Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The 88... Show # 319

The 88 formed in 2002. The band consists of Keith Slettedahl (vocals/guitar), Adam Merrin (piano/keys), Todd O'Keefe (bass guitar), and Anthony Zimmitti on drums. The band is from Los Angeles, California and Rock band with Pop and Power Pop elements. The band released two full length albums (Kind of Light (2003), and Over and Over (2005)) that were well received amongst the California indie scene. In 2007, The 88 were signed to Island Records and released an album titled Not Only... But Also in 2008. The band then went back to being an independent band and began work on another album. In 2010, The 88 became the backing band for Kinks front man Ray Davies. The band who were big fans of The Kinks, were not only Ray Davies backing band for his US tour, but also the opening band on the tour.
Following the tour, the band finished up their latest album, toured a bit in the UK and even recorded some songs at Ray Davies Konk Studios in the UK for a Kinks tribute compilation. The bands newest album comes out in September of 2010 featuring a mix of Rock, Power Pop, and Pop songs. The album is simply titled The 88. More information can be found on the band on their official website.

The Play List:

1. Bob Dylan - Floater (Too Much To Ask)
2. The 88 - They Ought To See You Now
3. The Easybeats - Shes So Fine
4. The Exits - Apathy
5. XS Energy - Use You
6. The Subs - Gimme Your Heart
7. High Mother - Trying To hard
8. The Rebel Set - 14th Floor
9. Grinderman - Bellringer Blues
10. Deja Voodoo - Monsters in My Garage Got Married
11. The Government - Get You Sleep In'
12. Guitar Wolf - Should I Stay or Should I Go
13. 222s - First To Third Round
14. Placebo - 20th Century Boy
15. Hot Panda - Mindlessnesslessness
18. Meligrove Band - Halflight
19. The Clash - Police & Thieves
20. The Sonics - Good Golly Miss Molly
21. Lou Reed - Average Guy
22. The Creepshow - Last Chance
23. Modern Superstitions - Visions of You
24. Young Rival - Just Can't Stay Here

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ignition!...Show # 318

In 2001, Brian Setzer released an album titled Ignition! as The Brian Setzer '68 Comeback Special. The band was a trio featuring Brian Setzer on guitar/vocals, Mark Winchester on bass, and Bernie Dresel on drums. The bands name is an homage to a 1968 comeback television special by Elvis Presley. The music on this album is a return to his Rockabilly roots featuring high energy songs about cars, girls, guitars and late night excursions. Amongst the 17 track album there are cover songs and several Setzer originals. The album also features collaboration from Mike Himelstein, and Joe Strummer (of The Clash) on the song "Who Could Love This Car But Me?". The album also features a Spanish instrumental track "Malagueña" and the Punk tinged track "Get'Em On The Ropes". The project only released one album.

The Play List:

1. Hot Nasties - Steppin' Stone
2. The Fall - Repetition
3. The Vaselines - I Hate The 80s
4. Square Root of Maragret - Hallucinate Your Holidays
5. Frankie Rose and The Outs - Candy
6. The Organ and the Adding Machine - His Misters Pet Whistles
7. The Subways - Oh Yeah
8. Awesome Color - Zombie
9. Heat-Ray - Come Closer
10. The Dead Boys - Not Anymore
11. Lost Patrol - Tell No Lies
12. The Gruesomes - El Diablo
13. The Gruesomes - That Ain't Right
14. Seven Story Redhead - Foolish Schemes (From the Underground)
15. The Orpheans - Keep It Slow
16. Radio Birdman - Aloha Steve and Danno
17. Klaxons - Echoes
18. Franz Ferdinand - Send Him Away
19. Modern Lovers - Astral Plane
20. Brian Setzer 68 Comeback Special - Ignition
21. True Lovers - Lady of the Manor

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Canadian Punk Nuggets...Show # 317

Here are some video clips from some Canadian Punk bands:

The B-Girls are an all female Punk band that originates from Toronto. Thanks to Son of Spam for bringing this band to my attention.

The Modernettes originate from Vancouver.

The Pointed Sticks also originate from Vancouver.

