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Mark Sultan Let Me Out & Shows # 785, 786, 787

Let Me Out was released in October 2018 on Dirty Water Records on vinyl/CD and on cassette through Burger Records. Recorded at Sultan’s Sound Imperfection Studio in the woods of Berlin, this album is the latest release from Sultan, who has a plethora of releases in his discography with other groups such as The Spaceshits, Les Sexareenos, The Ding-Dongs, The King Khan & BBQ Show and as Mark Sultan/BBQ. The songs on this album are layered in fuzz guitar lines, 60s styled Farfisa organ and soulful vocals and rhythms. Let Me Out also has a punk influenced energy that when combined with the other elements that make up this album creates a world of its own.

“Coffin Nails” digs into the listener’s subconscious with fuzz guitar, surf guitar lines, 60s organ stabs and soulful bass and vocals. Lyrically with words such as “You dropped your casket/Into my heart/And there you stay girl until we part/Cause this world don’t mean a thing/It never did it never will” themes of anger, loss and love are cast alongside a desire to not be held down by the aspects of negativity. “The Other Two” delves into a lament for a connection between two people. In between Farfisa organ flourishes, guitar stabs, drum fills and a catchy chorus that states “Three out of five people looking for love/I wanna be the other two”, Sultan’s vocals grab a hold of the listener’s attention with a heartfelt melody that avoids all cliché. “Everybody Knows” dips into a more cosmic, psychedelic atmosphere. With a deep, catchy bass groove, Sultan croons over simmering organ, subtle guitar parts and a chorus revealing the complexity of trust and the words that are often left unsaid that come along with it as the lyrics emphasize “Looks like everything came true/And there’s nothing left to do/Cause everybody knows/Everybody knows”.

“Believe Me” cuts below the surface with a groove taking inspiration from The Count Five, as it changes time signatures, creating a strong dramatic effect, “Don’t Bother Me” picks up the pace with up-tempo drums, organ and revolving basslines, “Last Chance” creates tension amongst fuzzy guitar breakdowns and catchy verses that seem to float between the choruses, “Humiliation” attacks with its stop and start riffs, drum build ups, crashes and otherworldly organ parts. Lyrically, with words such as “So come back baby into my heart/I don’t feel no shame/The prying eyes of a vengeful god are to blame”, this song calls for a sense of understanding from past mistakes and confusions. A new intensity grows with the psych garage of “Let Me Out”. This song festers with a frustration and need to move forward, “Heed This Message” musically goes back to some early 50s rock sounds mixed with early 60s soul and garage sounds, while “Black Magic” floods your speakers with organ, vocal harmonies and jangly guitar. “The Problem” moves back and forth with its own mesmerizing rhythms amongst lyrics such as “And maybe that’s the problem man/That you don’t understand/The way I wanna be” that plea for individuality and a sense of identity. This is a theme that is even more relevant today, but also one that can have many layers to it.

Drum fills and R&B rave up guitar riffs come in with the next track, “Tragedy”. With the lyrics “Drowning in an ocean of obscurity/Got no patience/I ain’t got security” and “Maybe the world’s slipping/None of that matters without you by my side”, this song searches for a place, but is also a love song with a Kinks/Animals musical outlook. “Wasting Away” ends Let Me Out. With slow, fluid organ parts and surf-inflected guitar mixed with pulsing basslines and a marching drumbeat, Sultan seems to be embracing the chaos of life whether it is good or bad. Let Me Out sizzles with intensity, authenticity and strong songwriting. A cohesion presents itself throughout this album with many layered possibilities and lyrical meanings. With all the instrumentation performed by Sultan himself, the music here may be a collection of 60s garage psych songs, but the album does not revel in nostalgia. Let Me Out finds its own voice and is set free with Mark Sultan’s impassioned vocal melodies and innate musical abilities showing why Sultan is a master of his craft.

Show 787 (Originally Aired On August 10th, 2019)(David Berman, Mark Sultan, B Boys, The White Stripes):

1. Silver Jews - Honk If You’re Lonely
2. Purple Mountains - All My Happiness Is Gone
3. Wilco - Red-Eyed And Blue
4. The Unintended - Beautiful Things
5. Smokey & The Feelings - Chores
6. Rheostatics - I Wanna Be Your Robot
7. Aweful - Lucid Dream
8. Oh Sees - Heartworm
9. Mark Sultan - Coffin Nails
10. Mark Sultan - Everybody Knows
11. Mark Sultan - The Problem
12. The Original Sins - Making Up For Lost Time
13. Light Bulb Alley - Walking Backwards On The Moon
14. Pow Wows - Hidden Future
15. The Black Lips - Noc-A-Homa
16. Shotgun Jimmie - 401
17. The Exits - Cheam
18. The V.I.P.'S - Who Knows
19. B Boys - I Want
20. B Boys - Cognitive Dissonance
21. Parkay Quarts - The Map
22. Ronald Regean Story - (Your Love Has Turned My Heart Into A) Hand Grenade
23. Psychic Void - Internet Human
24. Teenanger - Teenanger
25. PIL - Annalisa
26. Simply Saucer - Here Come The Cyborgs (Part 1)
27. The Pointed Sticks - The Witch
28. Danny & The Darleans - Soul On Ice
29. MC5 - Lookin' At You
30. The White Stripes - Stop Breaking Down
31. The White Stripes - Broken Bricks

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Show 786 (Originally Aired On August 3rd, 2019)(Jack Oblivian, The Oblivians, Ty Segall):

1. The Challengers - Skinned Shins
2. Revels - Revellion
3. Jack Obilivan - La Charra
4. Jack Obilivan - Scarla
5. Reigning Sound - Call Me #1
6. Oblivians - Shut Your Mouth
7. Oblivians - Something for Nothing
8. Membranes - The City is an Animal (Nature is its Slave)
9. The Black Fever - Keep You
10. Ty Segall - Radio
11. Ty Segall - Taste
12. The Hives - Good Samaritan
13. LTD - Leather Boy
14. Almighty Defenders - Cone of Light
15. King Khan Experience - La Responsabe
16. The Jackets - Steam Queen
17. The Vandells - French Girl
18. Iggy Pop - James Bond
19. Purple Mountains - Margaritas at the Mall
20. Leeroy Stagger - Strange Attractor
21. Digawolf - By the Water
22. Paul Jacobs - Stay at Home
23. Uppers - Parapet
24. Idles - Mercedes Marxist
25. METZ - Leave Me Out
26. Titus Andronicus - Beneath the Boot
27. Dude York - Unexpected
28. Snail Mail - Thinning
29. Necking - Go Getter
30. Snake River - Jeanie, I Know When I Want to Go Home

