Sunday, January 21, 2007

They Say What They Mean...

Hey I just thought I'd make a post about the Sloan show from Saturday January 20th. First off a band from Toronto called Spiral Beach, opened the show. They are a weird mix of music. They are quite an odd little band from Toronto.

Before Sloan came on stage, the music that was playing through the speakers was mostly old punk music, that I regularly play on my radio show I Heard MC5 "American Ruse", The Clash "Drug Stabbing Time", Buzzcocks, and Ramones. Sloan came on stage around 10-ish. They played a total of 30 songs. Most of the concert consisted of new stuff from Never Hear The End Of It, but that's not a bad thing. It was interesting to see the band members switch positions. It happened twice, when drummer Andrew Scott was to sing his songs, he went on guitar/vocals, Jay Ferguson went on bass, and bassist Chris Murphy went to drums, Patrick Pentland stayed on guitar. It was a great live show that rocked, and they sounded so good. Sloan played something from almost every album. Twenty songs from Never Hear The End of It, two songs from Navy Blues, three from One Chord To Another, two from Pretty Together, one song from Twice Removed, and one from their greatest hits compilation A Sides Win. It was a nice mix of material, and it was an awesome concert to see.

Here's their set list/what they played:

Flying High Again
Who Taught You To Live Like That?
Will I Belong?
Ill Placed Trust
The Other Man
The Lines You Amend
Fading Into Obscurity
Golden Eyes
Love Is All Around
Living With the Masses
All Used up
C'Mon C'Mon (We're Gonna Get It Started)
Everybody Wants You
I Understand
You Know What It's About
Someone I Can Be True With
Money City Maniacs
I Can't Sleep
I Know You
Something's Wrong
I've Gotta Try
Everything You've Done Wrong
Can't You Figure It Out
Pen Pals
The Good In Everyone
Another Way I Could Do It

Chester the Molester
If It Feels Good Do It

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