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Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska & Shows # 954, 953, 952, 951, 950

Originally released on September 30th, 1982, Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska stands out in his discography. After touring behind the double album The River, Bruce bought a Tascam 144 4-Track recorder and demoed about 15 songs with just an acoustic guitar. Following the initial recordings, Springsteen reportedly carried around the cassette with him in his back pocket for weeks afterwards. Originally planned as demos that would be reworked by his band, the E-Street Band, it was decided that the album should be released as is acoustically because something was missing from the attempts at full band versions of the songs. It’s hard to argue, Nebraska is a dark collection of songs that captures a certain intimate mood. Said to have been influenced by the music of Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie, the prose of Flannery O’Connor and Terrence Mallick’s film Badlands, Nebraska is filled with folk story type songs of down and out characters, outsiders, criminals and murderers with no or little hopes of a future.

Nebraska begins with the title track. A somber acoustic track featuring harmonica, mandolin and glockenspiel, the song was inspired by Terrence Mallick’s 1973 film Badlands that was about the true story of Charles Starkweather and Carli Ann Fugate who went on a killing spree in 1958. This was combined with what many have said is language influenced by author Flannery O’Connor that starts off Nebraska with themes of isolation and disconnection. “Atlantic City” is a song that deals with a man who gets involved in organized crime to help pay off his debts. “Mansion on the Hill” is a song filled with reflection, but also the fragility of the American dream, which can be found driving through many of the songs on Nebraska. Told from the point of view of a child, “Mansion on the Hill” is in part about Bruce’s childhood. His father would often drive past a house out of town and stop to look at this big white house. The character in the song with lyrics such as “At night my daddy'd take me and we'd ride/Through the streets of a town so silent and still/Park on a back road along the highway side/Look up at that mansion on the hill” and “Tonight down here in Linden Town/I watch the cars rushing by far from the mill/There's a beautiful full moon rising/Above the mansion on the hill” changes perspective, first being the child from the outside looking in and then being the person living in the mansion on the hill looking out on the world.

More dramatic events occur to the characters found in the songs on Nebraska on “Johnny 99” and “State Trooper.” “Johnny 99” attacks with an almost rockabilly/50s rock aesthetic musically as lyrically Springsteen unravels the tale of a laid off factory worker who gets 99 years in jail for his crimes, but also draws on themes of waywardness as Johnny pleads for the death sentence instead. It is another story of someone on the outsides of big American towns driven to crime out of desperation. “Highway Patrolman” is a haunting track. The song flows with bleakness that was influenced by the vocal style of Alan Vega and Suicide’s “Frankie Teardrop.” Joe, the protagonist in this song works for the law and is often helping his troubled brother throughout his life. It takes place in 1965 and after Joe’s brother Frankie shoots someone it is implied that he has been allowed to escape through Canada-US border. “State Trooper” ends side one of Nebraska. It seems to pick up from the point of view of the recently escaped Frankie from “Highway Patrolman." However, this is never implied. It has also been said to be about someone else entirely. With its driving acoustic rhythms, the song has an eeriness to it that captures the state of mind of the character in the song. It is a character on edge that if he gets pulled over by a state trooper, he doesn’t know what unspeakable things may occur.

“Used Cars” starts off side two of Nebraska. It is a slower acoustic and harmonica driven track. With lyrics such as “Now mister the day the lottery I win/I ain't ever gonna ride in no used car again,” the song deals with themes of poverty, shame and not having enough money to afford the simple things in your life, despite working hard. The Chuck Berry rave-up “Open All Night” arrives next. Another song featuring car imagery, lyrics such as “I met Wanda when she was employed/Behind the counter at the route 60 Bob's Big Boy/Fried Chicken on the front seat she's sittin' in my lap/We're wipin' our fingers on a Texaco roadmap,” paints a picture of love and life in America for outsiders. “My Father’s House” flips the notion of the prodigal son as it ties in with themes of “Mansion on the Hill” and the distance of a father/son relationship, while “Reason to Believe” ends Nebraska. The song seems to be very open ended as it has been seen as some to offer a glimpse of hope on an otherwise very dark album, while others see it as the opposite, as having no reason to believe in anything. Whatever you see it as, Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska is a snapshot of a time in his life just before he was about to become an artist selling out stadiums. The private torment of the characters in these songs are amplified, despite being an acoustic album.

With Nebraska, Bruce Springsteen hit a nerve and connected with something different than his usual subject matter. The album did not have any charting hits and was the complete opposite of his next album Born in the U.S.A. (some of which was written during this same time period). Drawing on American gothic themes of rundown towns and post industry shutdown areas, Nebraska, weaves songs and stories that show a complexity in the darkness. It also reveals the cracks where a light can show through if you look hard enough.

Show 954 Playlist (Originally Aired October 1st, 2022)(Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 50th anniversary, R.E.M's Automatic For The People 30th anniversary, Fake Palms, Status/Non-Status, Beat Happening & Screaming Trees):

1.  The Vagrants – Respect 
2.  The Remains – Don’t Look Back 
3.  Count Five - Psychotic Reaction 
4.  Blue Magoos – Tobacco Road 
5.  Nazz – Open My Eyes 
6.  Link Cromwell - Crazy Like A Fox 
7.  Painted Ship - And She Said Yes 
8.  Canadian Squires - Leave Me Alone
9.  Ugly Ducklings - Nothin’ 
10. R.E.M. – Try Not to Breathe 
11. R.E.M. – Monty Got a Raw Deal 
12. R.E.M. – Drive [live at the 40 Watt Club 11/19/92] 
13. R.E.M. – Wake Her Up (Demo)
14. Yves Jarvis - To That End
15. The Burning Hell - The Last Normal Day
16. Fake Palms - The Curl 
17. More Kicks - Terminal Love 
19. Talking Heads - Don’t Worry About The Government 
20. Pixies – There’s a Moon On 
21. Dumb – Dropout 
22. Heaven for Real – Wait in the Doorway 
23. Skinny Dyck – TV Blue 
24. Julianna Riolino – Lone Ranger 
25. Status/Non-Status – When They Were
26. Beat Happening/Screaming Trees - Polly Pereguinn
27. Beat Happening/Screaming Trees - I Dig You
28. Parquet Courts - Application Apparatus

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Show 953 (Originally Aired on September 25th, 2022)(Black Sabbath Vol.4 50th anniversary, Bruce Springsteen Nebraska 40th anniversary, Beck, By Divine Right, Ghost Woman):

1.  Ghost Woman - Clockwork 
2.  Andreas - Dancing Through Dreams 
3.  By Divine Right - No 87 
4.  Sunglaciers - Stayed
5.  Kiwi Jr. - Downtown Area Blues
6.  Viagra Boys - ADD
7.  The Diodes - Polaroid
8.  Alex G - Runner 
9.  Metz – Come on Down 
10. Black Sabbath - Supernaut
11. Black Sabbath – St. Vitus Dance
12. Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska 
13. Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band - Atlantic City (Live Brendan Byrne Arena August 6, 1984)
14. The National - Mansion on the Hill 
15. Bruce Springsteen - Johnny 99 #2 (Outtake) 
16. Bruce Springsteen - Highway Patrolman 
17. Cowboy Junkies – State Trooper
18. Bruce Springsteen – Used Cars 
19. Matthew “Doc” Dunn – Open All Night 
20. Rogue Tenant + Steve Sladkowski – My Father’s House
21. Bruce Springsteen – Reason to Believe 
22. Beck – End of the Day

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Show 952 (Originally Aired On September 17th, 2022)(The Gun Club Miami 40th anniversary, King Khan & BBQ Show, Lou Reed Words & Music):

1.  Dumb – Sleep Like a Baby 
2.  Heaven for Real – Do Your Worst
3.  Single Mothers – Enough for You
4.  The Murlocs – Virgin Criminal 
5.  Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Gettin’ to the Point 
6.  Paranoyds - LA 2032 
7.  The Barracudas - Summer Fun 
8.  Big Rig - Happy Song
9.  The Soft Pack - Oxford Ave
10. By Divine Right - Fuzzy Empire 
11. The Gun Club – A Devil in the Woods 
12. The Gun Club - Like Calling Up Thunder
13. The Gun Club – Fire of Love (Demo)
14. The Sadies – Mother of Earth
15. Mark Lanegan – Carry Home 
16. Big Thyme - Big Thyme
17. King Khan & The Shrines - Crackin’ Up 
18. Mark Sultan - The Problem 
19. King Khan & BBQ Show - Tryin’
20. Jon Spencer & The HITmakers - Bruise
21. Crack Cloud – Costly Engineered Illusion 
22. No Age – Tripped Out Before Scott 
23. The Beths – Silence is Golden
24. Black Angels – Fire Fly
25. Mo Troper – Play Dumb 
26. Lou Reed - Buzz Buzz Buzz (May 1965 Demo) 
27. Lou Reed - I’m Waiting For The Man (May 1965 Demo) 
28. Velvet Underground - I’m Waiting For The Man (Version 3 Live) 

