Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Ex-Girlfriends Club My Laria & Show # 560

Channeling the spirits of The Stooges, The Cramps and a bit of 90s psychedellia, Portland, Oregon’s The Ex-Girlfriends Club released a video for their song “My Laria” in early 2015. The song, which is a play on words also features a strong pop element that is mixed in amongst fuzzy, hazy garage and psychedelic dynamics. The video for the song features, like the band’s current sound, multiple layers and trippy effects that hover around in your mind like a mosquito. In addition to the moving images provided by the music video and the oscillating guitar fuzz in the actual song, the band also had an interesting line-up change recently. The band’s drummer known as Action Lord switched from drums to guitar. This has been said to add a percussive guitar element to the band’s sound. The band recruited drummer Scotty Sounds from the band Pink Snowflakes to take over the role of drummer, while the rest of the band’s line-up remained the same. “My Laria” will be featured on The Ex-Girlfriends Club new album Sun Heart Razor Burn. It will be released on May 19th.

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Saturday Night Playlist:

1. The Parrots - I’m Not Alone
2. The Reign - Zippered Up Heart
3. King Khan & BBQ Show - We Are The Champion
4. Gang Of Four - It’s Her Factory
5 Built To Spill - Never Be The Same
6. Mikal Cronin - Ready
7. Courtney Barnett - Debbie Downer
8. The Ex-Girlfriends Club - My Laria
9. The Chills - Kaleidoscope World
10. The Verlaines - Crisis After Crisis
11. The Sneaky Feelings - There’s A Chance
12. Carl Barat & The Jackals - Glory Days
13. Tranzmitors - Invisible Girl
14. Shitty Neighbours - City Girl
15. The Phones - I'm So Neat
16. Buzzcocks - Sixteen Again
17. Joy Division - Digital
18. Magazine - The Light Pours Out Of Me (Definitive Daze Demo 1977)
19. Safe Word - Underwater
20. Tire Swing Co. - Red Dress
21. Dead Ghosts - Getting Older
22. The Pharaohs - Unknown Planet
23. C & C Surf Factory - Dirty Skirty
24. Huevos Rancheros - Gutbomb
25. The Replacements - Buck Hill
26. The Replacements - I Don’t Know
27. Zex - Wild Blood
28. Deja Voodoo - Cheese & Crackers (Live)
29. Ramones - Too Tough To Die
30. Ty Segall - The Floor

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