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Show 785 (Originally Aired On July 27th, 2019)(The Replacements, Foggy Tapes, Cellos):

1. The Replacements - I'll Be You
2. Violent Femmes - Hotel Last Resort
3. The Feelies - Fa Ce La
4. The Sadies - Leave this World Behind
5. Ron Leary - Miles
6. Snakies - Cobra High
7. X - Under the Big Black Sun
8. Prince - Sex Shooter
9. The Stranglers - (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
10. Talking Heads - Mind (Alternate Version)
11. Buzzcocks - Airewaves Dreams
12. Shotgun Jimmie - Cool All The Time
13. Dumb - Some Big Motor Dream
14. Cellos - Slow Revolution
15. Not Of - Tectonic Plates
16. Mannequin Pussy - Patience
17. Lungbutter - Depanneur Sun
18. Necking - Spare Me
19. Light Bulb Alley - I Don't Owe You a Thing
20. Foggy Tapes - Fly in my Head
21. Raised by Weeds - Another Day
22. The Routes - Mantohihi Brother
23. Takeshi Terauchi & the Bunnys - Black Carnation
24. Purple Hearts - Scooby Doo
25. Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers - Before the Beginning
26. Priests - Carol
27. Gang of Four - To Hell With Poverty (Peel Session)

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Friday, July 19, 2019

Light Bulb Alley - Lights and Shades Interview & Shows # 782 & 783

Lights and Shades is the latest release from Montreal’s Light Bulb Alley. Fronted by guitarist/vocalist Allister Booth, Light Bulb Alley’s origins go back to 2007. Since then, the band has changed band members several times, toured across Canada, the USA and in Mexico, but still retain a loose, wild rock and roll spirit. The current lineup of LBA features Allister on vocals/guitar, Pablo Garcia on drums, Jack White on bass (no relation to the Detroit/White Stripes front man), Max White guitar and Sean Cary-Barnard on guitar. Their first album, The Sound of Things, was released in 2011 on the Ricochet Sound label. The music reflected 60s garage and 70s punk influences. Bright Side of the Dumpster followed in 2016. It featured a raw, sleazy, loose atmosphere, but ventured deeper into their garage, 70s punk and blues influences. Lights and Shades arrived in June 2019. This 16-track album is their most experimental yet. The album embraces a psychedelic aesthetic, while still drawing on the band’s earlier influences. On Lights and Shades you will still hear elements of 60s garage, but you will also find swampy, less defined influences. Recorded at the Bottle Garden Studio in Montreal live off the floor on reel-to-reel tape, the band on this album unearths a raw, unfiltered chemistry.

“Corpus Lopus (Sink Like A Stone)” starts off Lights and Shades with a series of psychedelic sounds that echo and reverberate. The eerie intro is made up of piano, guitar and drum sounds before the song kicks in with a droning guitar riff. The song builds with a sound reminiscent of 60s bands such as the 13th Floor Elevators, amidst crunchy guitar riffs and captures a certain feeling of a character seemingly going through some sort of breakdown. “Problems” brings forth early rock n roll influences, with a touch of Johnny Thunders and a vocal attacking with a Nick Cave-like quality. “Solitude” starts off with surf guitar riffs as driving drums rise overtop distant sounding vocals, “Travelling Alone (I Lost My Mind)” is a slower, intense garage track. The song starts off with just guitar and vocals before the full band comes in to back up this lament over love lost.

Throughout the album there are short psychedelic interludes. “Did You Get What You Came For” is one of these interludes. It features overloaded reverse sounding effects before drifting into “What You Wanted (Is What You Get)”. This Rolling Stones influenced track, speeds up and down with a chorus of “What you wanted is what you get” that depicts the allure of the Montreal night life/underground scene in between cutting guitar solos and an unmistakable grittiness, “I Don’t Owe You A Thing” features heavy fuzz drenched guitar riffs and a psychedelic atmosphere, “Volunteer” sounds like it was lifted off the vinyl grooves of a long lost 1970s rock album. With its chaotic guitar and deep, soulful beat, this song, which is filled with abstract lyrical phrases such as “Those with loaded guns/Those who dig”, echoes the chaos once explored by Alex Chilton. “Fly Away (You Stupid Ghost)” is a slower song, featuring mainly guitar and reverb drenched vocals and is the only track that wasn’t recorded live off the floor. This haunting track propels itself at its own pace as lyrics such as “Watch the snakes in the grass/They will suck you in the past”, and a chorus of “Fly away you stupid ghost/Go to bed you demon child”, emphasize a cathartic exorcism of the past by removing these toxic elements from your life.

“Roads Must Part” is an electrified country song tinged with bittersweet harmonies. The song echoes a Rolling Stones country influence while also being inspired early outlaw country music. With words such as “The roads must part and I’m feeling like a broken down piece of art/The roads must part and I took it way too hard”, and “This heart so cold/It nearly froze your soul”, this song floats into a gritty tale of heartbreak, betrayal and melancholy. “How Far” simmers with hallucinogenic blues sparks, “Cut Me Loose” is a moving, mid-tempo garage track, while “Lazy” is a trippy Brian Jonestown Massacre induced song with muffled vocals, guitar, drums and bass pushed up in the mix. “Eat Your Vegetables” is an experimental track that is over three minutes long that features odd phrases spoken overtop of the music and effects for its duration. This song bookends Lights and Shades with a Twin Peaks-like sonic soundscape.

Musically, Lights and Shades draws on many influences, but pulls in a more gritty psychedelic groove. Lyrically, the words are often sparse, but they provide the listener with abstract visual sketches that are open to interpretation. The themes of the songs border on darker motifs, while also creating a duality that finds its way into many of the character driven songs found on this album. When all of these elements are combined together, Lights and Shades delves into a sonic landscape unlike any that Light Bulb Alley have explored before.

