Saturday, May 23, 2015

Aron D'Alesio Run & Show # 561

A video for the song “Run” by Aron D’Alesio was recently released online in part to promote his upcoming four-track cassette release. D'Alesio is perhaps known for being a member of the Hamilton garage rock band Young Rival, but this song is part of his a new solo release. The video for “Run” was made entirely of clips from the website and is the second in a series of videos that will be made for each of the songs on this four-track release. The vintage clips that compose this song’s video are made up of archive clips from the 1968 sci-fi film Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Cavewomen. Produced by Roger Corman and directed by Peter Bogdanovich (under the name Derek Thomas), the film tells the tale of astronauts that encounter prehistoric monsters and beautiful women when their spaceship crashes on Venus. The music seeps into the oversaturated retro images with its hazy psychedelic sounds, featuring surf rock influenced guitar stabs and extremely catchy melodies. Mixed in amongst primal drums and bass, “Run” fits in perfectly with the video’s atmosphere, as it’s beautiful melodies fight against the psychedelic haze on this three and a half minute music journey.

Saturday Night Playlist:

1. The Bats - I Go Wild
2. Thee Rum Coves - Time & Time Again
3. The Pixies - Caribou
4. The Mountain Goats - Werewolf Gimmick
5. Warm Soda - Symbolic Dream
6. Gateway Drugs - Anu
7. Dicky Treadway And The Salados - One To Ten
8. Aron D’Alesio - Run
9. Destroyer - English Music
10. Morrissey - Glamorous Glue
12. Cousins - River
13. Metz - Landfill
14. Catl - Lampflight The Way
15. Indian Wars - Already Home
16. BBQ - Agitated
17. Neil Young - From Hank To Hendrix
18. The Germs - Let's Pretend
19. Colleen Green - TV
20. Public Image Limited - Careering
21. Little Girls - Nights Out
22. By Divine Right - Highway Alien Paranoia
23. Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs - We Da Best
24. The Reverb Syndicate - A Typical Beginning
25. Superchunk - I'll Be Your Sister
26. Thee Oh Sees - Web
27. Devo - Planet Earth

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