drums. The two singles the band recorded were "The Ostrich", and "Sneaky Pete", both released in the fall of 1964; The group also went by the names The Warlocks and The Falling Spikes initially.

Before even playing their first gig drummer Angus MacLise left the group stating that accepting money for art was being a sellout, they quickly got a new drummer Maureen Tucker (who was a sister of a friend of Morrison). The group would settle on the name The Velvet Underground after John Cale found a book of the same name when moving into his New York City Apartment. The book itself was by Michael Leigh and about the sexual underground in the 1960s. In 1965, the group recorded a demo tape which Cale gave to Marianne Faithful so that she would give it to Mick Jagger. Nothing ever came of this exchange, but the demos did appear on the bands 1995 box set Peel Slowly and See.

The band were quite different for their times. First Reed's compositions lyrically and musically were like nothing anyone had ever heard before ranging from topics such as urban life, drug use, to sexual exploits. Musically the music reflected Reeds and Cale's love of experimentation drawing on influences of pop and garage rock; Reed also was a fan of Jazz. The bands early sound would later be known as an early incarnation of what to was become punk rock. While Cale and Reed would experiment with different tuning to develop droning sounds, drummer Maureen Tucker also had a style of her own, which is an important factor of the bands sound. Her drum kit was not the usual kit you would find a drummer playing. Her bass drum was upturned, she mostly played the toms, and hardly used cymbals. Tucker played drums not only with drums sticks, but also with mallets. Her style was influenced by early Bo Diddley and Babatunde Olatunji. It can be described as simple and enticing.

After witnessing Velvet Underground perform live, artist Andy Warhol became the groups manager. Warhol assisted the group in getting a recording contract with MGM and also used them in his travelling arts and music ensemble known as the Exploding Plastic inevitable. Andy also encouraged the group to let Nico (female model/singer/actress) join. She appeared on the group first album singing on three tracks ("All Tomorrow's Parties, I'll Be Your Mirror", and "Femme Fatal"). The album, which would be titled Velvet Underground & Nico was recorded in April of 1966. Three songs were later re-recorded when the band signed to a subsidiary of MGM Records, Verve Records ("I'm Waiting For the Man, "Venus in Furs", and "Heroin"). The album was officially released n March of 1967. The album contained eleven tracks such as "I'm Waiting for the Man", "Sunday Morning", "Venus in Furs", "Run, Run, Run", and "There She Goes Again", all showcasing the bands new and experimental rock form. The albums artwork was done by Warhol, it was a yellow banana with a peel slowly and see tab on it. When peeled a pink banana lay underneath. The album did not do well commercially due to its unconventional sound and a legal dispute with artwork on the back cover of the album. A lawsuit was filed when a picture from film maker/Cinematographer Eric Emerson sued the band stating that he did not give permission for them to use a still from his film Chelsea Girls. Eventually the case was settled, but the result was the album being pulled off of the shelves ruining any chance at commercial success for the group. The Velvet Underground & Nico is often known as "the banana album".

After the bands first album, Velvet Underground's relationship with Andy Warhol and Nico worsened. As a result after their 1967 tour the group fired both Warhol and Nico. During live performances the band experimented with jams which would have a large influence on their next album. White Light/White Heat was recorded in two days in 1968 and was noticeably different compared to the bands debut album, The Velvet Underground & Nico. The album sold poorly, but did manage to make it into the Billboard 200, at #199. The album musically was a distorted, rough, and dirty sounding album. The album featured songs such as "White Light/White Heat", a song about amphetamines, "The Gift" an eight minute distorted jam, with a short story recited over top by Cale in a Welsh accent, "Here She Comes Now" was an avant-garde pop song, "I Heard Her Call My Name" is a distorted song that sounds not unlike the Stooges, and the sixth and final track on the album was "Sister Ray", a 17 minute jam.