Check out my interview with Allister of Light Bulb Alley here:

Show 783 (originally Aired On July 13th, 2019)(Light Bulb Alley Lights And Shades Interview):

1. The Velvet Underground - Last Night I Said Goodbye To My Friend
2. Volunteers - Come On Through
3. Shotgun Jimmie - Hot Pots
4. Outrageous Cherry - Complicate Me
5. Graham Coxon - Standing On My Own Again
6. Guided By Voices - Twilight Campfire
7. Little You Little Me - Thinking It
8. Rolling Stones - High Heeled Sneakers
9. Light Bulb Alley - Problems
10. Light Bulb Alley - Solitude


11. Light Bulb Alley - Roads Must Part
12. Metz - Dirty Shirt
13. Mission of Burma - This is Not a Photograph
14. Generation X - No No No (Phil Wainman Version)
15. Cold Warps - I'm With You
16. The Jackets - What About You
17. The King Khan & BBQ Show - Ocean of Love
18. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Moonlight on Vermont
19. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - My Human Gets Me Blues
20. Iggy Pop - Baby
21. The Fall - In These Times
22. Devo - Love Without Anger
23. Kim Gray - Dream Like Tommy
24. Alan Vega - Kid Congo
25. Boys Next Door - Brave Exhibitions
26. New Order - Age of Consent

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Show 782 (Originally Aired On July 6th, 2019)(Canada Day Nardwuar Special):

1. The Evaporators - You Got Me Into This, Now You Get Me Out
2. The Evaporators - Sasquatch and Me
3. The Evaporators - Ogopogo Punk
4. The Gruesomes - What Am I Doing This For
5. Twink - Fear The Unknown
6. Black Mountain - Future Shade
7. Necking - Habbo Hotel
8. The Evaporators - Addicted To The Cheese
9. Partner - Long and Mcquade
10. Trout - Freelance Therapist (CJAM Session)
11. Of The Pack - What The Hell (CJAM Live Sessions 2019)
12. Light Bulb Alley - Corpus Lopus (Sink Like A Stone)
13. Your 33 Black Angels - Patient Love
14. Bloodshot Bill - I Don't Mind At All
15. The Evaporators - Ripple Rock
16. The Evaporators - I Can Be Shaved
17. Thee Headcoats - Louis Riel
18. The Evaporators - Crispy Space Bacon
19. The Evaporators - St. Roch
20. Nardwuar vs. Pierre Burton
21. Thee Headcoats - Don't Try and Tell Me
22. 49th Parallel - Citizen Freak
23. Chessmen - Love Don't Die
24. Orville Peck - Take You Back
25. Daniel Romano - Hard On You
26. Grapes of Wrath - Love comes Around
27. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - (Relax) You Will Think You Are A Chicken (Live: The CBC Tapes)
28. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Hunter S. Thompson's Younger Brother (Live: The CBC Tapes)
29. The King Khan Experience - Fa Fa Fa (Love Song)
30. Dumb - CBC Radio 3
31. The Evaporators - Oh Non

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Show 784 was a repeat of an episode that originally aired March in 2019. You can download/stream this episode here and view the playlist here.

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Guided By Voices, Nirvana and Joy Division & Shows # 778, 779, 780, 781

In the month of June Revolution Rock celebrated the 25th anniversary of Guided By Voices Bee Thousand album, the 30th anniversary of Nirvana's Bleach and the 40th anniversary of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures. Find playlists and download links below this post featuring a bit of info on each of these albums.

Guided By Voices - Bee Thousand (1994)

Guided By Voices Bee Thousand was originally released on June 21st, 1994. At the time, GBV had already released several albums and Bee Thousand would be their seventh album. Prior to this, all of the band’s albums had been recorded in studios. Bee Thousand would be different. Instead of recording the album in a studio, GBV recorded this album on a variety of four track recorders in different garages and basements of the various band members. The results were very lo-fi, a lot of the recording sounds like it could be from an old bootleg. This was part of band leader Robert Pollard’s intention. He stated that he wanted the album to resemble Beatles bootlegs. Musically, the songs draw on British invasion rock, punk rock, pop, psychedelic and progressive rock influences. The majority of the music found on Bee Thousand was made up of overdubbed, re-edited versions of older, unused material by the band. Lyrically, the songs featured words that have drawn comparison to the cut-up technique that was once used by writer William Burroughs. The songs would draw on many themes that seemed fantastical, but due to the lyrical technique of Pollard, they are layered with many different potential meanings.

At this point in time Guided By Voices was more of loose collective of musicians. Pollard has stated that the band during this period was made up of whatever friends were available to play. In addition to the music created by Robert Pollard, there are also the songs written by Tobin Sprout, who would be part of the GBV classic lineup from 1987-1997 and again from 2010-2014. Songs such as “Awful Bliss”, “Mincer Ray”, Ester’s Day” and “Hot Freaks” all add to the uniqueness of this album and when combined with the other songs such as “I Am A Scientist”, “Hardcore UFO’s” and “Gold Star For Robot Boy” create something unpredictable and spontaneous. Originally Bee Thousand was going to be the last album for Guided By Voices, due to pressure to focus on Pollard’s teaching career and family, in addition to the financial issues that arose with being in a band. However, Bee Thousand pulled Guided By Voices out of obscurity and turned out to be a new beginning for the band.

Nirvana - Bleach (1989)

Originally released on June 15th, 1989 on Sub Pop Records, Bleach was the debut album by Nirvana. The album featured a heavier, grungier sound, as opposed to Nirvana’s Nevermind and In Utero albums. When Bleach was released it only featured eleven songs. It wasn’t until after Nirvana released Nevermind that Bleach would be re-released with two additional tracks. It would chart at number 89 on the Billboard 200 upon the re-release in 1992. The music on Bleach reflected the Seattle music scene at the time blending elements of punk, metal and classic rock.

Nirvana recorded Bleach with Jack Endino at Reciprocal Studios in sessions that took place between December 1988 and January 1989. Before Dave Grohl joined Nirvana as their drummer, the band went through a series of drummers. Prior to being called Nirvana, they went by several different band names and Aaron Burckhard played drums with them. He quit the band in December of 1987. In January 1988, Kurt Cobain asked Dale Crover (of The Melvins) to record a demo session with Nirvana so that it could help them find a new drummer. The band recorded ten songs on January 23rd, 1988, including vocal overdubs and had a rough mix of the songs done in roughly six hours. Dale Crover is featured on three songs on Bleach “Paper Cuts”, “Floyd The Barber” and “Downer” that originate from this session. Most of the others that he recorded during this session would be spread out over other releases such as 1992’s Incesticide and the 2004 box set With The Lights Out. Chad Channing joined Nirvana in 1988 and shortly after joining recorded the Love Buzz single with them. Other than the three noted songs, Channing is featured on the remainder of the songs on Bleach.

Lyrically, the songs on Bleach have a bleak and claustrophobic outlook. Cobain has said that most of the lyrics are about his life in Aberdeen. “Negative Creep” is one of the many tracks with heavy guitar riffs, “School” was said to be a critique of the Seattle music scene, and “Mr. Moustache” was inspired by Cobain’s dislike of macho behaviour. In addition to the heaviness found on Bleach, the song “About A Girl” shows the pop abilities of Kurt Cobain. This song has been described as a “Jangly R.E.M. type of pop song”, but also one influenced heavily by The Beatles. It stands out on Bleach, but also shows that Kurt Cobain and Nirvana were more than just another band in the Seattle music scene.

