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2008 Highlights...Show # 229

This week my show was comprised of releases from 2008. While I did play some music that technically isn't a new release (Buzzcocks - A Different Kind of Tension Special Edition, Undertones Anthology, and The Kinks Picture Book Box Set), they were released in 2008, but did not qualify for my top eight of 2008 list. The Following are my favourite releases from 2008:

1. Sloan - Parallel Play

This was Sloan's ninth album. Despite having so many releases, every new Sloan album never seems to disappoint. After last years 30 song Never Hear the End of it, Parallel Play cuts down the track list to just 13 songs. As usual each band member contributes their own material. Each band member (Patrick Pentland, Chris Murphy, Jay Ferguson, and Andrew Scott) have three songs on the album, with the exception of drummer Andrew Scott who has four songs to contribute. The album is strong and shows off Sloan's different style of pop. It is an excellent release from one Canada's finest exports, Sloan.

Favourite Tracks:

Down in the Basement
Believe in Me
Witches Wand
I'm Not A Kid Anymore

2. The Clash - Live At Shea Stadium

Live At Shea Stadium was actually recorded in 1982, but not released in full until 2008. These live recordings were originally discovered towards the end of the year 2000 by Joe Strummer, but instead of releasing the full concert at that time the band released a live compilation album titled From Here to Eternity. This show would also feature original Clash drummer Terry Chimes on drums. The album shows The Clash playing an interesting mix of material.

Favourite Tracks:

Police On My Back
Tommy Gun
I Fought the Law
London Calling

3. Luger Boa - Mutate or Die!

Released in November of 2008, Luger Boa was formed by Jimmy Christmas previously of the New Zealand garage rock band, The D4. This album contains great rock songs, and was heavily influenced by T-Rex and David Bowie. Mutate or Die! has songs such as "1000 Hooks", "Only A Moment Away", and "What is Real?" brings energy and excitement back to the world of rock music. Expect to hear more from them not only on upcoming radio shows, but also on this blog.

Favourite Tracks:

1000 Hooks
Only A Moment Away
What is Real?
Humans Rule
Mutate or Die!

4. Young Rival EP

Formerly known as Ride Theory, Young Rival released their first EP containing music under their new band name. The Hamilton Ontario based band, shows off their influenced of 60s rock and hooks you with their catchy basslines and lyrics. While the EP only contains six songs, it leaves you wanting to hear more. An excellent release by and excellent Canadian band.

Favourite Tracks:

Another Nobody
Too Hip
The Haunt
Your Island

5. Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Momofuku

Originally released only on vinyl and for digital download, Momofuku was so in demand it had to be released on CD format. The album shows Elvis Costello & The Imposters rocking out and in different styles. The album, which was recorded in eight days sounds like an album from the days of Elvis Costello & The Attractions. After so many releases by Costello with other artists/collaborators, Momofuku is back to basics, simple, and enjoyable to listen to.

Favourite Tracks:

Go Away
American Gangster Time
Stella Hurt
No Hiding Place

6. Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely

Consolers of The Lonely was the follow up to Raconteurs first album Broken Boy Soldiers. This album takes the band in a different direction, having more of a hard rock influence and less of a 60s pop influence. Consolers of the Lonely shows Brandon Benson stepping up as a song writer within the group and Jack White stepping into Bob Dylan territory on the song "Carolina Drama". On this album The Raconteurs move forward as a more cohesive unit.

Favourite Tracks:

Consoler of the Lonely
Carolina Dram
Many Shades of Black

7. Dirty Pretty Things - Romance At Short Notice

The second and unfortunately final album by The Dirty Pretty Things was titled Romance At Short Notice. while Waterloo To Anywhere, the bands first album was a punk fuelled album, Romance At Short Notice adds more depth to the bands sound. Carl Barat and crew bring in influences of pop, expanding the bands sound and capacity as a unique British group.

Favourite Tracks:

Plastic Hearts
Hippy's Son
Tired of England
Best Face

8. Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha

Recorded in Berlin, where David Bowie recorded some of his work, Diamond Hoo Ha is the sixth album by British rock group Supergrass. The album was also produced by Nick Launay, who has previously worked with groups such as Public Image Limited, Gang of Four, and Nick Cave. The album is seen as a return to a more traditional Supergrass style. The bands previous album Road To Rouen, was more experimental. The band has also finished their contract with EMI records and plan to record and release music independently.

Favourite Tracks:

Bad Blood
Diamond Hoo Ha Man
Rebel in You

Other good releases from 2008 included David Bowie - Live in Santa Monica '72. This live album which features The Spiders From Mars as Bowie's backing band, existed as a bootleg for years, finally it got a proper release in 2008. Mudhoney released The Lucky Ones, which was a return to the old fashioned dirty Mudhoney style, The Subways also released their second album All or Nothing. Last and not least, The Kinks released the Picture Book box set. This set is a six disc set compiling well known Kinks songs, with outtakes, demos, and previously out of print hard to find material.

Play List:

1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Today's Lesson
2. David Bowie - Queen Bitch (Live at Santa Monica 72)
3. The Pack AD - Build
4. Stolen Minks - Peppy Twist
5. Mudhoney - New Meaning
6. The Subways - Obsession
7. The Bicycles - Oh no, it's love
8. Caesars - In My Mind
9. Bloc Party - Halo
10. XX Teens - B-54
11. Wire - Are You Ready?
12. Albert Hammond Jr. - G Up
13. Golden Hands Before God - The Ladder
14. Teenage Head with Marky Ramone - You're the One I'm Crazy For
15. The Kinks - Don't Ever Change
16. Buzzcocks - Everybody's Happy Nowadays
17. Undertones - Nine Times Out of Ten (Demo)
18. Supergrass - Bad Blood
19. Dirty Pretty Things - Kicks or Consumption
20. Raconteurs - Five On the Five
21. Elvis Costello & The Imposters - American Gangster Time
22. Young Rival - Your Island
23. Luger Boa - 1000 Hooks
24. The Clash - Career Opportunities (Live at Shea Stadium)
25. Sloan - Too Many

To download this week's show visit the CJAM archives and select the files 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on December 30th, 2008.

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