Saturday, August 19, 2023

Revolution Rock: The Golden Episode

On August 12th, the 1000th episode of Revolution Rock aired on CJAM FM’s airwaves. To celebrate this we did an episode with a gold theme. We have done several theme episodes in the past (not just during our annual February theme month episodes), but I don’t believe we’ve ever done a theme like this before. Inspired by a shuffle playlist last year where songs with the word “gold” in it kept popping up, we decided to go with this theme for the 1000th episode. Every song that was in this episode featured the word “gold.” I suppose it can be called our golden episode.

Here is some info on some of the “gold” songs featured in our 1000th episode:

The Gories - Idol with the Golden Head

Written by Leiber/Stoller, “Idol with the Golden Head” was originally released as a single in 1957 by The Coasters. Recorded at Sheldon Recording Studio in Chicago of the at the time new Chess Records building at 2120 Michigan Ave. This late 50s soul track was covered by Detroit’s The Gories in 1992. Giving it a garage/soul spin featuring Peg O’Neil’s primal stomp combined with the dual guitar attack from Mick Collins and Danny Kroha, along with Collin’s great vocal and Kroha’s backing vox, this track is found in two places in The Gories discography, on 1992’s Baby Say Uhh! single (as the B-side) and on their 1992 studio album Outta Here labeled as “Great Big Idol with the Golden Head.” The song itself is a lesser known song it seems in The Coasters discography. It tells the tale of someone buying an artifact, in this case an idol with a golden head and asks it where their love interest big foot May is. It turns out she’s at Catfish Creek partying, but this track captures a sense of youthful spirit, romance and adventure.

This now legendary Detroit garage band, The Gories released three full-length albums Houserockin’ (in 1989), I Know You Fine But How You Doin’ (1990), Outta Here (1992) and was featured on compilations in addition to releasing numerous singles. In 2013, a live recording from 1988 titled The Shaw Tapes: Live in Detroit 5/27/1988 was released through Third Man Records. The live album, like their music is raw and uninhibited sounding, it was recorded by Jim Shaw at a converted storefront that no longer exists. The set was captured in the spring of 1988 prior to the release of their first full-length album Houserockin’. The set features tracks that would wind up on this album including several that wouldn’t such as a cover of The Stooges “Real Cool Time,” The Iguanas “Again & Again,” The Keggs “To Find Out,” the surf track “Nautiloid Reef,” and several others. In 2015, they released their first new recording in 30 years, the single Be Nice/On the Run through Third Man Records. The Gories since reforming in 2009 have been performing live off and on while Collins, Kroha and O’Neil have performed in a variety of other bands since The Gories initial split. O’Neil played with ’68 Comeback and The Darkest Hours, Collins currently performs with The Dirtbombs, Wolfmanhattan Project, Danny Kroha performs solo and as Danny & The Stools.

The Fire Engines – Big Gold Dream

Forming in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1979, the Fire Engines were a post punk band and part of the Scottish post punk scene at the time. In their brief career, they released one mini album (Lubricate Your Living Room) and three singles (Get Up and Use MeCandyskin, Big Gold Dream) before disbanding in 1981. Known for their funky, yet discordant, anti-pop rhythms, “Big Gold Dream” followed their Candyskin/Meat Whiplash single, which when originally released in 1981 went to #7 on the UK Indie Charts. Previously their debut single Get Up and Use Me/Everythings Roses went to #9 on the UK Indie Charts. With “Big Gold Dream” the song with its catchy choruses, funky rhythms and female back up vocals seemed pegged to be another single charting song in the UK, but unfortunately it did not chart. The band imploded shortly after this and just before a potential US tour. The band’s history is also connected with Bob Last, who had the label Fast Product/Pop:Aural. He would release at the time new post punk music from not only The Fire Engines, but also Gang of Four, Mekons and The Human League to name a few. He would also be a manager for The Human League.

Two of the members of the band (Davy Henderson and Russell Burn) would go on to form the band Win, Henderson formed the noise rock oriented band Nectarine No.9 in the early 90s. More recently he has performed/recorded with The Sexual Objects. In 2004, The Fire Engines reformed to support The Magic Band in Edinburgh, although not with Captain Beefheart, the band had been a huge influence on Fire Engines. With that a new interest in the band grew. A limited edition single followed next with Franz Ferdinand. The Fire Engines covered their song “Jaqueline” and Franz Ferdinand covered “Get Up and Use Me.” Several compilations were released as well. Most recently, Codex Teenage Premonition in 2005, made up of live recordings and live sessions and Hungry Beat in 2007, which collected the band’s mini album Lubricate Your Living Room along with the three singles they’ve released.
Show 1001 (Originally Aired On August 19th, 2023) (The Hives, Robbie Roberston, Rodriguez, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye):

