Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fan Club...The Brian James Story...Show # 280

After his departure from The Damned in 1977, Brian James made recordings for a solo single featuring Police drummer Stewart Copeland. Titled Ain't That A Shame, the single was backed with the song "I Can Make You Cry (another single from these session was released in 1982 titled Why? Why? Why?). Brian James decided not to continue with a solo career. He instead joined up with the band Chelsea playing lead guitar on the track "No Escape", which would appear as a seven inch single and on a full length ablum the same name in 1980/1981. He joined up with Iggy Pop's solo band. While he played many live shows with Iggy, he was not featured on any studio recordings. He was however on live albums such as Heroin Hates You.

Brain James then teamed up with Dead Boys front man Stiv Bators to form a new band that would be titled Lords of New Church. Consisting of Bators on vocals, James on guitar, Dave Tregunna (of Sham 69) on bass, and Nicky Turner (of The Barracudas) on drums, the band lasted from 1982-1989.  They recorded three full length albums (The Lords of New Church (1982), Is Nothing Sacred? (1983), and The Method of Madness (1984)) and an EP. The music of the band reflects a Glam and Punk nature, but they are sometimes labeled as Goth Rock. In 1982, The Lords of New Church had a top 40 single (#32 on the Canadian singles charts) with the song "Open Your Eyes".

In addition to being in these bands Brian James also formed the short lived band, Tanz Der Youth. James also played guitar in a band called The Dripping Lips, who released an album in 1998 entitled Ready To Crack. He was also in a super group called Mad For the Racket, which featured Stewart Copeland, Wayne Kramer, Clem Burke, and Duff McKagan. They recorded and released an album in 2001 that was titled The Racketeers. Brian James has throughout the 80's/90's reunited with The Damned off and on, there has also been numerous Damned collections released featuring outtakes when Brian was still with the band. He currently plays with a new band titled The Brian James Gang (a self titled album was released in 2006) and he also plays with The Lords of New Church. They reunited in 2003, with a new singer Adam Becvare (Stiv Bators passed away in 1990). An album titled Hang On was released in 2003.

The Play List:

1. The Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat
2. The Dishrags - Carry On
3. Hot Nasties - Steppin' Stone
4. The Spys - Best That I Can Get (Demo)
5. The Diodes - That Was The Way It Was
6. Deja Voodoo - Call Link Wray
7. Christian D & The Hangovers - Vampire Rocker
8. The Drums - Let's Go Surfing
9. Harlem - Friendly Ghost
10. The Mink Chicks - I Can't Stop Being Foolish 
11. The Vores - Stress
12. Brian James - Living In Sin
13. Brian James - Another Time, Another Crime
14. The Brian James Gang - VIP
15. Tanz Der Youth - Delay
16. King - Baby Sign Here With Me
17. Carbon/Silicon - Make It Alright 
18. Devo & Neil Young - Hey Hey My My
19. Keith Levene - Cold Turkey
20. The Clash - London Calling (Vanilla Tapes Version) 

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 Holiday Special....Show #279

Today's program featured all Christmas/Holiday based songs. Several of the songs were from newer bands, but many were older classic songs from the 60's Garage and 70's Punk era.

In 1966, on the Northwest coast three Garage Rock bands put together a Christmas album Titled Merry Christmas. This album was made up of almost all original compositions and the songs on the album are not your traditional holiday songs.  It featured three bands, The Sonics, The Wailers, and The Galaxies. On this album you will find three songs by The Sonics ("Santa Claus", "The Village Idiot", and "Don't Believe in Christmas"), three songs from The Wailers ("She's Comin' Home", "Christmas Spirit", "Maybe This Year"), and four songs from The Galaxies ("Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer", "Please Come Home For Christmas", "Christmas Eve", "The Christmas Song"). Originally released on The Wailers Etiquette label, this album was re-issued on CD in 1991, but is often overlooked. It is a great Christmas album in true Garage Rock fashion, that now is very hard to find because it is no longer in print. On today's program I played a song by The Sonics from this album. I also played two other bands covering "Santa Claus" (The Gruesomes, and The D4), which is a song that is also on this album.  

Christmas Play List:

1. The Features - Christmas Wish Book
2. Pointed Sticks -X-Mas Time Again 
3. The Swimmers - The Christmas Sound
4. Duotang - Old Man Davie's Christmas Kingdom
5. Snow Globe-ins - Christmas Dog
6. Evaporators - Who Are You?
7. Atomic 7 - Senor Santa El Es El Monstruo
8. Johnny Cash - I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day
9. The Bicycles - Snow 
10. The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song
11. Los Straitjackets - Jingle Bell Rock
12. The Greedies - A Merry Jingle
13. The D4 - Santa Claus
14. The Yobs - Silent Night (Single Version)
15. Stiff Little Fingers - White Christmas 
16. The Kinks - Father Christmas
17. The Sonics - Don't Believe in Christmas
18. Joey Ramone - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 
19. The Pogues - Fairytale of New York 
20. Julian Casablancas - I Wish It Was Christmas Today
21. The Gruesomes - Santa Claus
22. Pearl Jam - Santa God 
23. The Flaming Lips - Christmas At the Zoo
24. REM - Christmas Griping
25. REM - Parade of the Wooden Solider (Alt.Version)

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Young Rival Interview...Show # 278

Coming from Hamilton, Ontario Young Rival started out in 2002 as The Ride Theory. The band features Aron D'Alesio (guitar/vocals), Kyle Kuchemy (guitar), John Smith (bass), and Noah Fralick on drums. Drawing influence from bands such as The Kinks, early Rolling Stones, Simply Saucer, Surf music, 70's Rock, and other 60's British Garage acts, The Ride Theory released their first album in 2002.

The Ride Theory, was produced by Jamie Andrew and features ten songs. The album introduced the world to jangly Garage songs such as "Alright", "Walk the Line", and "Can't Get it Right". The songs while they crunched with 60's Garage ethics, sounded fresh and original. Almost all the songs featured strong vocal harmonies that add further dimension to their music. There are also elements of Surf throughout their music too, that is evident on songs such as "Reflecting on A Foggy Day". In addition to this debut, the band has an explosive live show, which quickly built them not only a local following, but also a wider audience as well.

In 2005, Ride Theory released In This City. This album indicated a growing band, and the album displayed more musical dimensionality than on their debut. The album drew on 60's Garage, Surf, but also brought more Pop elements into their sound. Recorded at Chemical Sound Studios in Toronto on Reel-to-Reel tapes in 3 days, the album shined with a 60's gritty goodness. There are songs such as the riff filled "Dead Radio, Love", "I'm On Board" which emanates a Yardbirds/surf sound, "Parking Ticket", "Great White Shark", "Hey Sugar" Garage/Punk tracks, and finally "My Girl June". This song is an acoustic track filled with harmonious hooks, retro guitar licks, and handclaps, is clearly a highlight. After touring and being known as The Ride Theory since 2002, The Ride Theory changed their name to Young Rival in 2007.

Starting anew as Young Rival, the band took their sound to New York, and Hoboken, New Jersey, where they recorded new material. They posted several demos on their myspace page, sold demo CD's at their live shows, and even started receiving airplay in the UK. Working with Emery Dobyns (Lou Reed, Patti Smith), Young Rival produced several tracks that would end up on their first self titled EP. Young Rival features six tracks all of which keep true to the bands jangly Garage Rock past, while venturing into to new interesting music territory. It features songs such as "Another Nobody" an energetic reverb drenched Garage Rock, crowd favourite, "Poisonous Moves" a sleazy rocker, "4:15" which takes on a Zombie's-like influence, and "The Haunt", which reflects a darker yet melodic mood. The opener of the EP is the catchy and addictive "Your Island", a 60's style Pop song with strong harmonies, flooding drum crashes, and visually appealing lyrics.

On April 13th, 2010 (in the US on June 8th) Young Rival released their first full length album under that band name. Signing to legendary Hamilton label Sonic Unyon, Young Rival is now alongside other Hamilton, Ontario greats such as Teenage Head and Simply Saucer. Recorded during June of 2009 with Polaris Prize winning Jon Drew, Young Rival's self titled debut has all the energy, excitement and depth of Rock and Roll. Compared to previous releases by the band this album reflects a more "rough around the edges" sound.  There are also two tracks dating back to the bands recording sessions with Emery Dobyns from 2007 for the bands EP. The band takes on a new dynamic with this album. It Picks up where the bands six song EP left off, containing high energy rockers and songs more melodic in nature. Lyrically the album contains upbeat lyrics, juxtaposed alongside darker and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Within the new sonic dynamics that are being displayed here, Young Rival will now operate a three piece. In December of 2009, rhythm guitarist Kyle Kuchmey left the group to pursue other interests, but he is featured on all of the recordings found on this album.

