Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hey Amigo...The Havana 3am Story and Show # 233

In 1986 a year after The Clash broke up, Paul Simonon formed a group known as Havana 3am. Taking their name from a 1950s album by Cuban artist Perez Prado, Havana 3am consisted of Paul Simonon on bass, Gary Myrick on guitar, and Travis Williams on drums, and Nigel Dixon on vocals. The band took their influences mainly from Reggae, Latino music, and Rockabilly music. The band recorded an album and released it in 1991. Havana 3am, contained tweleve tracks and the song "Reach the Rock", was a small radio hit. Their album mixed a variety of styles, resulting in an eclectic sounding album. After a long tour supporting the album, singer Nigel Dixion passed away in 1993. Paul Simonon also left the group around this time to have a career in art (which was his first interest before joining The Clash). Havana 3am released one more album in 1996, with a different band line up. Myrick went on the purse a solo music career.

In additon to his paintings, Paul Simonon has designed album covers for Big Audio Dynamite, and The Good, The Bad & The Queen's album cover Herculean. In 2007, Paul Simonon also played bass on the project known as The Good, The Bad & The Queen, which was a side project of Damon Albarn. In 1986, Simonon participated in sessions for the Bob Dylan album Down in the Groove. In 2008, Paul Simonon began having exhibitions for his paintings once again.

Next week I will be doing a show focusing on music that has come from Vancouver, Canada. Every show in February will have a theme. February 10th, and 17th, will be shows focusing on The Clash, and on February 24th will be my third annual Surf music special.

Play List:

1. Howlies - Sea Level
2. The Craft Economy - The Tonic
3. Hooded Fang - Fall Leaves
4. The Magnificents - Ring Ring Oo Oo
5. The Cinch - Mystery Train
6. Joe Strummer - Love Kills
7. 101ers - Letagetabitarockin'
8. Demics - The 400 Blows
9. Teenage Head - Disgusteen (Alternate Version)
10. Vapids - Johnny Ramone
11. Surf City - Records of a Flag Pole Skater
12. Magazine - Sandwiches (My Mind Ain't So Open Demo)
13. Havana 3am - Surf in the City
14. The Good The Bad & The Queen - Kingdom of Doom
15. Ellen Foley - MPH
16. Topper Headon - Time is Tight
17. The Fiends - Gravedigger
18. Carbon/Silicon - Gangs of England
19. Big Audio Dynamite - The Globe
20. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Techno D-Day
21. The Clash - White Riot (Demo)
22. Latino Rockabilly War - Trash City

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on January, 27th 2009.

Havana 3am and other Paul Simonon related videos:

Havana 3am - Reach the Rock (Music Video)
The Good The Bad & The Queen - Kingdom of Doom
The Good The Bad & The Queen - Nature Springs (Live Henry Rollins Show)


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