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures (1979)

On June 15th, 1979, Manchester band Joy Division released their debut album Unknown Pleasures on Factory Records. A high-water mark of postpunk music, this atmospheric release from the Manchester quartet made a significant impact in the realm of independent music. Before recording Unknown Pleasures, Joy Division was known as Warsaw. They signed a recording contract with RCA Records in 1977 and recorded demos for the label, however, they were unhappy with the results. The recordings were eventually released as Warsaw. Before that happened however, four of the songs from the RCA sessions were selected and self-released by Joy Division on their own Enigma label as An Ideal For Living. Heavily influenced by bands such as Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks, this EP reflected the band’s early punk sound. It was also around this time that Joy Division’s manager Rob Gretton convinced the band to sign to the label Factory Records. They signed to Factory Records in 1978 with Martin Hannett in the producer seat for their first album.

The recording of Unknown Pleasures took place at Strawberry Studios in Stockport, England over three weekends in April of 1979. Martin Hannett, who had produced the first Buzzcocks EP Spiral Scratch as Martin Zero took Joy Division’s punk sound and added his sense of experimentation to it. Hannett added space and atmosphere to Joy Division’s sound, which when combined with the music of Joy Division and the lyrics of Ian Curtis created a world of mystery and darker textures to the Unknown Pleasures landscape. Unusual production techniques were employed by Hannett such as using the sound of a toilet, breaking glass, someone eating crisps (played backwards), in addition to the use of tape echo, digital delay (on the drums) and time modulators. Ian Curtis’ vocals for the song “Insight” were also recorded from a telephone line.

The music while punk based was different. It would be known as post-punk. The basslines played by Peter Hook were played in higher registers, in a way that had not been done before. The baritone vocals by Curtis combined with minimalist guitar by Bernard Sumner and the manic, precise drumming of Stephen Morris created something unique. The lyrics of Curtis influenced by writers such as J.G. Ballard, William Burroughs, and Gogol, touched on many topics that weren’t being addressed at the time and that people still identify with today. Although the band were initially displeased with the sound of Unknown Pleasures, the album has had a long lasting legacy. Hundreds of musicians would claim influence from this album, ranging from rock acts like U2 and The Cure, to hip-hop artists like Danny Brown and Vince Staples. Its influence does not stop at music. It has also inspired books, film and even graphic design. Unknown Pleasures is an album that has been written about many times. There is something different for the listener to discover when listening to it. Whether it is the darker themes addressing depression, existentialism, the sense of alienation that people identify with or the other themes that run through this album, Unknown Pleasures creates an air of mystery that is not easily defined. It is one that keeps people returning to it and will do so for a long time to come.

Show 781 (Originally Aired On June 29th, 2019)(Guided By Voices Bee Thousand - 25th Anniversary):

1. Guided by Voices - Hardcore UFO's (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
2. Guided by Voices - Buzzards and Dreadful Crows (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
3. Guided by Voices - Hot Freaks (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
4. Guided by Voices - Smothered in Hugs (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
5. Necking - Spare Me
6. Feels - Awful Need
7. Sebadoh - Vacation
8. Kiwi Jr. - Wicked Witches
9. Dumb - Columbo
10. Guided by Voices - Yours to Keep (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
11. Guided by Voices - Echos Myron (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
12. Guided by Voices - Gold Star for Robot Boy (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
13. Guided by Voices - Mincer Ray (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
14. Guided by Voices - A Big Fan of the Pigpen (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
15. The Electric Cows - Shattered Glass
16. Vondells - Snakes Eyes
17. The Mighty Swells - Runaway
18. West Ends - Belle v. Sebastian
19. Guided by Voices - Her Psychology Today (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
20. Guided by Voices - Kicker of Elves (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
21. Guided by Voices - Demons Are Real (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
22. The Oh Sees - The Great Crush
23. The Oh Sees - Ghost in the Trees
24. Little Girls - Delaware
25. Pottery - The Craft
26. Kim Gray - Hand in Glove
27. The Flowers of Hell - Destroying Angel
28. Guided by Voices - Queen of Cans and Jars (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
29. Guided by Voices - You're Not an Airplane (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)
30. 3ft - 21st Century Drone
31. Cosmonauts - Medio Litro
32. Cate Le Bon - You Don't Love Me
33. Guided by Voices - I Am a Scientist (Bee Thousand - Scat Records - 1994)

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Show 780 (Originally Aired On June 22nd, 2019)(Nirvana Bleach - 30th Anniversary):

1. Nirvana - Floyd the Barber (Bleach - Sub Pop - 1989)
2. Nirvana - School (Bleach - Sub Pop - 1989)
3. Ty Segall I Worship the Dog First Taste
4. Titus Andronicus - (I Blame) Society
5. Lungbutter - HONEY
6. Jinns - Death Wish
7. LTD - Get Them Talkin'
8. Fecal Matter - Downer (Illiteracy Will Prevail - 1985)
9. Nirvana - Spank Thru (1988 Dale Crover Demo)
10. Nirvana - Tolken Eastern Song )With The Lights Out - 2004)
11. Drive Like Jehu - Human Interest
12. Fontaines D.C. - Chequeless Reckless
13. Salt Horse - Weekend Medicine
14. The Space Plan - Trail the Rails
15. Atomic 7 - Skynrd
16. Rodriguez - I Wonder
17. Nirvana - About a Girl (Live) (Bleach: 20th Anniversary Edition - Sub Pop - 2009)
18. Nirvana - Love Buzz (Bleach - Sub Pop - 1989)
19. Nirvana - Papercuts (Bleach - Sub Pop - 1989)
20. Mudhoney - Blinding Sun
21. Lubriated Goat - He Moves in Mysterious Ways
22. Bad Hoo - Confuse Bouche
23. Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds - No Control
24. Foxhart Fishman - Ramblin' Dan's Righteous Manefesto
25. No Museums - Fangs That Once Were Teeth
26. Smokey and the Feelings - Fields of the Bored
27. Sturgill Simpson - The Dead Don't Die
28. Nirvana - Blew (live) (Bleach: 20th Anniversary Edition - Sub Pop - 2009)

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Show 779 (Originally Aired June 15th, 2019)(Joy Division Unknown Pleasures - 40th Anniversary):