1.  The Hives - Trapdoor Solution 
2.  The Hives - Stick Up 
3.  Hippie Hourrah - Rorschach 
4.  Joanna Sternberg - The Human Machine 
5.  Cat Clyde - Everywhere I Go 
6.  Lonesome Lefty & The Cryin’ Shames - Diga Diga Doo
7.  Canadian Squires - Leave Me Alone 
8.  Bob Dylan & The Hawks - Tell Me Momma (Live 1966 Royal Albert Hall) 
9.  The Band - To Kingdom Come
10. The Band - Jawbone 
11. The Band - Yazoo Street Scandal 
12. The Band - The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
13. Sam Cooke - Mean Old World 
14. Sam Cooke - Laughin’ and Clownin’
15. Marvin Gaye - Please Stay (Once You Go Away (Alt Mix) 
16. Marvin Gaye - The World is Rated X 
17. The Scenics - In the Summer 
18. Protomartyr - 3800 Tigers
19. Odonis Odonis - Passing Us By (Feat. SUUNS) 
20. Frankiie - Garden 
21. Osees - Sleazoid Psycho 
22. Rodriguez - Hate Street Dialogue
23. Rodriguez - Street Boy 
24. Rodriguez - Crucify Your Mind 
25. Neil Young - Sedan Delivery

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Show 1000 (Originally Aired On August 12th, 2023)(The Golden Episode):

1.  Pavement - Gold Soundz 
2.  Guided By Voices - Gold Star for Robot Boy
3.  Lizzie Esau - Fool’s Gold 
4.  Hole - Gold Dust Woman 
5.  Johnny West - Gold Smoke
6.  Damaged Bug - Lovely Gold 
7.  Daniele Lupi & Parquet Courts (Ft. Karen O) - The Golden Ones 
8.  David Bowie - Velvet Goldmine
9.  Broken Social Scene - Golden Facelift 
10. Brian Eno - Golden Hours
11. Car Seat Headrest - Golden Years 
12. Chad Vangaalen - Golden Pear
13. Neil Young - Silver & Gold 
14. Syd Barrett - Golden Hair 
15. Mac DeMarco - 2020819 She Get the Gold Star 
16. Wax Mannequin - Grover’s Gold 
17. Tom Waits - Diamonds & Gold 
18. Nirvana - Marigold
19. Sprinters - Struck Gold
20. Sloan - Golden Eyes 
21. Apollo Ghosts - Golden Teacher 
22. Thee Oh Sees - Golden Phones 
23. Dick Nolan - Golden Rocket 
24. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Silver & Gold 
25. Fire Engines - Big Gold Dream 
26. Parquet Courts - Light Up Gold I 
27. Parquet Courts - Light Up Gold II 
28. Weak Signal - Dripping in Gold 
29. Paul the Tailor - Gold 
30. The Sadies - Reward of Gold 
31. Atomic Seven - The Man with the Golden Card
32. Iggy Pop - Gold 
33. The Gories - Idol with the Golden Head

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Show 999 (Originally Aired On August 5th, 2023)(The Chameleons, The Flaming Lips, Ed Keupper, Ron Gallo, Mononegatives, 999):

1.  999 - Direct Action Plan 
2.  The Replacements - Left of the Dial (Ed Stasium Mix)
3.  Wilco - Evicted 
4.  Ed Keupper - A Trick or Two 
5.  Ed Keupper - Not Too Soon 
6.  Stevie Wonder - Too High 
7.  Ike & Tina Turner - Higher Ground 
8.  The Dirtbombs - Livin’ for the City 
9.  Mononegatives - Deficit 
10. Fake Palms - Wasted Silhouettes 
11. Private School - Science Fiction 
12. Wasted Lives - Undercover 
13. The Spy’s - Don’t Touch That Dial 
14. The Chameleons - Don’t Fall 
15. The Chameleons - Thursday’s Child 
16. The Flaming Lips - Pilot Can at the Queer of God 
17. The Flaming Lips - Be My Head 
18. Tough Age - Hideaway 
19. The Ape-ettes - Remi 
20. Private Lives - Dead Hand 
21. Priors - Separation Anxiety 
22. Sunglaciers - Kafka (Mixtape Version) 
23. Tobin Sprout - The Natural Alarm 
24. The Particles - Remington Rand
25. Ron Gallo - At Least I’m Dancing 
26. The Cramps - Don’t Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk
27. Young Rival - Heard it All Before 

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Show 998 (Originally Aired On July 29th, 2023)(Olinda, Tea Leaves, Daniel Romano, Dan Sartain, The Ichi-Bons):

