Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Revolution Rock (Revisited) The Haunted & Show # 484

This week's program was a repeat of a show that originally aired back in February 2013. The show focused on Canadian Garage Rock bands focusing primarily on bands from the 60s and 80s; The post that originally coincided with this program was on the Toronto band The Ugly Ducklings and their single "Nothin’" originally released in 1966. You can check out my original post on “Nothin’” by clicking this link. There were numerous other bands featured on the program. One of the bands featured was The Haunted:

The Haunted formed in Montreal, Quebec in 1965. The band was formed by guitarist Jurgan Peter and after winning a battle of the bands contest at the Montreal Forum, the band recorded their debut single. The first prize for this contest was recording time, which resulted in the single “1-2-5” backed with “Eight O’Clock This Morning”. The song was one of the first in a string of singles and releases from the band. This song, which is often viewed as a cult classic is seen as one of the first successful singles in the Canadian Garage genre. This song, like The Ugly Ducklings “Nothin” (mentioned here), both emphasize elements of Punk, Garage and Blues. “1-2-5” specifically features infectious harmonica and struck a chord with Canadians and eventually Americans alike.

This Week's Play List:

1. Painted Ship – And She Said Yes
2. King Beez – Found and Lost
3. The Secrets – Cryin’ Over Her
4. 49th Parallel – Citizen Freak
5. The Cryptics – You’re Evil
6. The Ten Commandments – Not True
7. The Bohemians – I Need You Baby
8. The Esquires – It’s A Dirty Shame
9. Tom Northcot Trio – Just Don’t
10. Munks – Long Time Waitin’
11. The Worst – Get That Thing
12. The 14th Wray – Your Face Is On My Mind
13. The Polyester Explosion – Madeline
14. The Beaumonts – She Treats Me Right
15. The Smugglers – That Is Rock ‘N’ Roll
16. Prehistoric Cavestrokers - You're In You're Out
17. The Legend Killers – Born Loser
18. Deja Voodoo - Monsters In My Garage Got Married
19. Great Scots – Ball & Chain
20. The Haunted – 1-2-5 (Original Version)
21. The Northwest Company – Eight Hour Day
22. The Gentle Touch – Visitors Parking Only
23. The Ugly Ducklings – Nothin’
24. The Ugly Ducklings – I Can Tell
25. The Ugly Ducklings - Gaslight
26. The Gruesomes – I’m Searching

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