Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rent Party! The Story of The Waldos & Show # 380

Following the break up of Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers in 1977, Walter Lure (one of the singer/guitarists in The Heartbreakers) continued to branch out musically. While most people don’t know that he wrote and sang about half the songs in the The Heartbreakers, there are a few additional interesting musical facts that some people may not be aware of. In the 80s he contributed guitar to three Ramones albums at the request of Johnny Ramone (Subterranean Jungle, Too Tough To Die and Animal Boy) in addition to this he played live in his own band that featured a revolving cast of musicians. In 1979 he released a single with a new group that he was part of called The Blessed. The single featured two tracks, “Deep Frenzy” and “American Bandstand”, but his time with the band was short lived. He would play under the name The Hurricanes and The Heroes, who released a single 1978 featuring the members of The Heartbreakers, minus Johnny Thunders which featured the songs “Too Much Junkie Business” and “Seven Day Weekend”. He eventually arrived at the band known as The Waldos.

The Waldos did not make too many recordings during their peak period as a band in the mid 80s, in 1993 they released a single titled Crazy Little Baby. In 1994 a full length album followed entitled Rent Party, which is the only full length studio album to be released by The Waldos. The band line up for this album featured Walter Lure (guitar/vocals), Tony Coiro (bass/vocals), Joey Pinter (guitar), and Jeff West on drums. The album was produced by Andy Shernoff of The Dictators and featured a collection of Walter Lure originals and a few cover songs. Rent Party features recordings of several songs which date back to Lure’s early days with The Heartbreakers, the most notable being the song “Flight”, which is a song that was never released officially with The Heartbreakers. It was however an early staple of the bands live set and a song that dates back to the earliest days with The Heartbreakers when Richard Hell was a member of the group. “Count Down Love” was another song that was actually written by Jerry Nolan (New York Dolls/Heartbreakers drummer), the other songs that have a connection to Lure’s past groups are the covers “Seven Day Weekend” originally a song by Gary U.S. Bond’s, but also a song that was played by both New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers, a sleazed up cover of Ray Charles “Busted”, and “Party Lights” a song originally done by Claudine Clark. These three songs alone have a deeper meaning, reflecting on themes that were often found in Lure’s past. One of the most poignant tracks featured on Rent Party is the Country Rock song “Golden Days”. The song, which also has an almost Pogues-like influence addresses Lure’s past in a sentimental, yet meaningful way.

Rent Party harnesses a sound and fidelity that is a not unlike his work with Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, but one that is more fleshed out production-wise than LAMF. Listening to Rent Party one can’t help but wonder what the next album by The Heartbreakers would have sounded like if they did not break up in 1977, this is as close as you are going to get. The album features a depth that contrasts its party like atmosphere. Walter Lure proved to be a survivor of the scene he was a part of. Many of his band mate’s have fallen since the release of this album including Jerry Nolan (NY Dolls/Heartbreakers drummer), Johnny Thunders (NY Dolls/Heartbreakers), Waldos original drummer Charlie Sox, Waldos bassist Tony Coiro, and saxophonist Jamey Heath. Walter Lure has continued to play live in New York City with different incarnations of The Waldos since the release of Rent Party, in between his gigs Walter worked on Wall St. as a stock broker (he is now in the financial district). Around 2006/2007, The Waldos started playing more frequently, Walter Lure released a live CD followed in 2007 titled Live In Berlin, which was recorded as a result of a European tour. The album is a solo album and it featured Walter teaming up with Dee Jaywalker.  In 2009 and 2011, Lure reunited with original Waldos guitarist Joey Pinter, for some live shows. Currently The Waldos continue to play live (Lure also plays shows as a solo artist) and there has been an interest in a new album, but it is not sure what will materialize. As Lure said in an interview for soundcheckmagazine.netWhatever happens, happens…. People keep asking me to write more songs and do a new album which I might do if I can write enough new songs to fill it - Who knows?” Rent Party is now somewhat of a rarity, the original pressings go for quite an expensive sum online. In 2009, Rent Party was reissued on vinyl.

