Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hey Ho! Let's Go! & Show #123

This post used to feature information about the Ramones. For a longer more complete history on the Ramones visit these links:

Gabba Gabba Hey: The Ramones Story Part One
Rock N' Roll Radio: The Story of the Ramones Part Two

Here's the play list:

1. Television - Friction (alternate version)
2. The Damned - don't cry wolf
3. Undertones - family entertainment
4. Generation X - stars looked down
5. Buzzcocks - whatever happened to?
6. Buzzcocks - what do I get?
7. Sex Pistols - holidays in the sun
8. The Police - next to you
9. Ramones - what'd ya do?
10. Ramones - psycho therapy
11. The Clash - remote control
12. The Clash - police & thieves
13. The Saints - crazy googenheimer blues
14. The Diodes - weekend
15. Modernettes - new society
16. Hot, Hot, Heat - get in or get out
17. XTC - this is pop
18. Iggy Pop - five foot one
19. Talking Heads - sugar on my tongue (1975 CBS demo)
20. The Pretenders - time the avenger
21. Sloan - I can't sleep
22. Sloan - someone I can be true with
23. Radio 4 - packing up things on the scene
24. The D4 - trust nobody
25. Exploding Hearts - shattered (you left me)


Anonymous said...

For the best book on the Ramones read,
"On The Road With The Ramones"

This is a MUST-HAVE book for all Ramones fans. It's an inside look from the people who were actually there witnessing and experiencing all the extreme highs and lows of one of rock's greatest bands. The Ramones' music has influenced nearly every power pop, punk, alternative, and metal band. Monte A. Melnick served as The Ramones tour manager from their early New York club days at CBGB's in the '70s to their farewell gigs in 1996. Filled with memorabilia including photographs and interviews collected along the way, this is his view of life on the road with the band as "baby-sitter to psychiatrist, booking agent to travel agent, paymaster to van driver." It's such a fascinating read, you'll have a hard time putting it down. Buy it, read it, and then revisit their albums. You'll never look at the Ramones in the same light.

Dave said...

Thanks for the suggestion, also "End of The Century" is an excellent informative, Ramones documentary. Do you listen to the show often?