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Show 951 Playlist (September 10th, 2022)(Captain Beefheart Ice Cream For Crow, Preoccupations, Daniel Romano, The D4, Dion Lunadon, Jack White):

1.  The D4 - Running On Empty 
2.  Dion Lunadon - Nothing But My Skull
3.  Bad Decisions - Carless Whisper II 
4.  Osees - Scum Show
5.  The Cramps - Weekend On Mars 
6.  The Phantom - Love Me
7.  Broken Social Scene – I Don’t Wanna Grow Up 
8.  Tom Waits – Such a Scream
9.  Tom Waits – Goin’ Out West
10. Captain Beefheart – Ice Cream for Crow 
11. Captain Beefheart – The Past Sure is Tense 
12. Andy & the Ampersands - Going Home 
13. King Woobs - What We Cling To
14. Hurricane & Able - I Feel 
15. Baby Giant - Easy To Love 
16. Preoccupations – Slowly
17. Daniel Romano’s Outfit - VII [La Luna] 
18. Built to Spill – Understood
19. Weary - Retreat 
20. Kate Bush – There Goes a Tenner 
21. Blondie – Moonlight Drive 
22. Tops – Party Again 
23. Paula – Lover Boy 
24. The Volebeats - You Get Closer
25. Leonard Cohen - Passing Through (Live)
26. Ty Segall - Over 
27. Jack White - A Tip From You To Me 
28. Jack White - Love Is Selfish 

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Show 950 (September 3rd, 2022)(Jonathan Richman, CLAMM, Yoo Doo Right, Detroit Cobras):

1.  Jonathan Richman - That Summer Feeling 
2.  Jonathan Richman - Grunion Run 
3.  Les Jaguars - Jaguar Shake 
4.  Bloodshot Bill - Busted Tail
5.  Bloodshot Bill - Knock Me Out 
6.  The Staccatos - Let’s Run Away
7.  Paul Revere & The Raiders - Louie, Go Home
8.  The Descendants – Suburban Home 
9.   Asexuals – Be What You Want 
10. Minutemen – Case Closed
11. D.O.A. – Get Out of My Life 
12. The Dishrags – Cement 
13. Bo Diddley - Don’t Let It Go 
14. The Paranoyds - Single Organ Experience 
15. The Goldstars - It’s Just Not True 
16. Robbie Quine - It Came From Beyond 
17. Dylan - Pattern Nocturnal 
18. Ancient Shapes - Bird With The Iron Head
19. CLAMM - Global 
20. Black Midi – 27 Questions 
21. Yoo Doo Right – The Failure of Stiff, Tired Friends
22. Julia Jacklin – I Was Neon 
23. Cass McCombs – Karaoke 
24. Mountain Goats – Wage Wars Get Rich or Die Handsome
25. Alvvays – Easy on Your Own 
26. Jack Oblivian - Cigarillo
27. Jack Oblivian - Lone Ranger of Love
28. Detroit Cobras - Cha Cha Twist 
29. Detroit Cobras - I’ll Keep Holding On 
30. Detroit Cobras - Putty (In Your Hands)
31. Detroit Cobras - It's Easier To Cry

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All Day Dreaming: Shawn McDonald (of Baby Giant) Interview & Shows # 949, 948, 947

All Day Dreaming
is the third full-length album by London, Ontario’s Baby Giant. Comprised of brothers Shawn McDonald (vocals/bass/guitar) and Tim McDonald (King Woobs) (drums/backing vocals), this new album also features contributions on some tracks from Andy Paquette (Gypsy Ghosts) on vocals/guitar and Ryan O’Driscoll (SpaceSlave) on vocals/backing vocals. All Day Dreaming was recorded in Shawn’s living room with drums recorded in the basement. The guitar on this album is more prominent as opposed to 2018’s 2 album, giving it more of a live and spontaneous feel.

The title track starts off All Day Dreaming. Featuring crunchy guitars, an in the pocket drumbeat and a lo-fi Guided By Voices aesthetic. With lyrics such as “face, nice to see your face/that’s what I needed/place, this must be the place that I needed” that captures a feeling, one that seems to be a balance between reality and the surreal. It is also one of two tracks to feature lead vocals from Andy Paquette (Shawn McDonald is the lead vocalist on the almost all the other tracks). “Brightside” is a jangly garage pop song. Taking influence from band such as Belle & Sebastian, Magnetic Fields and Leonard Cohen styled guitar chords, “Brightside” is one of the standout tracks on All Day Dreaming. This song with its catchy guitar leads and vocal harmonies are easy for the listener to get lost in. With character driven lyrics that portray a type of nostalgia about love lost contrasted against the fact that this person is always looking on the bright side of things. “Yeah!” is a short, ramshackle garage song with fuzz guitar, acoustic guitar and a soulful bassline that seems to echo with the influence of 60s era Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds, “Admired” is a catchy, jangly track and one of two tracks featuring lead vocals from Ryan O’Driscoll. This track features watery sounding guitars that dip into elements of psychedelia, organ sounds, tambourine, fuzzy bass and a laidback drumbeat that holds everything in place. Lyrics such as “Why don’t you hang around like you used to,” and “Yeah it’s hard/Now you know what it feels like to be admired,” add a touch of melancholy and reflection as the song seems to look back at the past times while trying to be engaged in the present.

“She’s A Queen” starts off with keyboards and fuzzy guitars mixed with surf guitar licks and stop and start drums. This song brings guitar volume with a sparseness and character driven lyrics that paint the picture of someone who is in love with the extravagant parts of life. “Driving Force” provides an instrumental break that seems fraught with tension as the drums, guitar and bass propel forward. “White Stallion” is the seventh track on All Day Dreaming. With a bassline that seems to combine elements of 60s era Kinks and The Fall, while the guitar is layered with ringing tremolo heavy guitar leads, acoustic guitar and banjo that fill in the sonic space. The drums drive the song as it adjusts speeds. Lyrically, McDonald sings a Mark E. Smith styled vocal that regales the listener with words such as “I don’t know what I’ve been told/You make the rules if you’ve got the gold,” “I tried so hard for fortune and fame/Now the white stallion is calling my name,” that seem to conjure up symbolism of purity and triumph. “I’m Sick” is a fast garage track with punk elements, while “She Don’t Need A Hero” is a primarily acoustic song written by and also featuring lead vocals from Ryan O’Driscoll. About one minute in, the rest of the band joins in with organ, guitar leads and drums/percussion, while lyrically this song tells the story of someone that doesn’t need saving, as the narrator seems lost due to their lack of confidence in themself.

“Westbound and Down” is a darker track lyrically. The lyrics are surrounded in mystery about a character that is on the run as he makes a slim escape from his place then is filled with existential thoughts as he makes his way west. This character story song is one of the strongest moments on an album filled with many strong moments. The travelling drumbeat locks down the beat as guitar arpeggios and leads pepper their way throughout the song and the bass climbs and falls with the melody. The guitar rises to a searing intensity as the song hits about two minutes and forty five seconds matching the state of mind that the character in the song seems to be in. “LOVE” ends All Day Dreaming. This song features elements of The Vaselines, the guitars are layered with clean guitars and intense distorted guitar moments as the drums and bass are solid, yet fluid throughout the song. Lyrics such as “Looking for love/Alright,” and “Nighttime has its light/People pass time picking fights/Come on over baby/I’m alright” are wistful, yet hopeful.

Throughout All Day Dreaming, there are a number of musical influences that could be named such as Guided By Voices, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Fall, T.Rex, The Byrds, The Rolling Stones, The Vaselines, but the influence of these bands combine into something else. Looking at the cover artwork for All Day Dreaming we see what looks like a grainy photo of a pine tree with the words Baby Giant in bright yellow and pink colours in the top corner. There is a light hiding behind the tree that is breaking through the branches partially lighting up parts of the photo. It gives off Twin Peaks vibes, but really the songs are not what they seem at first glance. The characters throughout the songs that make up this album are in some type of daydream-like state at times trying to find their way. The lo-fi and musical aesthetic combined with the lyricism make All Daydreaming something different, something all its own.

