Thursday, October 25, 2007

Album Enders Show # 167 & CJAM Pledge Drive Show

Hey this week is CJAM's annual pledge drive. As for my show I gave it a theme, album enders. I intended every song played to be one that ended an album, but I actually played one song that didn't end an album by mistake, but it all worked out pretty good. The next couple of shows will all have themes as well. Next week I will be doing what I'm calling an EP show. I will be playing some of my favourite EP's in full.

Back to the CJAM pledge drive. CJAM does a pledge drive to raise money for the station, because it is a non-profit radio station. We are calling this years pledge drive the "drive for hard drives". CJAM needs to upgrade their out of date computers, so it will benefit you the listener, especially if you listen online it will be to your benefit. I managed to raise $150 for my show last night!, but you can still make a donation, it would benefit the station greatly (until October, 29th 2007). Also, in return for your donation you will receive a variety of incentives such as CD'S, mugs, T-shirts, toques, and more. You can call us at (519) 971-3630 (in Windsor) or Toll Free (313) 963-6112 ext.3630 (in Detroit) or you can donate online. For more info on how you can donate visit CJAM's website.

The Play List:

1. Ride Theory – hey sugar (In This City 2005)
2. Buzzcocks – moving away from the pulsebeat (Another Music in a Different Kitchen 1978)
3. Radio Birdman – hit them again (Radio's Appear 1978)
4. Buzzcocks - orgasm addict
5. Damned – smash it up pts 1 & 2 (Machine Gun Etiquette 1979)
6. Queens Of The Stone Age – run, pig, run (Era Vulgaris 2007)
7. Iggy Pop – Billy is a runaway (New Values 1979)

Since I really didn't have any music related history this week, I updated two of my older posts. You can check them out here:

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