1. Joy Division - Exercise One (BBC Session 1979)
2. Queen's Rug - Untitled Demo
3. The Organ Fire - In The Ocean
4. Blue Peter - Radio Silence
5. Dumb - Some Big Motor Dream
6. Joy Division - Living in the Ice Age (Warsaw Demo)
7. Joy Division - Disorder (Unknown Pleasures - Factory Records - 1979)
8. Joy Division - Day of the Lords (Unknown Pleasures - Factory Records - 1979)
9. Joy Division - Candidate (Unknown Pleasures - Factory Records - 1979)
10. Joy Division - Insight (Unknown Pleasures - Factory Records - 1979)
11. Joy Division - New Dawn Fades ((Unknown Pleasures - Factory Records - 1979)
12. Joy Division - She's Lost Control (Unknown Pleasures - Factory Records - 1979)
13. Joy Division - Shadowplay (Unknown Pleasures - Factory Records - 1979)
14. Joy Division - Wilderness (Unknown Pleasures - Factory Records - 1979)
15. Joy Division - Interzone (Unknown Pleasures - Factory Records - 1979)
16. Joy Division - I Remember Nothing (Unknown Pleasures - Factory Records - 1979)
17. Teenanger - It Works with my Body
18. Psychic Void - Gutter Butter
19. Leather Uppers - Slow Puke
20. Pretty Matty - Kicked Out
21. Odonis Odonis - Hollandaze
22. Protomartyr - Ypsilanti
23. Walrus - Fur Skin Coat
24. The Prefects - Faults
25. The Nightingales - Idiot Strength
26. Controller.Controller - PF
27. Joy Division - Transmission (Live) (Les Bains Douches 1979)

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Show 778 (Originally Aired On June 8th, 2019)(Dr. John, 13th Floor Elevators & Roky Erickson):

1. Dr. John - Right Place, Wrong Time
2. Dr. John - Jump Sturdy
3. Dr. John - Ice Age
4. Dr. John - Gut Bucket Blues
5. Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Al Greenery
6. Charles Bradley - You Think I Don't Know But I Know
7. Mark Sultan - The Other Two
8. Reigning Sound - What Did I Tell You
9. Kim Gray - Eugene Vampire
10. Constantines - National Hum
11. Women - Robert Starratt (Locust Valley) (CBC Radio 3 Session)
12. The Jam - Down in the Tube Station at Midnight
13. The Spades - You're Gonna Miss Me
14. The 13th Floor Elevators - Fire Engine
15. The 13th Floor Elevators - She Lives (In a Time of Her Own)
16. Roky Erickson & the Aliens - Night of the Vampire
17. Roky Erickson & The Black Angels - Thank God For Civilization
18. The Neins Circa - The Astoria Hotel
19. No Aloha - Generational Divide
20. Greys - These Things Happen
21. LTD - Chief Sleeps In The Park
22. Young Canadians - Where are You
23. Pow! - Connecting
24. Nots - Floating Hand
25. Outrageous Cherry - Sign o' the Times
26. Neil Young & Stray Gators - Time Fades Away (Live 1973)

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for June 8.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

CJAM FM Emergency Funding Drive & Show # 777

Due to a recent change from the Ontario government, CJAM FM’s funding is in jeopardy. We have already had to eliminate one of the three jobs at the station and 70% of our annual budget is at risk. The station is holding an emergency funding drive to help raise funds for CJAM FM at this time. CJAM and other Ontario campus stations serve as a source of alternative media to the mainstream. This is not just with music that we play, but with other spoken word programming that provides a look at different issues around the country that would not be heard otherwise. We are listened to at 99.1 FM in Windsor/Detroit and streamed/downloaded online by many listeners.

This article from !earshot online provides some perspective on the impact of how this will affect CJAM FM and other campus/community stations across ontario.  If would like to show your support at this time during our emergency funding drive you can make a donation online at or

Show 777 (Originally Aired On June 1st, 2019):

1. 999 - Emergency
2. Sloan - Emergency 911
3. Look Vibrant - Joshua Greets Death
4. The Courtneys - Silver Velvet
5.'s w/Bloodshot Bill - Grease Leather & Chewing Gum
6. Skye Wallace - Stand Back
7. 13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me
8. Roky Erickson - I Walked with a Zombie
9. Roky Erickson - Burn The Flames
10. Golden Dawn - Starvation
11. Dead Ghosts - Roky Said
12. Dumb - Submission
13. Mystery Lights - I'm So Tired (Of Living in the City)
14. Sonny and the Sunsets - Ghost Days
15. Volunteers - Mother's Natures Blues
16. Rodriguez - Can't Get Away
17. Cate Le Bon - Magnificent Gestures
18. Lesbos Vronen - Mmmmm
19. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Real's Not Real
20. Simply Saucer - Bulletproof Nothing
21. The Briefs - Underground Dopes
22. Trophy Knife - Blue Dog
23. TEENANGER - Think About

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for June 1.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Bloodshot Bill Come Get Your Love Right Now & Shows # 774, 775, 776

Released in February 2019, Come Get Your Love Right Now is the latest album by Montreal musician Bloodshot Bill. Although he has had over 35 releases on a variety of labels such as Norton Records, this album marks the first from Bloodshot Bill to be released via Goner Records. Last year saw the release of This Is It! an album featuring Bloodshot Bill and The Hick-Ups. Also in 2019, Bloodshot Bill put out a seven inch entitled My Little Muck Muck with legendary Japanese trio The’s, a new single Temple of Boom by The Tandoori Knights (with King Khan), and a surf EP called Hang Ten with Bloodshot Bill. Come Get Your Love Right Now follows the 2017 release Guitar Boy.

The album’s opening and title track, “Come Get Your Love Right Now” channels an early Sun Records aesthetic. With its acoustic guitar, reverb filled vocals, guitar slides this song sets the mood for the rest of the songs to come. “Take Me For A Ride” is a song that is part Trashmen vocals and propelling rockabilly rhythms. “Stumble” is an instrumental with a tense, brooding rhythm section as it builds and drives forth in a Link Wray styled fashion. This track is one of several other instrumental based tracks found between the other songs on Come Get Your Love Right Now. “Driftin” a blues-based instrumental, while “Drowning” is a high energy instrumental loaded with electric guitar and tremolo.