Listen to the interview that Revolution Rock did with Shawn McDonald of Baby Giant:

Show 949 Playlist (Originally Aired On August 27th, 2022)(Baby Giant Interview):

1. R.E.M. - Sitting Still (Polka Version) (Partial)
2. R.E.M. - Siting Still
3. R.E.M. - White Tornado
4. R.E.M. - White Tornado (Take 2) (Abandoned)
5. R.E.M. – Gardening at Night [live Toronto, 1983]
6. R.E.M. - Wolves, Lower
7. R.E.M. - 1,000,000
8. Tallies – Catapult
9. Crystal Eyes - Pretty Dumb
10. Baby Giant - All Daydreaming


11. Baby Giant - Brightside
12. Baby Giant - White Stallion


13. Baby Giant - I’m Sick
14. The Fine Print - Hanging Over Me
15. Dragsville - Not Gonna Do It
16. Queens of the Stone Age - First It Giveth
17. Queens of the Stone Age - Hangin’ Tree
18. The Chats - Boggo Breakout
19. B.A. Johnson - My Neighbour Dug a Fire Pit
20. Dog Day - Inner Space
21. The Gonks - Nuns Having Fun
22. La Luz - San Fernando Shadow Blues
23. The Merseyippi Collectif - Alive and All WIllin'
24. Compulsive Gamblers - Way Down In The Hole
25. Detroit Cobras - Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat) 


Show 948 (Originally Aired On August 20th, 2022) (Gord Lewis Teenage Head tribute, Spoon, Sleater-Kinney, Interpol, Neko Case):

1. Teenage Head - Lucy Potato
2. Teenage Head - Send A Letter (Demo)
3. Teenage Head - Disgusteen (Unreleased 1977 Take)
4. Spoon - Jonathon Fisk
5. Sleater-Kinney - Oh!
6. Interpol - Obstacle 2
7. Neko Case - Deep Red Bells
8. The Shivas - Can’t Relax
9. Petrol Girls - Preachers
10. Teenanger - Weird Money
11. Pretty Matty - See You Around
12. UWUW - Scattered Ashes
17. Tim Swaddling - Real Gone
18. Ghost Woman - Do You
19. Bonnie Prince Billy - Outsider
20. Wilco - Please Be Wrong
21. John Doe - El Romance-O
22. Frog Eyes - Rainbow Stew
23. The Sadies - Ginger Moon
24. Rick White - Another Season Again
25. Crack Cloud - Please Yourself
26. Teenage Head - Somethin’ on My Mind
27. Teenage Head - Drivin’ Wild
28. Teenage Head - Frantic Romantic
29. Teenage Head With Marky Ramone - You’re Tearing Me Apart 


Show 947 (Originally Aired On August 13th, 2022) (Teenage Head, Big Star, Ducks Ltd, Beck):

1. Teenage Head - Picture My Face
2. Teenage Head - Top Down
3. Matt Ellis - Brutal Planet
4. TV Freaks - Coworker Blues
5. Psychic Void - Drug Surface
6. Personal and the Pizzas - Never Find Me
7. Big Star - Feel
8. Big Star - The Ballad of El Goodo
9. Juliana Hatfield - Don’t Lie to Me
10. Albert Hammond Jr. - Thirteen
11. Paul Jacobs - I Find It Hard To Believe
12. Leonard Cohen - The Hills
13. The Sadies - So Far, So Few
14. Rusty - Surrender To The Rhythm
15. Kiwi Jr. - Unspeakable Things
16. Ducks Ltd. & Illuminati Hotties - Head On
17. Ducks Ltd. & Jane Inc. - In Between Days
18. US Girls - So Typically Now
19. Beck - In a Cold Ass Fashion
20. Beck - Corvette Bummer
21. Beck - Asskizz Powergrudge (Payback ’94)
22. Beck - Modern Guilt
23. Beck - Blue Randy
24. Beck - Feelings
25. Beck - Schmoozer
26. Beck - Steve Threw Up
27. Beck - Garbage Truck
28. Beck - Leave Me On The Moon


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Summer of Beck & Shows # 946, 945, 944, 943


Prior to his breakthrough commercial single “Loser” in 1994, Beck began his music career as part of the anti-folk scene in New York. Relocating there in the late 80s, Beck drew on folk, delta blues and country influences. Hip hop would find its way into the songs, but not at first. A lot of the lyrics were surreal, eccentric and anti-mainstream. Throughout this time Beck became involved in the anti-folk scene in the East Village. He relocated to Los Angeles in 1991, but continued performing and making music. During this time he would often record demo tapes on a 4-track combining his folk/anti-folk style with sound collages and surreal lyrical elements. When talking of his lyrical style, Beck stated in an interview in Entertainment Weekly in 1997 "I'd be banging away on a Son House tune and the whole audience would be talking. So maybe out of desperation or boredom, or the audience's boredom, I'd make up these ridiculous songs just to see if people were listening." The song “Loser” was written and recorded while visiting Carl Stephenson’s home in 1992. Stephenson was a record producer for Rap-A-Lot Records. With a growing interest in hip hop, Beck mixed his folk style music with a hip hop drumbeat. Samples were added by Stephenson and Beck, including a line from the movie Kill The Moonlight. This was movie made by Steve Hanft in 1991, but not seen by many until 1994. Although seen by Beck as just a throwaway track initially, the song identified with people, especially during this early 90s time period. Beck gave some insight to the lyrics (as found on as: "feeling displaced in the '80s, a time of materialism when everybody was cashing in and making money. If you went to school and were wearing the same shoes you had a year ago, and you'd grown out of them, and your toe was coming through a hole, you were not accepted."

Released through Bong Load Records in 1993 as a single, “Loser” received radio airplay on a college radio station KXLU, followed by airplay on KROQ FM. Airplay in New York followed. It became a highly requested song and KROQ began playing it on an almost hourly basis. The initial 500 copies that were pressed had run out at this time. Since there was no streaming back then, the radio was the only place you could hear it. Soon Beck signed with DGC records and the single was reissued in January 1994 along with heavy promotion from Geffen Records. “Loser” quickly topped the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts at #10 and made the Modern Rock Tracks charts. It was quickly certified a gold record selling 600,000 copies. During this time Beck was still recording music. In 1993, he released his debut album Golden Feelings, which showed his early lo-fi anti-folk sound. Beck has since gone on to become a musical chameleon of sorts. Still maintaining what made him so unique in the 90s with other styles. His 1996 album Odelay mixed his love of country, rock, folk and hip hop and he continues to make different types of music. In 1994, Beck released a lot of material including singles, an EP and three albums. For approximately the last month on Revolution Rock, we have been focusing on selections from these releases. Something we have been calling the Summer of Beck. The episode on August 13th will also feature two sets of Beck songs.

A Western Field By Moonlight (January 1994 – Fingerpaint Records)

This release has ten songs, but is technically an EP due to its overall length. Although repressed three times, this release has not been available digitally. Like a lot of early Beck recordings, some of them have been reworked/rerecorded on later releases. This one starts off with “Totally Confused.” Found on a few different Beck releases (including 1993’s Golden Feelings and the Beercan single in 1994), this track is drum and bass heavy, as acoustic guitar is heard throughout in a lazy fashion. The lyrics add a bit of abstract thought with the theme of well, being confused. A standout on this release the violin on this track is played by Petra Haden and also features vocals throughout provided by Anna Waronker. “Mayonnaise Salad” is short noise and feedback heavy instrumental, while “Gettin’ Home” is a short, slower Delta blues inspired song that is also found on several different releases, “Black Fire Choked Our Death” is spoken word track telling a dark tale of doom and the apocalypse. This is similar to spoken word tracks found on the album Stereopathetic Soul Manure that is apparently just Beck’s voice adjusted with a higher vocal pitch. Three tracks on this release are short tracks “Feel Like A Piece of Shit (Mind Control),” Feel Like A Piece of Shit (Crossover Potential),” and “Feel Like A Piece of Shit (Cheetos Time)" are all variations of short sound experiments involving muffled vocals and synthesizers. “Lampshade” is another highlight found here. With a haunting harmonica and Delta blues/folk influence, many feel this is one of Beck’s finest songs. It’s hard to argue with lyrics such as “Someone's talking backwards, looking for a fight/Puttin' on a lampshade cause you're shining way too bright/I don't want no crying/I don't want no pain/I don't want no lonesome life on a broken train” that evoke a reflection on previous night that stays with you. When A Western Field By Moonlight was released (and reissued on vinyl) the last track of this release “Styrofoam Chicken (Quality Time)” was purposely made to skip on the record and repeat itself. In order for it to stop you would have to get up and take the needle off the record.