Both Covers for White Light/White Heat released in 1968

The albums cover featured a faintly visible skull in the background, the rest of the album was covered in black. The background was actually a picture of a tattoo of a skull on someones arm. The photo was taken and distorted by Billy Name, a friend of Warhol's. An alternate cover was made for the UK featuring abstract toy soldiers on a white background. Around this time tensions were growing amongst the bands two key song writers Lou Reed and John Cale. It was not just their lack of commercial success, but also the different directions that both Cale and Reed wanted to go in. After one more recording session in 1968, Cale was fired and the group continued without him. The bands third album would be titled The Velvet Underground and was released in 1969. It would feature Doug Yule as replacement for John Cale. The albums sound differed. Without Cale the experimental element of the band was not as dominant and it came off with more of a pop sound. Another reason for the albums change in sound could be related to the fact that all of the bands Vox amplifiers and guitar fuzz box pedals were stolen while they were on tour, resulting in them having to buy new equipment. The album is viewed by some to contain Lou Reed's best compositions. Songs such as "Candy Says", "Pale Blue Eyes", and the rocking "What Goes On". Other interesting tracks include "Murder Mystery" an almost nine minute song with a story read over top, similar to "The Gift".

The album also had two mixes since the album was produced by the band themselves and an engineer, Val Valentin. The first mix was done by Reed and called "The Closet Mix" by guitarist Sterling Morrison, the other mix was done by engineer Val Valentin. Reed's mix of the album was used for initial US releases of the album and Valentin's mix was used for the UK releases. After the albums initial pressings all other issues of White Light/White Heat used Valentin's mix. The complete "Closet Mix" can be found on the Peel Slowly and See box set. The albums artwork was a picture of the group, taken once again by Billy Name. The album failed to chart, it would also be The Velvet's last album for MGM.

The band spent a large amount of 1969 touring, and going in and out of the studio. These recordings would later be issued on outtake compilations (VU (1985) and Another View (1986)), and on the Peel Slowly and See box set. It should also be noted that the majority of the recordings on the outtake compilations VU and Another View, were recorded while the band were still on MGM Records and were originally intended for a fourth Velvet Underground album that was to be released in 1969. When the band switched record labels, the tracks were forgotten about. These recordings feature John Cale on some tracks and Dog Yule on some tracks. Also some of these songs were later re-recorded by Lou Reed for some solo albums. The band also recorded a live album titled 1969: The Velvet Underground Live, but it wasn't released until 1974. The bands next album would be titled Loaded.

MGM Records president Mike Curb wanted the label to be rid of any bands that had references to drugs so he dropped Velvet Underground and some other groups too. As a result the band signed to Atlantic Records. The album was titled Loaded because the label said that they wanted an album loaded with hits. So the band attempted to do so. The album was not a commercial success, but like the other three Velvet Underground albums, it was unique and original. The album contained songs such as "Rock & Roll", "Sweet Jane", "Head Held High", and "Oh, Sweet Nuthin". The album would not feature Velvet Underground drummer Maureen Tucker because she was pregnant. Instead the group used Doug Yule, Billy Yule (his brother) and a variety of session musicians for the albums drum tracks; Tucker is credited on the album despite her absence. Like all of The Velvet's albums, the artwork for Loaded was another interesting aspect of their album. The artwork was done by Stainslaw Zagorski. The cover was a picture of pink and green smoke rising from a subway entrance. Some have said that the change in artwork featuring pink smoke instead of a banana or a faint skull in the background, also represented the bands change in musical direction. Whatever was said about the album it is still a unique Velvet Underground album that shows the world that they had commercial capabilities without straying far from their original vision.

Reed quit the band just before the albums release. This was due to a number of factors, one being the lack of development within the band, the other being pressure put on by the bands manager Steve Sesnick. Reed has also stated that he was unhappy with the way the album was edited. The album was reissued in 1997 with several bonus tracks and outtakes. In 1995 the band released a comprehensive box set titled Peel Slowly and See. Reed would pursue a more successful solo career and The Velvet Underground would continue shortly with Doug Yule fronting the group, they would last until 1973.

In 1993 the original line-up reformed (including Cale) for a European tour and live album. The band would quickly disband due to Reed and Cale disagreements/arguments. In 1995 guitarist Sterling Morrison passed away and the band reformed once more for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. At their induction the group performed a song written for Morrison titled "Last Night I Said Goodbye to my Friend".

While The Velvet Underground did not achieve commercial success during their time as a band, the effect that they have left on the world cannot go unnoticed. They have been said to have influenced more people to start up bands of their own than sell their albums. Since they have disbanded they have gone on to influence rock music greatly, not only with their music, but lyrics too. The band have been cited as a major influence on the 70's punk and new wave movement and were a band that were definitely ahead of their time.

To view a post that I did on Lou Reed, you can visit my Rock n' Roll Animal post.

