Saturday, November 07, 2015

The Libertines, Young Rival & Show # 585

The Libertines - Barbarians

After The Libertines split up in 2004, no one thought that they would reform. Carl Barat and Pete Doherty have since then been active in many post Libertines musical projects, but in 2014 The Libertines announced that they would be reforming. In September 2015, the band released Anthems For Doomed Youth, their third full-length album. Being an album of new material from a band that stopped releasing music eleven years ago some may have been skeptical of the new album, but Anthems For Doomed Youth is a strong follow up to 2004’s The Libertines. This album does not lack any of the energy or allure that made the band interesting back then. Here is a live version of the song “Barbarians”, one of the many new songs on Anthems For Doomed Youth.

Young Rival - Bent Out Of Shape

In October 2015, Hamilton’s Young Rival released Interior Light. This is the follow up to 2012’s Stay Young, an album that saw the band expanding their sound pulling in more textures, adding stronger melodies and a mix of crunchy and watery guitar sound effects. On Interior Light, Young Rival gets more psychedelic allowing the guitars and melodies to drift like paint on a canvas. Interior Light adds more colour to Young Rival’s already established garage pop palette. Released via Paper Bag Records, several videos have been released from this album. Most recently, Young Rival released a video for the song “Bent Out Of Shape”. The video features a lone dancer clearly from the 80s or late 70s that dances along with song’s trance-like melodies.

Saturday Night Playlist:

1. The Blind Doctors - Carousel Lovebird
2. The Libertines - Barbarians
3. Wavves - Heavy Metal Detox
4. Art Brut - My Little Brother
5. Stitch In Time - Point of View
6. Drive-By Truckers - Where The Devil Don't Stay (Live)
7. Library Voices - Oh Donna
8. John Grant - Down Here
9. David Bowie - Velvet Goldmine
10. Fembots - Up From The Ditches
11. Wylde Rattz - T.V. Eye (Mark Arm Version)
12. Empty Heads - Ethanol
13. TV Freaks - Love Fade
14. Fuzz - Jack The Maggot
15. Manaray - You Can Never Say No
16. Manaray - Love
17. Born Ruffians - When Things Get Pointless
18. Young Rival - Throw It In The River
19. Young Rival - Interior Light
20. The Shakers - Move On
21. Thee Mighty Caesars - It’s You I Hate To Lose
22. Dead Ghosts - It’s Up To You
23. Actual Water - Latoya
24. TV Freaks - Regular Guy
25. Fugazi - Full Disclosure
26. La Luz - I Wanna Be Alone (With You)

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