Stereopathetic Soul Manure (Flipside – February 1994)

Stereopathetic Soul Manure followed A Western Field By Moonlight. This 26 track release was considerably longer clocking in at about 48 minutes. This album was a collection of home recordings, studio recordings, live performances, field recordings, sound collages, experimental tracks and in general lo-fi folk songs. Apparently culled from the large collection of demos he made dating as far back as 1988, this album has many great tracks that reveal themselves. “Pink Noise (Rock Me Amadeus)” starts off the release with noise rock experimentation and plenty of distorted vocals and fuzziness. “Rowboat” is a mid-tempo country song. A love gone wrong tale with lyrics such as “Rowboat, row me to the shore/She don't want to be my friend no more/She dug a hole in the bottom of my soul/She don't want to be my friend no more,” this song has a certain depth to it and was apparently written quickly before it was due to be recorded. It was put together quickly so that Beck could have a song featuring Leo LeBlanc on pedal steel guitar. His playing on this track is truly stunning. This track was later recorded by Johnny Cash with Rick Rubin for his The Man In Black album.

“Thunder Peel” is a noisy alternative rock influenced track that would be revisited on 1996’s Odelay. Country twang returns with “The Spirit Moves Me,” “Crystal Clear (Beer)” is a rustic sounding bluesy folk song, while “Puttin’ It Down” is an acoustic track that is catchy while drawing on anti-folk themes. “Satan Gave Me A Taco” is another highlight found on this release. A cult favourite from his catalog, this track was written as a tongue-in-cheek track written in the Greenwich Village/story song tradition. Throughout the song Beck tells the tale of eating a rancid taco that he got from Satan and then after getting sick has a surreal experience in court, becomes a famous rock star and then opens his own taco stand. It turns out his life is just one big music video. The heavy “Tasergun” is one of the last tracks found on this release detailing a neighbour with a Taser gun following someone being noisy in his apartment building. This is followed by “Modesto.” Another country folk song, “Modesto” is often not talked about as much perhaps because it is one of the last tracks on the album. Once again featuring stunning pedal steel guitar work from Leo LeBlanc, this woeful song is ripe with lyrical images such as “This town is filled with thousand-dollar bills/Laminated songs/Contaminated lawns,” “Unglued, depressed, the meatloaf in my chest/Personality test/I'd failed with the best,” that all add to this song’s make up. Throughout this release there are song snippets, sound collages and other things of experimental fashion. Many of the spoken word sound collages such as “8.6.92,” “11.6.45,” “8.4.42” and “Dead Wild Cat” are at moments absurd, humorous and disturbing. Stereopathetic Soul Manure has been described as moving backwards and forwards. It showed shades of Beck’s early musical past and steps in directions he would take musically in the future. It is another often not as focused on release from his 1994/early period showing great depth in his musical abilities.

Mellow Gold (DCG Records – March 1994)

Beck’s third studio album was Mellow Gold. The album combined elements of folk, country, blues, rock, psychedelia and hip hop. Despite the huge commercial success that it found, the lyrics and themes found on it are considerably anti-commercial. The album featured his breakthrough single “Loser,” a song people labeled as a slacker anthem at the time, which isn’t really an accurate description. “Pay No Mind (Snoozer)” is a song that dates back to Beck’s early days, but is combined here with a full band. Lyrically, the song takes on a Bob Dylan-like approach that explores his attitude towards the music industry. “Fucking with My Head (Mountain Dew Rock)” delivers blues, soul, psychedelia and hip hop with abstract lyrics, “Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1997” is a slow blues and folk song. This song with lyrics such as “I was born in this hotel/Washing dishes in the sink/Magazines and free soda/Trying hard not to think” addresses the mundaneness of life working menial jobs, but was also apparently based on a real experience Beck had.

“Soul Sucking Jerk” blends fuzzy bass with hip hop and a bit of soul on this collaborative track with Stephenson. The song like a few on this album revolve around working 9-5 jobs that are quite dull. It tells the tale of someone working at a mini-mall who quits his job. “Beercan” is a song about a party, although there’s a bit more to it than that. It reached #27 on the US Modern Rock Tracks and combines funky rhythms with hip hop and a bit of blues and rock. It also features a sample of a Melvins song and from a Care Bears album. Beck raps over top with a song that is about a little bit more than a party, the character in the song starts to have real worries and concerns as he gets further into the party. “Nitemare Hippy Girl” is a song seemingly about someone with a self-obsession about themselves. Produced by Carl Stephenson, Tom Rothrock, Rib Schnapf and Beck, Mellow Gold really shows off Beck’s skills as a songwriter and his ability to combine different musical genres seamlessly.

One Foot In The Grave (K Records – June 1994)

One Foot In The Grave was recorded before Mellow Gold, but not released until after Mellow Gold came out and was met with commercial and critical success. It was produced and recorded by Calvin Johnson (of Beat Happening) in his Dub Narcotic basement studio. In addition to this Johnson wrote with Beck on this album and provides vocals on some tracks. As opposed to his other albums, this album has a cleaner production sound and emanates with a strong lo-fi, folk, blues and country influences. “He’s A Mighty Good Leader” is a traditional song by Delta blues musician Skip James that was rearranged by Beck. Dipping into Americana, this song starts off One Foot In The Grave and sets the tone for it, a collection of ramshackle folk, blues and country follow. “Sleeping Bag” is a lackadaisical blues song, while “I Get Lonesome” is an off kilter folk song features mostly bass drum, single note acoustic guitar and dual vocals from Beck and Calvin Johnson. “Burnt Orange Peel” is a fuzzy, noisy punk track, switching up the pace of the album, “Ziplock Bag” is another noisier track, “Cyanide Breath Mint” is a rustic, yet witty folk song, while “Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods” wades back into Delta blues territory.

The self deprecating “Asshole” is a folk song with maracas that was later covered Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. “I’ve Seen the Land Beyond” is another song in the same wheelhouse as “Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods” and “He’s A Mighty Good Leader.” “Outcome” is a full band song with driving bass, laidback drums, slide guitar and surreal lyrics that is described as being a duet with Calvin Johnson, but it sounds like it could be another musician on duet vocals. The backing band on this album featured members of Built To Spill, Sam Jayne of Love As Laughter and Chris Ballew of The Presidents of the United States of America. “Painted Eyelids” with lyrics such as “I wake up and look upon your painted eyelids/The world is your oyster/And the trash bags are your kids/The ceiling is invisible/There's a bird sinking through the sky,” this song seems to be about the declining surroundings in the “ugly” part of town and a hopefulness that runs throughout it. Musically, the song in debited to folk and country with an almost shuffle drumbeat. Another standout on this album. “Atmospheric Conditions” with its rotating drumbeat, jangly lo-fi guitar and slide guitar is a collaboration between Beck and Calvin Johnson that ends the album on a ramshackle note. When originally released on K Records in 1994, the album was not a commercial success. One Foot In The Grave did not chart. It would however go onto critical acclaim. It was later given a new look when it was reissued in 2009. It came with 16 bonus tracks from the sessions and outtakes. One Foot In The Grave shows that Beck was never one thing. He was subversive with his rustic folk songs, but he didn’t conform to the idea of a particular song or sound. One Foot In The Grave is a hidden gem in Beck’s discography.