Songs played this week:

1. Iggy & The Stooges - Search and Destroy
2. Neon Boys - That's All I Know
3. The Sonics - Boss Hoss
4. Ugly Ducklings - Nothin'
5. The Jury - Who Dat?
6. Those Rogues - Girl
7. Underworld - Go Away
8. Gruesomes - Dementia 13
9. Minisnap - Crooked Mile
10. The Velvet Underground - I"m Waiting For the Man
11. The Velvet Underground - One of These Days
12. The Velvet Underground - Head Held High (Early Version)
13. The Who - Circles
14. Billy Bragg - A New England
15. 101ers - Keys to Your Heart (Version 2)
16. The MC5 - Looking At You
17. Compulsive Gamblers - Don't Haunt Me
18. The Mark Inside - You Can't Take Her With You
19. The Hoa Hoa's - Mixed
20. The Organs - Let the Bell's Ring
21. The Pretenders - Boots of Chinese Plastic
22. The Clash - Police on my Back (Live at Shea)
23. Pointed Sticks - The Witch
24. The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man
25. Nirvana - Son of a Gun

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on October 21, 2008.

Velvet Videos:

I'm Waiting For The Man
Sunday Morning
Venus In Furs
White Light/White Heat
Sweet Jane (Live 1993)
Last Night, I Said Goodbye to my Friend

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Wondering...The Dirty Pretty Things Story and Show # 218

In September of 2005 Carl Barat (former guitarist/singer/song writer in the UK band The Libertines) formed the group known as Dirty Pretty Things. Signing to a UK label (Vertigo Records) Barat assembled a band with Gary Powell (ex-Libertines drummer) on drums, Anthony Rossamando on guitar (who was a fill-in for ex-Libertine Pete Doherty on some of the bands last tour dates), and Didz Hammond on bass (he left the group Cooper Temple Clause to join). Originally Barat's new group went by the name The Bearded Clam Lovers Experience, but changed names to Dirty Pretty Things. In October of 2005 Dirty Pretty Things began playing live gigs in France and Italy. The bands sound was not like the Libertines, it had much more of a punk edge/influence.

The band then entered a studio in Los Angeles, California with producer Dave Sardy to begin recording material; They also recorded material with producer Tony Doogan in Glasgow, Scotland. The first evidence of DPT material was the song "You Fucking Love It". The song was made available on a CD that came with the UK magazine NME in April of 2006. The song itself was a fast-paced raging punk song. Shortly after in April, DPT released their first official single "Bang Bang You're Dead". The song begins with a trumpet intro and then launches into dirty guitar riffs and travelling basslines. Initially people thought that because of the lyrics that this song was about former Libertine Pete Doherty, but this was later proven wrong by Carl Barat in an interview; It went to #4 on the UK singles charts. The album itself came out in May of 2006 in the UK and did very well on the British album charts reaching #3; It was titled Waterloo To Anywhere.

The album contained twelve tracks. It starts of with the song "Deadwood", which would also be the bands second single; It reached #20 on the UK singles charts. Other great tracks included "Blood Thirsty Bastards", "Doctors and Dealers", "Gin & Milk", "The Gentry Cove", and "Last of The Small Town Playboys". One of my favourite tracks is the song "Enemy". The song itself is dominated by chunky basslines in the verses and in the choruses the guitars come in roaring with energy. It also contains the brilliant lyric "Isn't it time you washed your face/It looks like a burnt out fireplace", while the chorus states that "The enemy as I know it is right inside my head". Lyrically the album is dark and witty, while the music blares with the energy of 70's British punk. Waterloo To Anywhere was released in the US in August of 2006; It charted at #200 on the US albums charts. The third single from the album was the song "Wondering"; It went to #34 on the UK singles charts.

The band toured intensively behind this album playing the South By Southwest Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, and T in the Park to name a few. They also toured with the likes of Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Hurricanes, and The Paddingtons. In the summer of 2006, Barat broke his collarbone due to a fall from a motorbike. To continue touring Barat put his arm in a sling and got Paddingtons guitarist Josh Hubbard to play his guitar parts, while Barat sang. A DVD release came next in October of 2006. Puffing on A Coffin Nail which was a live performance plus documentaries of the band and bonus live material. In September of 2007, DPT contributed the song "Radio Song" for the film soundtrack Run Fatboy Run. The song was a more pop influenced track that came off sounding heavily Clash influenced. They also contributed the acoustic-dreary song "9 Lives" to the Love Music Hate Racism compilation.

