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Dirty Power...The Story of Luger Boa and Show # 231

In 2006, New Zealand garage rockers The D4 announced that they would be going on an indefinite hiatus. Guitarist and vocalist Jimmy Christmas began working on material for what to was become Luger Boa. Recorded in Auckland, New Zealand and parts of Australia, over the course of approximately 18 months songs began to take shape for what was to become the album Mutate or Die! The material for this album was actually written before a band was put together. For this album the line up featured Manny Bourakis on bass (from the band The Galvatrons), Karl Kippenberger on drums (from the band Shihad) and Jimmy Christmas did the vocals and guitar. The album was also produced by Barry Palmer (who also did some guitar work on the album).

Released in November of 2008, Mutate or Die!, deals with a variety of subjects such as evolution, confusion, isolation, and resolution. Musically the album shows influences of the likes of T-Rex and David Bowie, while keeping true to the intensive energy that was displayed with The D4. The album opens with the song "Please Please", the song chugs along with intensity, a theme that does not disappear on this album. "Mutate or Die!" appears next with a robotic voiced intro, lyrically it portrays elements of evolution, while musically it twists and bends its way into your head, with chunky guitar riffs and one note keyboards.

The dark and melodic "What is Real?" displays themes of confusion and isolation, but is easily one of the most interesting tracks on the album. "On My Mind", is a slow and melodic song, complete with salty acoustic verses and roaring choruses. "1000 Hooks" comes next. Released as a single in the summer of 2008, this was the first song made available to the public. "1000 Hooks" is a catchy rock song, the guitar work is choppy and greasy at the same time. Other interesting tracks on Mutate or Die! are "Only A Moment Away", a catchy attack and release song, "Humans Rule", a song celebrating humanity, and the slightly funky "Don't Talk To Me". Some editions of the album include the bonus track "Dirty Power".

Overall Luger Boa draws in influences of glam rock, some 70's rock and more. It is definitely worth checking out. Currently the line up for the band contains former D4 drummer Beaver Pooley on drums, Ryan Thomas on guitar, Sam Lockley on guitar, and Simon Nicholls on bass. The band has already played live dates around the New Zealand area and plays Big Day Out in 2009, with plans for a more nationwide tour after that. More information on the band can be found on the Luger Boa myspace page.

Play List:

1. Stooges - Lost in the Future
2. Destroy All Monsters - Bored
3. New Race - Gotta Keep Movin'
4. New Order - Rock'n Roll Soldiers
5. Wylde Rattz - Rosalyn
6. 49th Parallel - Things You Do
7. Ugly Ducklings - Hey Mama (Keep Your Big Mouth Shut)
8. Ride Theory - I'm On Board
9. Gruesomes - Ain't Got Nothing
10. Adverts - We Who Wait
11. The Damned - Problem Child
12. 222s - First Studio Bomb
13. The Polymorphines - Constant Reminder
14. Sloan - Waterfalls
15. T-Rex - Jeepster
16. New York Dolls - Trash
17. The D4 - Little Baby
18. Luger Boa - Only A Moment Away
19. Luger Boa - Dirty Power
20. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - One track Mind
21. Generation X - Day By Day
22. Nickel Eye - This is the End
23. The Strokes - New York City Cops
24. The Sonics - Money (That's What I Want)
25. Elvis Costello & The Attractions - No Action

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on January, 13th 2009. (Note: My show starts 30 minutes into the first download and the last part of my show can be found by downloading the 12:00 PM file - you will also get part of the show after mine, known as Not in My Backyard.)

NOTE: If you are looking for this show, check the comments section.

Luger Videos:

1000 Hooks (Music Video)
What Is Real? (Music Video)
On My Mind (Music Video)
I Wanna Girlfriend (Music Video)
Red Bull Sessions (What is Real?/Humans Rule/Please Please/I Wanna Girlfriend/1000 Hooks/Only A Moment Away)

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