Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let's Shake...Show # 196

This week was the first show as part of my 200th show count down (starting this week I will be doing a series of shows foucusing on a different band until i reach my 200th show). Recently Teenage Head released a new album this April comprised of re-recorded versions of their old songs with Marky Ramone from Ramones on drums. Teenage Head with Marky Ramone, as the album is called was released on Sonic Unyon Recordings.

Produced by Daniel Rey (who has worked with Ramones) captured the Teenage Head with Marky Ramone sound on the 12 tracks featured in this collection. The album contains loud and energetic versions of Teenage Head songs ranging from their first 1979 self titled album (6 tracks), Some Kinda Fun (1980) (2 tracks), Frantic City (1982) (1 track), Head Disorder (1998) (1 track), and two tracks from 1988's Electric Guitar. For a more concise history of Teenage Head you can visit this post I did in 2007. Next week I will be doing a show on the Vancouver Canadian punk band Pointed Sticks. If you have a request for next weeks show feel free to leave a comment.

The Play List:

1. Little Boxes (Teenage Head 1979)
2. Get Off My Back (Teenage Head 1979)
3. Top Down (Teenage Head 1979)
4. Ain't Got No Sense (Teenage Head 1979)
5. Picture My Face (Teenage Head 1979)
6. You're Tearin' Me Apart (Teenage Head 1979)
7. Total Love (Frantic City 1980)
8. Infected (Frantic City 1980)
9. Disgusteen (Frantic City 1980)
10. Let's Shake (Frantic City 1980)
11. Somethin' Else (Frantic City 1980)
12. Let's Go To Hawaii (Some Kinda Fun 1981)
13. Want You To Know (Some Kinda Fun 1981)
14. Teenage Beer Drinkin' Party (Some Kinda Fun 1981)
15. Some Kinda Fun(Some Kinda Fun 1981)
16. Fist To Face (some Kinda Fun 1981)
17. Wild One (Live 1978)
18. Lucy Potato (Alternate Version)
19. Disgusteen (Alternate Version)
20. First Time (Teenage Head With Marky Ramone 2008)
21. Full Time Fool (Teenage Head With Marky Ramone 2008)
22. You're Tearin' Me Apart (Teenage Head With Marky Ramone 2008)
23. You're The One I'm Crazy For (Teenage Head With Marky Ramone 2008)
24. Little Boxes (Teenage Head With Marky Ramone 2008)

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