Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Primary Colours...The Story of The Horrors....Show # 251

Forming in 2005, The Horrors were brought together by their love of music (60's Garage Rock, Punk and Post-Punk) and DJing in London, England. The band consists of Faris Badwan (vocals), Joshua Third (guitar), Tom Furse (bass/synthesizers), Spider Webb (keyboards/bass), and Coffin Joe on drums. Dressing themselves in Gothic fashion, the band began playing live shows in London. They soon gained notice for their live shows and were signed to Loog. Their first single was the song "Sheena Is A Parasite". This helped the band gain exposure. After releasing another single The Horrors signed to a US label (Stolen Transmission). They released a five track EP in the US in October of 2006.

The bands first album came in 2007. Strange House featured a selection of previously released material, but some of it was re-recorded for the album. It debuted at #37 on the UK album charts. The album contained Garage Rock and Punk influenced songs. It was also influenced by post post. The album contains tracks such as "Sheena Is A Parasite", "Jack The Ripper", "Count In Fives", "Horrors Theme", and "She Is The New Thing". The album is a fresh blast of originality. To support this album The Horrors went on a world tour supporting Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in the US. The band played numerous live shows all over the world at this time supporting artists such as Arctic Monkeys and The Sonics. They also appeared on the British TV show The Mighty Boosh. They played a band called The Black Tubes.

Signing to XL Recordings at the end of 2007, The Horrors also began working on their second full length album. Primary Colours was released in May of 2009, reaching # 25 on the UK album charts. The album featured a different sound. It displayed the colours of Post-Punk bands such as Joy Division, Shoe Gaze and Goth music. The singles released from the album were "Sea Within A Sea" and "Who Can Say". The Horrors have also made a number of interesting music videos that are worth checking out.

Also on today's program, I played two bands from Japan. Both of these bands were discovered at .The Last Days of Man On Earth Blog.

The Play List:

1. XTC - This Is Pop
2. The Rapture - Echoes
3. The Crocodiles - Soft Skull (In My Room)
4. Crash 80s - Thrills
5. Spiral Scratch - Englands Burning 81
6. Boo Hoo - The Future
7. Pretty Vanilla - Lost in the Soda Shop
8. The Leather Uppers - Supercar
9. Meat Puppets - Rotten Shame
10. Luger Boa - On My Mind
11. True Lovers - Death Threat
12. The Demics - New York City
13. Tricky Woo - Hot Kitty
14. The Horrors - Horrors Theme
15. The Horrors - Do You Remember?
16. The Mirrors - Passenger
17. The Plastics - Top Secret Man
18. Devo - Red Eye
19. The Piranhas - Green Don't Suit Me
20. Gang of Four - I Found That Essence Rare
21. Rich Kids - Rich Kids
22. The Smugglers - Three Sides
23. The Adverts - One Chord Wonders
24. Nick Lowe - They Called It Rock

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on June, 2nd 2009.

The Horrors Videos:

Sheena Is A Parasite (Music Video)
Count In Fives (Music Video)
She Is The New Thing (Music Video)
Gloves (Music Video)
Sea Within A Sea (Music Video)
Who Can Say (Music Video)


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