Show 946 (Originally Aired On August 6th, 2022)(Nick Lowe, Patsy Cline, Beck - A Western Field By Moonlight):

1. Nick Lowe - Don't Be Nice To Me
2. Nick Lowe & Los Straitjackets - When I Write The Book (Live)
3. Los Straitjackets - Heart of the City
4. The Garrys - Come On
5. Martin Schiller - Houdini Mushrooms Pt.1
6. The Burning Hell - Dirty Microphones
7. Patsy Cline - Strange
8. Patsy Cline - Heartaches
9. Elvis Costello & The Attractions - He's Got You
10. Mark Lanegan - Lonely Street
11. Alvvays - Pharmacists
12. Tallies - Hearts Underground
13. Ok Vancouver Ok - Any Combination
14. Ghost Woman - Dead And Gone
15. Century Egg - Mirror
16. Beck - Totally Confused
17. Beck - Mayonnaise Salad
18. Beck - Feel Like Shit (Mind Control)
19. Beck - Getting Home
20. By Divine Right - The Weeping Man
21. Shotgun Jimmie - Suzy
22. Eddie & The Subtitles - Zombie Drug Killers
23. Podium - Una Coraza
24. Wine Lips - Get Your Money
25. Pilod - The Future Looks Bright
26. Trophy Knife - Under Warm Light
27. Tough Age - Guess Not
28. Susans - (It's Okay) To Be Weird
29. The Cure - From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
30. Dry Cleaning - Anna Calls From The Arctic
31. Dry Cleaning - Magic of Meghan

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Show 945 (Originally Aired On July 30th, 2022)(X, The Routes, The Flaming Lips, Beck - One Foot In The Grave) :

1. Kenny & The Fiends - Moon Shot
2. The Metalunas - Satellite of Mystery
3. The Surfites - Comet’s Tail
4. The Routes - Computer Love
5. The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1
6. The Flaming Lips – Test Flight
7. The Shangs – Eleven (Eleven They Will Never Solve)
9. Kamikaze Nurse – Boom Josie
10. Dummy – Mono Retriever
11. Sweeping Promises – Pain Without a Touch
12. Beck - Burnt Orange Peel
13. Beck - He’s A Mighty Good Leader
14. Beck - Atmospheric Conditions
15. Tim Swaddling - Real Gone
16. Joe Strummer - The Road To Rock “N’ Roll (Demo)
17. CLAMM - Something New
18. Cellos - Death Zone
19. Roye Trout - Dreamers
20. Huttch - Roll On
21. X – Motel Room in My Heart
22. X – Blue Spark
23. The Projectors – Lost is Spaces
24. Kiwi Jr. - Night Vision
25. Priors – Expelled Virtue
26. Preoccupations - Death of Melody
27. Osees - A Foul Form
28. Dion Lunadon - Screw Diver 

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Show 944 (Originally Aired On July 23rd, 2022)(The Sadies, T.Rex, Sonic Youth, Beck - Mellow Gold):

1. Bruce Springsteen - Open All Night
1. Daniel Romano - Genuine Light
3. C.Ross - Taking A Dip
4. Baby Giant - Admired
5. Weird Nightmare - Sunday Driver
6. Suckerpunch - What Do You Know?
7. The Sadies – You Should Be Worried
8. The Sadies – Better Yet
9. The Sadies - No One’s Listening (feat. Jon Spencer)
10. The Sadies - Dying Ain’t No Way to Make a Living
11. T. Rex – The Slider
12. T. Rex – Rock On
13. Sonic Youth – 100%
14. Sonic Youth – Youth Against Fascism
15. Beck - Pay No Mind (Snoozer)
16. Beck - Beercan
17. Beck - Nitemare Hippy Girl
18. Dana Gavinski - Under The Sky
19. Fake Palms - Visions
20. Anxious Pleasers - DUH!
21. Viagra Boys – Baby Criminal
22. Neutrals – Pressures of Life
23. Megamall – The Bug
24. Ty Segall – Saturday Pt. 2
25. Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - High School

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Show 943 (Originally Aired On July 16th, 2022)(Curtis Mayfield, The Quid, Beck - Stereopathetic Soul Manure):

1. Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg
2. Ghost Woman – All Your Love
3. Flasher – Still Life
4. Tange – Bleach Blonde Baby
5. The OBGMs – Same
6. Beck - Pink Noise (Rock Me Amadeus)
7. Beck - Rowboat
8. Beck - 8.6.82
9. Beck - Dead Wild Cat
10. Beck - Satan Gave Me A Taco
11. Curtis Mayfield – Little Child Runnin’ Wild
11. Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman
12. Curtis Mayfield – Junkie’s Chase
13. Black Midi – The Race Is About to Being
14. Copyright – The Climb
15. Women – Group Transport Hall
16. Baby Shakes - Running Through The Night
17. Shadow Show - Contessa (Remix)
18. The Quid - Crazy Things
19. The Quid - Merseyside
20. Surfrajettes - Roller Fink
21. Sloan - Spend The Day
22. The Clash - He Who Dares Or Is Tired
23. Jon Spencer & The HITmakers - Worm Town
24. Paul Jacobs - Hold On
25. Fifth Column - Kangaroo Court

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Saturday, July 02, 2022

Podium: An Interview with Nick Trampolino Shows # 941, 940, 939

Podium is a punk band from Valencia, Spain. Conceived by guitarist Nick Trampolino, the band started out as personal project with a drum machine and guitar, which can still be heard on their Bandcamp page. The project quickly evolved into a full-fledged band featuring Salva Frasquet (guitar), Ximo Barcelo (bass), Miguel J. Carmona (drums) and Africa Mansaray on vocals. Podium’s sound became what has been described as “Pulsating with the epic aggression of hardcore, the impersonal and perverse tone of industrial metal, and full balanced with the liveliness of the authentic surf scene.” Their debut album, titled Podium, was released on Slovenly Recordings in late November 2020. Initially pressed in a limited quantity, it sold out quickly warranting a repress. The band went on their first North American tour playing in parts of the US and Canada in the summer of 2022.

The album itself has drawn comparisons to a bands such as Ministry (circa 1989), Man or Astroman?, Shellac, The Spits and Go-Go’s. Podium starts off with a short-spoken word segment in Spanish before launching into a grimy punk meets industrial sound. With elements of garage and hardcore charging through the opening sonic moments of the album and vocalist Africa Mansaray’s urgent, passionate vocals “Centrate,” (Tough) starts off this remarkable debut album. A steady snare and cymbal drumbeat begins the next track “Que Arda” before the twin guitar attack of Trampolino and Frasquet combine with the bass, drums and vocals. This fiery track's title translates into “That Burns” in English. Other songs such as “Magia Negra” (black magic), “La Noche” (the night), “Psicopata” (psychopath) and “Mass Fuerte” (stronger) set the tone in lyrics and music before the volume hits you. There is one track sung in English by guitarist/founder of Podium called “Skating.” This song sizzles with post-punk vibes as Trampolino sings of the chaotic world around him and the desire to just go skating.

With Africa Mansaray singing with her resilient urgency dipping into politically themed topics, Podium creates a world of volume behind her. Podium’s debut album sets the stage for a distorted, scuzzy driven album that reveals a sense of urgency, ferocity and exhilaration.

Check out the interview that Revolution Rock did with Podium guitarist/founder Nick Trampolino:

Show 941 Playlist (Originally Aired On July 2nd) (Podium Interview):

1. The Replacements – Kids Don’t Follow
2. The Replacements – Gimme Noise
3. S.N.F.U. – Misfortune
4. Guided by Voices – Focus on the Flock
5. Weird Nightmare – Oh No feat. Chad VanGaalen
6. Podium - Que Arda
7. Podium - Podium

8. Podium - Skating
9. Elvis Costello – Tears Before Bedtime
10. Elvis Costello – You Little Fool
11. Cola – Mint
12. Young Guv – Nervous Around U
13. The Beach Boys – Hang onto Your Ego
14. Brian Wilson – Heroes and Villains
15. The Beatles – Got to Get You into My Life [Take 5]
16. Paul McCartney – That Would Be Something
17. Tim Swaddling - Rollin’ On
18. The Burning Hell - Empty World
19. The Cheetahs - Heart of the City (Nick Lowe Cover)
20. Hot Garbage - She Figured It Out
21. Sunglaciers - Best Years (Feat. Chad VanGaalen)
22. Susans - Up North
23. Priors - Voice of Reason
24. Dion Lunadon - Glass Doll
25. Podium - La Noche
26. Baby Giant - Easy to Love

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Show 939 (Originally Aired On June 18th, 2022) (Dry Cleaning, CLAMM, Cellos, Buffy Sainte-Maire, Willie Dunn, Vancougar OMBIIGIZI, Status/Non-Status):