The album keeps true to their live sound. Songs such as "The Ocean", "Authentic", "T-Shirt and Shorts", "Workin", "Ghost in the Park", and "Just Can't Stay Here" all capture the essence of the band. Other songs on the album such as "At the Break of Dawn" which is an acoustic track similar to Velvet Underground with Surf Guitar elements, and "A Few Things Left" which is a Blues and Garage Rock track, add to the songs featured on Young Rival. Drenched in elements of 60's Garage, Surf, Pop and strong vocal harmonies, Young Rival is an eleven track album that you will want for your collection.

I was fortunate enough to get an interview with the band prior to their live show at Phog Lounge in November of 2009. It can be downloaded here. Be sure to check out their myspace to hear one of their new songs that will be featured on their upcoming album.


Band Links:

Young Rival Myspace
Young Rival Blog

This Week's Play List:

1. The Clash - Drug Stabbing Time 
2. Alternative TV - You Bastard 
3. The Sound - Cold Beat
4. Teenage Head - Get Off My Back 
5. Lou Reed - Hangin' Round 
6. The Killermeters - SX 225
7. VIP's - Suttgart Special
8. Rolling Stones - I'm Alright (Live)
9. Paul McCartney - I'm Down (Live)
10. Ugly Ducklings - Nothin'
11. The Shakers - Baby It's True
12. Guided By Voices - A Good Flying Bird
13. Link Wray - Slinky
14. Dead Drouillard - Chocolate Toupee
15. Young Rival - Authentic Child (Demo)
16. Young Rival - Poisonous Moves
17. Young Rival - Got What You Need
18. Simply Saucer - I Can Change My Mind
19. The Saints - Untitled
20. Them - I"m Gonna Dress in Black (Version 2) 
21. The Standells - Riot On The Sunset Strip
22. The Guilloteens - For My Own
23. The Stooges - Loose
24. The Kinks - This Time Tomorrow

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Young Rival Videos:

Your Island
My Girl June

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mark Inside Interview...Show # 277

The Mark Inside originates from Whitby, Ontario. They started playing music around the year 2000, and currently reside in Toronto, Ontario. The band features Chris Levoir (vocals/guitar), Gus Harris (guitar), Geoff Bennet (bass), and Geordie Dynes on drums. Mixing influences such as 60's Garage Rock/Psychedelic, Punk and some 90's Rock bands such as Sonic Youth, The Mark Inside have created an urgent Rock and Roll mutation.

After relocating to Toronto, the band entered a studio with Tom D'arcy producing (of the band The Carnations). Intending to record an EP, the sessions turned out enough material for a full length album. Static/Crash was The Mark Inside's debut album and was released in 2004, initially on MapleMusic Recordings. It featured a varying style of music, but had stand out tracks such as "Carousel", "Everybody Talks To Everybody Else", and "Sweet Little Sister". Then Ian Blurton remixed the album with the band and they re-issued Static/Crash in 2005. Following the albums release and some music videos, The Mark Inside set out touring. Their live shows are loud, energetic, and their songs pour out with a dirty Rock and Roll fury. They have toured across Canada and parts of the UK and have played on the same stage with bands such as Velvet Revolver, Cuff The Duke, The Carnations, The Postage Stamps and Magneta Lane. In 2009, they played at North By North East.

The follow up to Static/Crash was recorded in six weeks in the UK, and is going to be titled Nothing To Admit. It was produced by acclaimed UK producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian) and is set to be released sometime soon. From previewing songs on their myspace, songs such as "Nothing To Admit", and "Lime Green Monkeys" groove with a Post Punk edge and a Garage Rock swagger. When the band played a live show at Phog Lounge in Windsor, Ontario, the crowd got to hear several other new tracks by the band. Some of the songs they played were songs such as the "Roman Candles" a Pop song with grit, and "Shocked" a suspense filled song with an aggressive soulful roar

I was fortunate enough to get an interview with the band prior to their show at Phog Lounge. The interview was done while the band was playing a game of Jenga with another band on the same bill, Young Rival. I have made the interview available to download along with two songs from Mark Inside's 7" single. Download them and spread the word, the band encourages it:

Circling The Drain

Band websites:

Mark Inside Myspace Page
Mark Inside Blog

This Week's Play List:

1. The Griefs - All Over Again
2. The Vultures - Looking For A Job
3. X - The New World
4. The Wolfmen - Jackie Is It My Birthday
5. Franz Ferdinand - What She Came For
6. Kleenex - You 
7. Pere Ubu - Non-Alignment Pact
8. Action Makes - Berlin (Rough Mix)
9. Little Girls - Tambourine
10. Arctic Monkeys - Fright Lined Dining Room
11. Rich Kids - Put You In the Picture
12. King Khan & BBQ Show - Tryin'
13. Mudhoney - Generation Spokesmodel
14. The Mark Inside - Sweet Little Sister 
15. The Mark Inside - Circling The Drain 
16. The Mark Inside - Liar!
17. Gang of Four - Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time
18. The Lurkers - I Don't Need To Tell Her
19. Neil Young - The Art of Love 
20. The Subways - Holiday
21. The Almighty Defenders - The Ghost With the Most

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Mark Inside Videos:

Sweet Little Sister

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Destiny Street Repaired... Show # 276

In 1982 Richard Hell & The Voidoids released their second and final album Destiny Street. The album featured recordings of well known Richard Hell songs such as "The Kid with the Replaceable Head", "Time", "Lowest Common Denominator", and more. There were also a few cover songs on the album such as "Going Going Gone" a cover of a Bob Dylan song from his album Planet Waves, and "I Gotta Move" by The Kinks. In 2004, Richard Hell acquired the rights to the album and let it go out of print.

The original version of Destiny Street was always plagued with problems according to Richard Hell. When the original rhythm tracks were discovered in 2006, the opportunity arose for Richard to re-record parts of the album and that's what Richard did  Using the original rhythm tracks which feature Robert Quine and Naux on guitar, Richard Hell on bass and Fred Maher on drums, several guitarists were brought in to add additional guitar parts (Bill Frisell, Ivan Julian, and Marc Ribot) and Richard re-recorded the vocals. The result is Destiny Street Repaired, an album that is more representative of the original vision Richard had for Destiny Street.

In addition to the overhaul of the album, the CD version of the album contains two bonus tracks that were recorded in 1979. "Smitten" is a previously unreleased song and "Funhunt" is also included here for the first time in studio form. Previously "Funhunt" was only available in live form. The artwork has also been modified by Scottish artist Jim Lambie. Destiny Street Repaired can be found at Richard Hell's Official Website and insound.com

Play List:

1. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - I Gotta Move (2009 Version)
2. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Going Going Gone (1982 Version)
3. The New Strychnines - You've Got Head On Backwards
4. Dee Dee Ramone & The Chinese Dragons - Chatterbox
5. The Demics - The Least You Can Do
6. Little Red - Coca Cola
7. The Parkas - Isolation Pay
8. The Doors - You Make Me Real
9. Perpetual Motion - Infiltrate Your Mind
10. Last Knight - Shadow of Fear
11. Canadian VIP's - I Know
12. The Mynah Birds - It's My Time
13. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - The Kid With the Replaceable Head (1982 Version)
14. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - The Kid With the Replaceable Head (2009 Version)
15. White Denim - I Start To Run
16. The Sonic Avenues - Out of My Head
17. Black Sabbath - National Acrobat
18. Them Crooked Vultures - Reptiles
19. Queens of the Stone Age - Another Love Song
20. The Sweet Action - Tell Me
21. White Stripes - I Fought Piranhas
22. Gruesomes - What Wave
23. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Lowest Common Denominator (2009 Version)
24. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Funhunt (1979 Studio Demo)

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

True Lovers New Video....Show # 275

After three weeks of fill-in hosts, I finally returned to my hosting duties on Revolution Rock. That being said, there was a new band featured on my show that deserves a mention.

The True Lovers were formed by New Zealanders Dion Lunadon (previously from The D4) and Ben Maitland (previously from Box Car Guitars) and are based out of Brooklyn, New York. Forming in 2008, The True Lovers are a Rock and Roll band that have a greasy honesty and venomous fury. They have recently released their first single entitled "Death Threat". The song is available for free via their website, a full length album is to follow in February 2010. In the meantime, check out their website, download their song for free and check out their video for "Death Threat".

