Tuesday, December 09, 2008

You Know You Can't Help It...A Different Kind of Tension Special Edition and Show # 226

In October of 2008, Buzzcocks re-issued their first three albums (Another Music in A Different Kitchen, Love Bites, and A Different Kind of Tension) in special edition format. All of the Special Editions feature two discs containing the original album. non album singles/B-sides, demos, live recordings and outtakes. In celebration of these releases Buzzcocks will play Another Music and Love Bites back to back on a small UK tour. This week on my show I played a block of songs featured on the A Different Kind of Tension Special Edition.

Released in 1979, A Different Kind of Tension was different than Buzzcocks previous two albums. It was recorded at a time when the band were battling a vicious cocktail of difficulties with record companies, drugs, and financial issues. The cover of the album features different shapes and the colour scheme of orange yellow and purple. Inside the centre triangle is a silhouetted picture of the band, surrounded by a purplish light, they look like they are from a different planet. This album was once again produced by Martin Rushent, and musically it sounds both spacious and cramped, staying true to the title. The band are sharp and precise which was most likely due to the tour that they had just come off of. Lyrically Shelley questions just about everything, the lyrics are also darker in nature. Guitarist Steve Diggle also supplies the album with high quality songs to help make this album great. The first single in 1979 for the band was "Everybody's Happy Nowadays", the song went to # 29 on the UK singles charts. "Harmony in My Head" was another non album single released by the band, it reached # 32 in the UK. The song was sung and written by Steve Diggle, apparently prior to recording the vocals to this track Diggle smoked 20 cigarettes to get a harsh sound from his voice. The other singles released for this album were the songs "You Say You Don't Love Me", and "I Believe", they were also featured on the album A Different Kind of Tension. On the album charts A Different Kind of Tension went to # 26 in the UK and # 163 in the US.

The Special Edition contains a plethora of bonus tracks. Not only does it contain the bands Parts 1,2,3 EP, but it also contains the bands last track with their classic line up, "I Look alone". If that isn't enough you also get all the associated singles ("Everybody's Happy Nowadays", "Why Can't I Touch It", and "Harmony in My Head"), Peel Sessions, and demos. What's interesting about the demos is that there are versions of songs such as "I Don't Know what To Do With My Life" with an extra verse, and slower early versions of "Mad Mad Judy", and "Harmony in My Head". You also get four unused songs that were made for A Different Kind of Tension. "I Don't Know" (an instrumental), and "Run Away From Home" both written by bassist Steve Garvey, and "Jesus Made Me Feel Guilty", and "The Drive System" (written by guitaris Steve Diggle). This special edition perfectly collects songs from the last moments of the this period of Buzzcocks (from 1977-1981). After this album they would split in 1981, but reform in 1989.

A full band history of the band can be found here. The A Different Kind of Tension Special Edition can be purchased on the Amazon UK website or the Amazon.com website.

In other news, this week I played a song by a new upcoming band known as The Stanley Blacks. Coming from Guildford in London, England the band is currently working on an EP and Gary of Always Searching For Music was kind enough to notify me of this, and supplied me with a track to play on my show. The band has made this track available for download as well, so you can download it here. They are also looking for feedback so if you'd like to comment on the song, you can head over to ASFM and leave a comment.

Stanley Blacks - In Sight
Stanley Blacks Myspace

Play List:

1. Buzzcocks - Paradise
2. Buzzcocks - Run Away From Home
3. Buzzcocks - Mad Mad Judy (Demo)
4. Buzzcocks - I Don't Know What to Do With My Life (Peel Session)
5. Sturgeons - Punk Rock Virgins
6. The Jury - Who Dat?
7. Don Norman & The Other 4 - Low Man
8. Young Rival - Your Island
9. The Magic - The Harder Way
10. The Stanley Blacks - In Sight
11. Gang of Four - Glass
12. Public Image Limited - FFF
13. Big Audio Dynamite - London Bridge
14. Wire - Sand in My Joints
15. Luger Boa - What is Real?
16. Clap Clap Riot - Don't Want Your Baby
17. The Jam - A Bomb in Wardour Street
18. Golden Hands Before God- Communist Party
19. Locust Have No King - Trench Song
20. The Kinks - Picture Book
21. Jakob Dylan - Evil is Alive and Well
22. Neil Young - Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
23. Lou Reed - Crazy Feeling
24. Dirty Pretty Things - Come Closer
25. Dirty Pretty Things - Faultlines

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on December 9th, 2008. (Note: My show starts thirty minutes into the first download)


garychching said...

Hi Dave thanks very much for playing the Stanley Blacks. I just finished listening to your show (I listened to it from the mp3 archive and by the way really enjoyed it, you played a few tracks I'd never heard of before - the Sturgeons, the Jury, etc), and I know the band were all listening live, and were really pleased to hear it played on air.

So thanks again much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

craaazy feelin'

James said...

Hello Dave,

Just finished listening to the show, thanks a lot for playing The Stanley Blacks! Hopefully we'll get another song to you soon, we've almost finished recording the other songs on the EP.