Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Show #126 Best of 2006

For my last show of 2006, I decided to do a best releases of 2006 show. I played new albums, reissues/remasters, and box sets. The order of the songs somewhat constitutes a list of the order of my favourite releases from 2006. There were some that didn't make the list, as far as overall releases which includes remasters, box sets, and new albums, this is what I thought of the music of 2006.

I just wanted to mention my favourite release of 2006 is the doors of perception box set. This set includes all of The Doors albums, as well as bonus tracks and videos. I played "Twentieth Century Fox" which is a song originally from The Doors first self titled album. According to the box sets linear notes, the first Doors album is not the correct speed. It is down a few steps, as a result of something that happened during the mastering process when copying from the master tapes. The box set includes a mix of the album at the correct speed (as well as the other way it has always been), and I played from the corrected speed version. It may be hard to notice, but if you were to listen to both versions of the album you can tell the difference, one is a little bit slower, and one is a little bit faster.

My second favourite release was the singles box set from The Clash. Since I've already posted about this box set, I will not discuss it any further. "I Fought The Law" was played from it though. My third favourite releases was the self titled Pearl Jam album. Pearl Jam was released in May of 2006. The album shows that Pearl Jam still can rock, even though they've made so many albums, and that they show no signs of stopping. "Unemployable" was played, it is a track that was written by drummer Matt Cameron and sounds very much like Pearl Jam doing a Black Sabbath song, in my opinion. If I were to choose albums that are composed of completely new material, this would be my top pick of 2006.

Unfortunately the Godfather of Soul, James Brown passed away on December 25th, 2006. James Brown has left behind a legacy of music that has influenced millions. A good majority of his songs have been sampled in various rap songs, he has also influenced bands such as The Clash, who have cited him as an influence for their funky songs. James Brown was a great musician, and his music will forever stand the test of time. I played "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" from the album Soul On Top. It is one of my favourite James Brown tracks, the version from Soul On Top, is a live version.

Here's: what was played:

1. Mudhoney – empty shells
2. Pointed Sticks – somebody’s mom
3. Albert Hammond Jr. – call me an ambulance
4. Neil Young – after the garden
5. Sublime – paddle out
6. Sex Pistols – Liar (spunk version)
7. Wire – three girl rhumba
8. The Jam – the place I love
9. Red Hot Chili Peppers – make you feel better
10. Talking Heads – stay hungry
11. Johnny Cash – further on up the road
12. Bob Dylan – someday baby
13. Incubus – rogues
14. Arctic Monkeys – red light indicates the doors are secure
15. Rapture – pieces of the people that we love
16. Radio 4 – enemies like this
17. Audioslave – nothing left to say but goodbye
18. Dirty Pretty Things – enemy
19. Sloan – something’s wrong
20. Sloan – another way I could do it
21. Raconteurs – level
22. The Strokes – red light
23. Pearl Jam – unemployable
24. The Clash – I fought the law
25. The Doors – twentieth century fox
26. James Brown - papa's got a brand new bag

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