True Lovers Websites:

True Lovers Official Website
True Lovers Myspace
True Lovers Twitter

This Week's Play List:

1. Starshooter - Get Baque
2. Blitzkrieg Bop - Bugger Off
3. Dry Heaves - Portable
4. The Spys - Underground
5. Braineaters - Rock Rock
6. Yellow Wood - Chinese Women Unite!
7. Githead - Take Off
8. That Ghost - Red Bow
9. Hot Hot Heat - Le Le Low (Live On CBC Radio 3)
10. Tricky Woo - Hot Kitty (Live On CBC Radio 3)
11. Sloan - Take It Upon Yourself
12. The Wolfmen - I'm Not A Young Man Anymore
13. Box Car Guitars - My Love is Blue
14. The Verlaines - Pyromaniac
15. The Clean - Point That Thing Somewhere Else
16. Bored Games - Joe 90
17. The Scavengers - True Love
18. Luger Boa - It's Too Complicated
19. True Lovers - Death Threat
20. The Jam - Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
21. The Hentchmen - Some Other Guy
22. The D4 - Sleaze City

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Horrors Talk Records...Show # 274

This week my show featured yet another fill in host. Next week I will return to my hosting duties. Tune in next week (or visit this blog) because I will also play new music from The True Lovers, Sloan and more.

In the meantime, here is an interesting video featuring the UK band The Horrors. Courtesy of amoeba.com, the band discusses some of their favourite records. More information on The Horrors can be found in my Primary Colors post.

This week's play list:

1. Turbo Fruits - Want Some Mo'
2. Brand New - Bed
3. We The Weapon - Atlas
4. Devil Eyes - Freak Pocket
5. Noah And The Whale - My Broken Heart
6. Ian Brown - Stellify
7. Tune-Yards - Sunlight
8. Peace - I Forget
7. Metro4 - Little Sister
8. Black Feelings - Golden Children
9. The Dead Letters - Ghost Of A Thousand Battles
10. The Swell Season - Feeling The Pull
11. The Detroit Cobras - As Long As I Have You
12. 7 Worlds Collide - You Never Know
13. The British Columbians - In The Leaves
14. Spiral Stairs - True Love
15. Strike Anywhere - I'm Your Opposite Number
16. Felix - Death To Everyone But Us
17. The Cribs - Cheat On Me
18. The Cribs - We Share The Same Skies
19. Michael Yonkers - What Can I Do
20. Michael Yonkers - Were You In The Way

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Show # 273

Another fill in was featured on today's program, this time a newer CJAM volunteer named Ash. Today's program highlighted a lot of new Canadian releases, and mostly new music in general. Short update this week, will be more news next week so check back!

This Week's Play List:

1.  A History Of  - DC Heat
2.  The Black Halos - Bombs Not Food
3.  Despised Icon - Diva of Disgust
4.  Red Mass - Saturn
5.  Brilliant Colors - Should I Tell You
6.  The King Khan And BBQ Show - Crystal Ball
7.  Thomas Function - Ew Way Ew
8.  Hostage Life - White Jesus
9.  Nothingtons - Sleep Tonight
10. Sub City - Silence
11. The Job - Problem
12. The Hoa Hoa's - Flowers Are Free
13. NOFX - No More Lies
14. Etaion Shrdlu - Knew Dudes
15. Julian Casablancas - Left in the Dark
16. Pennywise - We're Gonna Fight
17. Pulley - Wrecking Crew
18. Sub City - Sweet Misery
19. Spiral Beach - Domino
20. The Stand Stills - Blind

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nirvana Bleach 20th Anniversary....Show # 272

This week's program was hosted by Chris of I Am Collecting Beautiful Things. A wide variety of rock was played, new and old. Some of my favourite selections from this week's program was new music by Julian Casablancas and music from the re-issue of Nirvana's Bleach album.

Nirvana released a re-issue of their 1989 album Bleach celebrating the albums 20th anniversary this week. The album was originally released on June 15th, 1989. It featured songs such as "Blew", "Floyd the Barber", "Negative Creep", and "School" all of which reflected a heavier version of the band. "About A Girl" is also featured on Bleach and it is the albums purest pop moment, it reflects Kurt Cobain's Beatles influences. The album did not chart when it was originally released, but when Nevermind was released in 1991 and Nirvana started to become more popular, Bleach was re-issued and remastered in 1992.  Technically this is the second re-issue of the album, but this remaster of Bleach does have a noticable difference. For one all of the tracks have been remastered by Jack Endino (the albums original producer), and there is a bonus disc featuring a live concert from Nirvana at the Pine Street Theatre in 1990. In addition to this the linear notes have been expanded with additional notes and photos. 

Some other interesting facts about Bleach are that originally the title was going to be Too Many Humans.  Also Kurt Cobain is credited as Kurdt Kobain, and Dale Crover is featured as the drummer on some of the tracks and Chad Channing is the drummer on the other tracks.  It is a must for any Nirvana fan. 

Nirvana has also released a DVD of their Reading Festival performance in 1992, titled Live At Reading.  There are 25 live performances on the DVD and the picture has been remastered, it has been circulating in bootleg circles for sometime.  This is an excellent performance from the band.  There are some special editions of the album that contain both the audio and video of the Reading concert.  Usually there is a new Nirvana release every November, but last year there was no new Nirvana release, it looks like it was made up for because now there are two new releases available.  Both the 20th anniversary deluxe edition of Bleach and the Live At Reading DVD are now available to purchase. 

For a full history on Nirvana visit:

Endless, Nameless: The Nirvana Story Part One
Verse Chorus Verse: The Nirvana Story Part Two

The Play List:

1. North Of America - Central Port Of Equal Time
2. A History Of - Action In The North Atlantic
3. The Hoa Hoa's - Postcards
4. Alec Ounsworth - South Philadelphia (Drug Days)
5. Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension
6. Chuck Prophet - American Man
7. Mission Of Burma - After The Rain
8. Les Dales Hawerchuk - A Soir On Sort
9. Grooms - Dreamsucker
10. The Stand-Stills - Bound
11. Little Girls - Youth Tunes
12. Evening Hymns - Dead Deer
13. Thomas Function - Belly Of The Beast
14. Black Feelings - Last Rings Pt. 1
15. Talk Normal - Hot Song
16. Devil Eyes - Teeth
17. Times New Viking - 2/11 Don't Forget
18. King Khan & BBQ Show - Anala
19. Nirvana - Dive (live)
20. Etaoin Shrdlu - 1995-1997
21. Gospel Gossip - Home Is Where the Hibah Is

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Electro Rock...Show # 271

Cyborgs Revisited was an album released by Simply Saucer in 1989. The Hamilton, Ontario band lasted from 1973 to 1979 and only ever released one single officially when they were together. "She's A Dog/I Can Change my mind was released in 1978. The bands style was a mix of bands such as Alice Cooper, MC5, The Stooges, Velvet Underground, and Hawkwind.

The song "Electro Rock", featured on today's program can be found on the album Cyborgs Revisited. The album was made up of two sides, the first being a demo session that the band did with Daniel and Bob Langlois and the second was a concert recorded in 1975 from Hamilton, Ontario. When the album was released in 1989, it was hailed as a lost Canadian classic ranking on top Canadian album lists. Most recently it was ranked # 36 in the Top 100 Canadian Albums book by Bob Mersereau. In 2003, Cyborgs Revisited was re-released with nine bonus tracks. The band has reunited and plays with a different line up.

Play List:

1. The Cure - Plastic Passion
2. The Passions - I Radiate
3. The Scars - Everywhere I Go
4. The Fall - Stepping Out
5. The Horrors - Who Can Say?
6. Little Girls - Tambourine
7. The Secretaries - Hey Girl
8. Jook - Aggravation Place
9. The Arkells - Deadlines
10. Laughing Clowns - Lucky Days
11. Dirty Pretty Things - The North
12. The Flaming Lips - Unconsciously Screamin'
13. Simply Saucer - Electro Rock
14. 63 Monroe - 99th Floor
15. Young Rival - Got What You Need
16. Devil Eyes - Noctilucent Ghost
17. The Flashing Lights - The Flashing Lights Are On
18. The Zeros - Mainstreet Brat
19. Deja Voodoo - Surfing On Mars
20. The Yauchts - Secret Agent
21. The Government - Real Computer
22. Dead 60s - Red Light
23. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Albert Goes West

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yes Sir, No Sir... The Kinks Arthur Turns 40... & Show # 270

Its hard to believe that forty years ago in 1969, The Kinks first released their album Arthur (Or The Decline of The British Empire). It was released following their album The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society, that upon it's initial release sold poorly. Since then Village Green has gone on to become a cult classic and many Kinks fans favourite Kinks album, but people often overlook Arthur. It is based upon a concept revolving around Arthur and his son, who moves to Australia from England with his wife after World War II. The album originally had its first inception by Ray Davies as the soundtrack for a television play. When the play was cancelled, Ray used the themes and ideas he created and transferred them into album form via The Kinks.

