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I Get Along ...The Libertines Story... Show # 172

The Libertines formed in 2001 and came from England. They were seen as another garage rock band, being lumped into the garage rock revival bands at the time (The Strokes, Vines, Hives), but were a little different. The two main writers of the band were Carl Barat (guitar/vocals) and Pete Doherty (guitar/vocals). Other members joined too, John Hassell (bass) and Gary Powell (drums); Initially the band had a much older drummer, Paul Dufor who was replaced by Powell. The band initally was called The Strands, then considered being called The Albions before settling on The LIbertines; The name came from Marquis de Sade's Lust of the Libertine. The band received critical acclaim from the UK from NME when their first single "What A Waster" entered the UK top 40 Charts, they were labelled the next big thing.

In 2002, Up The Bracket was released. This album was produced by The Clash's Mick Jones. The album also did well chartwise, in the UK. The band would go through numerous fights and arguments, due to Doherty's on going drug problem, which would get more publicity than the bands music. Up The Bracket displayed the Libertines musical style, which was a mix of Brit Pop, Punk, and Mod music. The band came out with an original sound, before they got way over hyped. Barat and Doherty shared song writing credits Ala Lennon and McCartney or Strummer and Jones. Barat's style was more punk and garage influenced while Doherty's was more pop influenced.

As the band toured Doherty's drug problems increased, creating more problems within the band. While in New York in 2003, the band recorded what was known as the Babyshambles Sessions. During this time Barat would leave during the sessions, which were intended to be for the bands second album. The sessions were made available for free via the Internet on a fansite, which was a request made by Doherty himself. The band would then release the single "Don't Look Back" into the Sun", which would reach number 11 on the UK charts. Tensions rised and Doherty broke into Barat's apartment, resulting in his arrest. After serving some time in jail, the band got back together and played a few shows, they would also begin working on material for their second album.

In 2004, The Libertines was released. Again produced by Mick Jones this album would be the last from the band. Doherty proved to be unreliable due to drug related issues and his other band Babyshambles. The band had scheduled gigs, but would have a replacement guitar player for Doherty to make up for his absence, Anthony Rossamando. The band still did well in the UK with the single "Can't Stand Me Now" reaching number 2 on the UK charts, but the band was essentially over. After fulfilling tour commitments, the band called it quits in 2004. Doherty had his other band Babyshambles and Barat would eventually form his new band Dirty Pretty Things in 2005.

The Libertines were a band that could have broken in America, but when the time came they were no more. Dirty Pretty Things released Waterloo to Anywhere in 2006 and Romance At Short Notice in 2008. Babyshambles Doherty's band, has two full length albums Down in Albion, and most recently Shotter's Nation. Barat and Doherty have spoken since the break up and even played a one off gig in April of 2007, but have not reunited. In October of 2007 a best of Libertines compilation was released titled Time For Heroes. For more information on these bands you can visit the Libertines website, Babyshambles website, or the Dirty Pretty Things website.

The Play List:

1. MC5 – Baby won’t Ya
2. Normals – Almost Ready (78 Demo)
3. Undertones – So Close
4. Shades – New Clientele
5. Young Canadians – Well, Well, Well
6. Spys – Underground
7. Sturgeons – Punk Rock Virgins
8. Gun Club – Run Through the Jungle
9. Richard Hell & The Voidoids – You Gotta Lose
10. Television – Elevation
11. Ramones – Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World
12. The Wipers – Let’s Go
13. Ride Theory – the Piper
14. Gruesomes – Hey!
15. Evaporators – Tellin’ Youth the Truth
16. Hentchmen – Psycho Daisies (Alternate Version)
17. Raconteurs – Teenage Kicks (Live)
18. Kasabian – Too Much Too Young
19. Hater – Fever Saint
20. Buzzcocks – Raison D’Etre
21. Libertines - Up the Bracket
22. Libertines - What A Waster
23. Libertines – I Get Along
24. Babyshambles – Delivery
25. Babyshambles - You Talk
26. Dirty Pretty Things – Radio Song
27. The D4 – Little Baby

Libertines Vids:

Up the Bracket (Music Video)
Time For Heroes (Music Video)
I Get Along (Music Video)
Can't Stand Me Now (Live)
What A Waster (Live in Japan)
Don't Look Back into the Sun (Music Video)
In the Studio - Making of Libertines

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