Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Planet of Sound...Show # 305

The Pixies album Trompe Le Monde was originally released in 1991. The albums title translates into "Fool The World" in English, this would also be the last full length album before the bands split. The album was well received on UK and US charts. Trompe Le Monde featured many notable tracks, drawing on science fiction based themes involving aliens ("Planet of Sound", "Motorway To Roswell"), and other songs such as "Alec Eiffel", "U-Mass", and "Trompe Le Mode". The songs contained elements of the bands past influences and a new direction involving Pop elements. Many people feel that the album is essentially the first Black Francis solo album, due to the fact that he wrote all of the songs except for one. "Head On" which is also featured on the album is a cover of a song originally done by Jesus & The Mary Chain. The Pixies reunited in 2004.  

The Play List:

1. The Wipers - Up Front
2. Mudhoney - The Straight Life
3. THe Pixies - Head On
4. Hysteric Narcotics - Anna
5. Nightstalkers - Too Many Images
6. Hellbound Hepcats - Only Man
7. Christian D & the Hangovers - Hillbilly Heroin
8. Bloodshot Bill - Leave Me Alone
9. Ron Leary - Miles
10. Harlem - Witchgreens
11. The Express - Wastin' My Time
12. The Iguanas - Again & Again
13. Expelaires - To See You
14. The Skids - Masquerade
15. 20-20s - Heart On A string
16. The Drums - Skippin' Town
17. Devo - Fresh
18. Tokyo Police Club - Not Sick
19. The Stranglers - Outside Tokyo
20. Television - Venus
21. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Crack of Dawn
22. The Libertines - Up the Bracket
23. Thee Manipulators - Paper In My Pocket
24. Young Rival - Workin'
25. The Gaslight Anthem - Stay Lucky
26. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Do You Love Me?

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paul said...

your band write ups are getting much shorter these past few months, can we expect to see some longer write ups in the future?

otherwise awesome playlist,

Dave said...


The write ups have been shorter as of late. Maybe not next week, but there will be some longer posts coming up in the future.