1.  Olinda - Dreams in Transit 
2.  Decliner - Gumbie 
3.  Trophy Knife - Again and Again 
4.  Aleks Stoykoysky - Dehydrated 
5.  Roye Trout - Snake Oil 
6.  Ancient Shapes - Imaginary Agony 
7.  Tea Leaves - Bipolar Skies 
8.  Daniel Romano’s Outfit - Rhythmic Blood (Live) 
9.  Ex Ox - Nervous Complaint 
10. Phantom Sender - Solstice Ring
11. Delta 5 - Triangle 
12. Essential Logic - Aerosol Burns 
13. La Securite - Suspens 
14. Magazine - Sweetheart Contract
15. Osees - Stunner
16. The Fall - Psykick Dancehall 
17. Sonny & The Sunsets - I See the Void 
18. Galore - Lydia 
19. Fake Fruit - Mutuas 
20. Duotang - The Cons & Pros 
21. The Exploding Hearts - Boulevard Trash 
22. Buzzcocks - Nothing Left 
23. The Hives - Rigor Mortis Radio
24. Link Wray - Jack the Ripper 
25. Link Wray - The Stranger 
26. Dan Sartain - Ruby Carol 
27. Dan Sartain - Bohemian Grove 
28. Dan Sartain - People Throwing Stones at Glass Houses 
29. The Garrys - Burger Buoy 
30. The Kan Dells - Cloudburts 
31. The Ventures - The Ninth Wave 
32. The Ichi-Bons - Don’t Call Me Flyface 

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Show 997 (Originally Aired On July 22nd, 2023) (New York Dolls 50th Anniversary):

1.  Psychic Void - Back 2 Reality 
2.  Smashing Pumpkins - Pissant 
3.  Fruit Bats - Quiet 
4.  Blue Oil - From the Heart 
5.  Blue Oil - Sardine City
6.  Ancient Shapes - Imaginary Agony 
7.  Dead Bob - Party of One 
8.  B.A. Johnston - TV’s on Babe (Television Zombie)
9.  New York Dolls - Personality Crisis
10. New York Dolls - Looking For A Kiss (1972 Demo) 
11. New York Dolls - Vietnamese Baby
12. New York Dolls - Lonely Planet Boy 
13. New York Dolls - Frankenstein
14. Sylvain Sylvain - Trash 
15. New York Dolls - Bad Girl 
16. Johnny Thunders - Subway Train 
17. New York Dolls - Pills (Live 1974)
18. New York Dolls - Private World 
19. New York Dolls - Jet Boy 
20. By Divine Right - Mutant Message 
21. By Divine Right - Super Moon (Demo) 
22. Shotgun Jimmie - Sappy Slogans
23. Ron Leary - I Was Born 
24. The Ape-ettes - Trampoline 
25. The Stools - Buick Boogie 
26. Louder Than Death - Scum of the Moon 

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Show 996 (Originally Aired On July 15th, 2023)(Lou Reed's Berlin, Wax Mannequin, Kid Congo Powers, Private Lives, Blue Oil): 

1.  Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds - (Are You) Ready Freddy? 
2.  Ron Gallo - Foreground Music 
3.  Ghost Woman - Street Meet 
4.  The Stoves - Moments 
5.  Mudhoney - Little Dogs 
6.  Lou Reed - Lady Day 
7.  Lou Reed - Men of Good Fortune 
8.  Lou Reed - Oh Jim 
9.  Lou Reed - Berlin (1971 RCA Demo) 
10. Grian Chatten - Fairlies 
11. Wax Mannequin - Even Then 
12. Amos the Kid - Well Water
13. Doug Paisley - If I Wanted 
14. Shana Cleveland - Mystic Mine 
15. Deer Tick - Grey Matter 
16. King Khan - The Nature of Things 
17. Tandoori Knights - Mr. Executioner 
18. Thee Retail Simps - Weapon of the Mystic 
19. Blue Oil - Money 
20. Private Lives - Hit Record 
21. Motorbike - Throttle 
22. Liquids - Bitter End 
23. Tiny Baby - Lake Temagami 
24. Spoon - She’s Fine, She’s Mine 
25. Funkadelic - Back In Our Minds

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Show 995 (Originally Aired On July 8th, 2023) (Fugazi, Spiderbite, Rick Froberg, Queens of the Stone Age, T.Rex):

1.  Fugazi - Witness Protection Program 
2.  Fugazi - Great Cop 
3.  Spiderbite - Fiberglass City 
4.  Mononegatives - Replaceable Anatomy 
5.  Skating Polly - All the Choices 
6.  boygenius - Satanist 
7.  PJ Harvey - I Inside the Old Year Dying
8.  Drive Like Jehu - New Math 
9.  Hot Snakes - Plenty For All 
10. Hot Snakes - Automatic Midnight 
11. Hot Snakes - Six-Wave Hold Down
12. Daniel Romano’s Outfit - The Long Mirror of Time (Live) 
13. Private Lives - Trust in Me 
14. Taxi Girls - After Effect 
15. Tough Age - In A Garden 
16. The Particles - Bits of Wood 
17. La Securite - Dis-Moi 
18. Feeble Little Horse - Tin Man 
19. Post Grads - Anxiety 
20. Ryan Bourne - Black Hole
21. Obits - Two Headed Coin
22. Obits - Spun Out
23. Obits - Let Me Dream If I Want To 
24. Albert Hammond Jr. - One Chance 
25. Cameron Noise - Did I Ever Tell You
26. TAFKAVince Band - Magazine Pages 
27. Queens of the Stone Age - Paper Machete 
28. T.Rex - The Slider 

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