The album was recorded from May to July at Pye Studios in the UK in 1969. Another interesting fact about this album is that it was produced by Ray Davies (as was Village Green). The albums concept was based loosely on Rose (Ray's Sister) and her husband Arthur Anning, who moved from England to Australia. This was also the very same Rosie that the song "Rosie Won't You Please Come Home" from Face To Face was based on. Themes on the album are addressed such as war, British oriented nostalgia, and the boringness of suburban life. The album opens with "Victoria", a Hard Rock based song that lyrically addressed the British Empire in a satirical way. The ballad "Some Mother's Son", addresses the horrors of war, while the song "Shangri-La" is in a world of its own. It addresses what seems to be a paradise, but as the song carries along the listener finds out that what Arthur thinks is his paradise is actually his own prison as well. Musically, the song mixes elements of Folk, Hard Rock and has been said to be one of Dave Davies favourite Kinks songs that his brother, Ray Davies has written.

"Mr. Churchill Says" references the effects of World War II on the British people. Musically the song picks up from a slow Blues influenced Rock song to being Hard Rock once again. The song actually features paraphrased parts from the speeches of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and a siren in the middle of the song that is supposed to represent the air-raid siren heard during World War II. The album also features many other songs playing into this over aching concept. There are other interesting songs such as "Brainwashed", "Arthur", "Nothing To Say", and the six minute "Australia" which features excellent guitar work from Dave Davies. Overall, the album musically is an exciting Rock album.

The album sold poorly in the UK, but in the US it received greater acclaim and reached #105 on the US album charts. Singles released for the album were "Drivin'", "Shangri-La", and "Victoria". Only "Victoria" would do well on the singles market (with the exception of "Shangri-La" in the Netherlands). It went to #62 on the US Billboard Hot charts and #33 on the UK singles charts. Arthur would also mark the beginnings of The Kinks return to mainstream success and a return to the bands Hard Rock style. Arthur was reissued in 1998 with several bonus tracks.

Other Kinks Links:

Waterloo Sunset: The Story of The Kinks Part One
Drivin': The Story of The Kinks Part Two
Some Kinda Kinks (Village Green/Dave Davies Post)
Dave Emulen's Kinks Website

The Play List:

1. The Kinks - Nothing To Say
2. Supergrass - Never Done Nothing Like That Before
3. The Black Hollies - Gloomy Monday Morning
4. The Flaming Groovies - Teenage Head
5. One Way Street - I See The Light
6. J.B & The Playboys - Leave My Woman Alone
7. The Count Five - Double Decker Bus
8. Dr. Feelgood - Riot in Cellblock No.9
9. The Dishrags - Sold Out
10. Ex-Boyfriends - Special Occasions
11. Lost Patrol - Outta My Mind
12. Dream Dates - Search and Destroy
13. Ramona - A Way Over
14. The Goodamn Goodamn's- Steel City Livin'
15. No Age - You're A Target
16. Islands - Vapours
17. The Raveonettes - Bang!
18. Carbon/Silicon - What's Up Doc?
19. Young Executives - Ice Age
20. Mando Diao - Go Out Tonight
21. Van Morrison - Everyone
22. The Clash - Every Little Bit Hurts
23. The Kinks - Shangri-La

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In addition to my feature on The Kinks album Arthur, I also played a new song by Carbon/Silicon. Here is the music video for "What's Up Doc?"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CJAM Redefined....Show # 269

CJAM is now 99.1 FM. That being said, Revolution Rock aired for the first time on 99.1 FM this Tuesday October 13th. The show has been on CJAM since 2004 and this week marked my 269th program. If you are a visitor of this blog, it is a good idea to check out the new CJAM website. You can subscribe to individual programs and even subscribe to an RSS Podcast by going to the programs section.

The downloads from CJAM's site are now a bit different, but are easier to get. To download the show you can visit the Revolution Rock page , all of the files will be listed in this link if you'd like to download a particular show from a particular week. Also if you click the Podcast RSS button, you will be able to subscribe to Revolution Rock as a Podcast.

99.1 FM Play List:

1. Almighty Defenders - All My Loving
2. BBQ - Outta My Mind
3. BBQ - I Wanna Be the Only One
4. Black Lips - Boomerang
5. The Scruffs - This Thursday
6. The Real Kids - Rave On
7. The Poles - CN Tower
8. The Reaction - The Kids Arrived
9. Spiral Beach - After Midnite
10. Rick White - Belief
11. Speaking Tongues - Run To My Door
12. Nirvana - School
13. Tank - Storm Trooper
14. Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension
15. Devo - Mongoloid
16. Peace - I Forget
17. Turbo Fruits - Trouble!
18. Generation X - Anna Smiles
19. XTC - Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down
20. Gang of Four - Love Like Anthrax
20. The Saints - This Perfect Day (Single Version)
22. Undertones - I Don't Wanna See You Again/I Told You So
23. Modernettes - Barbra
24. Pearl Jam - Gonna See My Friend
25. Buzzcocks - Operator's Manual

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CJAM Pledge Drive 2009!

This week's program was my annual Pledge Drive show. Once a year CJAM, which is a non-profit campus/community radio station relies on donations to keep the station running strongly for all of it's listeners. This year in particular is a very different kind of Pledge Drive. CJAM will be switching frequencies following the end of the drive and relocating on the 99.1 FM frequency. CJAM has been operating on 91.5 FM for the past 26 years, but due to unprotected status related issues we will require a frequency change. Now CJAM is about to begin a new era, with a new frequency. To do all of this, the station has had to install a new antenna which will result in a stronger signal and more range for it's listeners in some areas. As for the people who listen online, the station is also going to be launching a new comprehensive website, which will be more technologically advanced that the previous website. This will make listening to your favourite CJAM shows easier and faster.

My show this week featured several CJAM DJ's helping out. Adam (of Fear of Music), Clara (of The Washing Machine), and Chris White (of I Am Collecting Beautiful Things), all of which did a great job. My show did not reach its my desired pledge goal, but you can still help out! If you would like to donnate and help out CJAM you can visit the CJAM Website for instructions how to donate online through PayPal and to see the wonderful incentives we offer as a thank you for your donation. Pledge Drive will continue until October 5th at midnight. At that time CJAM will go off the air for good as 91.5 FM and retrun shortly after the installtion of a new antenna as 99.1 FM. The only thing that's changing about CJAM is the frequency, we will still offer the same great programing. Due to this my show will not be broadcasting next week, but check this website for special content.

This Week's Play List:

1. The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
2. Jay Reatard - Always Wanting More
3. Elvis Costello & The Attractions - The Beat
4. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Cool N' Out
5. The Mongols - Nautoloid Reef
6. The Spys - Underground

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on September 29th, 2009.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Noise, Noise, Noise...The Story of The Damned & Show # 267

The Damned came together through a pool of musicians that had all been in previous bands in some shape or form. Three of the band members that would be in the original line up of The Damned first played in a group that never played outside of band practices. Masters of the Backside featured Captain Sensible (Raymond Burns), Rat Scabies (Chris Millar), Dave Vanian (David Letts), and Chrissie Hynde. The band who was being managed by future Sex Pistols band manager Malcolm Mclaren, broke up due to management related issues. Chrissie Hynde would go on to form The Pretenders, while the remaining members added Brian James (Brian Robertson) to their ranks. James who was at the time returning to London after playing in a band called The Bastards, joined up briefly with a band that also never played live called London SS. He would leave the group which featured future members of The Clash (Mick Jones) and Generation X (Tony James) to join The Damned. Dave Vanian became the vocalist, Captain Sensible the bassist, Rat Scabies the drummer and Brian James, the guitarist. The name of the band has said to come from a variety of sources, one being the movie The Village of The Damned. The name was also the idea of lead singer Dave Vanian, who would often dress up in a vampiric style. The band played their first live show in 1976 at the 100 Club opening for Sex Pistols. The Damned were influenced by bands such as The Stooges, MC5, New York Dolls, Sex Pistols and others.

