Thursday, November 15, 2007

Disgusteens - The Teenage Head Story ... Show # 170

Teenage Head was a band that formed in 1976, in Hamilton, Ontario. The band took their name from Flamin' Groovies song. The band consisted of Frankie Venom (real name Frank Kerr) (vocals), Gord Lewis (guitar), Steve Mahon (bass), and Nick Stipanitz on drums. The band is often called the Canadian Ramones or Canada's answer to the Ramones, but in fact they had more of a rockabilly and 50's/60's rock influence than Ramones. Their influences ranged from punk bands and CBGB's bands, to Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, and Rolling Stones. The bands first single was released in 1978, it was titled "Picture My Face". The song itself was a jittery punk influenced track. The bands first self titled album was released in 1979.

Teenage Head showed off the bands different style with influences ranging from Ramones-type punk to 50's/60's rock and roll. The album was recorded and produced by Teenage Head and Alan Cady, it was seen as a rough sounding recording. Despite what many people saw as a poorly recorded album, it contained excellently crafted songs and did get some airplay on radio; It is seen as a Canadian punk/new wave classic. It was the bands live shows that drew in more of a fan base. In 1980, the band released their second album Frantic City, they also signed to a new label Attic Records. The album generated more airplay for the band with songs such as "Let's Shake" and "Something On My Mind". In June of 1980, the band played a concert at Ontario Place in Toronto, that turned into a riot due to fans being denied access to the concert. This little incident in turn gave the band publicity, which resulted in better sales of Frantic City driving the album to go gold. During this time with all this publicity surrounding the band, Attic Records set up some shows in New York City in hopes of getting an American record deal.

Two days before the band was to head to New York for their series of shows, guitarist Gord Lewis was injured in a car accident, resulting in cancellation of the shows. He would be replaced during his recovery by guitarist David Bendeth. In 1982, Lewis returned and the band recorded and released their third album, Some Kinda Fun. The album featured the catchy "Let's Go To Hawaii", and songs that reflected their early days lyrics-wise such as "Teenage Beer Drinkin' Party". In 1983, The Tornado EP was released on the American record label MCA. The EP showed off the bands rockabilly roots more than any of their previous releases. MCA forced the band to change its name to Teenage Heads, in hopes of bringing in more of an American audience; it did not work. The band would release Trouble in the Jungle in 1985, after this release the band would gain a new singer Dave Rave (Dave DeRoches) who joined the band as a fifth member around 1985. Can't Stop Shakin' EP came in 1987, and the full length Electric Guitar in 1988, which spelled the end for the band. Dave Rave would form his own group after this the Dave Rave Conspiracy. Three of the original members of Teenage Head Venom, Lewis, and Mahon returned in 1995 for a tour and a new album in 1998 (Head Disorder); Their new drummer was Jack Pedler. The band has continued to tour, and in 2004 re-recorded some material with Marky Ramone on drums. On October 15th, 2008 Frankie Venom (real name Frank Kerr) passed away after a battle with throat cancer. For more info on the band visit Teenage Head's Official website.

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Canadian Play List:

1. Ugly Duckings – nothin’
2. Vindicators – hate
3. Demics – the least you can do
4. 49th Parallel – citizen freak
5. Modernettes – suicide club
6. Danko Jones - bounce
7. The Action – TV’s on the blink
8. Bureaucrats – she’s an American
9. Zr04 – gimme attention
10. Slander – petticoat junction
11. Gruesomes – I’m searchin’
12. Pointed Sticks – nothing else to do (1980 demo)
13. Pointed Sticks – part of the noise (1980 demo)
14. Scramblers – solitary man
15. The Government – fire escape
16. Diodes – burn down your daddy’s house
17. The Vapids - capguns and comic books
18. Teenage Head – top down (new alternate version)
19. Teenage Head – infected
20. Teenage Head – fist to face
21. Marble Index – anytime
22. Ride Theory – Genghis con artist
23. Ride Theory – dead radio love
24. Young Rival – dead end scene
25. Neil Young – song x
26. The Pack AD - goldrush
27. Sloan - On the Road Again/Transona Five (Canned Heat/Stereo Lab Cover)

Teenage Vids:

Some Kinda Fun
Luv for Sale
Infected & Teenage Beer Drinkin' Party
Interview from the 80's


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