Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Million Miles Away...The Story of The Plimsouls...Show # 304

Peter Case began playing with a three piece that would be known as The Plimsouls in 1978. The band consisted of Case on guitar/vocals, David Pahoa on bass and Lou Ramirez on drums. The band began recording an EP that would be titled Zero Hour, it was released in 1980. During the recording of this EP another guitarist joined the group, Eddie Munoz. The EP was produced by Danny Holloway, who was also the group’s manager. The EP contained five songs all of which reflected a Power Pop based music ethic. The title track "Zero Hour" received heavy rotation on the LA radio station KROQ, along with their live shows this helped The Plimsouls to become a band to see in the LA club scene. The bands sound was a mix of Power Pop, New Wave, 60's Soul, Garage Rock and more. They are sometimes referred to as a Soul Punk band.

In 1981 The Plimsouls released their first album, which was simply titled The Plimsouls. The album featured the songs that were on the Zero Hour EP along with others which reflected elements of Power Pop, New Wave, Punk, and Roots Rock and Roll. Several critics agree that The Plimsouls has many classic Power Pop anthems and is one of their best releases. The band got more notoriety in 1983 when a self-financed single of theirs was put in a movie called Valley Girl. The song was known as "A Million Miles Away" and is seen as a great document of the bands Power Pop abilities, it became a minor hit for them. The band also appeared in the movie as themselves, performing "A Million Miles Away" along with two other songs. The bands second album, Everywhere At Once was released in 1983 on Geffen. The album featured a re-recorded version "A Million Miles Away", but the band would not last long, they split up following the release of this album. The band has been referred to as one of the greatest live bands in LA during this time period.  Their second album was more of a production based album, it was produced by Jeffery Rich. While the band did split up after Everywhere At Once, a live album was released in 1988 titled One Night in America. The band has reformed several times and in 1998 recorded another album titled Kool Trash that featured an appearance by Blondie drummer Clem Burke. Recently a live album was released titled Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal.

Peter Case continued on with a solo career and is an acclaimed song writer by many. He has released several solo albums expanding his song writing abilities into other genres such as Folk, Blues, Psychedelic and other Rock subgenres. Recently he released an album that was recorded using all analog equipment titled Wig! on Yep Rock records.

The Play List:

1. The Checks - Bagheera
2. Greenhornes - Pattern Skies 
3. Surf City - See How The Sun
4. Grand Prix - Always Beginning
5. The Bats - Steppin' Out
6. Mystery Jets - Dreaming of Another World
7. Young Veins - Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't
8. The Beat - Rankin' Full Stop
9. The Beatdown - Hooligans
10. Leisure Units - Champagne and Money To Burn
11. The Disappeared - Welcome Back
12. The Diodes - Weekend 
13. Pointed Sticks -What Do You Want Me To Do?
14. The Sinners - No Brains Required 
15. 222s - Hold Up
16. The Rage - I've Got Your Number
17. The Nerves - When You Find Out
18. The Breakaways - Walking Out On Love
19. Plimsouls - Zero Hour
20. Peter Case -Ain't Got No Dough
21. Jack Lee & Band - It's Hot Outside
22. Marble Index - Anytime 
23. Modernettes - Static 
24. Black Keys - Tighten Up
25. Dead Weather - The Difference Between Us

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Jeremy/The Disappeared said...

Hi Dave - thanks for playing our song "Welcome Back" on the show.
Great playlist too - the Dead Weather, the Beat - all good stuff!
We'll add another link back to your show when we update our site in the next few days.
Take care,
Jeremy/The Disappeared

Dave said...

No problem Jeremy. Thanks for the website mention.