Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nothing From Today...The Vipers Story and Show # 227

Drawing on influences from the 60's such as The Lyrics, and Chesterfield Kings, The Vipers formed a garage rock based group in 1984. Based out of New York the group consisted of Jon Wiess (Saxophonist from The Fleshtones), guitarist David Mann, second guitarist Paul Martin, bassist Graham May, and drummer Patrick Brown. The bands first album was released in 1984 and was titled Outta The Nest. The albums songs were influenced by the likes of The Standells, and The Electrics Prunes, to name a few. The song "Nothing From Today" was a fuzzy guitar track sounding influenced by the 50's era Byrds, "Telling Those Lies" contained aggressive vocals and surf rock style organ. The album aslo contained songs such as "Borrowed Time", "Cheated and Lied", and "Ain't Nothing Like Her". There was also two cover songs by 60s garage groups, one of them being The Standells ("Medication"). The album, which is viewed as their best, never really gained any popularity at the time of its release. That did not stop the group, the continued until 1993 releasing four more albums of garage rock influenced albums. The albums were How About Somemore? (1988), Not So Pretty...Not So New (1988), Nest in Peace (1989) and Venom in 1993. While they did not gain mainstream popularity, they are still known as a great garage rock group from the 80s.

This Weeks Play List:

1. MC5 - Ramblin' Rose (Live)
2. Compulsive Gamblers - Way I Feel About You
3. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Don't Die
4. 101ers - 5 Star Rock N' Roll Petrol
5. The Small Faces - Patterns
6. The Faces - Poor Hall Richard
7. Ride Theory - Can't Get it Right
8. The Worst - I Don't Want You
9. The Vindicators - Thinking of Birds
10. 14th Wray - Your Face in My Mind
11. The Upper Crust - (We're The) Upper Crust
12. The Stooges - 1969 (Alternate Vocal Take)
13. Awesome Color - Already Down
14. John Lennon - Well Well Well
15. Them - I'm Gonna Dress in Black (Version 2)
16. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Long Shadow
17. Great Scots - Lost in Conversation
18. Big Town Boys - August 32nd
19. 409 - They Say
20. The Vipers - Ain't Nothing Like Her
21. The Early Birds - Why Oh Why
22. The Strokes - Take It or Leave
23. The Checks - Take Me There
24. Supergrass - Diamond Ho Ha Man

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on December 16th, 2008. (Note: My show starts thirty minutes into the first download)

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