Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The EP Show, Show # 168

This week my show consisted of me playing some of my favourite EP's in full. I played seven in total, I will talk about each of them briefly.

Spiral Scratch was a four song EP released by the Manchester band Buzzcocks in 1976. This was the original line up of the band featuring Howard Devoto on vocals. He would leave shortly after this EP and eventually lead the band Magazine. Spiral Scratch was also one of the first independently financed releases without the help of an official record company. In turn it influenced thousands of bands to make the their own music, bringing the punk do-it-yourself motto to different levels.

Undertones released the Teenage Kicks EP in 1978. The Irish, Derry band did it initially hoping to release nothing else, emulating the Buzzcocks to a degree. The EP did so well they were offered to record further albums, which they did. It contained four fast energetic compositions, including "Teenage Kicks" which can be called their own version of "Blitzkrieg Bop".

The Demics were a band from London, Ontario. In 1979 the Talk's Cheap EP was released containing five songs including, "New York City" one of the their signature songs and voted as one of the best Canadian songs of all time. Invasion of the Tribbles came from the Calgary band, The Hot Nasties in 1980. The band split in 1981. Warren Kinsella (one of the members) is now a politician.

The Cost of Living EP was produced and recorded by Bill Price and The Clash in 1979. The 7" EP came in between the US release of their first self titled album, and London Calling. It featured "I Fought the Law" (a cover song), "Groovy Times" (an acoustic track), "Gates of the West" ( a song originally written by Mick Jones, but the lyrics were re-written by Joe Strummer), and "Capital Radio Two (a re-recording of the song "Capital Radio"). It showed a direction the band would be going into, a more American rock oriented one.

The Yellow EP was released by the new wave/post-punk British band, Gang of Four. Coming out in 1980, the songs were politically charged and some of them would appear re-recorded for their next full length album Solid Gold. The last track on the EP was a B-side to the single "Damaged Goods". The album had no name, but since it was yellow, it became known as the Yellow EP. The D4 EP was originally released in 1999 by the New Zealand band The D4. It featured four high-energy rock and roll numbers ("Come On!"would appear on the first full length album, 6twenty). The EP also featured drummer Rich Mixture, who would leave shortly after this release to be in the band the Rock and Roll Machine; Vaughn Williams would be his replacement for the remainder of the bands career. The band went on hiatus in June of 2006, it is a shame that band this good is no longer around.

Next week I will be doing a show dedicated entirely to the Swedish punk outfit, The Hives. I plan on playing songs from every album, B-sides and rare Hives stuff. Also, I plan on playing some new tracks from their newest release The Black and White Album. If you are a Hives fan, leave a comment and make a request, I will play it.

The Play List:

1. Buzzcocks – Breakdown (Spiral Scratch 1976)
2. Buzzcocks – Time’s Up (Spiral Scratch 1976)
3. Buzzcocks – Boredom (Spiral Scratch 1976)
4. Buzzcocks – Friends of Mine (Spiral Scratch 1976)
5. Undertones - Teenage Kicks (Teenage Kicks EP 1978)
6. Undertones - Smarter Than U (Teenage Kicks EP 1978)
7. Undertones - True Confessions (Teenage Kicks EP 1978)
8. Undertones - Emergency Cases (Teenage Kicks EP 1978)
9. The Demics – I Wanna Know (Talk's Cheap 1979)
10. The Demics - You Tell Me (Talk's Cheap 1979)
11. The Demics - Talk’s Cheap (Talk's Cheap 1979)
12. The Demics - New York City (Talk's Cheap 1979)
13. The Demics - Oh Well (Talk's Cheap 1979)
14. The Clash - I Fought the Law (Cost of Living EP 1979)
15. The Clash – Groovy Times (Cost of Living EP 1979)
16. The Clash - Gates of the West (Cost of Living EP 1979)
17. The Clash – Capital Radio (Cost of Living EP 1979)
18. Hot Nasties – I Am a Confused Teenager (Invasion of the Tribbles 1980)
19. Hot Nasties – Invasion of the Tribbles (Invasion of the Tribbles 1980)
20. Hot Nasties – the Secret of Immortality (Invasion of the Tribbles 1980)
21. Gang of Four – Outside the Trains Don’t Run On Time (Yellow EP 1980)
22. Gang of Four – He’d Send in the Army (Yellow EP 1980)
23. Gang of Four – It’s Her Factory (Yellow EP 1980)
24. Gang of Four – Armalite Rifle (Yellow EP 1980)
25. The D4 – Girl (The D4 EP 1999)
26. The D4 – Come On! (The D4 EP 1999)
27. The D4 – Outta Blues (The D4 EP 1999)
28. The D4 – What U Want (The D4 EP 1999)

Some Videos:

Buzzcocks - Breakdown 1976
Undertones - Teenage Kicks
The Clash - I Fought the Law (Live 1979)
Gang of Four - To Hell With Poverty (1983)
The D4 - Out of Control

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Play A.K.A. I.D.I.O.T. on the Hives show next week.