Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bell Peppers and Young Canadians & Show # 467

The Bell Peppers - Batman (Seeds Of The Bell Peppers EP)

This first video is from Manchester’s The Bell Peppers. This Surf and Rock and Roll based group has put out a number of releases, all of which have been made available for free download via their bandcamp page. This version of “Batman” was done for the Seeds Of The Bell Peppers EP, which contains four cover songs including a re-worked version of The Stooges “1969” in their style. “Batman” is based on the Link Wray version of this song originally written by Neil Hefti for the 60’s Batman television series. This version adds a more Garage element to the mix. The Seeds Of The Bell Peppers EP can be downloaded for free along with the bands other EP’s at their bandcamp page.

The Young Canadians - Data Redux (This Is Your Life EP)

The Young Canadians were a Punk Rock band from Vancouver that formed in 1979 and only lasted for a brief time as a band. They consisted of Art Bergmann on guitar/vocals, Jim Bescott on bass, and Barry Taylor on drums. Originally known as The K-Tel’s, they released one EP under that name (the Automan EP in 1979) before changing their name to The Young Canadians due to legal reasons from the K-Tel corporation. The song “Data Redux” was originally released on the This Is Your Life EP in 1980. The Young Canadians are well known for their highly influential sound having connections and influence on other Vancouver bands at the time, such as The Pointed Sticks, Active Dog, D.O.A and the Subhumans. They are perhaps best known for their song “Hawaii” (co-written by Ross Carpenter of Active Dog) which is now known as a Canadian Punk Rock classic. The band split up in 1980. Art Bergmann has gone on to a respectable solo career. All of the bands recordings, including several unreleased live recordings, were compiled on the No Escape compilation album in 1995 and later re-issued by by Sudden Death Records in 2005.

This week's play list:

1. White Fence – Only Man Alive
2. Organ Eyes – Teenage Kingdomdom
3. Average Times – She Knows
4. Pow Wows – Slug Song (Live)(The Clean Cover)
5. Needles/Pins – I Heart Your Drugs
6. The Pygmies – He’s A Whore
7. Babysitter – Be Cool
8. Jimmy Kelly & The Rock-A-Beats – Little Chickie
9. The Night Riders – Cottonpickin’
10. The Gruesomes – My Dad’s A Ho-Dad (Live)
11. The Stomach Mouths – R & B No.65
12. Robert Pollard – Shielding Whatever Needs You
13. Big Search – Distant Shore
14. Survival Knife – Traces of Me
15. The Subways – Oh Yeah
16. The Oblivians – Fire Detector
17. Rude Norton – Sea Cruise
18. Young Canadians – Son of Spam (Live)
20. Young Canadians - Data Redux
21. The Boys – I Don’t Care
22. Johnny Moped – No-One
23. Television Personalities – Where’s Bill Grundy Now?
24. Lost Patrol - That's Your Style
25. Surfer Blood - Gravity
26. The Bell Peppers – Batman
27. The Bell Peppers – Bell Pepper Hop
28. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - (Relax) You Will Think You Are A Chicken

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