Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Public Image...Show # 130

This page used to feature a profile on the Post Punk band Public Image Limited. I have expanded this post to include greater detail on PiL. It can be found in my Poptones: The Story of Public Image Limited post.

I played some songs this week by The Smugglers and The Shades. Both are Canadian punk bands from Vancouver during 1977-1988. I also played two songs from a John Peel BBC Session by Buzzcocks, and another BBC Session from Elvis Costello & The Attractions. Buzzcocks BBC Sessions are now out of print, and I don't think Elvis Costello released his BBC Sessions. The Peel Sessions for Buzzcocks can now be found on the expanded deluxe editions of their first three albums (Another Music in a Different Kitchen, Love Bites, and A Different Kind of Tension). Finally I played two songs by the Canadian band Sloan live on a Spanish TV show called ipop. The songs were "Try To Make It", a song recorded for A Sides Win, a greatest hits compilation from 2005, and "Judy is a Punk" which is a cover of a Ramones song. It is pretty cool to hear Sloan doing a Ramones song. You can actually watch the performance on you tube by clicking here

Here's the Play list from my show:

1. Generation X – from the heart
2. MC5 – teenage lust
3. Smugglers – revenge
4. The Wrong - prisons of our isolation
5. The Shades – new clientele
6. Undertones – true confessions
7. Buzzcocks – fast cars (BBC)
8. Buzzcocks – moving away from the pulsebeat (BBC)
9. The Saints – save me
10. Ramones – sleeping troubles (demo)
11. The Gruesomes – I need you
12. The Clash – justice tonight
13. Suburban Reptiles – Saturday night, stay at home
14. The Police – when the world is running down you make the best of what's still around
15. Talking Heads – pulled up
16. Elvis Costello & The Attractions – pump it up (BBC)
17. PiL – public image
18. The Odds – someone who’s cool
19. The Ride Theory – alright
20. Dirty Pretty Things – no signal, no battery (demo)
21. Rage Against The Machine – new millennium homes
22. The D4 – too stupid
23. Sloan – try to make it (live ipop)
24. Sloan – judy is a punk (live ipop)
25. Sloan - Iggy & Angus (Live 4 Nights at the Palais Royale)
26. The D4 - do no right

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