Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Spelling Mistakes It Feels So Good & Show # 493

The Spelling Mistakes were a short lived band from New Zealand that lasted from 1979 to 1980, they blended elements of Punk and Power Pop into their sound. The band did not have too many releases during their initial run as a band, they released one and a half singles. Their first single was a split with The Whizz Kids in 1979, their song “Reena” was featured as the A side. The bands 1980 single “Feels So Good” was released via Propeller Records, a short lived label started by Greg Simms who was also in one of New Zealand’s first Punk bands, The Suburban Reptiles. “Feels So Good” was a top twenty hit, reaching number 29 on the New Zealand singles charts. The band recorded a second follow up single, but it remained unreleased for two decades. Despite the success of their single and their popularity on the local live scene at the time, The Spelling Mistakes called it quits in 1980. This has been said to have occurred due to a few factors, one being increased violence and underage drinkers at their live shows which caused difficulty in booking shows. They reformed briefly in 1999 and in the 2000’s before splitting again.

This Week's Play List:

1. Cheap Time – Exit Smiles
2. Thee Dirty Beats – You Lied To Me Before
3. Hurricane & Able – The Leaves On The Ground
4. Greg Arcade & the Electrics - My Baby Loves To Rock and Roll
5. Shotgun Jimmie – Grow A Garden
6. The Stems – Man With The Golden Heart
7. La De Da – Don’ You Stand In My Way
8. Easybeats – Sorry
9. The Kaisers – Looking Back
10. George Jones – No No Never
11. The Byrds – One Hundred Years From Now
12. Elk – Before The Sun
13. The Waldos – Love That Kills
14. Mods – Step Out Tonight
15. The Stranglers – Curfew
16. The Exploding Hearts – Boulevard Trash
17. Brazilian Money – We Could Just Stay
18. Golden Hands Before God – Communist Party
19. The Beatles – Glass Onion
20. Jack Rabbit Slim – Bop Attack
21. The Cramps – Don’t Get Funny With Me
22. Dead Ghosts – Girl Across The Street
23. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers – Baby Talk (Cassette Version)
24. True Lovers - Bang Bang
25. Marching Girls – First In Line
26. The Spelling Mistakes - Feels So Good

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