Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Beatles Return in Remastered Form!! & Show # 265

September 9th is a day that Beatles fans have been waiting for. All of The Beatles albums will been re-issued on CD in remastered form. With their entire catalogue available in upgraded quality, some people may wonder if there is any difference between these new 2009 remasters and the older 1987 ones. There is a vast difference, the older mixes fail in comparison to these. The older mixes sound as if they were covered in layers of dust and now all the dirt has been wiped clean and the only thing that is left is The Beatles in all their glory. Paul McCartney himself has said the remasters sound like you are right there at the actual time of the recording. When you hear the new remasters it sounds as if the band is playing right in front of you. As you listen to your favourite Beatles songs you can hear parts that were previously unnoticeable before, they have been given a new life.

In addition the musical quality of these remasters, there is also the packaging. The digipack album replica artwork, is excellent quality. All are in glossy form, which is another experience on it's own. There are also historical linear notes and engineering notes on the original recordings. If that isn't enough each album features a mini making of documentary on them. For those of you who prefer to get all the albums at once there is a box set of the stereo remasters and even a box set featuring the original mono mixes. The Beatles will also release their own video game. Beatles Rockband will be available for a variety of video game systems. With all of these Beatles releases, it is a great day for a Beatles fan.

The Play List:

1. The Stems - Tears Me In Two
2. Guilloteens - Hey You
3. The Faces - Too Bad
4. Iguanas - Mona
5. The Beatles - Dizzy Miss Lizzy
6. The Beatles - Savoy Truffle
7. Lullabye Arkestra - Fog Machine
8. Quiet Jungle - Everything
9. The Staccatos - You Only Live Once
10. The Frat Kings - B.M.O.C
11. The Yardbirds - Psycho Daisies
12. Sonic Rendezvous Band - Step By Step
13. 101ers - Silent Telephone
14. Wrong Crowd! - Outta My Head
15. Hot Nasties - Get Away From Me
16. Generation X - King Rocker
17. The Evaporators - You Got Me Into This, Now You Get Me Out!
18. City Sweethearts - Can't Stop Shaking
19. The Diodes - Red Rubber Ball
20. The Danks - What We're Doing
21. Ultravox - Young Savage
22. Rezillos - Can't Stand My Baby
23. Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks (Alternate Version)
24. The Features - City Scenes
25. The Professionals - White Light/White Heat
26. Dead 60s - Liar
27. The Hives - Fall Is Something Grown Ups Invented

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on September 8th, 2009.

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