Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Message in a Bottle Single 1979....Show # 302

In September of 1979, The Police released their second single from their second album Regetta De Blanc. The single was "Message in a Bottle", a song that would be the bands first number one single in the UK. While the song itself is a great example of song writing within the Rock music genre (containing elements of Reggae, Punk/New Wave, and Pop), the B-side to the single was much different. "Landlord" was a fast Punk paced song which reflects a sound of The Police's early days as a band. This Punk song is a song simply about a Landlord in Sting's life at the time. The single as a whole can be seen as an example of the bands past and future on one 7". While "Landlord" catered to the bands beginnings with a Punk influence, "Message in a Bottle" exemplified where the band would go in the coming years, to the top of the charts. They would become a huge success up until their split following three concerts for Amnesty International in 1986. It should also be noted that The Police reunited for two world reunion tours in 2007/2008. The cover created for this single features a green bottle that is shattered over a picture of the band. "Landlord" can be found on the Message in a Box Set that was released in 1993.

Play List:

1. The Police - Landlord
2. The Boys - Living in the City (Live at The Roxy)
3. UK Subs - CID (Live at the Roxy)
4. Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Sweet Gene Vincent
5. The Shakers - In Time
6. Teenage Head - Top Down
7. The Organ - Oh What A Feeling
8. Thee Headcoats - You Got Your Head On Backwards
9. Young Fresh Fellows - High Time
10. The Caesars - It's Not the Fall That Hurts
11. Fjord Rowboat - We Are On Time
12. Mode Moderne - Les Neuf Soeurs
13. Link Wray - The Sweeper
14. The New Waves - Nocturnal
15. Panasonics - Pancake
16. The Surf Trio - Down 1-5
17. Hot Nasties - This is Unlove
18. John Lennon - Crippled Inside
19. Cheap Trick - Big Eyes
20. Fire Engines - New Things in Cartons
21. Talking Heads - Pulled Up
22. Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Moods For Moderns
23. Outrageous Cherry - Self-Made Monster
24. Medications - We Could Be Others
25. The Hives - A Thousand Answers (Live)
26. Rich Kids - Empty Words

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