Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Prehistoric Cave Strokers Interview & Show #464

Prehistoric Cave Strokers - from the It Came From The Garage Vol.1 linear notes (1986)
The Prehistoric Cave Strokers are a Garage Rock band from Windsor, Ontario that formed in 1985. The band also mixed in elements of Punk/Post Punk, but were primarily known for their primal Nugget-themed Rock sounds with at times absurdist lyrics. The original line up of the group featured Marc Fedak (guitar/backing vocals), Dan Moriarty (lead vocals), Lyndon Way (bass) and Jono Fiddler on drums. James Nemeth joined on bass in 1988, when Lyndon moved to Montreal for school and Jerry Rozon took over on drums when Jono moved to Peterborough in 1990. The band has been featured on numerous Garage Rock compilation albums in the late 80’s/early 90’s and produced one full length album that wasn’t released publicly. Let’s Id! (or Don’t Forget About Us When You’re Famous – its original title) was recorded by the band on a four track tape recorder in 1985-1986. It was only given out to a few friends.

The band has reformed several times since their original split in 1991, most recently in 2010 at FM Lounge in Windsor. They will be reforming once again, this time with the original line up on July 13th, 2013 at FM Lounge in Windsor.

For more information on The Prehistoric Cave Strokers you can check out the article I wrote about them in 2010 here.

Listen to the interview I did with Marc from The Prehistoric Cave Strokers here:

This Week's Play List:

1. The Soft Pack – They Say
2. Paul Shuttleworth – Just Another Weekend
3. Devo – Be Stiff
4. Fun Things – (I Ain`t Got) Time Enough For Love
5. Jolly Green Giants – Caught You Red Handed
6. Spectrals – Sob Story
7. Hurricane & Able – Hate The Blues
8 . Prehistoric Cave Strokers – Sold Out (Live 1991 at The Coach & Horses)


9. Prehistoric Cave Strokers – Fat Man (Garageland Recording Outtake)
10. Prehistoric Cave Strokers – Urine You're Out (Live At FM Lounge 2010)
11. Ray Condo & His Hardrock Goners – Sweet Love On My Mind
12. The Sci-Phonics – 4 Questions
13. Indian Wars – Sweetheart of the North
14. Guided By Voices – My Son Cool
15. Sonic`s Rendezvous Band – Electrophonic Tonic
16. Dead Ghosts – Hanging (In The Alley)
17. Vic Godard & Subway Sect – Head Held High (John Peel Session 1978)
18. Bo Diddley – Please Mr. Engineer
19. Tandoori Knights – Tandoori Party
20. Ty Segall Band – The Tongue
21. Ty Segall Band – Muscle Man

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whatwave dave said...

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