Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mike Krol Turkey & Show # 583

Turkey is the newest release by Mike Krol. A musician that relocated to Los Angeles from Milwaukee, Krol left behind his graphic design career and in 2014 began recording his most focused effort to date, Turkey. This album is his third full-length release (I Hate Jazz and Trust Fund were released on Counter Counter Culture records), but his first release on Merge Records. The sound on the record blends elements of power pop with lo-fi garage and a punk rock edge. The sense of chaotic, shambolic energy from his first two releases are still present on Turkey. Krol dons the album cover for Turkey in a cop uniform, looking kind of like American actor Jason Schwartzman, but Krol showcases a sense of humour and doesn’t take himself too seriously on this album. Songs such as “Cactuses” and “Piano Shit” are examples of this as he blends his lo-fi sounds with elastic pop melodies.

There could be multiple metaphors relating to the album’s title, Turkey. A turkey is when you get three consecutive strikes in a row in bowling, but also turkey could be used in a derogatory fashion. Krol most likely used this title because this is his third album in the bowling game of music that he has been playing since I Hate Jazz was first released in 2011. But, on Turkey, Krol proves that he is no “turkey”. He may not be that well known, but on Turkey, Krol throws his ball towards the pins and gets his third strike in a row.

Saturday Night Playlist:

1. Coke Weed - New Jive
2. Cellos - The New Religion
3. KEN Mode - The Owl...
4. Shellac - Spoke
5. Protomatyr - Uncle Mother's
3. The Dead Weather - Lose The Right
6. Tommy Stinson - Not This Time
7. Deerhunter - Snakeskin
8. Meghan Hamilton - 4am
9. Long Distance Runners - Wolves
10. The Triffids - In The Pines
11. Snake River - I Saw You
12. The Deadly Hearts - Moon Walk
13. Fire Engines - Hungry Beat
14. Mick Futures - You Want It All
15. Titus Andronicus - Dimed Out
16. The Fits - Just Lust
17. The Scenics - Gotta Come Back Here
18. Public Image Limited - Selfish Rubbish
19. Joy Division - Colony (John Peel Session 1979)
20. The Pixies - Motorway To Roswell (John Peel Session 1991)
21. Elvis Costello - Mystery Dance (John Peel Session 1977)
22. The Undertones - Top 20 (John Peel Session 1977)
23. Ty Segall - Mr. Face
24. Link Wray - White Lightning
25. The Zils - Don't Ever Change
26. The Terminals - Do It Today
27. Mike Krol - La La La
28. The Damned - Stab Your Back

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