“Don’t Say Goodbye” is more of a ballad, while it still keeps Bloodshot Bill’s love of 50’s rock and roll’s past, it also drifts into a new territory with heartfelt emotion. “Only Girl” is a more upbeat song with its acoustic guitar, stand up bass fills and cymbal crashes, the catchy rockabilly riff of “Know Myself” hits the listener on another level. While not all of Bloodshot Bill’s vocals are clearly heard due to his use of reverb, this song, like many of Bloodshot Bill’s songs puts the listener into a certain state to feel the music rather than overthink it. “Hook Me’ shuffles with an old fashioned R&B groove, while “Do What You Do” jumps and moves with an unmistakable early rock n’ roll feeling. “Just Because” slows the pace down a bit as it blends early blues, country and rockabilly.

Come Get Your Love Right Now ends with three songs. “I Don’t Mind At All” is a song that showcases 50’s rock and roll with its staccato guitar stabs, and more guitar riffs inspired by a rebellious rock n roll spirit, “One At A Time”, a mid-tempo is a track that floats with surf inspired guitar riffs while “Honey Dolling” ends the album. With its early R&B rhythms and trademark Bloodshot Bill vocals, it ends the album after 35 minutes with sixteen songs, leaving the listener with a desire for more. With a multitude of releases under his belt, this album may be one of the strongest collections of material released by Bloodshot Bill. With Come Get Your Love Right Now, Bloodshot Bill strikes a chord with a certain immediacy as it mixes a selection of ballads and up-tempo rockabilly inspired tracks. Bloodshot Bill evokes a renegade spirit with a side of sophistication as he once again taps into a primitive rock and roll feeling.

Show 776 (Originally Aired On May 25th, 2019)(3ft, Rowland S. Howard, Neu!):

1. The Damned - Neat Neat Neat
2. 3ft - Your Death
3. 3ft - Evening Song
4. Shoobies - All My Profs are on Strike (I'm So Board)
5. Shoobies - Monkey Eat Sandwich
6. Skye Wallace - Coal in your Window
7. Laps - Interlude T
8. Old Time Relijun - Crows in a Row
9. Beat Happening - Knick Knack
10. Greys - Arc Light
11. Protomartyr - Feral Cats
12. Pup - Sibling Rivalry
13. Dumb - Club Nites
14. B.A. Johnston - Your Car is a Bin
15. Rowland S. Howard - (I Know) A Girl Called Jonny
16. Julia Jacklin - Turn me Down
17. Reigning Sound - Shaw
18. The Electric Cows - Missing Flies
19. Bloodshot Bill - Don't Ever Go Away
20. The King Khan Experience - Hey Rudi
21. Rocket from the Tombs - Read It & Weep
22. Snakies - Place We Go
23. Novel - Natural
24. Neu! - Hallogallo Pt. 1
25. Neu! - Hallogallo Pt. 2
26. Pottery - The Craft
27. The Mountain Goats - Cadaver Sniffing Song
28. Ex Hex - Cosmic Cave=
29. The Posies - Fall Apart with Me
30. Sky Wallace - Body Lights the Way

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for May 25.

Show 775 (Originally Aired On May 18th, 2019)(Takeshi Terauchi, The's, Brave New Waves Sessions):

1. The Vondells - Go Go Gone
2. Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys - Ganroku Hanama Odori
3. Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys - Let's Go Boogaloo
4.'s & Bloodshot Bill - My Little Muck Muck
5.'s - Mothra
6.'s - One Potato
7. The Tiki Tones - Man or Mancini?
8. The Ventures - Blue Moon
9. The Hives - I'm Alive
10. Kiwi Jr. - Nothing Changes
11. Royal Trux - Whopper Dave
12. Pere Ubu - Untitled
13. Pavement - Sensitive Euro Man
14. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - Bennett Cerf (Live: The CBC Tapes)
15. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - Hot Box Car (Live: The CBC Tapes)
16. Cub - Pretty Pictures (Brave New Wave Sessions)
17. Deep Six - I Protect Myself (Brave New Wave Sessions)
18. Jale - Emma (Brave New Wave Sessions)
19. The Nils - Bandito Calling (Brave New Wave Sessions)
20. Pursuit of Happiness - My Neighbourhood (Brave New Wave Sessions)
21. The Grapes of Wrath - See Emily Play (Brave New Wave Sessions)
22. Jr. Gone Wild - Why I Hate the Sixties (Brave New Wave Sessions)
23. Neil Young - Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
24. Jeff Tweedy - Ten Sentences
25. Mac Demarco - Hey Cowgirl
26. John Doe - Far Away (From the North Country)
27. Johnny Cash - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
28. Johnny Cash - You Wild Colorado
29. Deer Tick - Strange, Awful Feeling
30. Lo Siento - Vestida de Rojo

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for May 18.

Show 774 (Originally Aired On May 11th, 2019)(Ty Segall Band, Pottery, Guided By Voices):

1. Ty Seagul Band - I Bought My Eyes
2. Ty Seagul Band - Slaughterhouse
3. Nobody's Children - Good Times
4. Paul Butterfield Blues Band - I Got My Mojo Working
5. Muddy Waters - Crawling King Snake
6. Howlin' Wolf - Do The Do
7. Albert King - Watermelon Man (Live)
8. Pottery - Spell
9. Pottery - Hank Williams
10. Chad Van Gaalen - It Must Be Alright
11. Vivienne Wilder & the Vice Presidents - Hey, Hey (Twin Peaks)
12. Tacocat - Little Friend
13. Kim Gray - Handful of Problems
14. Shana Cleveland - Castle Milk
15. Shana Cleveland - Night of the Worm Moon
16. Love - Alone Again Or
17. Rebel Set - All Over the World
18. The Sadies - Rat Creek
19. The Robots - Stinky Juliens
20. Snake River - 54 Candles
21. Mekons - Harar
22. Cosmonaughts - Molly on Glass
23. Diodes - Time of Your Life (1978 Demo)
24. The Demics - The Least You Can Do
25. The Kids - We Are The Prisoners
26. The Kids - The City Is Dead
27. Novel - Sign on the Line
28. Ritual Howls - Love Cuts
29. Magazine - Shot by Both Sides
30. Guided by Voices - Your Lights Out
31. Guides by Voices - Tiny Apes
32. Mike Krol - What's the Rhythm

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for May 11.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

King Khan's LTD - Stop Und Fick Dich! & Interview & Show # 771, 773

Stop Und Fick Dich! is the new album by the band Louder Than Death. LTD is fronted by King Khan. Known for his work in the garage rock duo The King Khan & BBQ Show and the soul oriented King Khan & The Shrines, King Khan orchestrates his vocals as a barrage of noise rises behind him in the form of early punk rock. The album attacks with a fuzzy primal instinct referencing bands such as Iggy & The Stooges, The Electric Eels, Destroy All Monsters, Suicide and many others. The band providing this aural landscape is made up of Looch Vibrato (guitar) and Aggy Sonora (drums) of the wild two-piece garage punk band Magnetix from Bordeaux, France and Fredovich who joins the band on bass from King Khan & The Shrines. Sean Spits is also featured as a second guitarist on several tracks.

