Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Clash Singles Box Set & Show #124

On October 30th, The Clash released a 19-CD limited edition box set. On this box set are all the Clash's singles packaged individually as the original singles were but in CD form. The CD's contain a black surface on the back, as did The Rolling Stones, The Who's, and The Buzzcocks singles box sets.

On these CDS you also get bonus tracks. Some are dub versions/remixes of songs, some not. You get all The Clash singles and B-sides, and it also comes with a thick booklet. In the book you get musicians, fans, and friends of the band commenting on individual tracks. Some of the people that comment are Pete Townshend (The Who),Chris Shifflet (Foo Fighters), and Irvine Welsh (Author of Trainspotting). The actual sound of the songs appear to be of higher quality than all previous Clash remasters. It is definitely worth the price of the box set. It is a must for any Clash fan. For more information and more pictures of the single sleeves visit:

The Clash Single Box Set Website.

Here's the playlist from the show:

1. The Damned – politics
2. Modernettes – new society
3. Sex Pistols – anarchy in the UK (demo)
4. Diodes – no right to make me bleed
5. The Beat – two swords
6. The Saints – the prisoner
7. Buzzcocks – orgasm addict
8. Buzzcocks – oh, shit!
9. Pointed Sticks – waiting for your love
10. The Clash – white riot (uk single version)
11. The Clash – 1977
12. The Police – so lonely
13. Talking Heads – thank you for sending me an angel (1975 cbs demo)
14. Gang of Four – guns before butter (BBC session)
15. Pretenders – my city was gone
16. Ramones – highest trails above
17. Ramones – time has come today
18. Hot, Hot, Heat – oh, Goddamnit
19. Iggy Pop – don't look down
20. Sloan – flying high again
21. Sloan – ana lucia
22. The Exploding Hearts – busy signals (unreleased version)
23. The D4 – stops me cold
24. 101’ers – surf city
25. Mudhoney – it is us
26. Blur – M.O.R
27. The Clash – rock the casbah

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