Signing to Stiff Records, The Damned recorded New Rose, it was released in late October of 1976. Produced by Nick Lowe, the energetic single was the very first single to be released by a UK Punk act. The B-Side of the single was a cover version of The Beatles song "Help!", played at an accelerated rate. The single sold so well that the initial first pressings of the single were sold out on mail orders alone. In 1977, The Damned released the first UK Punk album ever. Produced by Nick Lowe, the album was titled Damned Damned Damned, the album featured 12 songs (one of which was "New Rose"). The songs bled the spirit of fast paced Rock and Roll. Songs such as "Neat Neat Neat", "Fan Club", "I Fall", and "So Messed Up", all of which were written by guitarist Brian James are good examples of The Damned's style. The only songs that were not written primarily by James were "Stab Your Back" (written by Rat Scabies) and "I Feel Alright" (which was a cover of The Stooges song "1970"). The albums cover featured the band after having a pie fight. The cover is a good representation of the bands music displaying their sense of humour and love of reckless Rock and Roll abandonment. The back cover originally had a misprint on it. What was supposed to be a picture of The Damned playing live, was actually a picture of the band Eddie and the Hotrods. The overall album design is credited to Big Jobs Inc., but it is actually just an alternate name for Barney Bubbles. The album went to # 36 on the UK album charts.

The Damned then joined the infamous Anarchy Tour in the UK with the likes of Sex Pistols, The Clash, and Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers. The tour which is known for having more cancellations than shows played, did not feature The Damned for long. They would leave the tour and open for T.Rex's last tour. They also set another record for UK Punk by being the first UK Punk band to tour the USA, in turn influencing the beginning of US hardcore with their fast paced shows. When they returned from the USA, The Damned recorded two songs ("Stretcher Case" and "Sick of Being Sick") with legendary producer Shel Talmy. After more touring, The Damned added guitarist Lu Edmunds as a second guitarist and set out to record their second full length album. The album would not be produced by Nick Lowe (he was not available at that time to produce), instead it was produced by Nick Mason of Pink Floyd (originally the band had the intention of using Syd Barrett as producer). The album which is often frowned upon by critics, is actually a well written album which incorporates more intricate guitar parts and song structuring alongside the bands fast paced Punk sound. The album was meant to be different than its highly charged Punk predecessor, it was meant to be their Psychedelic album. It was released in November of 1977.

The issues surrounding the album also helped shape Music For Pleasure. Drummer Rat Scabies wanted to quit the band, but was convinced to stay for the recording, and the band went into the studio with hardly any new music ideas. Despite these issues, the album featured great songs such as "Problem Child", "Don't Cry Wolf", "You Take My Money", "Idiot Box, and "Your Eyes". The album once again contained a large majority of songs penned by Brian James, but it also featured a handful of songs written by and with the assistance of other band members. Music For Pleasure ends with the song "You Know", which features an ending saxophone solo. This ending is somewhat influenced by The Stooges, their album Funhouse ends in a similar fashion. Artwork for the album was done once again by Barney Bubbles, the cover featured versions of each band member in an almost abstract/cartoon form. Since the album also flopped commercially, Stiff Records dropped the band and they broke up.

After the members of the band went out to try other music projects, they decided to reunite. All of the members of The Damned returned with the exception of Brian James. Former bassist Captain Sensible would switch to guitar, and Algy Ward (former bassist in The Saints) became the groups new bassist. For a short period of time, Lemmy of Motorhead filled in on bass and even played some live shows, the band were called The Doomed briefly. When Ward came in, the second era of The Damned began. Signing to Chiswick Records, the band entered a studio to record their third full length album. In April 1979, The Damned released their first single in two years, it was titled "Love Song". The single did very well chart-wise going to #20 on the UK Singles charts. In September The Damned released the single "Smash It Up", the song was banned from BBC 1, due to its lyrical content. The bands full length album would be titled Machine Gun Etiquette. The album differed from The Damned's previous albums, incorporating elements of Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Punk and Pop into the music. The album featured the singles "Love Song", and "Smash It Up", and also other songs such as "Melody Lee", "Noise, Noise, Noise", "Liar" and "Looking At You" (which was a cover of a song originally done by MC5). Machine Gun Etiquette was also recorded at Wessex Studios in 1979, at the same time that The Clash were recording London Calling. As a result, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones of The Clash are featured vocally on the song "Machine Gun Etiquette", but are not credited. The album received good reviews, and went to #31 on the UK album charts.

In 1980, Algy Ward left the group (he would go on to form the band Tank). Paul Gray who had played bass with Eddie and The Hotrods joined as the groups new bass player. The Damned's next album would be a double album, it would also be titled The Black Album. Released in October of 1980, the album featured the band expanding their sound on the song "Curtain Call". The song was 17 minutes and took up the whole third side of the album, when it was released on vinyl. The song ventured into the Gothic music genre. The final side of the album featured four live songs. The album would reach #29 on the UK album charts, it would also be The Damned's last album released on the Chiswick record label. A four song Ep was released in 1981, titled Friday The 13th. It featured four songs (three originals and one cover song). In 1982, The Damned released the album titled Strawberries. It was during this time that Captain Sensible was also involved in a solo career. he would have a hit single in the UK with the song "Happy Talk". Around mid 1984/85, Sensible left the group. During the mid-eighties period, Dave Vanian took over as the core member of the group (he still remains as one of the only original members left with the group). The Damned continued until 1988 (amidst many line up changes), they then broke up yet again.

The Damned released an album in 1985 titled Not of This Earth, and are currently on Nitro Records, which is a label owned by Dexter Holland (of The Offspring). Grave Disorder was released in 2001 and So, Who's Paranoid? in 2008. The band's last album reflected more of a Pop influence, the current line up features Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible, amoung others. All of the Damned's albums up to their 1985 album Phantasmagoria, have been re-issued on CD with bonus tracks. A box set featuring all the recordings with guitarist Brian James was released in 2007 titled Play It At Your Sister. In addition to this a 30th anniversary edtion of Damned Damned Damned was released in april of 2007. This version of the album featured three CD's, which included B-Sides, demos and live recordings.

Next week is CJAM's pledge drive. This year's pledge drive is a little different than past pledge drives. This year will mark the transition from 91.5 FM to 99.1 FM. There are all sorts of incentives that will be available, so there is no reason not to support CJAM. Check cjam.ca for info and pictures of the incentives offered this year. If you would like to make a donnation please read the following information and click the link that follows:

CJAM's annual pledge drive will coincide the final week of broadcasting at 91.5FM and we will be bringing you some additional special programming and events commemorating over 25 years of FM on the frequency.

This year's drive will begin on Friday September 25 and conclude Monday October 5th. But you don't have to wait to donate! Pledge and donate online through CJAM's Website!

The Play List:

1. The D4 - What I Want
2. Lime Spiders - 25th Hour
3. The Misfits - Some Kinda Hate
4. Gentlemen of Horror - Rough Hike
5. The Spores - Shopping Binge
6. The Action - Down Town Boys
7. The Action - Success Without College
8. The Hellacopters - Ain't No Time
9. Wylde Rattz - TV Eye
10. Awesome Color - Ridin'
11. Pluto - Paste
12. Thrush Hermit - Radio Blaster
13. Barracudas - I Can't Pretend
14. Jerry Nolan - Pretty Baby
15. King Khan & BBQ Show - Waddlin' Around
16. The Forty-Fives - Shake
17. The Gun Club - Preachin' The Blues
18. Nervous Shakes - Be A Man
19. Television - Fire Engine (1975 Demo)
20. Sloan - I've Gotta Try
21. Johnny Thunders - Leave Me Alone
22. The Damned - New Rose
23. The Damned - One Way Love
24. Luger Boa - Only A Moment Away

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on September 22nd, 2009.

Damned Videos:

New Rose (1976 Promo Video)
Neat Neat Neat (Live 1977)
Problem Child (Live 1977)
Fan Club (Live 1978)
Love Song (TOTP 1979)
Smash It Up (1979 Promo Video)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Humbug & Show # 266

Today's program showcased two tracks from the newest release by Arctic Monkeys. The songs come from the bands third full length album which is titled Humbug. The album differs from the bands other two albums for a variety of reasons. For one, a large majority the album was produced and recorded by Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age) at his own Joshua Tree Studios in California. The band also recorded songs with producer James Ford, three of which are featured on Humbug ("My Propeller", "Secret Door", and "Cornerstone"). Secondly the music reflects a darker more aggressive version of the band (even more so than on their album Your Favourite Worst Nightmare). Despite the differences that may be described about the album, Humbug shows a band evolving while drawing on different musical differences.