“Chief Sleeps In The Park” unravels itself as the album’s first track with raw, unhinged fashion as the music takes hold of the listener with primitive guitar and bass in an Iggy & The Stooges style. Lyrically King Khan sings amongst the chaos with a chorus of “Holding our heads up so high/Watching the miserables pass me by” that provides an observational viewpoint on the state of the world. The title track, features a fuzzy garage journey into sexual politics, as “Erased World” switches course with a post punk edge. With lyrics such as “Tell me something stupid for a change”, “Civilizations out of style and only dust remains” and a chorus that states “Will I surrender to reanimate my soul”, King Khan sings with a dystopian slant that addresses modern times and a lack of meaning in the world that is both tongue-in-cheek and alarming.

Stop and Fick Dich! features new recordings of songs from King Khan’s back catalog. “Snot Queen”, “Scum of the Moon”, “Strange Way”, “Born In 77” and several others that were originally recorded by The Black Jaspers make up the majority of this album and are reborn here with LTD. “ABC’s In Old Berlin” also appears here with the new LTD backing section. This track first appeared on 2018’s self-titled Louder Than Death album that featured Sean & Erin of The Spits. “Long N Wavy” is sure to offend with provocative lyrics and music that borders between Keith Morris-era Black Flag and Motorhead. “No Brain No Pain” is a raunchy garage punk song that hits the listener in the gut as King Khan shouts “You still ain’t got no brain”. With a catchy chorus of “Ain’t no city gonna take away my brain/Ain’t no gonna take away my pain” the character in the song refuses accept the trappings of normal city working life, loneliness and calls out for independence. “Spicy Chicken” features dual vocals featuring King Khan and Toni Lou that venture into the abstract. In between crunchy guitars the lyrics “Spicy chicken LSD/Spicy chicken baby you and me/Spicy chicken PCP/Let’s start a happy family” soar with a Ramones spirit.

“Baby Huey” ends Stop Und Fick Dich! With its post punk sounding bass and drums and intense, cutting guitar lines, King Khan delivers sermon-like lyrics overtop the music that drives the song for over five minutes, making it the longest LTD track. Ian Svenonius (The Make-Up/Chain and The Gang) joins King Khan on vocals adding more atmosphere to this track. Lyrically the song parallels themes of destruction, vengeance, revolution and ignorance. As the song moves forward it calls for change to rise during the troubled times being described. This ends the album on a visual, yet dystopian message that descends into chaos with a raw realism that casts itself on to the modern and past world. Stop Und Fick Dich! resurrects itself with music and messages that provide no clear answers, but at the same time drapes itself in a cloak of disguised social commentary that is likely to offend and delight in every way.

Stop Und Fick Dich! is available through In The Red Records.

Check out an extended and uncensored version of my interview with King khan here:

Show 773 (Originally Aired On May 4th, 2019)(King Khan's LTD & Interview):

1. Fruit Tones - I Know Where Love Comes From
2. The Bell Peppers - Drapes N' Squares
3. Electric Cows - Trick or Treating Cycle Mama
4. Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends - Wailing Sounds
5. Guided by Voices - Dead Liquor Store
6. The Gories - Hate (Live The Shaw Tapes 1988)
7. James Brown - There Was a Time (Live)
8. Louder Than Death - Erased World
9. Louder Than Death - Spicy Chicken


10. Louder Than Death - Play it Safe
11. The Spits - Eyesore City
12. The King Khan Experience - Hammer Ich Vermisse Dich
13. The King Khan Experience - Knock Me Off My Feet


14. King Khan - Never Hold On
15. Fried Egg - Why Bother
16. Bad Hoo - Skim Milk Twist
17. Los Straightjackets - Ashokan Farewell
18. Rock Lake - No Idea
19. Wilco - Burned
20. Old Time Relijun - Dragon Juice
21. Protomartyr - In My Sphere
22. Bob Dylan - Obviously Five Believers

Download/stream this episode here.

Show 771 (Originally Aired April 20th, 2019)(Pixies, Ramones, CBC Radio 3 Sessions):

1. Pere Ubu - Life Stinks
2. Fire Engines - Big Gold Dream
3. Ariel Pink - Goth Bomb
4. Ty Segall & Freedom Band - They Told Me Too (Live)
5. Pixies - Debaser
6. Pixies - Gouge Away
7. The Jackets - Queen of the Pill
8. Ramones - You Should Never Have Opened That Door (Demo)
9. The Electric Cows - Shattered Glass
10. Parquet Courts - Yr No Stoner
11. A. Savage - Eyeballs
12. Sloan - Losing California (CBC Radio 3 Session)
13. The New Pornographers - The Fake Headlines (CBC Radio 3 Session)
14. The Organ - A Sudden Death (CBC Radio 3 Session)
15. The Sadies - I Tried Not To (CBC Radio 3 Session)
16. Women - Locust Valley (CBC Radio 3 Session)
17. Women - Shaking Hand (CBC Radio 3 Session)
18. Scott Walker - The Old Man's Back Again
19. Snake River - A Clean Stone
20. Neil Young - Devil’s Sidewalk
21. The King Khan Experience - Turkey Ride
22. James Brown - Forever Suffering
23. Deerhunter - Futurism
24. Kiwi Jr. - Gimmie More
25. Julia Jackson - Pressure to Party
26. Lo Siento - Sumergida
27. Crones - Disembodied
28. Television - See No Evil (Alternate Version)

Download/stream this episode here.

Show 772 was a repeat of an all horror themed surf episode which originally aired in February 2019. You can download/stream that episode here and view the playlist here.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

I.R.S. Records & Shows # 768, 769, 770

I.R.S. Records released music by some of the most influential and popular indie, alternative and new wave/punk artists in the 1980s. This American record label established a presence for many artists from the burgeoning UK punk and new wave music scenes through the US and Canada. They also released music by new US underground artists during this time period. The label had its beginnings in 1977 with a label called Illegal Records. At the time Miles Copeland III was managing The Police. This band also featured Stewart Copeland, Miles brother. The label was formed to release The Police’s first single “Fallout”. It was his connection with the Police and the success of their 1979 single “Roxanne” which helped to jumpstart I.R.S. Records. Copeland optioned this single to A&M Records who would help with distribution, while he would market, promote and arrange tour a tour for the band. The Police signed to A&M shortly after this. Along with the Frontier Booking International (F.B.I.) agency, run by Ian Copeland, the first tour of The Police was launched in the US. This highly publicized tour featured Ian driving the band around in the van while on tour, shared hotel rooms and no roadies. Several of the band’s early touring US adventures were covered in Sting’s 2003 memoir, Broken Music.

