Saturday, July 02, 2022

Podium: An Interview with Nick Trampolino Shows # 941, 940, 939

Podium is a punk band from Valencia, Spain. Conceived by guitarist Nick Trampolino, the band started out as personal project with a drum machine and guitar, which can still be heard on their Bandcamp page. The project quickly evolved into a full-fledged band featuring Salva Frasquet (guitar), Ximo Barcelo (bass), Miguel J. Carmona (drums) and Africa Mansaray on vocals. Podium’s sound became what has been described as “Pulsating with the epic aggression of hardcore, the impersonal and perverse tone of industrial metal, and full balanced with the liveliness of the authentic surf scene.” Their debut album, titled Podium, was released on Slovenly Recordings in late November 2020. Initially pressed in a limited quantity, it sold out quickly warranting a repress. The band went on their first North American tour playing in parts of the US and Canada in the summer of 2022.

The album itself has drawn comparisons to a bands such as Ministry (circa 1989), Man or Astroman?, Shellac, The Spits and Go-Go’s. Podium starts off with a short-spoken word segment in Spanish before launching into a grimy punk meets industrial sound. With elements of garage and hardcore charging through the opening sonic moments of the album and vocalist Africa Mansaray’s urgent, passionate vocals “Centrate,” (Tough) starts off this remarkable debut album. A steady snare and cymbal drumbeat begins the next track “Que Arda” before the twin guitar attack of Trampolino and Frasquet combine with the bass, drums and vocals. This fiery track's title translates into “That Burns” in English. Other songs such as “Magia Negra” (black magic), “La Noche” (the night), “Psicopata” (psychopath) and “Mass Fuerte” (stronger) set the tone in lyrics and music before the volume hits you. There is one track sung in English by guitarist/founder of Podium called “Skating.” This song sizzles with post-punk vibes as Trampolino sings of the chaotic world around him and the desire to just go skating.

With Africa Mansaray singing with her resilient urgency dipping into politically themed topics, Podium creates a world of volume behind her. Podium’s debut album sets the stage for a distorted, scuzzy driven album that reveals a sense of urgency, ferocity and exhilaration.

Check out the interview that Revolution Rock did with Podium guitarist/founder Nick Trampolino:

Show 941 Playlist (Originally Aired On July 2nd) (Podium Interview):

1. The Replacements – Kids Don’t Follow
2. The Replacements – Gimme Noise
3. S.N.F.U. – Misfortune
4. Guided by Voices – Focus on the Flock
5. Weird Nightmare – Oh No feat. Chad VanGaalen
6. Podium - Que Arda
7. Podium - Podium

8. Podium - Skating
9. Elvis Costello – Tears Before Bedtime
10. Elvis Costello – You Little Fool
11. Cola – Mint
12. Young Guv – Nervous Around U
13. The Beach Boys – Hang onto Your Ego
14. Brian Wilson – Heroes and Villains
15. The Beatles – Got to Get You into My Life [Take 5]
16. Paul McCartney – That Would Be Something
17. Tim Swaddling - Rollin’ On
18. The Burning Hell - Empty World
19. The Cheetahs - Heart of the City (Nick Lowe Cover)
20. Hot Garbage - She Figured It Out
21. Sunglaciers - Best Years (Feat. Chad VanGaalen)
22. Susans - Up North
23. Priors - Voice of Reason
24. Dion Lunadon - Glass Doll
25. Podium - La Noche
26. Baby Giant - Easy to Love

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Show 939 (Originally Aired On June 18th, 2022) (Dry Cleaning, CLAMM, Cellos, Buffy Sainte-Maire, Willie Dunn, Vancougar OMBIIGIZI, Status/Non-Status):

1. Kevin Morby – Disappearing
2. Spoon – On the Radio
3. Horsegirl – World of Pots and Pans
4. Dry Cleaning – Don’t Press Me
5. Buffy Sainte-Marie - Better To Find Out For Yourself
6. Buffy Sainte-Marie - He’s A Keeper of the Fire
7. Willie Dunn - Metis Red River Song
8. Willy Mitchell and the Desert River Band - Kill’n Your Mind
9. Innes Wilson & His Opposition - Fourth Line
10. Vancougar – Let Me Down
11. Yamantaka/Sonic Titan – Queens
12. OMBIIGIZI – Niiyo Biboonagizi
13. STATUS/NON-STATUS – Find a Home
14. Viagra Boys - Troglodyte
15. Agender - Woah Life Wow
16. Mystery Actions - War Beat
17. CLAMM - Monday
18. The Chats - 66L GTR
19. Bad Mojos - Money
20. The Shapes - I Saw Batman in the Launderette
21, James White & the Blacks – Contort Yourself
22. Animal Collective – Passer-by
23. Preoccupations - Ricochet
24. Cellos - Locked In The Stocks
To hear this program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and click the June 18 file to download/stream the episode.
For those keeping track, episode 940 was a repeat of an earlier episode (episode # 938). This episode featured music and an interview from musician Dion Lunadon. You can find the playlist to that episode here and a link to download/listen to it here.