Another thing featured on today's program was a performance that The Clash did on a French TV show in 1977. On the program they played "Complete Control", "1977" and did an interview. What's interesting and unique about the performances on this program is that the versions of "Complete Control" and "1977" are early versions of the songs. The guitars on "Complete Control" in particular, feature barely no distortion and the band as a result comes off sounding like an early 60's Garage Rock band. A rare glimpse at The Clash in their early days. The Video is posted below:

The Play List:

1. Neon Boys - That's All I Know Right Now
2. The Easybeats - Sorry
3. The Missing Links - Wild About You
4. Masters Apprentices - Undecided
5. Guided By Voices - Hot Freaks
6. Ride Theory - Genghis Con Artist
7. Young Rival - Another Nobody
8. The Bears - Decisions
9. Radio Birdman - Aloha Steve & Danno
10. Atomic 7 - Save Your Fork There's Pie
11. Phonocomb - Cliffhanger
12. Lost Patrol - Commanche
13. Fresh & Onlys - I'm Gonna Be Your Elevator
14. Arctic Monkeys - My Propeller
15. Arctic Monkeys - Pretty Visitors
16. The Stone Roses - Elephant Stones
17. The Clash - The Street Parade
18. The Clash - Complete Control (French TV 1977)
19. Ex-Boyfriends - The Secret of Immortality
20. Bureaucrats - Grown Up Age
21. Gruesomes - Thanks For Nothing
22. David Bowie - Queen Bitch
23. The Lurkers - Go Go Go
24. The Motors - Dancing The Night Away

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on September 15th, 2009.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Beatles Return in Remastered Form!! & Show # 265

September 9th is a day that Beatles fans have been waiting for. All of The Beatles albums will been re-issued on CD in remastered form. With their entire catalogue available in upgraded quality, some people may wonder if there is any difference between these new 2009 remasters and the older 1987 ones. There is a vast difference, the older mixes fail in comparison to these. The older mixes sound as if they were covered in layers of dust and now all the dirt has been wiped clean and the only thing that is left is The Beatles in all their glory. Paul McCartney himself has said the remasters sound like you are right there at the actual time of the recording. When you hear the new remasters it sounds as if the band is playing right in front of you. As you listen to your favourite Beatles songs you can hear parts that were previously unnoticeable before, they have been given a new life.

In addition the musical quality of these remasters, there is also the packaging. The digipack album replica artwork, is excellent quality. All are in glossy form, which is another experience on it's own. There are also historical linear notes and engineering notes on the original recordings. If that isn't enough each album features a mini making of documentary on them. For those of you who prefer to get all the albums at once there is a box set of the stereo remasters and even a box set featuring the original mono mixes. The Beatles will also release their own video game. Beatles Rockband will be available for a variety of video game systems. With all of these Beatles releases, it is a great day for a Beatles fan.

The Play List:

1. The Stems - Tears Me In Two
2. Guilloteens - Hey You
3. The Faces - Too Bad
4. Iguanas - Mona
5. The Beatles - Dizzy Miss Lizzy
6. The Beatles - Savoy Truffle
7. Lullabye Arkestra - Fog Machine
8. Quiet Jungle - Everything
9. The Staccatos - You Only Live Once
10. The Frat Kings - B.M.O.C
11. The Yardbirds - Psycho Daisies
12. Sonic Rendezvous Band - Step By Step
13. 101ers - Silent Telephone
14. Wrong Crowd! - Outta My Head
15. Hot Nasties - Get Away From Me
16. Generation X - King Rocker
17. The Evaporators - You Got Me Into This, Now You Get Me Out!
18. City Sweethearts - Can't Stop Shaking
19. The Diodes - Red Rubber Ball
20. The Danks - What We're Doing
21. Ultravox - Young Savage
22. Rezillos - Can't Stand My Baby
23. Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks (Alternate Version)
24. The Features - City Scenes
25. The Professionals - White Light/White Heat
26. Dead 60s - Liar
27. The Hives - Fall Is Something Grown Ups Invented

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on September 8th, 2009.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It Feels Alright...The Story of The Black Lips & Show # 264

Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, The Black Lips formed in 2000. The band originally was made up of Alexander Cole on guitar, Jared Swilley on bass, Ben Eberbaugh on lead guitar and Joe Bradley on drums. Taking their sound from a variety of bands and music styles such as Punk, Country, Blues, Folk, and Garage Rock, The Black Lips created a mix of the styles that has been called "Flower Punk" by some. They released a 7" single titled Ain't Comin' Back in 2002 on their own label. A few more singles followed and after some live shows (most of which were out of control which led to them being banned from some live venues), they got a recording deal with Bomp! Records. After recording their first full length album for Bomp! and getting ready to go out on a tour, the band suffered a loss. Lead guitarist Ben Eberbaugh was killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver. The band decided to carry on because they felt that Ebernaugh would have wanted them to.

After touring as a three piece, the band recruited Jim Hines on lead guitar. With Hines on lead, they set out for a longer tour in support of their album. In 2003 The Black Lips! was released. The album mixed elements of Punk, Garage Rock and Blues, creating an album of energetic, dirty Rock N' Roll. The bands second album was released in May of 2004. We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made Flowers Grow, was a reference to a movie by Hayao Miyazaki. Musically the album unleashed more Black Lips style Garage Rock fused with Punk Rock. In 2004 following the release of their second album, The Black Lips added guitarist Ian Saint Pé to their rants (replacing Jim Hines on lead guitar). Shortly after the album Let It Bloom was released on In The Red records in 2005. They sounded more professional and focused on this album, combining elements of bands such as The Fall, Velvet Underground and The Cramps to their Garage Rock and Punk sound.

In 2006, The Black Lips were featured in Rolling Stone magazine and Spin gaining them more exposure in a more national radius. A live album was released on Vice Records in 2007. Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo is a live album that has been said to have been recorded at a bar in Tijuana, Mexico. Some people have said it was made to sound like a live album and that it was actually recorded in a studio. A full length album came in the same year titled Good Bad Not Evil. This album, whose title is a reference the song "Give Him A Big Kiss" by The Shangri-Las, combined elements of Garage Rock with Surf Rock and some Country. The album featured songs such as the catchy "O, Katrina!", the slow and moody "Veni Vidi Vici", the Surf Pop of "Navajo", and the salty Pop of "Bad Kids". The band appeared on US television performing "O, Katrina!" on Late Night With Conan O'Brien and on UK television performing "Bad Kids" on The Wall in support of the album.

The Black Lips were set to star in the movie Let It Be as a fictional band in the 1980s called The Renegades. The movie was going to be made in the summer of 2008 and a trailer for the movie was made, but after viewing the trailer the band backed out stating that they did not like the way that they were going to be portrayed in the movie. The Black Lips fifth full length album, 200 Million Thousand was released in 2009. The album features more of a fuzzy Garage Rock sound than Good Bad Not Evil. While there are other elements in this album, there are stand out tracks such as "Short Fuse", "Drugs", the creepy "Trapped In A Basement", and a cover of The Iguanas (Iggy Pop's first band) "Again & Again". In January of 2009 while the band was on tour, they stopped in Berlin, Germany with King Khan & BBQ to make some recordings. Calling themselves The Almighty Defenders, the band recorded a twelve song album of Gospel songs. The album is set to be released in September 2009. More information on The Black Lips can be found on their websites Black-lips.com and theblacklips.blogspot.com.

The Play List:

1. The Subways - Mary
2. The Clean - Moonjumper
3. Supergrass - The Return Of...
4. The Dead Weather - You Just Can't Win
5. Reigning Sound - Stick Up For Me
6. Jack-O & The Tennessee Tearjerkers - Make Your Mind Up
7. The Modernettes - New Society
8. Les Mods - Break It
9. The Cinch - Forwards & Backwards
10. The Manvils - Hollow Hands
11. The Balconies - Lulu
12. Fast Romantics - MoneyMouth
13. The Paper Cranes - Chivalry's Dead
14. Blondie - I'm Gonna Love You Too
15. Nervus Rex - Don't Look
16. The Babies - Meet Me In The City
17. The Zoomers - From The Planet Moon
18. The Unwanted - Freedom
19. Franz Ferdinand - All For You, Sophia
20. Subway Sect - Ambition
21. Talking Heads - Artists Only (Alternate Version)
22. The Black Lips - Navajo
23. The Black Lips - Bad Kids
24. The Black Lips - Again & Again

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on September 1st, 2009.

Black Lips Videos:

Feels Alright
Cold Hands
O Katrina!
Bad Kids (Live)
Veni Vidi Vici
Short Fuse
I'll Be With You

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Poptones...The Story of Public Image Limited and Show #263

After exiting The Sex Pistols, John Lydon went on to form a new group who would be titled, Public Image Limited. Forming in 1978, the group consisted of John Lydon on vocals, Jah Wobble on bass, Keith Levene on guitar and Jim Walker on drums. Wobble had been a friend of Lydon's since their school days, while Levene had previously been in an early incarnation of The Clash. Another interesting fact is that the bands original drummer, was in fact Canadian. Jim Walker had been in the Canadian Punk band The Furies and after moving to London, he answered an ad that was placed in the UK magazine Melody Maker. With the band members in order and after rehearsing for several months, the band needed a name. Taking the title from the book Public Image by Muriel Spark, this group of musicians became known as Public Image Limited.