More information on Walter Lure and The Waldos can be found at:

Walter Lure's myspace page
The Waldos facebook page

This Week's Play List:

1. The Pygmies - She Lied
2. The Ex-Boyfriends - Bubblegum
3. David Lynch - I Know
4. The Esquires - It's A Dirty Shame
5. Ritchie Knight & The Mid-Nights - Work Song
6. Woody Guthrie - Gamblin' Man
7. Gun Lake - Trees
8. The Tetraktys - Go Go Alice
9. James T Kirks - Paper Bags Got A Little More Soul
10. Chelsea - Urban Kids
11. The Cramps - Uranium Rock
12. The Humans - I Live In The City
13. Eric Welton - Kooler
14. Previous Tenants - Rolling In Dough
15. Little Red - Little Bit of Something
16. The Blessed - American Bandstand
17. David Bowie - Word On A Wing
18. Johnny Thunders & Heartbreakers - Flight (Yonkers 1976 Demo)
19. The Waldos - Cry Baby
20. The Waldos - Seven Day Weekend
21. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - One Track Mind
22. The Hives - A Little More For You

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Abdication...Reigning Sound & Show # 379

Memphis, Tennessee band Reigning Sound (now based out of Asheville, North Carolina), who features Garage/Punk legend Greg Cartwright (he has been in numerous bands such as The Oblivians and The Compulsive Gamblers) has a new mini LP available and it’s FREE! This eight track collection features eight songs all of which reflect a soulful Garage/Punk nature. The band consists of Greg Cartwright (guitar/vocals), David Wayne Gay (bass), Dave Amels (organ), and Lance Wille on drums. Reigning Sound has been around since 2001, having released several full length albums and seven inch singles. Most recently the band released Love & Curses in 2009, prior to this new mini LP of course which is titled Abdication ... For Your Love. It should also be noted that five of the eight tracks found on Abdication, were recorded by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys.  (Note this album is no longer available for free download).

This Week's Play List:

1. The MC5 - Thunder Express
2. Alex Chilton - Hook or Crook
3. Deer Tick - Main Street
4. Al Tuck - The Banks of Newfoundland
5. Crissi Cochrane - Drive All Night
6. Frontiers - My Oh My
7. Wavves - Bug
8. Falklands - Blackout Cold
9. The Damned - Wait For The Blackout
10. Army Girls - Always
11. Spectrals - Get A Grip
12. Stiv Bators, Dee Dee Ramone & Johnny Thunders (AKA Whores of Babylon) - Poison Heart
13. Ted Clark Five - (Darling You're) Bringing Me Down
14. Androids - Over and Over
15. The Diodes - Action-Reaction
16. 49th Parallel - Eye To Eye
17. Reigning Sound - Everything I Do Is Wrong
18. Tom Waits - Get Lost
19. The Beets - Wipe It Off
20. The Gruesomes - Outta My Mind
21. Vic Godard & The Subway Sect - No Love Now
22. Wire - From The Nursery
23. Motorhead - Damage Case

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dean Marino Papermaps Interview & Show # 378

Papermaps began as the band EX~PO. Producer/engineer and song writer Dean Marino first released the EX-PO album Central Meaner Street in 2008, playing the large majority of instruments on the album. Deciding to tour behind the project he assembled a band to play live shows. In between the releases Central Meaner Street and the first self titled Papermaps album, the project that was initially known as EX~PO evolved into something else. Changing their name, the first official release from Papermaps under that band name was the “Reunion” seven inch single in January of 2011. The band currently features Dean Marino (guitar/vocals), Wendy Leung (keyboards), Bobby Lee (drums), Betty Dimo (bass/keyboards) and Todd Harrison on guitar/synth. Doubling as a producer and engineer Dean recorded the first Papermaps album in between his other job which is producing, recording and engineering at the studio that he owns and operates in Toronto (Chemical Sound) with fellow musician and engineer/producer Jay Sadlowski.

In April 2011, Papermaps released their first full length album, simply titled Papermaps. Like a paper map, the Papermaps album charts into new musical territory using Central Meaner Street as a starting point, the band has currently ventured into Power Pop influenced territory. Papermaps features ten well crafted Pop songs mixed in with other elements that gives you something that keeps you on your toes. The albums opener “Angela” sets a tone for the overall album building as it progresses, it features predominately guitar/bass and drums. Near the end there is a splash of synthesizer which gives the listener a tasty bite of what’s to come. The second song featured on the album is the piano driven sing-a-long “Reunion”, which has done very well on Independent campus radio based charts, the third song on the album is the guitar driven and energetic “Can’t Make A Living” which moves the listener along the albums ten track course. “Complicate Things” is a moody yet synthesized anthemic Dance Rock track, while “Exit” is one the heaviest tracks on the album. “Coddled” is a song that starts off like a solo John Lennon outtake, reminiscent of a lullaby before it picks up in to all its loud glory, “You Are My Gallows” ends the album with a call and response dynamacism. Papermaps blurs the lines of their musical territories for a sound that is all their own.