1. Kevin Morby – Disappearing
2. Spoon – On the Radio
3. Horsegirl – World of Pots and Pans
4. Dry Cleaning – Don’t Press Me
5. Buffy Sainte-Marie - Better To Find Out For Yourself
6. Buffy Sainte-Marie - He’s A Keeper of the Fire
7. Willie Dunn - Metis Red River Song
8. Willy Mitchell and the Desert River Band - Kill’n Your Mind
9. Innes Wilson & His Opposition - Fourth Line
10. Vancougar – Let Me Down
11. Yamantaka/Sonic Titan – Queens
12. OMBIIGIZI – Niiyo Biboonagizi
13. STATUS/NON-STATUS – Find a Home
14. Viagra Boys - Troglodyte
15. Agender - Woah Life Wow
16. Mystery Actions - War Beat
17. CLAMM - Monday
18. The Chats - 66L GTR
19. Bad Mojos - Money
20. The Shapes - I Saw Batman in the Launderette
21, James White & the Blacks – Contort Yourself
22. Animal Collective – Passer-by
23. Preoccupations - Ricochet
24. Cellos - Locked In The Stocks
To hear this program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and click the June 18 file to download/stream the episode.
For those keeping track, episode 940 was a repeat of an earlier episode (episode # 938). This episode featured music and an interview from musician Dion Lunadon. You can find the playlist to that episode here and a link to download/listen to it here.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Beyond Everything: An Interview with Dion Lunadon & Shows # 938, 937

Beyond Everything
is the second full-length album by Dion Lunadon. Previously of The D4 and A Place To Bury Strangers, the album was released via In The Red Records in June 2022. Pulled from a large collection of songs written between 2017 and 2019, Beyond Everything adds more of a dynamic element to Dion’s sound building on components of his 2017 album, while not forgetting them completely. “Goodbye Satan” starts off Beyond Everything. With a drum machine and organ sounds, the song builds while the vocals display an element of isolation as synthesizers and fuzzy sounds arrive closer to the songs end. A 50s rock element creeps into the vocals, echoing a doo wop sound, but also creating a world of sounds that pulls from the band Suicide, Crocodiles and the world of David Lynch. Guitar arrives near the last minutes of the song as lyrically throughout Dion sings “And you tried to take me away/Rip me limb from limb/Tried to drive me insane,” the song seems to offer a glimpse into a cinematic world of temptations, personal demons and inner strength.

“By My Side” begins with a drumbeat and wild, unhinged guitar sounds. Lyrically the words in the song lend themselves to the interpretative side of things as they rise and waver between the guitars, drums and distortion prevalent throughout the vocals. When the music video was released for this song Dion described it as: “Lyrically, it evokes cinematic images more than a feeling. Musically, it all started with the idea of a strange dissonant hum that gives way to the song dropping. I love Hitchcock and crime movies, so the video is placing pictures to the score...Crime and dissonance.” “It’s The Truth” cuts through with distorted guitar, thrashy sounding drums and a smooth bassline that glues it all together. This untamed injection of garage and psych rock balances itself with lyrics that evoke a feeling of absence that makes the heart grow fonder.

“Screw Diver” is one of the longer tracks found on Beyond Everything. With pummelling drums and guitar riffs, the song contrasts this with a calming, yet unnerving vocal melody. “Elastic Diagnostic” is another highlight found on this album. Starting with a fuzzy, driving bassline and the lyric “Hungry just to be alive,” the song builds around the hums and tones conjured by the guitars on this track. As it captivates with its deep spellbinding groove, noise and abstract lyrics “Close my eyes/Get lost in the fall,” the song gets lost in the moment as Lunadon summons up shades of a Fun House-era Iggy Pop vocally. “Glass Doll” attacks with a distorted punk rock fragility as “Too Hard To Love, Too Young To Die” digs into a 60s garage pop meets punk atmosphere. With its repetitive lyrics, use of space and undeniable intensity, lyrically it seems to address a desire to overcome difficult hardships.

“Pink X” gets more experimental with its sleazy basslines and drums mixing with other effects. The guitar adds texture to the song with tremolo in parts and rusty abrasive sounds in others. “Living and Dying With You” ends Beyond Everything, fittingly being the last track recorded for the album, this song is a more dynamic garage punk track with travelling basslines, Chuck Berry-styled rhythms, catchy melodies and lyrics that bring forth images of downtown sprawls, the city at night and a sense of till death do us part romanticism.

The press release for Beyond Everything reads: “Beyond your skin, beyond your screen, beyond what you think you know. What lies in this area? An area with no opinions, motives, sides or divisions. An area where governments and capitalists have no currency and the absolute truth reigns supreme.” The songs that make up this album don’t adhere to any specific theme other than themselves. They illustrate a use of space that only adds to their intensity, melody, noise and overall impact. Beyond Everything resonates in more ways than one. 

Listen to the interview that Revolution Rock did with Dion Lunadon: 

Show 938 (Originally Aired On June 11th, 2022)(Dion Lunadon Interview):

1. Kamikaze Nurse – Pet Meds
2. Spencer Krug – River River
3. Frog Eyes – A Speck of Dust
4. The Orange Kyte – The Modern Day Saints
5. The Trophies - Idle Threats
6. Active Dog - Nothing Holding You
7. Paul Jacobs - The Tree Outside My House
8. Dion Lunadon - Goodbye Satan


9. Dion Lunadon - It’s The Truth


10. Dion Lunadon - Elastic Diagnostic
11. Angel Olsen - Big Time
12. Wilco – Mystery Binds
13. Tess Parks – Old Life
14. Big Thief – Blue Lightning
15. The Smile - We Don't Know What Tomorrow Brings
16. Cate Le Bon - Pompeii
17. Destroyer - June
18. Port Juvee - Motion Control
19. Dion Lunadon - Hate
20. Dion Lunadon - Negative Energy
21. Dion Lunadon & Kate Clover - When Will I See You Again 


Show 937 Playlist (Originally Aired On June 4th, 2022)(Ziggy Stardust and Roxy Music 50th Anniversary):

1. Roxy Music – Re-Make/Re-Model (Roxy Music - Island Records/Reprise Records - 1972)
2. Roxy Music – Bitters End (Peel Session - 1972)
3. Venus in Furs – Ladytron (Velvet Goldmine OST - London Records/Inner-State Recordings - 1998)
4. Spizzenergi – Virginia Plain (Soldier Soldier - Rough Trade - 1979)
5. Roxy Music - Chance Meeting (Roxy Music - Island Records/Reprise Records - 1972)
6. Roxy Music - Would You Believe (Roxy Music - Island Records/Reprise Records - 1972)
7. Roxy Music - Sea Breezes (John Peel Session) (Roxy Music Deluxe Edition - Island Records/Reprise Records - 2018)
8. Roxy Music - Virginia Plain (Outtake) (Roxy Music Deluxe Edition - Island Records/Reprise Records - 2018)
9. David Bowie - Five Years (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars - RCA Records - 1972)
10. David Bowie - Soul Love (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars - RCA Records - 1972)
11. David Bowie - Moonage Daydream (Arnold Corns Version) (Ziggy Stardust 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition - EMI Records - 2002)
12. David Bowie - Starman (Jonnie Walker - Lunchtime Show - 1972)(Bowie at the Beeb 1968-1972 - EMI/Virgin Records - 2000)
13. David Bowie - It Ain’t Easy (Bowie at the Beeb 1968-1972 - EMI/Virgin Records - 2000)
14. David Bowie – Lady Stardust (Demo) (Ziggy Stardust 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition - EMI Records - 2002)
15. David Bowie – Star (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars - RCA Records - 1972)
16. Arnold Corns – Hang on to Yourself (Ziggy Stardust 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition - EMI Records - 2002)
17. David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust (Demo) (Ziggy Stardust 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition - EMI Records - 2002)
18. David Bowie – Suffragette City (Live in Santa Monica ‘72 - EMI - 2008)
19. David Bowie – Rock n’ Roll Suicide (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars - RCA Records - 1972)
20. David Bowie - Velvet Goldmine (Ziggy Stardust 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition - EMI Records - 2002)


Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The Supreme Cool Beings and Shows # 936, 935, 934, 933

Survival of the Coolest is the first and only album to be released by The Supreme Cool Beings. This post-punk influenced band with experimental elements, described as playing “off kilter pop songs,” formed in the summer of 1982 in Olympia, Washington. The group’s beginnings started when Heather Lewis was hanging out with her friend Gary May. He asked her to join a band that he was forming. Gary’s apartment turned into a rehearsal place and a place to see live shows at the time as well. After hearing them play at an apartment party that summer, radio DJ Calvin Johnson asked them to play a live set of music on his radio program Boy Meets Girl on the campus radio station KAOS FM. Unbeknownst to them, Johnson recorded their eight song set. Inspired by a series of cassette compilations that were released through Sub Pop, which Johnson helped with, Johnson decided to release the eight songs that they recorded on cassette. With artwork by Lewis, this cassette would be the first official release on the K Records label. 

