Saturday, August 08, 2015

Spiritual Nap Machine & Show # 572

Poster by The Ugly Vision
Windsor’s What Seas What Shores are getting ready to release their second full-length album Spiritual Nap Machine. The album was recorded at Sound Foundry Studios in Kingsville, Ontario and captures the band in a live off the floor fashion. Videos have appeared for two of the songs from this upcoming release that were filmed live at Mackenzie Hall and showcase the band’s ambient, post rock inspired sound. In April 2015, What Seas What Shores embarked on a Pacific tour where they played a series of shows in Taiwan and Japan. They are currently on a short tour with Shuhari from Tokyo in Ontario. Spiritual Nap Machine is set to be released this fall.

Find out more about Spiritual Nap Machine What Seas What Shores at their bandcamp page.

Saturday Night Playlist:

1. The Dirt Merchants - I Found Another Girl
2. Checkerlads - Baby Send For Me
3. Quid - Crazy Things
4. La Luz - What Good Am I?
5. The Challengers - Skinned Shins
6. The Mel-Tones - The Last Papaya
7. The Stones - Surf’s Up
8. Chad Vangaalen - Cosmic Destroyer
9. Middle Sister - Cries Of The Wild
10. What Seas What Shores - Czar Bomba
11. Talking Heads - Seen Not Seen
12. The Clash - Red Angel Dragnet
13. Dee Dee King - Brooklyn Babe
14. Nolan Strong & The Diablos - Try Me One More Time
15. Bruce Springsteen - Ain’t Good Enough For You
16. King Khan & BBQ Show - Never Felt Like This
17. Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs - All To Myself
18. The Modern Lovers - I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms
19. Lou Reed - Wait
20. Thee Rum Coves - Cosmo
21. The Routes - Day And Night
22. The Hives - Insane
23. No Exit - No Excuse
24. The Lurkers - Go-Go-Go
25. Ricked Wicky - Too Strong For No One To See You
26. The Velvet Underground - Train Round The Bend
27. Crystal Eyes - The Unknown
28. 63 Monroe - She's Electric
29. Mick Futures - Cold Emotions
30. Mick Futures - Two Heads

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