With a one full length album completed, the band is now working on material for a second full length album that has a projected release date of Fall 2012. Papermaps have toured to support their album and have played CMJ Music Marathon in New York, two shows at the Halifax Pop Explosion, as well as touring in Toronto, Montreal and Windsor, Ontario. Following a show in Toronto in December of 2011, Papermaps will retreat into Chemical Sound Studios to focus on their next album. More info on the band can be found on their official website http://papermaps.net/

Papermaps will play Phog Lounge in Windsor, Ontario on Friday November 19th with local acts Learning and Frontiers. Today's program featured an exclusive interview with Dean Marino of Papermaps. We talk about the bands evolution, musical influences, recording, Phog Lounge and more. The interview can be heard by downloading this weeks podcast/program or you can listen to an extended version of the interview below:

Download the Interview here!

This Week's Play List:

1. The Spades - Esp
2. Brazilian Money - Jive With The Killer Instinct
3. The Iguanas - Again & Again
4. 1977 - You Got A Way
5. Novels - This Wouldn't Be The First Time
6. Sloan - Take Good Care of the Poor Boy
7. The Regulators - That's Right, Nothing's Left
8. Dee Dee Ramone & The Spikey Tops - Bop 'Til You Drop (Live NYC 1991)
9. Mudhoney - Suck You Dry
10. EX~PO - Tasty Bites
11. Papermaps - Can't Make A Living

Dean Marino Interview

12. Papermaps - Reunion
13. Sports - Played Yourself
14. Them - Don't Start Crying Now
15. Compulsive Gamblers - Pepper Spray Boogie
16. The Saints - Lost and Found
17. X - We're Desperate
18. Buzzcocks - Friends of Mine
19. Elvis Costello & The Attractions - (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
20. The D4 - Sleaze City

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Papermaps Videos:


Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Revolution Rock Pledge Drive 2011 & Show # 377


This years pledge drive show was very successful. A good amount of money was raised for CJAM this year, but CJAM can still use your help. We are not even over the half way mark of our overall goal of $30,000. If you would like to make a pledge or donation you can do it securelly online at http://www.cjam.ca/. We also have a wide variety of incentives this year such as T-Shirts, Beer Steins, Tote Bags and more!

As for the program, today's show was comprised entirely of demo recordings from different bands such as The Pointed Sticks and Generation X, to local Windsor artist Johnny West and music from The Clash, and The Stooges. Today also featured guest hosts Vern Smith of The Jazz Hacienda, Adam Fox CJAM station manager/host of Biz Cas Fri and Clara of The Washing Machine

The Play List:

1. Generation X - Save My Life (1977 Demo)
2. Pointed Sticks - Love or Money (1980 Demo)
3. Ghost Riders In Disguise - Chili in Rellino (Demo)
4. B-Girls - Alibi (Demo)
5. Velvet Underground - Countess From Hong Kong (Demo)
6. Johnny West - Alligator Girl (First Mix)
7. Dirty Pretty Things - No Signal, No Battery (Demo)
8. Young Rival - Dead End Scene (Demo)
9. The Clash - The Man In The Me (Vanilla Tapes Demo)
10. Magazine - Touch & Go (Definitive Daze 1977 Demo)
11. Iggy & The Stooges - I Got A Right (Demo)

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Friday, November 04, 2011

CJAM Pledge Drive 2011

Hey listeners and friends,

It is time again for CJAM FM’s annual pledge drive. This years theme is Stayin’ Alive!

As a volunteer programmer for CJAM FM, community radio plays an important role in my life. Every week I donate my time and energy to contribute to our city and culture via Radio, and today I'm reaching out to you for your support. As Windsor-Detroit's not-for-profit campus-based community radio station we rely on the generosity of our listeners for our very existence. This year's modest goal is $30,000 and we need the support from every friend and family in the CJAM social network.