The Supreme Cool Beings consisted of Heather Lewis on drums/vocals, Gary May on guitar/bass and vocals and Doug Monaghan on saxophone. Survival of the Coolest opens with the song “Who’s That?” a loose guitar, drums and sax song that features Lewis on vocals with lyrics revolving around paranoia and boredom. “Your Name Here” features May on lead vocals and guitar reminiscent of Wipers-like chord structures. Dual vocals featuring May and Lewis and lyrics such as “Plastic potato/The spud’s a dud,” contrast the plasticity of Mr. Potato Head with adolescence. “Don’t Panic” features watery sounding chord structures, with a steady drum groove and a catchy pop influenced chorus. With Saxophone filling in the gaps intermittently, May howls like Jeffrey Lee Pierce in the second verse.

“Um” is an experimental piece. As saxophone and guitar play dissonantly in the background, Lewis sings abstract lyrics before drums come in around the last minute of the track with surf sounding guitars. “Liberal Art” features jagged, yet reverb heavy guitar as the drums follow and saxophone paints an uneasy mood in the background. Heavy drums and garage-like guitars sounding almost like The Troggs dominate “Big Bombs.” With abstract lyrics “Sun goes up/Sun goes down/Water goes up/Water goes down,” and “I don’t want to hear it anymore,” this song sounds like it could be about an argument, but is left open to interpretation. “Our Advice To You” ends Survival of the Coolest. It is a more up-tempo guitar and drum track with saxophone parts that lock in the songs dynamics. It has an undeniable movement and dance-ability to it.

While only ever released on cassette and now long out of print, Survival of the Coolest is a loose sounding album with experimental elements that adheres to the DIY counterculture that was new and burgeoning at the time. It is a short, exuberant and spontaneous album. There is one more song that appears in the band’s discography. A longer danceable instrumental track titled “Survival of the Coolest” is a very lo-fi sounding track. Recorded at one of the band's live shows, it appeared on the Let’s Together compilation album. This compilation album was released on K Records in 1984. The Supreme Cool Beings time as a band was short lived. Shortly after this Gary May moved out of Olympia and the band broke up. Following this, Heather Lewis would go on to play with Calvin Johnson and Bret Lunsford as The Beat Happening in 1983.

Show 936 Playlist (Originally Aired On May 28th, 2022)(K Records and The Supreme Cool Beings):

1. PRIORS - Expelled Virtue
2. Trash - Priorities
3. The Art Attacks - I’m A Dalek
4. Property - Running Away
5. Trampoline Delay - In Your Head
6. Horsegirl - Anti-Glory
7. Lushings - Something
8. Vivienne Wilder - Ricky (Heart)
9. Gus Englehorn - Run Rabbit Run
10. Tuxedomoon - Jinx
11. Tuxedomoon - No Tears
12. DNA - Blonde Redhead
13. Soul Glo - We Wants Revenge
14. Girl Trouble - Tarantua
15. Apollo Ghosts - Acid Jenny
16. Christopher Sleightholm - Acid Cowboy
17. Tim Swaddling & Before the Flood - Pay In Blood
18. Bob Dylan & The Band - I Wanna Be Your Lover (Take 6)
19. Tess Parks - Happy Birthday Forever
20. The Sadies - Cut Up High and Dry
21. Wilco - Tired of Taking It Out On You
22. Seldoms - Trees of Mysterie
23. Young Pioneers - Round and Round
24. Beat Happening - Down At The Sea
25. Beat Happening - I Spy
26. Supreme Cool Beings - Your Name Here
27. Supreme Cool Beings - Big Bombs
28. Supreme Cool Beings - Who's That?

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Show 935 Playlist (Originally Aired On May 21st, 2022)(The Flashing Lights, Randy Newman, David Byrne, Elvis Costello & The Imposters):

1. Ty Segall - Hello, Hi
2. The Flashing Lights - Highschool
3. The Flashing Lights - Rotary Hotel
4. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Tidal River
5. Weird Nightmare - Lusitania
6. Cola - So Excited
7. Porridge Radio - Back to the Radio
8. Susan - $50 Dream
9. Otoboke Beaver - I Won't Dish Out Salads
10. Rick White - Another Season Again
11. B.A. Johnston - Why Can't Tonight Be Wing Night?
12. The Urinals - I’m A Bug
13. The Normals - Almost Ready
14. Osees - Funeral Solution
15. Black Midi - Welcome To Hell
16. Fontaines D.C. - Skinty Fia
17. Kamikaze Nurse - Come From Wood
18. blackoutbeach - Deserter's Song
19. Destroyer - My Mystery
20. Randy Newman - You Can Leave Your Hat On
21. Randy Newman - God's Song
22. Pink Mountaintops - Nervous Breakdown
23. TOPS - Janet Planet
24. Talking Heads - Moon Rocks
25. Talking Heads - I Feel It In My Heart
26. David Byrne & Brian Eno - Everything That Happens
27. Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Farewell, OK
28. Elvis Costello & The Imposters - The Man You Love To Hate

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Show 934 Playlist (Originally Aired On May 14th, 2022)(Yves Jarvis, The Clash Combat Rock 40th Anniversary):

1. Baby Giant - Yeah!
2. Mike Krol - Red Minivan
3. Martin Schiller - Future Prints
4. By Divine Right - St. Leon's
5. Black Country, New Road - Basketball Shoes
6. Tunic - Common Denominator
7. Cellos - The Downward Gaze
8. Tea Leaves - Cicada Song
9. Paul Jacobs - Show Me Something
10. Soft Plastics - Rope Off The Tigers
11. Yves Jarvis - Prism Through Which I Perceive
12. Yves Jarvis - At the Whims
13. Wet Leg - Supermarket
14. Heaven For Real - Sweet Rose
15. The Glass Picture - Horses On A Postcard
16. Parquet Courts - Marathon of Anger
17. Damaged Bug - Jet In Jungle
18. Sunglaciers - Out of My Skull
19. School Damage - In Love With A Chump
20. The Clash ft. Ranking Roger - Rock The Casbah
21. The Clash - Inoculated City
22. The Smile - You Will Never Work In Television Again
23. Kevin Morby - Rock Bottom
24. Broken Social Scene - Not At My Best
25. The Clash - Over Powered By Funk
26. The Clash - Ghetto Defendant (Extended Unedited Version)

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Show 933 Playlist (Originally Aired On May 7th, 2022) (Tom Waits, The Birthday Party, The Cure, Young Guv, White Fence, Cate Le Bon):

1. Apollo Ghosts - Soft American
2. David Bowie - Diamond Dogs
3. Tom Waits – Everything You Can Think
4. Tom Waits – Starving in the Belly of a Whale
5. The Birthday Party – The Dim Locator
6. The Cure – The Hanging Garden
7. Iceage - All The Junk on the Outskirts
8. Steven Lambke - Bats in Blue Twilight
9. The Sadies - Cut Up And Dry
10. Julie & Dany - Deglele
11. The Burning Hell - Birdwatching
12. Arcade Fire – Lightening II
13. Frog Eyes – I Was An Oligarch
14. Young Guv – Same Old Fool
15. Young Guv – Maybe I Should Luv Somebody Else
16. Pinch Points – King Rat
17. Yikes - Pink Cigars
18. Thee Oh Sees - Heavy Doctor
19. Drinks - Corner Shops
20. White Fence - Beat
21. Cate Le Bon - Remembering Me
22. Belle & Sebastian – Unnecessary Drama
23. Linda Lindas – Nino
24. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – My Echo
25. Pup – Puptheband Inc. Is Filing for Bankruptcy
26. Psychic Void - Denim Daddy
27. Psychic Void - Alley Dweller 

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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Chris Bailey (of The Saints) & Shows # 932, 931, 930, 929 & 928

In April 2022, Australian musician Chris Bailey passed of natural causes. Bailey was the singer and along with guitarist Ed Keupper the founding members and songwriters of the band The Saints. With Ivor Hay on drums and Kym Bradshaw on bass, the band released their first single “(I’m) Stranded” independently in September of 1976 on their own label Fatal Records. The song exploded with its buzz saw guitars and the soulful sneering vocals of Chris Bailey that clashed against the conservative norms in Australia at the time. Like all great bands that are different from the norm, there was little interest in them from record labels, but shortly after its release, the single became the Single of the Week in the UK based Sounds Magazine. In fact reviewer John Ingham declared the song “Single of this week and every week.” This led to greater attention towards The Saints and a three album record deal with EMI. Predating singles by The Damned, The Clash and even the Sex Pistols, this pioneering single is important in Australian music history and in general as it influenced so many. Nick Cave recently posted about the influence of Bailey’s voice and the early Saints albums on his Red Hand Files website, which also includes a photo of Bailey with The Saints in 1977 and a stunned Nick Cave in the Crowd. The album (I’m) Stranded followed in 1977.