The bands first single "Public Image" would be released in October of 1978. The song which had been written while Lydon was in The Sex Pistols, was sonically different than the Pistols. "Public Image" featured heavy almost Dub sounding bass lines, with the unique guitar stylings of Keith Levene, John Lydon's sporadic vocal delivery and the Dance-like rhythms of Jim Walker. The song was unlike anything at the time and would eventually be labelled under the genre of Post-Punk. The single for "Public Image" charted at #9 on the UK singles charts. A promotional music video was made for the single "Public Image", it was directed by Don Letts. From July to November of 1978, Public Image Limited recorded material for was to become their first full length album. First Issue as it would be titled was recorded in several studios throughout London because the band had went over the budget given to them by their record company. The album which featured eight songs, drew in a wide variety of eclectic music influences. The album features longer songs, four of which are over five minutes. Songs such as the nine minute opener "Theme", "Annalisa" a six minute song blending elements of Rock and Dub expanding on sounds the band had started with the song "Public Image", "Low Life" a droning song with a steady drum beat, and "Attack" a low-fi sounding rock song, the album was unlike anything heard before. With Keith Levene's piercing guitar sound, Jah Wobble's heavy Dub influenced bass tones and Lydon's often experimental and anarchic vocal style, First Issue can not be discredited for it's artistic originality.

When released in the UK, First Issue received a lot of criticism, but fans enjoyed it causing the album to reach #22 on the UK album charts. There was a slightly different version of the album planned for release in the US in 1979, but after some test pressings the album was deemed noncommercial for the America market. PiL actually re-recorded new parts for certain songs and even re-recorded new versions of songs from First Issue for a US release, but the album was never released.

The bands next album, Metal Box would be released in 1979. By this point Jim Walker had left the group, not agreeing with the result of the bands first album. For Metal Box PiL did not have a steady drummer, so several drummers were featured on the recordings, which resulted in the drummers not being credited in the linear notes. Some tracks featured Jah Wobble on drums (on "Careering" and "The Suit"), and Keith Levene on "Swan Lake" and "Radio 4", a song in which he played all of the instruments. Other drummers on the sessions were David Humprey, Richard Dudanski and Martin Atkins. The album departed from the sound of the bands first album, entering more of an exploratory realm. Songs such as "Albatross", "Memories", "Swan Lake", Careering" and "Poptones" all helped characterize the new direction the band was heading in. Metal Box also featured several instrumental tracks.

The packaging and design for Metal Box was a design created by photographer/designer Dennis Morris. The album was packaged in a 16 mm metal film canister featuring the music on six 12" records. The album went to #18 on the UK album charts. In the US a slightly different version of the album was released. It was retitled, Second Edition and made a double album. The artwork for the album featured Keith Levene with a wavy , fun house mirror effect altering his appearance. The album went to #46 on the US album charts. In 1980, PiL embarked on their first US tour. The band had several cancellations due to their controversial stands. At one show PiL records were played over a PA system as the band mimed along to them and Lydon taunted the audience from behind a projection screen. John Lydon and Keith Levene also appeared on the Tomorrow Show with Tom Synder, during their interview viewers were told that the band was a company, while John Lydon and the host insulted each other on-air.

Metal Box (1979) and Second Edition (1979)

By the time the band was to record their next full length album, Jah Wobble was no longer with the group. As a result Flowers of Romance, featured barely and bass, and instead focused around the sounds of percussion, synthesizers reversed guitar and sound effects and vocals. Drumming for this album featured drumming from Martin Atkins (on three tracks), Keith Levene and John Lydon. While the albums title makes reference to a band that featured one time Sex Pistol bassist Sid Vicious, the albums sound is not within the Punk genre. In fact the album features an unconventional sound, and while this may be seen as a bad thing by some, the album went to #14 on the UK album charts and #11 in the US. Another interesting fact is that Phil Collins liked the drum sound of this album so much, he employed the albums engineer Nick Launay for his own recording projects. In 1982, PiL began work on their fourth album, but due to internal pressures and arguments among band members, Levene left the group and the album was cancelled. A few years later, Levene would release the album titled Commercial Zone on his own, which featured songs form the 1982 album sessions. With Levene out of PiL, they re-recorded the album bringing the band in more of a Pop and Dance direction. The result would be the 1984 album, This Is What You Want...This Is What You Get. The album would feature several other musicians and Martin Atkins on drums. A single released in 1983, titled "This Is Not A Love Song" became a huge hit for the band prior to the albums release. The single went to #5 on the UK singles charts and was re-recorded for the album This Is What You Want...This Is What You Get. The single version of the song did however feature Keith Levene on guitar.

Public Image Limited's next album would be titled Album. Released in 1986, the album was titled according to what format it was released on. For example, if you were buying the cassette version of it, it would be titled Cassette and so on. Artwork for the album was a generic blue and white design, which poked fun at generic consumer products. The album was produced by Bill Laswell, who would play bass on some tracks and also bring in a cast of session musicians for the album. Some of the other musicians featured on Album, were Steve Vai, Johnas Hellborg, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Ginger Baker of Cream. Musically the album is a return to a more conventional PiL sound, while incorporating elements of Folk, Middle Eastern and big guitar and drum sounds. The album features songs such as the song "F.F.F (Farewell My Fairweathered Friend)" a song about Lydon's previous band member Martin Atkins, "Fishing", "Round", "Bags" and "Home". Album would also the spawn the hit single "Rise". The song had Folk and Middle Eastern melodies, while lyrically it referenced situations going on in Africa in the 80's. "Rise" went to #11 on the UK singles charts.

Next Lydon would assemble a more stable line up of band members. He would recruit John McGeoch for guitar (of Magazine and Siouxsie and The Banshees), Lu Edmunds (a short lived guitarist for The Damned, but also a multi-instrumentalist), and Alan Dias of The Pop Group on drums. The bands sound would drift into a more Dance and Drum based musical direction. PiL would released Happy? in 1987, 9 in 1989, and This What Is Not in 1992. Following a self financed tour (their label would not pay for a tour), PiL disbanded after a concert in September of 1992. By this point the line up had altered several times, but John Lydon stated that PiL is not necessarily broken up, but that they are just on hiatus. In 1999, a Public Image Limited box set was released titled Plastic Box. It was also announced that Public Image Limited will be reuniting for five UK tour dates for the 30th anniversary of the album Metal Box. More information on Public Image Limited can be found on the Fodderstompf website and Public Image Limited's official website.

The Play List:

1. The Vacants - Television Viewer
2. The Gizmos - Pay
3. The Nerves - One Way Ticket
4. Nebula - Aprhodite
5. One For Jude - Aux Doux Anges
6. Wreckless Eric - Reconnez Cherie
7. Ex-Boyfriends - To The Lowest Bidder
8. Ex-Boyfriends - Born To Be Kicked Out
9. The Rival Boys - Lonely Heart
10. Miesha & The Spanks - Mmmade For Me
11. The Michael Parks - Vanessa
12. The Hidden Cameras - Kingdom Come
13. Brian Setzer Orchestra - Trouble Train
14. The Raconteurs - Keep It Clean (Live)
15. XTC - Buzzcity Talking
16. Only Ones - From Here To Eternity
17. Rocket Reducers - Sauce Wagon
18. Public Image Limited - Tie Me To The Length of That
19. Public Image Limited - Fishing
20. Big Audio Dynamite - Sudden Impact!
21. Gang of Four - Sweet Jane (Live)
22. The Stranglers - Mean To Me
23. Elvis Costello & The Attractions - 5ive Gears In Reverse

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rock N' Roll Radio...The Story of Ramones Part Two and Show #262

In early 1978, Ramones were with out a drummer (Tommy left the very same year, to pursue a more producer oriented career), Marc Bell would fill that void. Adapting to the Ramones style/ethic, Marc Bell became Marky Ramone and Ramones had their second drummer in the group. Previously Marky had played in the 70's Hard Rock band Dust and also in the New York based Punk band Richard Hell & The Voidoids. In September 1978, Ramones released their forth full length album Road To Ruin. Produced by Tommy Ramone (now going by his real name Tommy Erdelyi) and Ed Stasium, Road To Ruin displayed a shift in the Ramones sound. The album while it still had influences from previous Ramones albums (Surf, 60's Pop, etc.) showed a more serious Pop influenced sound.