In June of 2008 Romance At Short Notice, Dirty Pretty Things second full length album was released in the UK. The title of the album is believed to be a reference from the short story The Open Window by British writer Saki. Originally the album was rumoured to be titled This is Where the Truth Begins. The first single from the album was the nostalgic pop song "Tired of England". The song itself is said to have a chorus similar to the Smiths song "Panic"; It went to #54 on the UK album charts. The album reached #35 on the UK album charts. Despite the fact that the album did not do as well chart wise in the UK as did Waterloo To Anywhere in no way takes away from the quality of DPT's second album. It is uniquely crafted album mixing styles of British Pop, Garage Rock, Mod and 70's Punk; It sounds heavily influenced by early Pink Floyd in my opinion. It starts off with the song "Buzzards and the Crows" which is twisting rock song that sounds like it is being played at a carnival. "Hippy's Son" comes next it is a heavy dragging rock song. Other great rockers include "Kicks Or Consumption", and "Best Face". The album isn't all rock, it also features songs such as "Plastic Hearts" one of the catchiest songs every written by DPT. Acoustic numbers such as "Come Closer", "The North" (written with and featuring vocals from guitarist Rossamando, and bassist Hammond), "Truth Begins" and "Blood on My Shoes". Currently Romance At Short Notice is not available in the US and it is unlikely that it will be.

On October 1st, 2008 Dirty Pretty Things announced that after their current tour commitments, they would be splitting up. The statement was as follows on the bands official website:

It is with some sadness we announce the farewell of the Dirty Pretty Things. It's been a glorious three years which we all would gladly live out again, but it is time for us to try new things. (not The Libertines). We are reluctant to give up touring but will give the last waltz everything. We have and are determined to go out as we came in, after which we all have other ventures to be getting on with and splendid future plans. Heartfelt thanks to all who made it what it was, much love and we'll see you on the road.

While Dirty Pretty Things seem to be ending I urge you all to check out the two albums that they have released. They were an interesting British rock band. While some critics and fans refuse to let Carl free from the shackles of his days with the Libertines, he has provided the world with music (in my opinion) that is just as interesting, exciting, and amazing as his previous efforts.

For more information on the band you can visit:

Dirty Pretty Things Official Website
Dirty Pretty Things Myspace Page

This Week's Play List:

1. Dirty Pretty Things - Buzzards & Crows
2. Dirty Pretty Things - The Weekenders
3. Dirty Pretty Things - 9 Lives
4. Dirty Pretty Things - The Enemy
5. Pastels - Ditch the Fool
6. Pavement - Date With Ikea
7. Arctic Monkeys - From the Ritz to the Rubble
8. Franz Ferdinand - Shopping For Blood
9. The Rapture - Coming of Spring
10. Radio 4 - Caroline
11. Slander - Peticoat Junction
12. Gentlemen of Horror - Overhead Projector
13. The Smugglers - Luau!
14. The Cinch - She's Cracked
15. Guided By Voices - Teenage FBI
16. The Libertines - Last Post On The Bugle
17. Marble Index - I Believe
18. Young Rival - Another Nobody
19. The Nines - Take What You Want
20. The Subways - All or Nothing
21. Raconteurs - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)(Live Austin City Limits)
22. The D4 - Baby in a Box (John Peel Session)
23. Sloan - Ana Lucia
24. Supergrass - Rush Hour Soul

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on October 14th, 2008.

Dirty Pretty Videos:

You Fucking Love It
Bang Bang You're Dead
Tired of England
Gentry Cove (Live Jools Holland)
Plastic Hearts (Live At the Wireless 2008)
Bang Bang You're Dead (Live on Letterman)
The Enemy (Live)

As a bonus I found this wonderful mini-concert The Raconteurs did in September that is really cool.

