Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wire, Black Lips & Show # 491

Last week’s episode of Revolution Rock was a repeat. For those of you keeping count, each week the number increases on my post with each new episode of the program that airs. This week was the 491st episode of Revolution Rock, last week was a repeat of episode number 485 which had a feature on Windsor artist Paul Jacobs and was technically my 490th episode. Here is a video of Paul’s song "Sara’s Party" from his album Coffin Ride. You can see my play list and write on Paul Jacobs from that episode here.

Wire – 40 Versions (Rockpalast 1979)

“40 Versions” originally appeared on Wire’s 3rd full length album 154. The album was named after how many live shows that the band had played at that point. This video is from a live performance filmed for Rockpalast in 1979. It has been released officially and can be found on the release On The Box: Live 1979, it includes both a CD of audio and a DVD with video of this concert.

Black Lips – Boys In The Wood

Atlanta’s Black Lips are set to release their 7th studio album Underneath The Rainbow in March of 2014. The songs on the release are said to lean more towards a Roots Rock based sound, “Boys In The Wood” apparently being an ode to Lynyrd Skynrd and is about drinking bathtub gin and doing drugs. The band recently tweeted this about their new album "Just to clarify, our new album is not a country record, nor is it a southern rock album. It's elvis from the waist down."

The Play List:

1. Those Rogues – Wish I Could See You Again
2. Power Of Beckett – Lost Soul In Disillusion
3. Spiral Scratch – Still Rockin’
4. Lost Patrol – That’s Your Style (Early Version)
5. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – People Don't Get What They Deserve
6. The Twisters – 9 Times Out of 10
7. Johnny Burnett – Tear It Up
8. Big Star – The Ballad Of El Goodo
9. Johnny West – He Was Saved By Poultry From The Shadow Of Beef
10. Neil Young – Bad Fog of Loneliness (Live)
11. Dog Day – Joyride
12. Crystal Stilts – Nature Noir
13. Speed – She’s All There
14. Space Trees – I Need You
15. Dick Dale – Surfin’ Rebel
16. Tay Falco’s Panther Burns – Snatch It Back
17. Moods – Rum Drunk
18. In-Sect – Let This Be A Lesson
19. The Black Lips – Boys In The Wood
20. Alex Chilton – I Wish I Could Meet Elvis
21. Gang Of Four – In The Ditch
22. Hookworms - ii
23. Wire – 40 Versions
24. Buzzcocks – Breakdown (Live At Lesser Trade Free Hall – July 21, 1978)
25. Buzzcocks - What Do I Get (Live At Lesser Trade Free Hall – July 21, 1978)

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