We are not-for-profit, volunteer-driven, grassroots alternative media, unlike anything else on the FM dial. The station relies on contributions from listeners, and without the support of folks like you, we wouldn't be able to bring important news/spoken word/ cultural/ music programming not offered by mainstream radio to the area.

This year's pledge drive runs from November 4-11, but you don't have to wait for my show to make your pledge. I know times are tight right now for everyone, but if you feel compelled could you please make a donation this year? Even small amounts help out CJAM. You can pledge online securely using paypal or credit card at http://www.cjam.ca/, or during the pledge drive by calling 519-971-3630, or for you Detroiters: 313-963-6112 extension 3630. If you do pledge, make sure that you specify which CJAM program you are pledging to in this case it would be REVOLUTION ROCK. We've got some really nice incentives this year as well, which you can check out on our website.

Thank you so much!

PS: On my next program, I will be having a special pledge drive program. There will be a unique theme to the show as well as some special CJAM guests in the studio. It will air Tuesday November 8th at 10:30 AM to Noon.

Revolution Rock

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Misfits Static Age & Show # 376

Following the release of the “Cough/Cool” single by The Misfits in August of 1977, The Misfits would head into a studio to record a full length that would be titled Static Age, but it would not released in its entirety until 1997. The road to the recording and release of Static Age is one that like The Misfits in their early stages from 1977-1983, had many changes. The Misfits began in January of 1977 in Lodi, New Jersey. They were formed by lead vocalist and song writer Glen Danzig who named the band after the final film to feature actress Marilyn Monroe, one written by American Playwright Arthur Miller titled The Misfits. Initially Danzig also played electric piano and sang along with Jimmy Battle on guitar, Diane DiPiazza on bass and Manny Martinez on drums to complete the first line up of the group. Not long after practicing together, DiPiazza and Battle left the group. Jerry Caiafa was recommended by drummer Manny Martinez due to the fact that he received a new bass for Christmas of that year. The new line up featuring Caiafa on bass, practiced for a couple of months as a three piece minus a guitarist. Their first single “Cough/Cool” backed with “She” was released in the summer of 1977 on Danzig’s own Blank Records label and featured no guitar, instead hammering synth-like electric piano. When the single was initially released bassist Jerry Caiafa’s name was spelled incorrectly, he suggested that in the future his name would be spelled “Jerry only, Jerry” which led the stage name Jerry Only, which he would soon adopt for the rest of his musical career. The single displayed the band in their embryonic stages, sounding almost like a New Wave band, but the imagery that was provided by Danzig and later identified as Horror Punk can still be heard in the singles A side “Cough/Cool”.

Not soon after the release of their first single, The Misfits added Franche Coma (real name Frank LiCata) as the bands guitarist. With a guitarist now in the group, Danzig dropped the electric piano and focused on vocals while at the same time launching the band into a more Punk Rock sounding direction. Soon Mr. Jim Catania replaced Martinez on drums and The Misfits found themselves in a very unique position. Mercury Records wanted to use the name Blank Records for one of their subsidiary divisions, so they offered Danzig thirty hours of studio recording time in exchange for the name Blank Records, he accepted. In January of 1978, The Misfits entered C.I. Recordings in New York City with producer Dave Archelis and recorded seventeen tracks, fourteen of which were mixed with Archelis. Due to time restraints the band recorded the songs live in the studio, only doing a few takes of each song and minimal overdubs. The proposed fourteen track album was to be titled Static Age, but the band were unable to find a record label that was interested in releasing the album. The band then opted to release four tracks on the Bullet EP in June of 1978 (“Bullet”, “We Are 138”, “Attitude” and “Hollywood Babylon”). These songs were released on Danzig’s new label titled Plan 9 Records. The remainder of the material from these sessions were not released for some time, the band would release a remixed version of “Last Caress” on the Beware EP in 1980 and “Teenagers From Mars” was re-recorded and used on the 1979 “Horror Business” single. “The Horror Business” single also featured a design that would become that bands infamous skull logo. The logo was based off of a poster designed for the 1946 Horror film The Crimson Ghost, it has been used on band releases ever since. It should also be noted that the Beware EP also contained the songs “Horror Business” and “Teenagers From Mars”.

