Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Marble Indexing, and show #128

On this weeks show I played a variety of Canadian bands that I've never played before; I'll just mention a few of them. The Marble Index are a three-piece from Hamilton, Ontario. They first started in 2001, the band some say sound garage rock. They are just a good fashioned rock n' roll band, some of their influences range from The Clash, The Jam, The Who, and many other Canadian artists. Their most current release is Watch Your Candles, Watch Your Knives. I played the song "All That I Know" from this album.

Next up, The Ride Theory. They are yet another band from Hamilton, Ontario. They are also fairly newer, they first started out in around 2002, and released their first album, The Ride Theory that same year. The song that was played on tonight's show was "I'm On Board", which is a song from their current 2006 release, In This City. They sound kind of garagey like Marble Index, but they have more of an edge, they sound post-punk almost. You can tell by listening to the band that they liked Iggy Pop and the stooges, and early punk rock. They are also influenced by surf rock.  (Note:  The Ride Theory are now known as Young Rival.)

Two other quick notes, the song "Olio" by The Rapture is not the same version as on their 2003 album Echoes. It was a more rock version of the song from their 1999 album Mirror. Finally, the song "Love Reign O'er Me" was a cover that Pearl Jam did for a new Adam Sandler movie of the same name. It can be found on their most recent Christmas single.

Next week I will be doing a show devoted entirely to the Canadian band Sloan. Sloan are playing a concert at St. Andrews Hall on January 20th. So if you'd like make a request for next weeks show by leaving a comment at the end of this post, I will play the song you want next week.

Here's the play list from this week:

1. The Saints – the chameleon
2. The Scavengers – mysterex
3. The Kings – this beat goes on
4. The Kings - switchin’ to glide
5. Richard Hell & The Voidoids – water
6. Iggy & The Stooges – scene of the crime
7. Black Sabbath – rat salad
8. Ramones – come on now
9. Ramones – kicks to try (demo)
10. Buzzcocks – I look alone
11. The Clash – gates of the west
12. U2 – streetmission
13. Radio Birdman – didn’t tell the man
14. The Police – man in a suitcase
15. The Ride Theory – I’m on board
16. Tokyo Police Club – nature of the experience
17. Flash Bastard – bastard radio
18. The Rapture – olio (1999 mirror version)
19. The Subways – oh yeah
20. Marble Index – all that I know
21. Sloan – hollow head
22. The Hives – born to cry (dion and the belmonts cover)
23. The D4 – out of control (limespiders cover)
24. Pearl Jam - love reign o'er me (the who cover)
25. Rage Against The Machine - in my eyes (minor threat cover)


Yiu-cho said...

If It Feels Good Do It... solid song

ourphotoyear said...

"Take Good Care Of The Poor Boy" from Between The Bridges please.

I have the Peppermint EP, and two rare Sloan surprises in my desk ready to offer to you during your next visit.

Andreea said...

Dave, play "Money City Maniacs" for the next show. That song always brings me back to grage 9. Good times. - Drey