The album starts off with the song "I Just Want To Have Something To Do", a song that musically is reminiscent of the early Ramones songs, and lyrically comes off sounding like a more professional and serious group. Tha album is filled with wonderfully produced Rock tracks such as "I Wanted Everything", "I Don't Want You", "I'm Against It", "Go Mental", and "Bad Brain". There is also one of Ramones most well known tracks here, "I Wanna Be Sedated". It is rumoured that the lyric "Put Me In A Wheel Chair and Get Me On A Plane Before I Go Insane", was actually said by Joey Ramone while recovering from a touring related injury. The band also show off a different more acoustic based Pop side with songs such as "Don't Come Close", the dramatic cover of "Needles & Pins", and "Questioningly", a song written by Dee Dee Ramone. "She's The One" is also another lost classic featured on Road To Ruin. The song is simply a love song lyrically and actually features minor chords (which wasn't a usual thing for the band). There is also a hidden lyrical nugget on this track for anyone that is a fan of The Kinks, the line "When I See Her On The Street You Know She Makes My Life Complete" is similar to a line in found in the Kinks song "Everybody's Gonna Be Happy". The album ends with the song "It's A Long Way Back", which is yet another Dee Dee written track and a German themed song (a theme that is evident on early Ramones albums). The album's cover art, which was a cartoon version of the band was done by Punk Magazine co-founder John Holmstrom.

While Road To Ruin may have been an excellently crafted album, it failed to Billboard Top 100 charts. The single "Don't Come Close" did chart on the UK singles charts at #39, but the other singles from the album did not. As a result the band would then go onto experimenting with a variety of different producers often changing the way they sounding in hopes of getting radio airplay, but the band would remain in cult status for a long time. Before completing their next album, Ramones were featured in the 1979 movie Rock N' Roll High School. Directed by Roger Corman, the film did not help the gain a larger fan base at the time. The soundtrack to the movie featured several Ramones track remixed by Phil Spector and the title track "Rock N' Roll High School", which differs from the version found on the bands next album End of The Century.

The Phil Spector produced album, was drastically different than any previous Ramones release. While Joey was a big fan of the work that Spector had done in the past, many have said that the production work on the album did not fit the band well. For the slower songs such as "Danny Says", a song written about Ramones manager Danny Fields and touring works well on this album. Despite the production style that album features many well written Ramones such as "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?", "I'm Affected", and "This Ain't Havanna". There was also a song titled "Chinese Rocks", which was a song written by Dee Dee Ramone and Richard Hell. The Song first appeared on the Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers album LAMF in 1977. The album would chart at #44 on the US album charts (their highest to date) and #14 in the UK. The single "Baby, I Love You" was the bands only top UK hit, going to #8 on the UK singles charts.

The bands sixth album would be titled Pleasant Dreams in 1981. The album was produced by Graham Gouldman, 60's Pop producer known for his work with The Yardbirds, The Hollies and 10cc. The album was what Marky Ramone calls their Pop Punk album. The album this time featured individual song writing credits (previously everyone shared the credits) and the band were on edge with each other after the recording sessions with Phil Spector for End of The Century. His eccentric and over compulsive demeanour of recording only heightened difficulties within the group resulting in a lack of communication between the band members.

Despite this fact Pleasant Dreams features some Ramones songs that should not be avoided. Songs such as "We Want The Airwaves", a Joey Ramone written track obviously reflecting his interest in gaining commercial success, "All Quiet On the Eastern Front", and "It's Not My Place (In the 9 to 5 World)" a song that comes off with a Clash sounding influence. There were also other great tracks such as "The KKK Took My Baby Away", a song that is eerily similar to Cheap Trick's "He's A Whore", the 60's Pop/Garage Rock influenced "Come On Now" written by Dee Dee Ramone, and the Joey Ramone track "She's A Sensation". The album reached #58 on the US album charts and also was the first album to not feature the band on the cover, instead there is a cartoon of a creepy man in a trench coat. Johnny Ramone has stated that he originally wanted to use a photo of the band that was influenced by the Horror movie Psycho .

Ramones spent most of 1982 touring, but in 1983 their seventh album Subterranean Jungle was released. This time the band chose the production team of Ritchie Cordell and Glen Kolotkin, who were known for their work with Joan Jett & The Heartbreakers and as the heads of an independent American record label. The band was once again hoping for a commercial success with this release, but unfortunately it was not. The album opens with a cover of the song "Little Bit O'Soul" a song originally by The Music Explosion in 1967. There were also two other covers "I Need Your Love" (originally by The Boyfriends) and "Time Has Come Today" (originally by The Chambers Brothers). The rest of the album features Ramones originals such as "Outsider" and "Time Bomb" two Dee Dee originals with him singing lead vocals on "Time Bomb". The album also featured collaboration between Dee Dee and Johnny Ramone, on the song "Psycho Therapy". The song is a song that is just as good as any in the bands catalog and features classic Ramones style lyrics. The album can be seen as more of a return to the bands Punk roots, but it is obvious that this album also reflected the bands 60's Pop influences as well. While this album did contain some songs that were perfectly capable of being chart topping hits, the album only went to #83 on the US album charts, it would also be their last album to be in the Billboard Top 100.

During the Subterranean Jungle sessions Marky Ramone's alcohol use was at an increased level and he was kicked out of the band because of it. In fact drummer Billy Rogers plays drums on "Little Bit O'Soul" and "Time Has Come Today". Another interesting fact about this album is that Walter Lure, who was a member of Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers plays on Subterranean Jungle, he doubles all of Johnny Ramones guitar parts. The band would get a new drummer, one that would lead them into a different musical realm. Ritchie Ramone (real name Ritchie Reinhardt), came in as the bands drummer. As a result the band became a faster paced band entering a music style that some might call similar to Hardcore music. This was evident on the bands next album, 1984's Too Tough To Die. This album has been called by some critics "the last great Ramones album". Too Tough To Die Features 13 songs, nine of which were co-written with Dee Dee Ramone. He sings on two of the songs ("Wart Hog" and "Endless Vacation"). This album was also a return to Tommy Ramone and Ed Stasium fulfilling producing duties. The album came off sounding like a hard Punk album with Hardcore capabilities and strong vocal melodies. Another interesting fact is that the albums cover is homage to the movie A Clockwork Orange.

In 1986, Animal Boy was released. The album featured songs such as "My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)" and "Somebody Put Something in My Drink" a song written by Ritchie Ramone. In 1987, Halfway To Sanity was released. It would be the last album with Ritchie Ramone on drums, he left following a tour and Marky Ramone came back into the group now that he was sober. Ramone contributed a song "Pet Semetary" to the Stephen King movie of the same name in 1989. The song was also featured on the bands next album Brain Drain, which would be the last one to feature Dee Dee Ramone on bass. He was replaced by Christopher Ward otherwise know as CJ Ramone until the end of the bands career. It should also be noted that even though Dee Dee left the group to pursue his own musical projects (first his Dee Dee King rap album, then Dee Dee & The Chinese Dragons), but he would still give lyrics to the Ramones to use for their songs.

The Ramones continued touring and releasing albums until 1996. Their last album was Adios Amigos! in 1995. On August 4th, 1996 Ramones played their final live show. The concert featured special music guests such as Dee Dee Ramone, Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Lemmy (from Motorhead) and more. By the end of the bands career the band had played 2, 263 concerts. The Ramones remain an influential band and still have many diehard fans. On April 15th, 2001 Joey Ramone passed away after a battle with lymphoma. In 2002, The Ramones were the first Punk band inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In June 2002, Dee Dee Ramone passed away after a heroin overdose and Johnny Ramone passed away in September 2004 after a battle with cancer. There is a great DVD documentary available titled End of The Century: The Story of The Ramones that features interviews from several of the band members and other musicians such as Joe Strummer. In 2007 a two DVD set was released titled It's Alive 1974-1996. It features 118 performances from different points in the bands career.

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Play List:

1. Ramones - Little Bit O'Soul
2. Ramones - I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement (1975 Demo)
3. Dee Dee Ramone & The Chinese Dragons - What About Me
4. The Dead Boys - Ain't Nothin' To Do
5. Pointed Sticks - The Marching Song
6. Active Dog - Nothing Holding You
7. Rude Norton - Sea Cruise
8. The Pretty Faces - Rib
9. The Plasticines - I Could Rob You
10. Devil Eyes - Rip My Heart Out
11. Heroes & Villains - SDWC
12. Modern Lovers - Someone I Care About
13. Golden Hands - Communist Party
14. The Esquires - It's A Dirty Shame
15. Sound Box - Warm Your Mind & Soul
16. Simply Saucer - Bullet Proof Nothing
17. Iggy & The Stooges - Gimme Danger
18. Madness - Dust Devil
19. The Specials - Gangsters
20. New Strychnines - Strychnine
21. Talking Heads - 1-2-3 Redlight (Live Max's Kansas City 1976)
22. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Stagger Lee
23. Mando Diao - Mean Street
24. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Time
25. Television - Untitled Instrumental

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