The Misfits would go through another set of line up changes, but Glen Danzig and Jerry Only would remain constant members in the group in their early days of The Misfits. The band leaped more in the horror themed direction lyrically and visually. On stage they changed their appearance to suit their new brand of Punk that would be brandished as Horror Punk. Lyrically the songs subject matter would be drawn from films of the Horror genre, but more specifically the B-Horror movie genre. The band slowly built up a following releasing more singles and EPs, in 1982 they released the full length album Walk Among Us, which is often regarded as one of the greatest Punk albums of all time. The Misfits began to take their music to more extremes musically going into a more Hardcore Punk direction. It was also around this time that Danzig grew unsatisfied with the band, he began working on a new project and after the release of one more album, Earth A.D./Wolf’s Blood in 1983 which displayed the band in a more Hardcore and Heavy Metal/Rock sense, the band was pretty much over. Following a show on October 29th in Detroit, the band went their separate ways. In 1985, nine of the tracks from the Static Age sessions were released on the Legacy of Brutality compilation album. The nine tracks from these sessions that were put on the Legacy album featured overdubbed bass and guitar parts by Glen Danzig himself, which were done following the bands break up in 1983. In 1995, several more tracks from these sessions were released on the Collection II album including the then unreleased “Return of the Fly”. In 1996, The Misfits Box Set was released. This set is notable for its large collection of early Misfits studio material (minus the album Walk Among Us) and outtakes, but also for being the first place in which fans could acquire the fourteen track Static Age album as it was originally intended. In February of 1997, a single disc version of the Static Age album was released featuring additional tracks that the band had recorded during the albums sessions back in 1978, but were never mixed.

Static Age embodies everything that The Misfits stood for, it displays all of the elements which made up The Misfits. The album addresses issues and subject matter in an intelligent defiant way, not unlike classic albums by bands such as The Ramones, The Clash and Buzzcocks. Static Age gurgles with an intense ferocity that has caused many fans of the band to choose this as their favourite release by the band, despite the fact that it was released over a decade too late. Songs such as ‘Static Age”, “TV Casualty”, :Attitude”, “Some Kinda Hate”, “Angelfuck”, “She”, “Hybrid Moments” and the Rockabilly groove of “Hollywood Babylon” all add to the albums aura. Along with the musicianship, the vocals are howled out by Glen Danzig like some kind of Elvis/Jim Morrison hybrid. Static Age is simply, some would argue The Misfits at their best.

Since the release of The Misfits first single and the recording of the bands first album, their status has grown to enormous proportions. During their break up in the 80s the bands cult like status grew so large that copies of the bands material would constantly go out of print. The band who drew their name from a film and took much of their inspiration from B-Horror films built up a new genre of music, creating a large fan base not unlike the large B-Horror movie fan bases that exist now. The road to the release of Static Age in its entirety as it was originally intended took eighteen years. Like the movie, The Misfits band initially received mixed reviews, but are now highly regarded among Punk music fans. Currently The Misfits continue to play and release albums, Jerry Only is the only remaining member in the group from The Misfits early period of 1977-1983. Although the group remains popular, The Misfits have not reunited with Glen Danzig. Danzig has had successful post-Misfits careers in his bands Samhain and Danzig, which musically reflect a heavier Rock/Metal direction.

This Week's Play List:

1. Deja Voodoo - Monsters In My Garage Got Married
2. Miesha & The Spanks - Night Danger
3. The Sphinxs - Time Above Me
4. The Okmoniks - I'm On My Own
5. The's - Harlem Nocturne
6. The Frogmen - Underwater
7. The Specials - Too Hot
8. Arkells - On Paper
9. Promises - Valerie
10. Chandells - One Track Mind
11. Rocket From The Tombs - I Sell Soul
12. Brazilian Money - John Wayne
13. Rah Rah - Ghosts
14. Beastie Boys - 14th St. Break
15. Talking Heads - I Feel It In My Heart
16. Pearl Jam - Ole
17. Ramones - Do You Wanna Dance?
18. The Nils - Freedom
19. Joe Strummer - Don't Tango With Django
20. Girls - Alex
21. Destroy All Monsters - Nobody Knows
22. The Fays - Self-Centretown
23. The Cramps - Goo Goo Muck
24. The Misfits - Cough/Cool
25. The Misfits - Teenagers From Mars
26. The Misfits - Hybrid Moments
27. The Misfits - Static Age

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