Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mark Inside Interview...Show # 277

The Mark Inside originates from Whitby, Ontario. They started playing music around the year 2000, and currently reside in Toronto, Ontario. The band features Chris Levoir (vocals/guitar), Gus Harris (guitar), Geoff Bennet (bass), and Geordie Dynes on drums. Mixing influences such as 60's Garage Rock/Psychedelic, Punk and some 90's Rock bands such as Sonic Youth, The Mark Inside have created an urgent Rock and Roll mutation.

After relocating to Toronto, the band entered a studio with Tom D'arcy producing (of the band The Carnations). Intending to record an EP, the sessions turned out enough material for a full length album. Static/Crash was The Mark Inside's debut album and was released in 2004, initially on MapleMusic Recordings. It featured a varying style of music, but had stand out tracks such as "Carousel", "Everybody Talks To Everybody Else", and "Sweet Little Sister". Then Ian Blurton remixed the album with the band and they re-issued Static/Crash in 2005. Following the albums release and some music videos, The Mark Inside set out touring. Their live shows are loud, energetic, and their songs pour out with a dirty Rock and Roll fury. They have toured across Canada and parts of the UK and have played on the same stage with bands such as Velvet Revolver, Cuff The Duke, The Carnations, The Postage Stamps and Magneta Lane. In 2009, they played at North By North East.

The follow up to Static/Crash was recorded in six weeks in the UK, and is going to be titled Nothing To Admit. It was produced by acclaimed UK producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian) and is set to be released sometime soon. From previewing songs on their myspace, songs such as "Nothing To Admit", and "Lime Green Monkeys" groove with a Post Punk edge and a Garage Rock swagger. When the band played a live show at Phog Lounge in Windsor, Ontario, the crowd got to hear several other new tracks by the band. Some of the songs they played were songs such as the "Roman Candles" a Pop song with grit, and "Shocked" a suspense filled song with an aggressive soulful roar

I was fortunate enough to get an interview with the band prior to their show at Phog Lounge. The interview was done while the band was playing a game of Jenga with another band on the same bill, Young Rival. I have made the interview available to download along with two songs from Mark Inside's 7" single. Download them and spread the word, the band encourages it:

Circling The Drain

Band websites:

Mark Inside Myspace Page
Mark Inside Blog

This Week's Play List:

1. The Griefs - All Over Again
2. The Vultures - Looking For A Job
3. X - The New World
4. The Wolfmen - Jackie Is It My Birthday
5. Franz Ferdinand - What She Came For
6. Kleenex - You 
7. Pere Ubu - Non-Alignment Pact
8. Action Makes - Berlin (Rough Mix)
9. Little Girls - Tambourine
10. Arctic Monkeys - Fright Lined Dining Room
11. Rich Kids - Put You In the Picture
12. King Khan & BBQ Show - Tryin'
13. Mudhoney - Generation Spokesmodel
14. The Mark Inside - Sweet Little Sister 
15. The Mark Inside - Circling The Drain 
16. The Mark Inside - Liar!
17. Gang of Four - Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time
18. The Lurkers - I Don't Need To Tell Her
19. Neil Young - The Art of Love 
20. The Subways - Holiday
21. The Almighty Defenders - The Ghost With the Most

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Mark Inside Videos:

Sweet Little Sister

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