The Raconteurs - Live Austin City Limits September 17, 2006:

1. Level
2. Together
3. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
4. Blue Veins
5. Headin' For the Texas Border

Show # 217

Revolution Rock Play List for Show # 217:

1. Subway Sect - Ambition
2. Siouxsie & The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden
3. The Government - Fire Escape
4. Private School - Sci-Fi
5. Lowlife - Leaders
6. Silicone Injections - Agro
7. Spys - Underground
8. Talking Heads - Warning Sign (1975 CBS Demo)
9. Modern Lovers - Girlfriend
10. Only Ones - Language Problem
11. Rezillos - I Can't Stand My Baby
12. Ultravox! - Sat'day Night in the City of The Dead
13. Gang of Four - Armalite Rifle
14. The Clash - English Civil War (Live at Shea Stadium)
15. The Clash - (Whiteman) In Hammersmith Palais
16. The Poles - Prime Time
17. The Action - Do the Strangle
18. XX Teens - Only You
19. Wire - One of Us
20. Public Image Limited - 1981
21. Roxy Music - Street Life
22. The Cure - Fire in Cairo (Chestnut Studio Demo)
23. Klark Kent - Too Kool To Kalypso
24. Devo - Gut Feeling/(Slap Your Mammy)
25. Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Lipstick Vogue

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bored Teenagers...The Adverts Story and Show # 216

The Adverts were formed in 1976 by TV Smith (real name Tim Smith) (vocals), Gaye Advert (bass), Howard Pickup (real name Howard Boak)(guitar), and Laurie Driver (real name Laurie Muscat) on drums. The band began playing gigs in London, England at The Roxy in 1976. Michael Dempsey became their manager after seeing them support Generation X in 1977. The Averts also caught the attention of Damned guitarist Brian James, who let the band open for them, they got signed to Stiff records as a result. The bands first single was titled "One Chord Wonders". After barely playing a handful of live shows, The Adverts went on a tour with The Damned. The promotional tour posters read "The Adverts know one chord, the Damned know three. See all four at…"

The band then released their second single "Gary Gilmore's Eyes". They song went into the UK top 20, but was seen as controversial. The lyrical subject matter made reference to an American Murders wish to have his eyes donated to medical science after his execution. Their next single was "Safety in Numbers"", it did not chart. Their fourth single would crack the UK top 40, bringing the Adverts back into the charts; The song was "No Time To Be 21". In February of 1978 Crossing the Red Sea The Adverts first full length album was released. It featured three of the bands first four singles and debuted at number 38 on the UK albums chart. Many feel that their first album is their best. It is seen as a strong debut by many and all of the songs were composed by vocalist TV Smith.

In 1979, Cast of Thousands was released. The album produced three singles "Television's Over", "My Place", and "Cast of Thousands". It also featured a different sound compared to Crossing the Red Sea, once again all songs were composed by TV Smith. It was seen as a poor effort by many and soon after a gig in October of 1979 and the accidental electrocution of their manager Michael Dempsey, The Adverts split up. TV Smith was seen as a song writer who captured the spirit of the times in his music, Gaye Advert was seen as one of the first female punk icons. Not only a bassist, she also had a style that would influence female punks for quite some time. After the Adverts finished, TV Smith went on to form TV Smith's Explorers and The Cheap. In the 90's he would create music as a solo artist.

The Play List:

1. Wire - The 15th (Live Rockpalast 1979)
2. Proud Scum - I Am a Rabbit
3. Terrorways - Short Haired Rock n' Roll
4. Suburban Reptiles - Saturday Night Stay At Home
5. The Victims - Television Addict
6. Celibate Rifles - 24 Hours (sos)
7. Modernettes - Barbra
8. Diodes - Noise
9. Evaporators - Gassy Jack
10. Forgotten Rebels - I'm Surfin' On Heroin
11. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - New Pleasure
12. Killing Joke - Eighties
13. The Adverts - One Chord Wonders
14. The Unknowns - teenage Terrorist
15. 63 Monroe - Media Junkie
16. Sinners - No Brains Required
17. 222's - Hold Up
18. Hot Nasties - Get Away From Me
19. Wreckless Eric - A Pop Song
20. Radio Birdman - Hand of Law
21. The Jam - The Place I love
22. Franz Ferdinand - Jaqueline
23. Dead 60s - All Over By Midnight
24. The Clash - Somebody Got Murdered (Live Reitle Festival, France 1980)
25. Buzzcocks - A Different Kind of Tension
26. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Do You Love Me?

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on Septemberr 30th, 2008.


One Chord Wonders (1977)
Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Top of the Pops 1977)
Live At the Vortex 1977 (On the Roof, New Day Dawning, No Time to be 21)
Bored Teenagers (OGWT 1978)