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Beliefs Jesse Crowe Interview & Show # 434

Formed in 2010, Beliefs are a Toronto based band that features Jesse Crowe and Josh Karody. They are a three piece band who have now added Richard Stanley to the line up, they have also just released their debut single which is titled, Untitled. The single was released in two formats digitally and on cassette. The two tracks reflect certain influences drawing on a low-fi late 80s/90s sound. Bands such as Jesus & The Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine come to mind when describing their sound, they also add their own Dream Pop/Shoegaze style on top of these influences. The single serves as a teaser to an upcoming full length release that will be out in 2013.

I had a chance to speak with Jesse Crowe through an email interview. The following interview was done between myself (Dave Konstantino of Revolution Rock) and Jesse Crow of the Toronto band Beliefs. We talk of cassettes, recording and musical influences.

RR: How would you describe Beliefs music and what would you say are your biggest influences whether musically or otherwise?

JC: Beliefs musically is influenced a lot by both American and uk bands from the early 90's. We aim to create a sound that not only captures the era of shoegaze, but still feels like something new.

RR: You released your untitled single digitally and on cassette. What led to that decision? Do you still listen to cassettes?

JC: Cassette is a great type of release for a single. It creates a feeling of nostalgia and allows us as a band to present something physical to those who want to buy our music, but without the expense, hassle and waiting time of a 7" vinyl. Each tape comes with a download because we all know most people's biggest musical libraries are their computers these days. I'd love to say that I still listen to tapes, but mine are mostly around as keepsakes these days.

RR: Where did you record these songs and who did you work with?

JC: We recorded the two songs on the tape at different times. Catch My Breath we recorded to be a part of our first full length record (which is due to come out in March). Josh Korody, who is our guitarist and singer, recorded, produced and mixed the two songs (as well as the coming album) in two of the three studios we've now recorded in. Catch My Breath we recorded at the Cowboy Junkies studio with Noel Webb co engineering and producing as well as drumming. Kyle Connolly on third guitar and Pat McCormack on bass. Violets is a song we wrote as a b-side later on for the single. We recorded it in Josh Korody's new studio he shares with Dusted's Leon Taheny called Candle Recording. We switched drummers and guitarist on this track to Ben Reinhartz and Richard Stanley. Myself (guitar/vocals) Josh and Pat (bass) played on both tracks.

RR: Can you describe the bands formation and how you decided on your band name Beliefs?

JC: Josh Korody and I met at Pat's birthday party. Josh was new to the city and was looking for someone to play music with, I was depressed by the break up of my last band. I thought I would never find someone else who shared the same love for Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine as I did, so when started talking about our influences and desires musically, it was obvious we were both serious about playing together. Beliefs was a name that we tossed back and forth with a few other names, we all liked it so it stuck. No huge meaning. Just had a nice ring.

RR: How did you become involved with the Hand Drawn Dracula label?

JC: The first person to take interest in us was Greg Ipp of Unfamiliar records, through being friends with James at Hand Drawn Dracula, we peaked his interest as well. We came together with James officially during North By North East this past year at the time time as connecting with No Pain In Pop in the UK.

RR: Is this single is kind of like a teaser for the upcoming full length album? When will we see the release of this album and what can we expect from it?

JC: This tape is totally an album teaser. We wanted Catch My Breath to be the first single for the record because it encompasses the energy of the full length along side a bit of a throw back to our influences. The first record is quite diverse, half written by myself and half Korody, we play with sounds ranging from Phil Spector wall of sound drum beats to fuzzed out 90's multi layered guitar tracks. We are very proud of this album in its range. We are releasing the album in early March on Hand Drawn Dracula in Canada, No Pain In Pop in the UK and Manimal Vinyl in the US.

RR: What are the future plans for Beliefs?

JC: Currently we're just solidifying our live line up and getting ready to play with Dusted and Moon King coming up on December 28th at The Drake in Toronto. Josh and I are also deep into writing our second full length which we hope to start demoing in the new year.


This week's play list:

1. Lost Patrol – Second Time Around
2. Lost Patrol – No More
3. Light Bulb Alley – Who Do You Love?
4. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Dropout Boogie
5. NFG - Cowboy Rock
6. Runs With Kittens – Weight of the World
7. Johnny Cash – Wildwood Flower
8. The Men - Candy
9. Ty Segall & White Fence – Easy Ryder
10. Pissed Jeans - False Jesif Part 2
11, METZ - The Mule
12. The Pixies - Broken Face
13. Supergrass - Strange Ones
14. Nirvana - Even In His Youth
15. Marble Index – Everyone Else
16. Beliefs – Catch My Breath
17. Beliefs – Violets
18. The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog (John Cale Mix)
19. The Rolling Stones – Under My Thumb (Live)
20. The Hold Steady - Chillout Tent
21. Ian Dury & Blockheads - Sweet Gene Vincent
22. The Exploding Hearts – Shattered (You Left Me) (Alternate Version)
23. The Libertines - Up The Bracket

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