Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Radiohives...Radiohead In Rainbows and The Hives Singles Collection

As mentioned last week, my show was pre-empted this week due to extended Canadian election coverage at CJAM. Musically this week I have been highly anticipating the release of music from two bands The Hives and Radiohead. On Tuesday October 9th, the Hives made six tracks available via itunes. The album titled The Black and White Album, is set to be released on October 15th in the UK and November 13th in the US/Canada. The songs are available for 99 cents on itunes now. It is known as the Singles Collection. The songs are really good and exciting, next week I will be playing some new hives material on my show.

Singles Collection track listing:

1. Tick Tick Boom
2. Try It Again
3. You Got It All...Wrong
4. Well Alright!
5. Won't Be Long
6. Fall is just Something that Grownups Invented

As for Radiohead, In Rainbows was made available digitally via the bands website ( today October 10th. The album contains ten tracks that sound like a mix of Kid A, OK Computer and Hail To the Thief at times. The album contains many great songs one being the rocker "Bodysnatchers" and others such as "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" which sounds like "Paranoid Android", and "Videotape" which sounds similar to "Pyramid Song" from Amnesiac. The album is set to be released in CD form in December. I also plan on playing new Radiohead material on next weeks show, so don't forget to tune in Wednesday October 17th at 9PM.

Also, if you like the music support the artists, I can't stress that enough.

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