Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scratches & Needles...The Nils Story and Show # 232

Coming from Montreal, Canada The Nils formed in 1978. The band was founded by Alex and Carlos Soria (they were brothers, Alex being twelve years old). Alex was the singer/guitarist/main songwriter, and Carlos was another guitarist. The band was a mix of punk and power pop, they never did achieve mainstream success, but are often seen as a very under rated group. Their sound is said to be influenced by the likes of The Replacements and Husker Du. The band also took influences from Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, and in fact those early band caused the Soria brothers to start a group. After a series of line- up changes, the group became a three piece.

The bands first EP came in 1985, it was titled Sell Out Young and was released on Psyche Industry Records. In 1986, an EP titled Paisley was released. After the release of two EP's and being featured on two compilations (Something to Believe In (1983), and Primitive Air Raid (1984)), The Nils were offered to record a full length album for the New York independent based label, Rock Hotel/Profile Records; They of course accepted the offer and signed a contract. In 1987, The Nils was released. The album did get the band some recognition, but for some reason they never really took off. After touring in Canada and The USA, the bands label folded. When this happened Carlos Soria, left the group and got a job. Alex formed and played with other groups, but The Nils reformed in the 90's. They did not release anymore recordings (they are said to have done some demo recordings).

In 1996, a retrospective compilation titled Green Fields in Daylight was released. This collection featured 29 tracks, and included material from the bands EP, full length, along with rare and live recordings. The band quit in 1994, Alex went on with the group Chino, who never really took off either. In 2003, The Nils played some reunion shows. In 2004, Alex Soria passed away. Some have called him Canada's answer to Paul Westerberg (of the Replacements), and he has been called one Canada's most underrated writers. More information on the band can be found on the Magwheel Band History website, on The Hour Music Hall of Fame Website, and on The Nils Myspace page.

songs played:

1. Exploding Hearts - Shattered (You Left me)
2. The Pack - Com' On
3. Television - Friction
4. Rock n' Roll Bitches - Wild West
5. Mutators - What Cuts What
6. The Robots - Ride The Surf
7. The Nils - Freedom
8. Gang of Four - Return the Gift
9. Luger Boa - Don't Talk To Me
10. XS Energy - Imaginary
11. Mark Inside - Lime Green Monkeys
12. Relief Maps - The Water Song
13. Relief Maps - Stamp Out Fatigue
14. Action Makes - Buddies (Rough Mix)
15. Wire - Map Ref. 41°N 93°W
16. Nick Lowe - So it Goes
17. Klark Kent - Ritch in A Ditch
18. The Stranglers - Tank
19. Talking Heads - The Book I Read
20. Public Image Limited - Analisa
21. Devo - Freedom of Choice
22. XTC - Science Friction

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on January, 20th 2009.

Nils Videos:
Freedom (Music Video)

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