Following their EMI deal the band would move to the UK where their label tried to get them to adopt to the punk image, which they wanted nothing to do with. Refusing to adopt the “Saints suit” which was apparently designed for them, they kept their own low-key style that many bands nowadays still dress like. Their 1977 “This Perfect Day” single reflected their difficulties with the label at the time and would climb to #34 on the UK singles album charts, but stalled due to it being out of stock nationally for two weeks. Their album Eternally Yours was released in 1978. Often viewed as their best within the early days of the band, it incorporated horn sections and R&B elements to their already established sound. Shortly after the release of their third album Prehistoric Sounds, Bailey and Keupper went their separate ways. Bailey continued with The Saints in name and would change their sound and musical direction. He also recorded as a solo artist. Keupper would form the jazz influenced post-punk band Laughing Clowns, The Aints and record as a solo artist.

The Saints would wind up releasing 14 studio albums. Bailey would bring the band and his solo work in a musical direction that has been described as having a more roots rock and folk sound. It would draw comparisons to Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison, however, Bailey had his own way of presenting the music. Chris Bailey would release five studio albums as a solo artist between 1983 and 2005. The Saints song “Just Like Fire Would” originally released on the 1986 album All Fools Day would find a new audience when it was covered by Bruce Springsteen in 2014 for his album High Hopes. When All Fools Day was originally released, it was The Saints commercial breakthrough to the US. Videos for “Just Like Fire Would” and “Temple of the Lord” received airplay on MTV at the time. All Fools Day, which was also The Saints seventh studio album charted at #29 on the Kent Music Report (the Australian music charts at the time). In 2001, the “(I’m) Stranded” single was name one of the 30 Best Australian Songs of all time by ARPA AMCOS (Australasian Performing Right Association).

News broke of his passing on the band’s social media page. Ending with this statement: “Chris lived a life of poetry and music and stranded on a Saturday night.” 

Show 932 Playlist (Originally Aired On April 30th, 2022)(Chris Bailey of The Saints tribute, McClusky, Beastie Boys, Wilco):

1. McClusky - Alan is a Cowboy Kilelr
2. Beastie Boys - Time For Livin'
3. Beastie Boys - Funky Boss
4. Foxhart Fishman - Ramblin Dan’s Righteous Manifesto
5. The Ding-Dongs - Blood! Blood! Blood!
6. Paula - Susan & Linda
7. The Saints - (I’m) Stranded
8. The Saints - Know Your Product
9. The Saints - (I’m) Misundertood
10. The Saints - Take This Heart of Mine
11. The Saints - Just Like Fire Would
12. Neko Case - Oh, Shadowless
13. Tea Leaves - Stray Dog
14. The Retail Simps - End - Times Hip - Shaker Pts 1&2
15. Snake Noise - The Way You're Wired
16. Wilco - Jesus, Etc.
17. Wilco - I’m the Man Who Loves You
18. Linda & Richard Thompson - Wall of Death
19. Big Thief - Spud Infinity
20. Father John Misty - Funny Girl
21. Kurt Vile - Palace of OKV in Reverse
22. Tops - Empty Seats
23. Pottery - Spell
24. D-Vices - Adequte
25. Susans - Nine
26. Wet Leg - Oh No
27. Fontaines D.C. - Roman Holiday
28. Viagra Boys - Ain't No Thief

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Show 931 Playlist (Originally Aired On April 23rd, 2022)(Orville Peck, Pavement Slanted and Enchanted, Chris Bailey mini set, Paul Jacobs):

1. Orville Peck - C’mon Baby, Cry

2. Andy Shauf - Satan

3. Men I Trust - Poodle of Mud

4. Mac DeMarco - Dreaming
5. Makeout Videotape - Exercising With My Demons
6. Pavement - Summer Baby
7. Pavement - Two States (Live)
8. Pavement - In The Mouth of a Desert (Live)
9. Pavement - Here (Peel Session)
10. Pavement - Trigger Cut/Wounded-Kite at :17
11. Pavement - Conduit For Sale
12. Pavement - Zurich is Stained
13. Pavement - Fame Throwa
14. Pavement - Our Singer
15. Silver Jews - Trains Across the Sea
16. The Saints - Let’s Pretend
17. The Saints - Simple Love

18. Chris Bailey & The General Dog - Ghost Ships (Acoustic)

19. Brat Kings - Control

20. Jon Spencer & The HITmakers - Push Comes To Shove
21. Dion Lunadon - Living and Dying With You 

22. The King Khan & BBQ Show - Love You So

23. Lychi - Freelance Therapist

24. Roye Trout - Dreamers

25. Jesse Fellows - He Is Here

26. Returners - A Toast For The Bugs

27. Pale Lips - Get Up and Go

28. Priors - NEWNEWNEW

29. Paul Jacobs - After Dark

30. Paul Jacobs - Born In A Zoo 

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Show 929 Playlist (Originally Aired On April 9th, 2022)(PJ Harvey, The Beatles with Stuart Sutcliffe, Tobin Sprout, Foo Fighters):

1. PJ Harvey - O Stella
2. PJ Harvey - Dress
3. Kamikaze Nurse - Boom Josie
4. Destroyer - It Takes A Thief
5. Yves Jarvis - Bootstrap Jubilee
6. The Beatles - You'll Be Mine (Home Demo 1960)
7. The Beatles - Cayenne (Home Demo 1960)
8. The Beatles - Like Dreamers Do (1962 Decca Audition)
9. The Beatles - From Me To You (Live)
10. The Seeds - Lose Your Mind
11. The Stonemen - Faded Colors
12. Foo Fighters - Stacked Actors (Live)
13. Tobin Sprout - The Natural Alarm
14. Tobin Sprout - The Man I Used To Know
15. Ducks Ltd. (Featuring Illuminati Hotties) - Head On
16. The Leather Uppers - Mr. Googally Eyes
17. The King Khan & BBQ Show - Love You So
18. Laurie Anderson - From the Air
19. 3 Teens Kill 4 - Tell Me Something Good
20. 3 Teens Kill 4 - Hold Up
21. 3 Teens Kill 4 - Hunger
22. Soul Glo - Thumbsucker
23. Tunic - Reward of Nothing
24. Metz - Demolition Row
25. Q and Not U - Black Plastic Bag
26. Teenanger - Hot Rods at the Loser Convention
27. Louder Than Death - Scum of the Moon
28. The Ketamines - Ketamine Babies
29. Fifth Column - Imbecile
30. The Rapture - Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks 

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Show 928 Playlist (Originally Aired On April 2nd, 2022)(John Dwyer, Bob Dylan, Daniel Romano, Gang of Four, Sloan):

1. Black Midi - Moonlight On Vermont
2. Necking - Stop Singing
3. Century Egg - Moving On
4. Adrian Teacher & The Subs- Pop Medicine
5. Cool TV - Weird Buzz
6. Dumb - Tumbling
7. The Chats - Struck By Lightning
8. Reigning Sound - I Don't Need That Kind of Lovin'
9. Osees - The Ceiling
10. Lammping- Home of Shadows
11. Mangon - The Williow
12. Fontanarosa - Way In Out
13. John Dwyer - Oneironaut
14. Bob Dylan - Song To Woody
15. Nick Drake - Parasite
16. Neil Young - Are You Ready For The Country?
17. Ray Charles - Half As Much
18. Steven Lambke - Sea Level
19. Daniel Romano's Outfit - They Haven't Got A Word For That Yet
20. Daniel Romano - Nobody Sees A Lowered Face
21. Shotgun Jimmie - Too Many Flowers
22. Gang of Four - We Live As We Dream, Alone
23. XTC - Fly On The Wall
24. The Fall - Jawbone and the Air Rifle
25. The Misfits - 20 Eyes
26. Bad Brains - Banned in D.C.
27. Guided By Voices - Some Drilling Implied
28. Flipper - Ever
29. Sloan - Gimme Sopar
30. Sloan - Hot Cars
31. Baby Giant - Westbound and Down
32. Mudhoney - Flowers of Industry
33. The Dirtbombs - Sherlock Holmes

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For those keep track, episode 930 was a repeat of an episode (#878) that originally aired in April 2021. You can find the playlist to that episode here and download/listen to the episode here.