This Weeks Play List:

1. The D4 - Sleaze City
2. Crash 80's - Thrills
3. Dry Heaves - South Windsor Punk (No Funk)
4. The Sods - There's No Pictures
5. Intravein - Speed of the City
6. Sabre - Take Me Home
7. The Roulettes - Unread Books
8. Square Root of Margaret - Angelene
9. Scatterheart - You Try
10. James Brown - Don't Be Drop-Out
11. Nick Lowe - Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)
12. The Locusts Have No King - Song 6
13. The Black Lips - How Do You Tell A Child That Someone Has Died
14. Keep Me Safe - Report From The Trenches
15. Johnny West - Can't Get But Been Got
16. The Thermals - You Changed My Life
17. The Black Angels - Bad Vibrations
18. Pretty Things - Gonna Find Me A Substitute
19. Gun Club - For the Love of Ivy
20. The Vamps - I Only Saw You
21. Neon Hearts - Get So Many Pains
22. Luger Boa - FTK

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tuesday At Phog

On Tuesday September 14th, a band from Vancouver is coming to Phog Lounge in Windsor. Scatterheart has been described as a theatrical based Rock band that has elements of Glam Rock and Punk in their music. According to reports some of the bands influences are David Bowie, Queen and The Police.  Their live shows feature many elements that are meant to entertain audiences such as handstands, guitar solos and singalongs meant to make Rock music fun again. The bands most recent release was their album The Masterplan was released in 2009.  Opening for the band is Windsor's Eric Welton.  You can check out the show this coming Tuesday September 14th around 9 PM at Phog Lounge located on 157 University Avenue West.  Another point of interest is that the show is a free/pay what you can show. 

More info on the band can be found via their official website.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Meet The Teardrops....The Story of The Teardrops..Show # 316

The Teardrops were a very short lived New Wave band that formed in Manchester, England in 1978. The band was assembled by Steve Garvey, who was at the time playing bass in another Manchester based band Buzzcocks. The band initially consisted of Steve Garvey (bass/vocals), Trevor Wain (guitar/vocals), John Key (guitar/vocals), Dave Brisbane (guitar), and John Donelly on drums. With this line up, a four song EP was recorded and released in 1978 by Bent Records entitled In and Out of Fashion. Shortly after the release of this EP, the line up of the band changed to include Tony Friel and Karl Burns, both were previously in the band The Fall. Another EP was released in the same year titled Leave Me No Choice that had the exact same tracklisting as the In and Out of Fashion EP. It seems that the EP was re-recorded with the new band members.

In 1979, a single was released titled Seeing Double. This 7 inch single may or may not have Steve Garvey on it. According to the Buzzcocks discography he does play on it, but it is believed that he did not participate on this single. By 1980, the band had almost run its course. With a few new members (Helen Barbrook, Trev Wain, and Dave Price) the band recorded and released its only full length album that was titled Final Vinyl. Released in January of 1980, the album featured some re-recordings of previous Teardrops songs "Teardrops and Heartaches", was now known as "Everything's O.K" it was originally a B-side on the Seeing Double single. "Teenage Vice" was also on this album, it was previously on the In and Out of Fashion EP and the Leave No Choice EP. The music on this album is for the most part experimental. There are elements of 70s Punk and New Wave on Final Vinyl, at times sounding like a mix between Buzzcocks and The Fall. The band essentially dissolved by 1981. In 1980 a compilation featuring Manchester bands called Identity Parade was released, it featured a song by The Teardrops called "Colours". A very short lived band emerged following The Teardrops called Bok Bok. They released one single in 1980 called Come Back To Me.

While information on this band is scarce, they have released several recordings, that are by now impossible to find (White Dopes on Punk, a compilation released by Castle in 2005 featured two songs by The Teardrops). In 2010, a collection of tapes from sessions that the band did at Graveyard Studios in Prestwich, where the band recorded their final album were found and restored by Blind Eye Records. A series of 7 inch vinyls are set to be released in early 2011.

The Play List:

1. The Libertines - I Get Along
2. The Demics - The Grey and The Black
4. Livid Scaries - Oh Well
5. Pink Cadilac Scat Cats - New York City (Acoustic)
6. Shaky Jack Whiteside - I Won't See You No More
7. Seven Story Redhead - Don't Wanna Know
8. West Coast Pop Experiment Band - If You Want This Love
9. The Music Machine - The People In Me
10. Hollywood Brats - Sick On You
11. The Count Bishops - Teenage Letter
12. White Stripes - Jolene (Live)
13. Fitz & The Tantrums - Breakin' The Chains of Love
14. David Bowie - Move
15. Sheep Look Up - Jumper
16. The Teardrops - Leave Me No Choice
17. The Teardrops - Everythings O.K.
18. The Teardrops - Meet the Teardrops
19. Undertones - Girls That Don't Talk (Demo)
20. Magic Hall of Mirrors - Rosewater Harpsichord
21. Young Rival - Search & Destroy (Live @ Phog Phest 2010)
22. The Pagans - Not Now, No Way
23. Pearl Jam - I Got Shit (Live JonesBeach, New York, August 24, 2000)
24. Radio 4 - Enemies Like This
25. The Hives - Fall is Just Something Grown Ups Invented

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