Later on in 1979, Copeland along with Jay Boberg and Carl Grasso formed the International Record Syndicate, also known as I.R.S. Records. With offices in Hollywood, New York and London, I.R.S. Records also had several subsidiary labels for different markets. The label specialized in music that was different from the mainstream and often took chances with the music on their roster. Miles Copeland stated in an article in the Los Angeles Times in 1988: "Most labels wouldn't touch this kind of artist. But what these artists have to say may be interesting, different and experimental. They deserve an outlet too. I give the acts all the artistic freedom they want as long as they come through for me--which means balancing their art with financial responsibility."

I.R.S. released influential college rock band R.E.M.’s first five full-length albums, not counting singles, compilation albums and their first EP, Chronic Town. Other music released by this label includes The Go-Go’s first three albums, albums by Oingo Boingo, The English Beat, Fine Young Cannibals, General Public, Concrete Blonde, Black Sabbath and The Alarm. Buzzcocks first US album, Singles Going Steady which compiled the band’s early singles and B-sides, was also put out by the label. I.R.S. Records also put out albums by The Cramps, The Bangles and many others. In addition to all of this from 1983 to 1987, they had a monthly program on MTV, which was still in its early stages at the time. Their program was called I.R.S. Records: The Cutting Edge. It featured artists from the labels roster and performances from bands coupled with interviews sometimes in clubs, recording studios or homes. Hosted primarily by Peter Zaremba of The Fleshtones (another artist associated with I.R.S. Records), the program would later evolve into the MTV program 120 Minutes. Several of these performances from The Cutting Edge can be seen on YouTube or through the now out of print DVD I.R.S. Records Presents The Cutting Edge.

In 1985, I.R.S. Records changed its distribution outlet for arts from A&M Records to MCA and in 1990 to EMI until 1996. In 1996, I.R.S. Records released All Set by Buzzcocks. It would be their last release. The label has been revived a few times. Miles Copeland formed Ark 21 Records shortly after 1996. I.R.S. Records and all its affiliates took chances to release music that was different from the norm. They offered artists on its roster a package that included management, booking, recording and music publishing that may have otherwise not have had an outlet for their music at all.

Videos From The Cutting Edge:

Show 770 Playlist (Originally Aired On April 13th, 2019)(Scott Walker's Untitled Trilogy, The Hives, Pylon:)

1. Trophy Knife - Under Warmer Light
2. Blacktop - Confusion
3. PUP - Kids
4. Snakies - Backpack
5. Pottery - The Craft
6. Walker Brothers - Shut Out
7. Scott Walker - Track Three
8. Scott Walker - Tilt
9. Scott Walker - Cossacks Are
10. Scott Walker - See You Don't Bump His Head
11. Andreas - Loon
12. The Hives - Blood Red Moon
13. Tom Waits - Whistlin' Past the Graveyard
14. Bloodshot Bill - Hook Me
15. Tandoori Knights - Temple of Boom
16. Sonic Youth - Silver Rocket
17. Blessed - Pill
18. Priests - The Seduction of Kansas
19. The Shiverettes - Very Cool Dude
20. Protruders - Hydrophytol
21. Butchers - Apex Predator
22. White Lung - Vegas
23. Chain & The Gang - Come Over
24. School Damage - Two Friends
25. The Pink Noise - Girl with the Golden Skin
26. The Black Angels - She's Not There
27. Pylon - Yo-Yo

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for April 13.

Show 769 Playlist (Originally Aired On April 6, 2019)(I.R.S. Records, The Dirtbombs, The Idols):

1. The Fleshtones - Cold, Cold Shoes
2. Brian James - Ain't That A Shame
3. Buzzcocks - What Do I Get?
4. Protruders - No Stone
5. Blesssed - Thought
6. The Courtneys - 90210
7. John Doe & The Sadies - Are The Good Times Really Over For Good?
8. The Sadies - Coming Back
9. The Cramps - Uranium Rock
10. SpaceSlave - Admired
11. R.E.M. - West of the Fields
12. R.E.M. - Little America
13. West Ends - Strangers
14. The Ding-Dongs - Phantom On The Hill
15. Les Sexarennos - Let's Go
16. The Gories - I'll Go
17. The Dirtbombs - Words That Hurt
18. The Dirtbombs - I'll Be In Trouble
19. B.A. Johnston - I Miss 90s Hash
20. The Idols - Girl That I Love
21. The Idols - Bigger Splash
22. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Going Steady
23. The Replacements - Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out (Live At Maxwell's 1986)
24. The Damned - Wait For the Blackout
25. Payola$ - Jukebox

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for April 6.

Show 768 Playlist (Originally Aired On March 30, 2019)(Ranking Rodger & Scott Walker tribute, Bloodshot Bill, Jonathan Richman, The Vondells):

1. The Clash (Featuring Ranking Roger) - Rock The Casbah
2. The Beat - Mirror In The Bathroom
3. The Beat - Too Nice To Talk To
4. Scott Engel - The Livin' End
5. Scott Walker - Jackie
6. Scott Walker - 30th Century Man
5. Bloodshot Bill - I Don't Mind At All
6. Bloodshot Bill - One At A Time
7. Jonathan Richman - Everyday Clothes
8. Jonathan Richman - Since She Started To Ride
9. Jonathan Richman - No Te Oye
10. Townes Van Zandt - Pancho & Lefty
11. Volunteers - Pass My Time
12. The Vondells - Dill Pickles
13. The Vondells - Go Go Gone
14. The Mighty Swells - Lone Rhino
15. The Leather Uppers - Hot Shot
16. The Reaction - The Kids Arrived
17. The Mummies - A Girl Like You
18. The King Khan & BBQ Show - Lonely Boy
19. The Bad Beats - Can't Understand
20. Ex Hex - Cosmic Cave
21. Trout - Mt. Eremos
22. The Unintended - Bells of War
23. Ritual Howls - Love Cuts
24. The Government - Fire Escape
25. Meath Puppets - Warranty
26. Nirvana - Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol That Flow Through The Strip
27. The Police - Fallout
28. Sector 27 - Can't Keep Away

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for March 30.